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Tech Show records, 1899-1969

Not a Chance, 1917   The Tech Show was an annual student production, usually a musical revue or vaudeville comedy. The first performance was given 12 May 1899 to liquidate the debt of the Athletic Association. In 1901 the Tech Show presented the American premier of Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Grand Duke." For several years in the 1920s the Tech show was performed for alumni in several eastern cities, but for financial reasons performances were given later only at MIT. The show was discontinued from 1937 to 1946 but was revived in 1947 when women, mostly from local Boston colleges, joined the cast. The last show was presented in 1969.

Records, 1899-1969
Archival Collection - AC 299

The Tech Show collection in the Institute Archives and Special Collections includes published vocal scores for selected years and show scripts. There are manuscript orchestral scores from 1948 to 1957, and 1966 to 1968. Show posters are dated from the period 1958 forward.

Photographs and additional posters from the Tech Show are in the collections of MIT Museum.

Tech Show finding aid (PDF)
Vocal Scores, 1903-1919 | Vocal Scores, 1920-1954

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