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NOTE: "MC" references refer to locations in the Rogers manuscript collections in the Institute Archives and Special Collections (MC 1, William Barton Rogers Papers; MC 2, Rogers Family Papers; and MC 3, William Barton Rogers II Papers). The number following the colon is the folder number. The list is arranged chronologically.

Carson, J. Memoir of the Life and Character of James B. Rogers. 1852. (MC 3: 11).

“Tribute to Prof. William Barton Rogers on his Resignation as President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology." The Boston Daily Advertiser, 2 June 1870. (MC 1: 217)

[Tribute in the] Boston Daily Transcript, 1 June 1870. (MC 1: 217)

[Other similar tributes, notices, and news items are mentioned in Life and Letters I and II (1896 reference listed earlier and farther on)]. (MC 1: 217).

Walker, F. A. “Sketch of Prof. William B. Rogers.” Popular Science Monthly 9: 606-611 (September 1876). (MC 1: 218).

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M.I.T. Society of Arts. “In Memory of William Barton Rogers, LL.D., Late President of the Society.” Boston, 1882. (MC 1:219).

At the 288th meeting of the MIT Society of the Arts on 12 October 1882, held to memorialize William Barton Rogers, the following persons presented eulogies:

  • MIT President Francis Amasa Walker, p. 3-4
  • Prof. W. P. Atkinson, p. 5-7
  • James P. Tolman, President of the MIT Alumni Association, p. 7-9
  • Dr. John Daniel Runkle, p. 10-21
  • Prof. C. R. Cross, p. 22-26
  • Major Jedediah Hotchkiss, p. 26-35
  • Letter from W. L. Brown, p. 35-36
  • Letter from Prof. Francis H. Smith p. 36-39
  • (MC 1: 219)

Rives, W. C. “William Barton Rogers, LL.D.: An Address Delivered Before the Society of the Alumni of the University of Virginia on Commencement Day, 27 June 1883.” Cambridge, Mass.: John Wilson and Son, 1883. [See also Life and Letters II (1896): 343, listed farther on.] (MC1:220; MC 3:14).

Ruschenberger, W. S. W. “A Sketch of the Life of Robert E. Rogers, M.D., LL.D., with Biographical Notices of his Father and Brothers” [with cover titled “The Brothers Rogers”], 1885. American Academy of Arts and Sciences 18: 428-438 (1883). American Philosophical Society 23: 104-146 (1886). (MC 1: 221).

Cooke, J. P. “Notice of William Barton Rogers, Founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.” American Academy of Arts and Sciences 14: 426-438 (1883). (MC 1: 222; MC 3:12).

M.I.T. “The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Memory of Prof. William Barton Rogers, LL.D., Late President.” Boston, Mass.: M.I.T., 1883.
[This reprint, which is in the M.I.T. Institute Archives, contains the resolution of the Corporation and the announcement: “That the original building of the Institute of Technology be called hereafter the ‘Rogers Building’ in recognition of the eminent services of Professor William B. Rogers…”] (MC 1:131).

Wilder: M. P. “Address at the 1883 Annual Meeting.” New England Historic and Genealogical Register 37: 130 (1883). [Reference is made to W. B. Rogers’ death.] (MC 1: 131).

Holland, J. W. “A Eulogy on the Life and Character of Prof. Robert E. Rodgers [sic], M.D.” Introductory to the course of 1885-86 at Jefferson Medical College, delivered 30 September 1885. Philadelphia: Press of W. F. Fell & Co., 1885. (MC 1: 131).

Walker, F. A. “Biographical Memoir of William Barton Rogers.” Read before the National Academy [of Sciences], April 1887. Washington, D. C.: Judd and Detweiler, Printers, 1887. [See also National Academy of Sciences Biographical Memoirs 3:1-13 (1895)]. (MC 1: 223).

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Smith, Harriet Knight. The History of the Lowell Institute. Boston: Lamson, Wolffe and Co., 1898. [Lists lectures by William B. and Henry D. Rogers.] (MC 1: 224).

Ruffner, W. H. “The Brothers Rogers.” The Alumni Bulletin, Volume V 1:1-13 (May 1898) [published quarterly by the faculty of the University of Virginia. Reprinted from the author’s privately printed paper, with his permission.] (MC 1: 224).

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The Tech. The issue of the The Tech for December 7, 1904 (v. 24/31) carried seven short articles by early MIT alumni, who recalled interesting incidents involving Rogers and the beginnings of the Institute.

  • Eli Forbes �68 - A story of President Rogers, p. 1 and 3.
  • J. P. Munroe �82 - Life of William Barton Rogers, p. 1 and 4.
  • R. H. Richards �68 - Beginnings of the Institute of Technology, p.
    1, 2, and 4.
  • C. R. Cross �70 - Some reminiscences of President Rogers, p. 2.
  • J. P. Tolman �68 - The human side of President Rogers, p. 3.
  • Anonymous - An appreciation of the heroism of William Barton Rogers, p. 3.
  • Anonymous - President Rogers and the Appalachian Club, p. 3.
    (MC 1: 224).
Munroe, J. P. “William Barton Rogers, Founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.” Technology Review 6/4: 501-550 (1904). [Reprinted as William Barton Rogers, 1804-1904. Boston: Geo. H. Ellis Co., Printers, 1904]. [This article contains excellent pictures of the buildings in Boston that were used by M.I.T. in its earliest decades]. (MC 1: 225).

Smith, F. H. “William Barton Rogers, As Seen By an Old Pupil.” Supplement to The Tech 24/35 (16 December 1904). (MC 1: 225).

Supplement to The Tech 24/35, 2 p., (December 16, 1904). (MC 1: 225).

Anonymous. Centennial Commemoration of William Barton Rogers 1804-1904, held in Huntington Hall, Rogers Building [MIT] on December 7, 1904, 25 p., including addresses by

  • Henry S. Pritchett, President of MIT, (p. 3-7) [26-30];
  • Lyon G. Tyler, President, William and Mary College (p. 7-11) [30-34];
  • Francis H. Smith, Professor of Natural History, University of Virginia, (p. 11-16) [34-39];
  • Robert H. Richards �68 [1868], Professor of Mining Engineering and Metallurgy, MIT, (p. 16-20) [39-43]; and
  • Norman Lombard �05, who read an extract from F. A. Walker�s "Memoir of William Barton Rogers" presented to the National Academy [of Sciences] in April 1887, (p. 20-25) [43-48]. [See Walker, F. A. (1887) above.]

The preceding report was first published in the Technology Review 7/1, p. 26-48, (1905), then reprinted from the Review by Geo. H. Ellis Co., Printers, of Boston, in 1905, with the changes in pagination indicated above. The Review pagination is included in brackets [ ]. (MC 1: 226).

Merrill, G. P. “Contributions to the History of American Geology.” U.S. Nat. Mus., Rp. 1904: 189-734, il., (1906). [Rogers is mentioned on p. 341-344, 369-373, 402-405, and 710]. (MC 1: 226).

True, F. W., ed. The National Academy of Sciences, 1863-1913 [a history of the first half-century of the National Academy of Sciences, 1863-1913]. Washington, D.C.: Baltimore Press, 1913. [Rogers is mentioned on p. 21, 48, 61, 176-178, 272, 280, 286, and 293.] [Both William Barton and Robert Empie Rogers were corporators of the Academy when it was incorporated on 22 April 1863]. (MC 1: 226).

Anonymous. “When We Were Freshmen.” Technology Review16: 571-581 (1914). [Includes the following article by Richards]. (MC 1: 226).

Richards, R. N. ’68. “When We Were Freshmen.” Technology Review 16: 574-577 (1914). (MC 1: 226).

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Dana, E. S. and 14 other authors. A Century of Science in America. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1918. [Of special interest regarding the contributions of Henry D. and William B. Rogers is Part IV: “A Century of Geology - The Growth of Knowledge of Earth Structure,” by Joseph Barrell, 153-192.] (MC 3: 13).

Merrill, G. P. “Contribution to a History of American State Geological and Natural History Surveys.” U.S. Nat. Mus. B. 109 (1920). [See p. 507-512.] (MC 3: 13).

Merrill, G. P. The First One Hundred Years of American Geology. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1924. [Rogers is mentioned on pp. 183, 185, 218, 222, 249-250, 258, 377, 397, and 398.] (MC 3: 13).

City of Boston (School Committee). [In the Rep. Boston School Committee for 3 December 1928 (p. 294), appears the following (MC 3: 13):

“ORDERED, That the Hyde Park Intermediate School located in the former Hyde Park High School building is hereby named the William Barton Rogers School…”
(MC 3: 13).

Hitchcock, L. B. “A Memorial to Rogers - The Founder of the Institute is Honored at the University of Virginia.” Technology Review 33/5: 245, 258, 260 (February 1931). (MC 3: 13).

Eby, J. B. 23rd International Geological Congress, Prague, August 1968. American Association for Petroleum Geology, B. 53: 236-240 (1968). [See also Rept. XVI Session, I.G.C., Vol. I and II, U.S.A., 1933]. (MC 3: 13).

Adams, F. D. “Sir Charles Lyell - His Place in Geological Science and His Contributions to the Geology of North America.” Science 78: 179-183 (1 September 1933). [On page 182 Adams quotes Lyell as doubting the Rogers’ theory of origin for the folded Appalachians.] (MC 3: 13).

Ricketts, P. C. [Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute]. Amos Eaton, Author, Teacher, Investigator: The First Laboratories for the Systematic Individual Work of Students in Chemistry, Physics, and Botany to be Created in any Country, Established at Rensselaer School by Amos Eaton in 1824: B. Franklin Greene and the Reorganization in 1849-50. Troy, 1933. (MC 3: 13).

[Authors]. “Rogers, William Barton.” Dictionary of American Biography 16: 115-116 (1935). (MC 3: 13).

Bevan, Arthur. “William Barton Rogers: First State Geologist of Virginia (1835-1841).” [In commemoration of the centennial of the appointment of W. B. Rogers as State Geologist and the creation of the first Geological Survey of Virginia]. Presented to the Virginia Academy of Science, Geological Section, Richmond Meeting, 3 May 1935. Virginia Academy of Science 63-67 (1934-1935). (MC 3: 13).

Roberts, J. K. “William Barton Rogers and His Contributions to the Geology of Virginia.” Read before the National Academy of Sciences at the University of Virginia Meeting on Tuesday, 19 November 1935, (‡). [Typescript of 7 pages in the archives of the National Academy of Sciences. See also the next reference]. (MC 1: 227).

Roberts, J. K. “William Barton Rogers (1804-1882) and His Contribution to the Geology of Virginia.” Virginia Geological Survey B. 46-C: 23-28 (1935); Geological Society of America 305-310 (1935); Abst.: 99 (1936). (MC 1: 228).

Bevan, Arthur. “William Barton Rogers -- Pioneer State Geologist.” Presented before the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Section E, William Barton Rogers Memorial Program, Richmond [Va.] Meeting, 28 December 1938. (‡) [Typescript of 13 pages preserved in the Manuscript Department, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.]. (MC 1: 228).

Bryan, J. S. “William Barton Rogers -- Organizer and Educator.” Presented before the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Section E, William Barton Rogers Memorial Program, Richmond [Va.] Meeting, 28 December 1938. (‡) [Typescript of 13 pages preserved in the Manuscript Department, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.]. (MC 1: 228).

Roberts, J. K. “William Barton Rogers -- Student and Teacher” [of geology]. Read at the Richmond [Va.] Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 28 December 1938. (‡) [A typescript of 7 pages preserved in the Manuscript Department, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. (MC 1: 228).

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Anonymous. "William Barton Rogers" [A leaflet prepared for an exhibit shown in the Hayden Library during the International Conference on the Earth Sciences, held in conjunction with the Dedication of the Cecil and Ida Green Building on 2 October 1964. (‡) Typescript in M.I.T. Institute Archives]. (MC 1: 230).

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Stratton, J. A. “Advice to a New Academy - The Engineering Academy, Founded on the Same Principles as the NAS [National Academy of Sciences], Faces Difficult, Important Tasks.” Science 149: 1206-1208 (10 September 1965). [This article was originally an address delivered at the annual dinner of the National Academy of Sciences, of which he was then vice president, on 27 April 1965. In it Stratton refers to Rogers and his ideas about the founding of the National Academy of Sciences.] [See also the preceding reference.] (MC 1: 230).

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