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Griffin's letter to Little

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Providence, R. I. 12th Aug 1886

My dear Little:

Will you be so kind as to put on paper for me, as soon as convenient, the particulars of the offer you will make me in the affair of which we were talking a few days since?

I am disposed to give the matter more serious thought than I can well do from my memory of the hurried conversation we have had on the matter.

I have not made much of a move yet to secure a position. There is a good opening in Chicago, but I do not know if I want it or not, in the light of our affair. Mr. Catlin will be at his Labr'y tomorrow after 1 P.M. Will be pleased to go there with you between 3 & 4 if convenient to you.


#1 Alumni Ave.


Yours truly

R. B. Griffin