Thomson Electric Welding Co. Catalog, ca. 1890

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"The process of Electric Welding of Metals, invented by Prof. Elihu Thomson, has already been so far developed as to produce the most satisfactory results. It is destined in the immediate future to be of the greatest value to the metal interests of this Country, and in order to build and supply the necessary electrical machinery and apparatus for the various purposes to which the method can be applied, the THOMSON ELECTRIC WELDING COMPANY has lately been organized."

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"The machines built by the Thomson Electric Welding Company are generators of electricity, so constructed as to produce in the most economical manner the low pressure currents needed in welding and similar work.... They are built to take power from any source; to operate wherever placed, by producing directly from such power the necessary currents, or to be supplied by currents taken from a circuit, fed by suitable dynamos at a greater or less distance from the welding apparatus itself."


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