100 Years of Powered Flight

Images from the Papers of Jerome C. Hunsaker (MC 272) in the
MIT Institute Archives and Special Collections

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First Navy Patrol Airships

Akron, Ohio, 1917,
first Navy Coast Patrol airships.

Cmdr. McCrary in Pilot House

Commander McCrary in pilot house
showing apparatus to control ship. Undated.

Airplane on after turret, USS Mississippi

Airplane on after turret, USS Mississippi, British airplane launcher, June 3, 1919.

Battle Fleet, 1923

1923, first fighting plane squadron,
Battle Fleet - (TS).

UssValley Forge with F8F fighters

Aerial of the USS Valley Forge with
F8F fighters passing in formation, January 27, 1948.

MIT Aeronautical Engineering Department

MIT Aeronautical Engineering Department dinner for J. C. Hunsaker, May 24, 1952.

50th anniversary of powered flight

Gathering to honor engineers for the
50th anniversary of powered flight, 1953.

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