Newsletter of the MIT Lewis Music Library
Fall 1998

Lewis Music Library, 14E-109
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
Lewis Music Library Home Page: http://libraries.mit.edu/music

Forrest Larson, Circulation and Reserves Assistant, 617-253-5689, 253-0982
Christina Moore, Processing Assistant, 617-253-3974
Peter Munstedt, Music Librarian, 617-253-5636; fax 617-253-3109

New Acquisitions


CD-ROMs are now available in the Lewis Music Library. Thanks to funding from the MIT Music and Theater Arts Section, a new Macintosh computer has been added on the second floor of the library so that CD-ROMs can be viewed there. A collection of multi-media CD-ROMs will be kept at the library circulation desk. These will consist mostly of historical and analytical multi-media works such as Robert Winter's Voyager series (Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, Mozart's Dissonant Quartet, Dvorak's New World Symphony, Beethoven's Symphony 9, etc.). In addition, several other titles have been ordered, including History of American Music; History of the Blues; Jazz Greats: from Louis Armstrong to Duke Ellington; and Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments. When the library computer is busy, these CD-ROMs may be checked out for viewing on the computer work stations in the new Computer Music/Piano Lab in Building 4. Please let us know if you would like to request a title for the library to purchase. If faculty and students find the library CD-ROM station useful, other computers may be added in the future.


Do you have trouble keeping up with all of the new articles appearing in journals? Would you like to receive this information automatically on your computer at no cost? If so, you should subscribe to the UnCover Reveal Table of Contents Service. This automated alerting service e-mails tables of contents of journals directly to you and is available free of charge to MIT faculty, students, and staff. You can set up a personal profile which includes up to 50 journal titles and 25 subjects to be searched. Over 17,000 journals are indexed, including several music titles. Instructions for obtaining UnCover Reveal are available at http://uncweb.carl.org/reveal/ and are also described in the print handout (salmon-colored) on the display rack inside the Lewis Library's front door. Check with us if you'd like more details about this helpful new library service.


You may have noticed that some of the library's Barton terminals (the MIT Libraries' online catalog) now contain access to the World Wide Web. With all of the information available on the Web, we wanted this service for our users. This Web availability will allow us to remove the MUSE (RILM Abstracts) CD-ROM from the library. Users may search RILM Abstracts through the Web from the Lewis Music Library home page at http://libraries.mit.edu/music/database.html If you need assistance, please ask!


Recently retired MIT Professor and MIT Symphony conductor David M. Epstein has donated to the Institute Archives his collection of tape recordings which document his distinguished conducting career. Well over 450 reel-to-reel tapes and about 25 videos were included in this gift. The Lewis Music Library will be working with the Institute Archives in compiling an inventory of these valuable recordings. We hope to begin re-recording some of these tapes so that they will be preserved and made available for listening in the library. Thanks to Professor Emeritus Epstein for providing us with this important part of MIT's musical heritage.


Now that the library has an audio preservation studio, we plan to begin an oral history project that will involve several music faculty members. We know that faculty members - especially those who have been here a while - can tell some fascinating stories about their careers and about music at MIT. We will capture that history on tape and make copies available on compact disc in the library. Forrest Larson will conduct most of the interviews. Thanks to alumnus Cherry Emerson for providing the library with a compact disc recorder and making our first recording project possible (re-recordings of past MIT musical performances are also planned). If any faculty members would like to participate in this project, please let us know. We'll be contacting likely participants - don't worry, we know who you are!

HUMOR (??)

Q. What's the difference between a large pizza and a musician?
A. The large pizza will feed a family of four.

Q. How do you get a musician off your front doorstep?
A. You pay for the pizza.

Q. What's the difference between a soprano and a locksmith?
A. The locksmith gets paid to change keys.

Q. How many viola jokes are there?
A. Only three; the rest are true stories.

"A piano is a piano is a piano." Gertrude Steinway


Amal Alayan John Harbison Martin Marks
Atlanta Chamber Players Mark Harvey MIT Music and Theater Arts
Boston Pops Orchestra John Holland Lee Ridgway
J. Roland Bouchard Robert King Gerald Rizzer
Ellen Duranceau Larissa Kushkuley Pamela Wood
Cherry Emerson Susan Levitin Yale University
David Epstein Lowell Lindgren


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