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Edgerton 101

Celebrating the 101st Anniversary of the Birth of
Harold Eugene Edgerton (1903-1990)

Edgerton 101 exhibit in the Institute Archives and Special Collections
during reading room hours through August 31, 2004.


Edgerton with his laboratory notebooks


About Harold Edgerton and the Edgerton Manuscript Collection
(MC 25)

Harold Eugene "Doc" Edgerton taught, mentored, and inspired many generations in his 63 years at MIT. Edgerton's high-speed strobe photography allowed very rapid events to be observed and captured on film. He also developed techniques for underwater exploration, using sonar devices and flash photography. His inventions were used for nighttime aerial reconnaissance during World War II and by the French underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau. Many of his photos have appeared in National Geographic magazine, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In 1981, Doc gave the bulk of his laboratory notes to the MIT Archives where they can be seen this summer as part of the exhibit Edgerton 101.



Harold Edgerton with
his laboratory notebooks
Photograph by Calvin Campbell,
MIT News Office



Online Exhibits from the Edgerton Collection




Vannevar Bush Letter to Edgerton about the Physics of Baseball



Sonar chart, 1964

From Harold Edgerton's search for Spanish Armada wreck of 1588, Tobermory Bay, Scotland


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