MIT Amendment Tool

Tool to Generate Completed PDF [More on this tool]

MIT’s amendment appears as the default. Other amendment options appear by using the drop down list under “agreement type.”

MIT authors who have questions about using any of these addenda should contact

(See the MIT Amendment Form for more information on using the MIT amendment.)

After generating the PDF of the amendment, please refer to the following instructions:

Step 1: Sign your publisher’s copyright transfer or publication agreement when you submit your final manuscript for publication with the following statement written above your signature: “subject to attached amendment”

Step 2: Attach the amendment you generate, with the information filled in and your signature on the bottom.

Step 3: Send both to publisher.

To help assess the success of MIT authors using the amendment, please also follow these additional steps:

Step 4: Email the addendum to amend-cip at, or send a copy to the FAX number on the bottom. (This will allow MIT to gather aggregated data about use. Data about individual uses will not be shared.)

Step 5: Please give us any feedback that you receive from the publisher, by emailing amend-cip at

This tool is offered courtesy of the Scholar’s Copyright Addendum Engine, and was created by ScienceCommons as a means of simplifying the process of implementing an addendum to retain scholarly rights when publishing.