Videos and Laserdiscs

The art of singing: golden voices of the century: Caruso, Gigli, Schipa, Ponselle, 
    Flagstad, Pinza, Sutherland, Price, Callas, et al.  [Pickering, Smith]  
    Warner 0630-15898-6  
        Vdis ML400.A78 1996 
Partch, Harry.  Delusion of the fury: a ritual of dream and delusion; [and] The music 
    of Harry Partch.  (Enclosure, 4) Innova 404  
        Vcas P257 del 
[Partch, Harry]  Four films by Madeline Tourtelot; with music by Harry Partch.  
    (Enclosure, 1)  Innova 400   
        Vcas P257 fou 
Sullivan, Arthur, Sir.  The gondoliers.  [De Paul]  Opera World GON10V  
        Vcas Sul53 gon 
Sullivan, Arthur, Sir.  H.M.S. Pinafore.  [De Paul]  Opera World PIN10V  
        Vcas Sul53 hms 
Sullivan, Arthur, Sir.  Iolanthe.  [De Paul]  Opera World IOL10V  
        Vcas Sul53 iol 
Sullivan, Arthur, Sir.  The Mikado.  [De Paul]  Opera World MIK10V  
        Vcas Sul53 mik 
Sullivan, Arthur, Sir.  Patience.  [De Paul]  Opera World PAT10V  
        Vcas Sul53 pat 
Sullivan, Arthur, Sir.  The Pirates of Penzance.  [De Paul]  Opera World PIR10V  
        Vcas Sul53 pir 
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