Music Scores

Adès, Thomas.  Powder her face: an opera in two acts, op. 14.  Vocal score.  
        Mu Ad35 pow 
Aldrich, Henry.  [Vocal music. Selections] Selected anthems and motet recompositions.  (Recent researches 
    in the music of the Baroque Era, 85)  Score.  
        M2.R295 v.85 
Alkan, Charles Henri Valentin.  Festin d'Ésope and other works for solo piano.  
        9900000804 precat 
Andriessen, Louis.  Nuit d'été: voor piano vierhandig.  
        Mu pts An28.2 nui 
Andriessen, Louis.  To Pauline O: for oboe solo.  
        Mu pts An28.2 top 
Band music from the Benjamin H. Grierson collection / edited by Lavern J. Wagner.  (Recent researches in 
    American music, 29) Score.  
        M2.R29 v.29 
Bartók, Béla.  [Piano music. Selections] Allegro barbaro: and other short works for solo piano.  
        Mu pts B285 piamu 
Beethoven, Ludwig van.  [Symphonies, no. 1-5; arr.] Beethoven symphonies nos. 1-5: transcribed for solo 
    piano Franz Liszt.   
        Mu pts B393 sy1-5 ar 
Beethoven, Ludwig van.  Symphony no. 1, op. 21, C major.  Score; critical commentary.  
        M3.B4167 1996 no.1 & suppl. 
Berkeley, Michael.  Dark sleep, for piano.  (Oxford contemporary piano music)  
        Mu pts B454.802 dar 
Bernstein, Leonard.  On the town.  Vocal score.  
        Mu B458 ontow pv 
Bizet, Georges.  [Carmen. Selections] Carmen suites: nos. 1 and 2.  Score.  
        Mu B552 car sel 
Borodin, Aleksandr Porfirevich.  [Kniaz Igor. Polovetskaia pliaska] Polovtsian dances; and, In the steppes 
    of central Asia.  Score.   
        Mu B645 knia po b 
Brahms, Johannes.  [Piano Music. Selections] Masterpieces for solo piano: 38 works.  
        9900000846 precat 
Brubeck, Dave.  [Piano music. Selections] Nocturnes.  
        Mu pts B82.8 piamu b 
Bruckner, Anton.  [Symphonies, D minor] Symphony no. 0, D minor, 1869 version.  Score.  
        Mu B831 syD 
Cakewalks, two-steps and trots: 34 popular works from the dance-craze era: for solo piano / edited by David A. Jasen. 
        M21.C35 1997 
Contemporary anthology of music by women / edited by James R. Briscoe.  Score.  
        M2.C77 1997 
Cowell, Henry.  Three anti-modernist songs, voice and piano.  
        Mu pts C838 antim 
Davies, Peter Maxwell.  Carolisima: serenade for chamber orchestra.  Score.  
        Mu D288 car 
Davies, Peter Maxwell.  Six secret songs: for piano.  
        Mu pts D288 sec 
Delius, Frederick.  [Orchestra music. Selections] Brigg Fair and other favorite orchestral works.  Score.  
        Mu D379.5 orcmu 
Dowland, John.  A pilgrimes solace: wherein is contained musicall harmonie of 3. 4. and 5. parts, to be sung 
    and plaid with the lute and viols.  (Performers' facsimiles,  195)  Table book (score laid out for 
    performers to surround it).  
        Mu D755 pilg 
Dowland, John.  [Songs or ayres, 1st book] Lute songs of John Dowland / transcribed for voice and guitar by David Nadal.  
        Mu D755 song1-2 
Ellington, Duke.  It don't mean a thing (if it ain't got that swing); arr. by Roger Holmes for jazz combo.  
    Score and parts.   
        9900002080 precat 
Faure, Gabriel.  Barcarolle no. 13 for solo piano, op. 116.  
        Mu pts F274 bar13 
Faure, Gabriel.  Nocturne no. 13 for solo piano, op. 119.  
        9800012824 precat 
Field, John.  [Piano music. Selections] Nocturnes and related pieces.  (Musica Britannica, 71)  
        M2 M9872 v.71 
Francaix, Jean.  Nocturne pour piano.  
        Mu pts F844 nop 
Franck, Cesar.  [Sonatas, violin, piano, A major] Franck's Sonata in A and Faure's Sonata no. 1: for violin and piano.   
    Score and part.  
        Mu pts F847 sovb c 
Fux, Johann Joseph.  Dafne in Lauro, K.308.  (Sämtliche Werke, V/6)  Score.  
        M3.F996 Ser.5 Bd.6 
Gershwin, George.  [Rhapsody in blue; arr.] The annotated Rhapsody in blue; restored to Gershwin's original 
    manuscript by Alicia Zizzo.  
        Mu pts G323 rh ar c 
Gervais, Charles-Hubert.  Super flumina Babilonis.  (Recent researches in the music of the Baroque Era, 84)  
    Score and parts.  
        M2.R295 v.84 
Ginastera, Alberto.  Danzas argentinas: pour piano.  
        Mu pts G43 danzar 
Ginastera, Alberto.  Glosses sobre temes de Pau Casals, orchestra, op. 48.  Score.  
        Mu G43 glo48 
Gorecki, Henryk Mikolaj.  [Valentine piece] Valentines: for flute: works by Gorecki, Rouse.  
        Mu pts G669 val 
Grainger, Percy.  [Piano music. Selections] Music for solo piano, volume 1.  
        Mu pts G761 piamu a v.1 
Griffes, Charles Tomlinson.  A winter landscape: piano solo.  
        Mu pts G874 win 
Gubaidulina, Sofia Asgatovna.  [Dancer on a tightrope] Der Seiltänzer: für Violine und Klavier = Dancer 
    on a tightrope: for violin and piano.  (Exempla nova, 241)  Score and part.  
        Mu pts G9323 dant 
Handel, George Frideric.  [Trio sonatas, op. 2] VI sonates a deux violons, deux hautbois, ou deux flutes 
    traversieres & basse continue: second ouvrage.  (Performers' facsimiles,  170)  Parts.  
        Mu pts H191 trso2 
Harrison, Lou.  Triphony: keyboard solo.  
        Mu pts H248.2 triph 
Henze, Hans Werner. Toccata mistica, for piano.  
        Mu pts H399 tocmi 
Hindemith, Paul.  Bratschenkonzerte.  (Sämtliche Werke, III/4)  Score.  
        M3.H662 Bd.III,4 
Holliger, Heinz.  Lieder ohne Worte: Heft II: 7 Stücke für Violine und Klavier.  Score and part.  
        Mu pts H724 lio Heft 2 
Honegger, Arthur.  [Preludes, double bass, piano] Prelude pour contrebasse et piano (H 79).  Score and part.  
        Mu pts H756 pre 
Honegger, Arthur.  Sonata for viola and piano.  Score and part.  
        Mu pts H756 sova 
Jacquet de La Guerre, Elisabeth-Claude.  Cantates francaises sur des sujets tires de l'ecriture. Livre 1: 
    Paris, 1708.  (Fac-simile Jean-Marc Fuzeau. 101)  
        Mu J16 cafr bk.1 
Jacquet de la Guerre, Elisabeth-Claude.  Cephale et Procris.  (Recent researches in the music of the Baroque 
    Era, 88)  Score. 
        M2.R295 v.88 
Kern, Jerome.  All the things you are; arr. by John Berry for jazz combo.  Score and parts.  
        9900002079 precat 
Kodaly, Zoltan.  Quartets, strings, no. 2, op. 10.  Score and parts.  
        Mu pts K816 quas2 
Krieger, Johann.  Anmuthige Clavier-Ubung: bestehend in unterschiedlichen Ricercarien, Praeludien, Fugen, einer 
    Ciacona und einer auf das Pedal gerichteten Toccata.  (Performers' facsimiles,  162)  
        Mu pts K893 anm 
Kurtág, György.  Hommage à R. Sch.: for clarinet (also bass drum), viola and piano, op. 15/d.  
    Score and parts.   
        Mu pts K967 homrs 
Kurtág, György.  [Quintet, winds, op. 2] Quintetto per fiati, [op. 2].  Parts.  
        Mu pts K967 quiw 
Larsen, Libby.  Fanfare for the women, for unaccompanied trumpet in C.  (Oxford music for trumpet)  
        Mu pts L3296 fanfw 
The Latin real book: the best contemporary & classic salsa, Brazilian music, Latin jazz / publisher and editor, 
    Chuck Sher. C version.  
        M1680.18.L37 1997  
Lazarof, Henri.  "Encounters" with Dylan Thomas, for soprano and chamber ensemble.  Score.  
        Mu L456 enc 
Lazarof, Henri.  [Rhapsodies, viola, orchestra] Viola rhapsody: for viola and orchestra.  Score.  
        Mu L456 rhva 
Le Camus, Sébastien.  [Airs. Selections] Airs à deux et trois parties.  (Recent researches in the music 
    of the Baroque Era, 89)  Score. 
        M2.R295 v.89 
Locatelli, Pietro Antonio.  [Sonatas, op. 8] X sonate, VI a violino solo e basso, e IV a tre, opus VIII, 1744.  
    (Fac-simile Jean-Marc Fuzeau) (Collection Dominantes)  Score and parts.  
        Mu pts L787 so8 
Marais, Marin.  [Instrumental music] The instrumental works, 4: Pieces à une et à trois violes, Quatrième 
    Livre (1717).  Score.  
        M3.M312.I2 v.4 
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix.  [Symphonies, no. 4, op. 90, A major] Sinfonie A-Dur op. 90: Italienische: 
    alle eigenhandigen Niederschriften im Faksimile Partitur 1833, "Oxforder Fragmente," Teil-Partitur 1834.  
    Facsimile score. 
        ML96.5.M537.S84 1997 [Special Collections] 
Morley, Thomas.  [Vocal music. Selections] Thomas Morley, II: Services.  (Early English church music, 41)  Score.  
        M2.E12 v.41 
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.  [Masses, K. 317, C major] Missa in C, KV 317: Kronungsmesse = Coronation Mass.  
    (Documenta musicologica, 2. Reihe, 30)  Facsimile score.  
        ML96.5.M939.M3317 1998 [Special Collections] 
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.  [Quartets, oboe, violin, viola, violoncello, K. 370, F major] Quatuor pour hautbois, 
    violon, alto et violoncelle, K. 370 (368b).  (Fac-simile Jean-Marc Fuzeau) (Collection Dominantes)  Score and parts.  
        Mu pts M877 quao370 
Pärt, Arvo.  [Spiegel im Spiegel; arr.] Spiegel im Spiegel: für Violoncello und Klavier.  Score and part.  
        Mu pts P256.8 spi ar 
Pavesi, Stefano.  Dies irae concertato.  (Recent researches in the music of the nineteenth and early twentieth 
    centuries, 25)  Score.   
        M2.R299 v.25 
Penderecki, Krzysztof.  [Selections (Sketches)] Skizzen.  Facsimile.  
        ML96.4.P36 1993 [Special Collections] 
Perle, George.  Phantasyplay, for solo piano.  
        Mu pts P421 phan 
Previn, Andre.  Sonata for violin and piano, "Vineyard."  Score and part.  
        Mu pts P929 sovbp 
Ragtime jubilee: 42 piano gems, 1911-21 / edited by David A. Jasen.  
        M25.5.R2176 1997 
Ran, Shulamit.  Sonatina for two flutes.  Score.  
        Mu R151 sofl2 
Ran, Shulamit.  Symphony (1989-90).  Score.  
        Mu R151 sy 
Ravel, Maurice.  Le tombeau de Couperin: and other works for solo piano.  
        Mu pts R196 piamu a 
Rorem, Ned.  Concerto for English horn and orchestra; arr. for horn and piano.  Score and part.  
        Mu pts R692 coh ar 
Rutter, John.  Shadows: song cycle for baritone and guitar.  
        Mu R9385 sha 
Sarasate, Pablo de.  [Violin, piano music. Selections] Carmen fantasy: and other concert favorites for 
    violin and piano.  Score and part.  
        Mu pts Sa71 vbpmu 
Schickele, Peter.  Suite no. 1 for cello all by its lonesome (S. 1a) / P.D.Q. Bach.  
        Mu pts Sch32 suvc1 
Schickele, Peter.  Suite no. 2 for cello all by its lonesome (S. 1b) / P.D.Q. Bach.  
        Mu pts Sch32 suvc2 
Schnittke, Alfred.  [Concertos, viola, orchestra; arr.] Konzert für Viola und Orchester.  Score and part.  
        Mu pts Sch59 cova ar 
Schnittke, Alfred.  Sonatas, violin, piano, no. 3.  Score and part.  
        Mu pts Sch59 sovbp3 
Schubert, Franz.  Die schöne Müllerin.  Faksimile der Diabelli-Ausgabe von 1830 / herausgegeben von 
    Walther Durr.  
        ML96.5.S384.S36 1996 [Special Collections] 
Schubert, Franz.  [Symphonies, D. 759, B minor] Sinfonie Nr. 7 [8] in h.  (Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke, V/3)  Score.   
        M3.S384 Ser.5 Bd.3 
Schwartz, Elliott.  Rows garden: for wind quintet.  (Fallen Leaf publications in contemporary music, 83)  Score and parts.   
        Mu pts Sch94.6 rows 
Shapey, Ralph.  A short piece: for piano.  
        Mu pts Sh22.5 shp 
Smith, Irene Britton.  Sonata for violin and piano.  (Music by African-American women)  Score and part.  
        Mu pts Sm59 sovbp 
Sheng, Bright.  Concertino for clarinet and string quartet.  Score and parts.  
        Mu pts Sh454 cocls 
Smetana, Bedrich.  [Quartets, strings, no. 1, E minor] String quartets no. 1 (From my life) and no. 2.  Score.  
        Mu Sm39 quas1-2 
Sonatinas and easy sonatas for solo piano: 31 works by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Scarlatti, Clementi, Dussek and 
    Kuhlau / selected and with an introduction by Ronald Herder.  
        M23.S685 1997 
Stravinsky, Igor.  [Piano music. Selections] Stravinsky for piano: a collection of miniatures and arrangements 
    for piano solo and duet.  
        Mu pts Str82.8 piamu a 
Takemitsu, Toru.  Spirit garden: for orchestra.  Score.  
        Mu T139 spi 
Trouvère lyrics with melodies: complete comparative edition.  (Corpus mensurabilis musicae, 107)  
        M2.C822.M4 no.107 v.1-15 
Viadana, Lodovico da.  [Salmi per cantare e concertare nelle gran solennita di tutto l'anno] Salmi a 
    quattro chori.  (Recent researches in the music of the Baroque Era, 86)  Score. 
        M2.R295 v.86 
Warren, Harry.  September in the rain; arr. by Dave Wolpe for jazz combo.  Score and parts.  
        9900002077 precat 
Wolf, Hugo.  Nachgelassene Lieder für eine Singstimme und Klavier, IV: Fragmente.  (Sämtliche Werke, 7/4)  
        M3.W852 Bd.7/4 
Xenakis, Iannis.  Hunem-iduhey: pour violon et violoncelle.  Score and parts.  
        Mu pts X24 hun 
Xenakis, Iannis.  [Oresteia. Suite (1992)] Oresteia: for baritone, mixed and children's chorus, and chamber 
    ensemble.  Revised version.  Score.  
        Mu X24 oresu 
Xenakis, Iannis.  Roscobeck: pour violoncelle et contrebasse.  Score and parts.  
        Mu pts X24 ros 
Women composers: music through the ages: volume 5, composers born 1700-1799: large and small instrumental 
    ensembles.  Score.  
        M2.W88 1996 v.5 
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