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George StinyProfessor George Stiny on "The Secret Formula is this: Copy!"

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Craig CarterProfessor Craig Carter on the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy.

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JoAnne YatesProfessor JoAnne Yates on Making MIT Sloan Teaching Materials Openly Available.

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McKenzie SmithMacKenzie Smith on EndNote vs. Zotero: the Business End of Citation Management Software.

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Gari CliffordGari Clifford on Choosing Open Publication Models that Support Authors and Readers.

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Dan Ariely Professor Dan Ariely on his book Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces that Shape our Decisions.

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George StinyProfessor George Stiny on the “copy” in copyright.

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(14:42; 13.5 MB)

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Hal AbelsonProfessor Hal Abelson on Supporting Our Intellectual Commons.

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(22:53; 21 MB)

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John LienhardProfessor John H. Lienhard V on making his text book open access.

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(15:10; 11.1 MB)

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John WilbanksScience Commons' John Wilbanks, on Barriers to the Flow of Scientific Knowledge.

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(14:35; 13.9MB)

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Tracy GabridgeTracy Gabridge on Assessing the Vulnerability of Conference Proceedings.

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(14:35; 10.2MB)

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Kai von FintelProfessor Kai von Fintel on the Launch of a New Open Access Journal in Linguistics.

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(11:11; 10.3MB)

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Eric von HippelProfessor Eric von Hippel on Openness, Innovation, and Scholarly Publishing.

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Anna GoldAnna Gold on Making a Difference: Pushing Back on DRM at MIT.

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(8:18, 7.7 Mb)

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Steve GassSteve Gass on Transforming Scientific Communication.

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(6:27, 6MB)

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Fair Use Week logo

Radio Free Culture: Wishing You a Happy Fair Use Week with MIT Libraries' Ellen Duranceau (20:25)


Fair use in scholarly journal and book publishing - 2/23/16 (55:40)

In celebration of Fair Use Week, this panel discussion explored the barriers and issues that arise when scholarly publishers consider whether to allow fair use as a basis for including third-party material in scholarly articles and books, and will consider the implications for authors and the scholarly publishing process.

MIT Faculty on Open Access

MIT faculty share their thoughts on the evolution of scholarly publishing, and the goals and impact of the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy.
MIT Faculty Open Access Policy

Professor Hal Abelson speaks about the MIT Faculty Open Access policy.
Open Access videoMIT Faculty Open Access Policy

Professor Richard Holton, Chair of the Faculty Committee on the Library System, speaks about the importance of the Policy and open access in a new video.
nullNew Frontiers in Open Access Publishing

A panel discussion held at MIT in October 2013 about new models of open access publishing.
Managing Copyright to Advance Research & Teaching

Ann Wolpert, Director of the MIT Libraries, moderates a panel discussion on managing copyright in the digital age.
Fair Use Quiz

A self-guided quiz explaining fair use and providing various scenarios to assess common fair use cases.
A Window on Fair Use

Employ the concept of “Fair Use” under US copyright law to legally reuse copyrighted content without permission from the copyright holder.
Publishing Smart Workshop

Geared for graduate students, addresses what copyright means to authors, how to assess publishers' policies, and how to use web-based tools that assess journal quality.

Open Access: A Conversation

Professor Richard Holton, Chair of the MIT Faculty Open Access Working Group, and Peter Suber, author of the MIT Press book Open Access, discuss the significance of open access to research, and the impact of the MIT Open Access Policy. Moderated by Director of Libraries Ann Wolpert.
Scholarly Publication & Copyright

Part 1: Copyright Law & Publication (5:38)

Part 2: Retaining Rights (9:46)

Part 3: Publishing Through Open Access Channels (8:55)

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