Compact Discs

Aardvark Jazz Orchestra.  An Aardvark Chrsitmas.  9 Winds NWCD 0201  
        10860667 precat 
Aardvark Jazz Orchestra.  Psalms & elegies.  Leo Lab CD 028  
        10860666 precat 
American pop, an audio history: from minstrel to mojo: on record, 1893-1946.  
    West Hill Audio Archives WH-1017 (9 discs)   
        10860527 v.1-3 precat 
Anderson, Dean.  Divinations: music by Alvin Etler, Peter Child, Matt Marvuglio, 
    William Kraft, Shirish Korde.  Neuma 450-93  	
        PhonCD An234 divi 
Argento, Dominick. A water bird talk; Miss Havisham's wedding night.  [Shirley-Quirk, 
    Mabbs, Sinfonia of St. Cecilia, Watkins] Koch International 3-7388-2  
        PhonCD Ar37 wat 
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel.  Gambensonaten = Sonatas for viola da gamba; Fantasie C-Dur.  
    [Pank, Jaccottet] Berlin Classics BERCD 9264   
        9800008149 precat 
Bach, Johann Sebastian.  [Chamber music. Selections] Sonatas & suite for oboe & 
    harpsichord: BWV 527-8, 997, 1032, 1038. [Maier, Sonnleitner]  Discover DICD 920483  
        PhonCD B122 chamu 
Bartok, Bela.  Sonatas, violin, piano, no. 1-2.  [Stern, Bronfman]  Sony Classical SK 69245  
        PhonCD B285 sovbp1-2 a 
Billings, William.  [Choral music. Selections] Wake ev'ry breath.  [William Appling Singers & 
    Orchestra]  New World 80539-2 
        PhonCD B496 chomu 
Boatwright, Howard.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Sonata for clarinet and piano; Twelve 
    pieces for violin alone; String quartet no. 2.  [Webster, Snyder, Boatwright, Manhattan 
    String Quartet]  CRI CD 775  
        PhonCD B627 insmu 
Bonney, Barbara.  Lieder / Robert & Clara Schumann.  [Ashkenazy]  London 452 898-2  
        PhonCD B643 lie 
Boston Pops Orchestra.  The Celtic album.  [Lockhart]  RCA Victor 09026-68901-2  
        PhonCD F G5730.C453 
Boykan, Martin.  [Selections] Elegy; String quartet no. 4; Epithalamion.  [Bryden, Brandeis 
    Contemporary Chamber Players, Hoose; Lydian String Quartet; Maddalena, Cirillo, Crumb]  CRI CD 786  
        PhonCD B696 sel 
Britten, Benjamin.  [Suites, violoncello] Cello suites nos. 1-3.  [Hugh]  Naxos 8.553663  
        PhonCD B777 suvc 
Cage, John.  [Piano, orchestra music] The piano concertos: Concerto for prepared piano and chamber 
    orchestra; Concert for piano and orchestra; Fourteen.  [Drury, Peltz, Callithumpian Consort of 
    the New England Conservatory; Tudor, Metzmacher, Ensemble Modern]  Mode 57 
        PhonCD C117 piorcmu 
Cage, John.  [Selections] The lost works: The city wears a slouch hat; Fads and fancies in the 
    academy; A chant with claps.  [Essential Music]  Mode 55  
        PhonCD C117 sel a 
Callas, Maria.  Callas: the voice, the story.  [Narrated by Michael Wager]  HighBridge HBP 
    56007 (4 discs)  
        ML420.C18.C358 1997 
Cantori di New York (Musical group).  Echoes and shadows: romantic choral music of twentieth 
    century American composers. Ars Nova PGM 401  
        10844932 precat 
Carter, Elliott.  [Piano music] The complete music for piano.  [Rosen]  Bridge 9090  
        PhonCD C245 piamu 
Carter Family (Musical group). Give me the roses while I live: the Carter Family, their complete 
    Victor recordings, 1932-1933.  Rounder CD 1069  
        PhonCD F G3701.C6.C374 
Catholic Church.  [Antiphonary (Ms. Biblioteca medicea laurenziana, Plut. 29, cod. 1). Selections] 
    Mystery of Notre Dame: chant & polyphony.  [Orlando Consort]  Archiv 453 487-2  
        PhonCD C286 antbml 
Chambers, Wendy Mae.  122 [= Twelve squared].   [Percussion ensemble, Van Hyning]  New World 80526-2  
        PhonCD C355 twe 
Cherry Trio.  The Beethoven connection: Hummel, Weber, Pleyel, Kuhlau.  Amalie ALACD 1201  
        10845050 precat 
Chopin, Frederic.  [Mazurkas, piano] 51 mazurkas.  [Wasowski]  Concord Concerto CCD-42036  
        PhonCD C455 ma 
Close to home: old time music from Mike Seeger's collection.  Smithsonian Folkways SF CD 40097  
        PhonCD F G3860.C567 
Cocks crow, dogs bark: new compositional intentions.  (Leonardo music journal CD series, 7)  ISAST 7  
        PhonCD L5525 v.7 
Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center: 1961-1973: Arel, Dodge, Mimaroglu, Semegen, Marshall, Shields.   
    New World 80521-2  
        PhonCD C723 pri 
Crossroads: Southern routes: music of the American South.  [McGhee/Terry, Allman Brothers, Dirty Dozen 
    Brass Band, SNCC Freedom Singers, Neville Brothers, Monroe, et al.]  Smithsonian Folkways SF CD 40080  
        10842050 precat 
Danielpour, Richard.  Concerto for orchestra; Zoroastrian riddles; Anima mundi.  [Zinman, Pittsburgh 
    Symphony]  Sony Classical SK 62822  
        PhonCD D228 coor 
Daugherty, Michael.  Jackie O.  [Heaston, Novacek, Houston Grand Opera, Larkin]  Argo 455 591-2  
        PhonCD D265 jac 
Druckman, Jacob.  [Selections] Windows for orchestra; Dark upon the harp; Animus II.  [DeGaetani, 
    Orchestra of the 20th Century, Weisberg, et al.]  CRI CD 781 
        PhonCD D84 sel 
Dufay Collective (Musical group).  On the banks of the Seine: music of the trouvères.  
    Chandos CHAN 9544  
        PhonCD D8723 ont 
Dunaway, Judy. Balloon music.  [Dunaway, tone, Farkas]  CRI CD 778  
        PhonCD D91 bal 
EurAsia Ensemble.  Istanbul on the Charles: Turkish classical music.  
        9800012827 precat 
Excelsior (Musical group).  Declassified: Shostakovich, Barber, Stravinsky, Poulenc.  MarkSetGo MSG 101  
        9800014789 precat 
Feldman, Morton.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Durations I-V; Coptic light.  [Ensemble Avantgarde, 
    Deutsche Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Morgan]  CPO 99189-2  
        PhonCD F333 insmu a 
Field, John.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Piano concerto no. 7 in C; Music for piano & strings.  
    [O'Rourke, London Mozart Players, Bamert]  Chandos CHAN 9534  
        PhonCD F456 insmu 
Froberger, Johann Jacob.  [Keyboard music. Selections] Suites & toccatas.  [Rousset]  
    Harmonia Mundi HMT 7901372   
        PhonCD F92 keymu a 
Gabrieli, Giovanni.  [Sacrae symphoniae. Selections] The 16 canzonas and sonatas from Sacrae symphonies, 
    1597.  [His Majestys Sagbutts and Cornetts, Roberts]  Hyperion CDA66908  
        PhonCD G114 sac a 
Gideon, Miriam.  [Songs. Selections] Music for voice & ensemble.  [Various performers]  CRI CD 782  
        PhonCD G361 song 
Giuliani, Mauro.  [Guitar music. Selections] Complete guitar concertos; Gran sonata eroica; etc.  
    [Romero, Marriner, St. Martin's] Philips 454 262-2 (2 discs)  
        PhonCD G448 guimu a 
Handel, George Frideric.  Almira.  [Soloists, Fiori Musicali, Lawrence-King]  CPO 999 275-2  
        PhonCD H191 alm 
Handel, George Frideric.  La resurrezione.  [Saffer, Nelson, Spence, Thomas, George, Philharmonia 
    Baroque Orchestra, McGegan] Harmonia Mundi HMA 1907027.28  
        PhonCD H191 res 
Handel, George Frideric.  Sonatas for violin and continuo.  [Barton, Schrader, Rozendaal]  
    Cedille CDR 90000 032   
        PhonCD H191 sovb 
Harbison, John.  [Selections] Violin concerto; Recordare; Seven motets.  [World premiere recordings: 
    Rose Mary Harbison, Emmanuel Music, Smith]  Koch 3-7310-2-H1  
        PhonCD H213 sel c 
Hartke, Stephen Paul.  Concerto for violin & orchestra, "Auld Swaara"; Symphony no. 2.  [Makarski, 
    Riverside Symphony, Rothman]  New World 80533-2  
        PhonCD H2546 covb 
Haydn, Joseph.  [Anima del filosofo] Orfeo ed Euridice.  [Bartoli, Heilmann, D'Arcangelo, Hogwood, 
    Academy of Ancient Music] Oiseau-Lyre 452 668-2  
        PhonCD H324 ani 
Hindemith, Paul.  [Instrumental music. Selections] The complete works for viola, vol. 3: The three 
    sonatas for viola and piano; Meditation; Trauermusik. [Cortese, Vilaprinyo, Brabbins, Philharmonia 
    Orch.] ASV CD DCA 978   
        PhonCD H584 vamu a v.3 
Hindemith, Paul.  [Sonatas, viola] The complete works for viola, vol. 2: The four solo viola sonatas.  
    [Cortese]  ASV CD DCA 947  
        PhonCD H584 vamu a v.2 
Hindemith, Paul.  [Viola, orchestra music] The complete works for viola, vol. 1: Der Schwanendreher; 
    Konzertmusik, op. 48; Kammermusik No. 5, op. 36/4.  [Cortese, Brabbins, Philharmonia Orch.]  
    ASV CD DCA 931  
        PhonCD H584 vamu a v.1 
Historical anthology of music by women / compiled by James R. Briscoe.  
        PhonCD H629 ant (2 discs) 
Hoffmeister, Frank.  August was foggy: vocal chamber music [by] Harbison, Cunningham, Trimble, Wise.  
    Alicia Recording  
        10851679 precat 
Holland, John.  Robotic dances; Inquiries; for computer-controlled synthesizers.  ASR 1003  
        10849053 precat 
Hummel, Johann Nepomuk.  [Flute, piano music. Selections] Flute sonatas (complete); Grand rondeau brilliant, 
    op.126; Trio for flute, cello, and piano in A major, op. 78.  [Daoust, Picard, Dolin]  Naxos 8.553473  
        PhonCD H883 flpmu 
Jimmy Rushing All Stars. Gee, baby, ain't I good to you.  New World 80530-2  
        PhonCD J J564 gee 
Kernis, Aaron Jay.  [Orchestra music. Selections] Second symphony; Musica celestis; Invisible mosaic III.  
    [City of Birmingham Symphony, H. Wolff]  Argo 448 900-2  
        PhonCD K4595 orcmu 
Klezmer music: a marriage of heaven & earth.  [Various artists]  
        PhonCD F G3701.J4 .K563 
Kraft, William.  [Selections] Settings from Pierrot Lunaire; Concerto for percussion & chamber ensemble; Episodes; 
    Gallery 4-5. [Pittman, Boston Musica Viva]  Albany TROY218  
        PhonCD K8554 sel 
Kronos Quartet. Early music: (lachrymae antiquae): Machaut, Tye, Dowland, Pärt, Partch, Cage, Perotin, 
    Purcell, et al.  Nonesuch 79457-2  
        PhonCD K925 ear 
Kurtág, Gyorgy.  [Jatekok. Selections] Jatekok (Games); Bach transcriptions.  [M. & G. Kurtág]  ECM 1619  
        PhonCD K967 jat sel 
Kushkuley, Bronika.  Bronika Kushkuley, piano: Bach, Tchaikovsky-Rachmaninov, Czerny, Haydn, Chopin, Ravel, 
    Moszkowski, Schumann, Schubert-Liszt.  BK00198  
        10858047 precat 
Larsen, Libby.  [Orchestra music. Selections] Water music; Parachute dancing; Lyric symphony; Ring of fire.  
    [Revzen, London Symphony]  Koch International 3-7370-2  
        PhonCD L3296 orcmu 
The Latin real book sampler CD: Salsa, Brazilian music, Latin jazz.  Sher Music CD 101  
        PhonCD F G3292.L3.L377 
Lesbian American composers: Oliveros, Tilles, Montano, Freedman, Kimper, Beglarian, Higdon, Lockwood, Byrne, 
    Anderson. [Queen Mab, Collage]  CRI CD 780  
        PhonCD L563 amer 
London Symphony Orchestra. The five sacred trees: Williams, Takemitsu, Hovhaness, Picker.  [LeClair, Williams]   
    Sony Classical SK 62729  
        PhonCD L8467 five 
Lutoslawski, Witold.  Orchestral works, vol. 2: Symphonic variations; Little suite (Mala suita); Symphony no.2; 
    Concerto for piano.  [Paleczny, Polish National Radio Symphony, Wit]  Naxos 8.553169  
        PhonCD L977 orcmu 
The lyre's island: some Australian music, sound art, and design: Grainger-Cross, Linz, DeLys, Hinterding, rose, 
    Dyson, Carter. (Leonardo music journal CD series, 6)  Leonardo ISAST 6  
        PhonCD L5525 v.6 
Ma, Yo-Yo.  Appalachia waltz.  [Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Mark O'Connor]  Sony Classical SK 68460  
        PhonCD F G3701.C6.M326 
Ma, Yo-Yo.  Premieres: Danielpour, Kirchner, Rouse.  [Zinman, Philadelphia Orch.]  Sony Classical SK 66299  
        PhonCD M11 pre 
McFadden, Jeffrey.  Guitar recital: Granados, Coste, Asencio, Henze, Barrios, Rodrigo.  Naxos 8.553401  
        PhonCD M191 guir 
MacMillan, James.  [Instrumental music. Selections] The berserking; Sowetan spring; Britannia; Sinfonietta.  
    [Donahoe, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Stenz, MacMillan]  RCA 09026-68328-2  
        PhonCD M228 insmu 
Marini, Biagio.  [Diversi generi di sonate, libro 3. Selections] Curiose & moderne inventioni.  
    [Romanesca]  Harmonia Mundi HMU 907175  
        PhonCD M338 divg3 sel 
Martino, Donald.  Concerto for alto saxophone and orchestra; Paradiso choruses.  [Radnofsky, New England 
    Conservatory Chorus and Orchestra, Hoenich, et al.]  New World 80529-2  
        PhonCD M365.5 cosa 
Martinu, Bohuslav.  [Chamber music. Selections] Chamber music from the 1994 Australian Festival of Chamber 
    Music.  [Various performers]  Naxos 8.553916  
        PhonCD M366 chamu 
Myer, Tom.  Tom Myer, saxophone: Lukasik, Theofanidis, Harbison, Tisinai, Gillingham.  Albany TROY275  
        PhonCD M992 toms 
Milhaud, Darius.  Complete piano works, vols. 1-3  [Choveaux]  Discover DICD 920425/7 (3 discs)  
        9800008131 v.1-3 precat 
Music of Bali.  Celestial Harmonies  13136-2, 13137-2, 13138-2 (3 discs)  
        9800016509 v.1-3 precat 
            1: Jegog.  [Swara Cipta Priyanti] 
            2: Legong gamelan.  [Tirta Sari] 
            3: Kecak & Tektecan.  [Tojan, Rama Budaya] 
Music of Indonesia. Smithsonian SF CD 40429, 40441/2  
        PhonCD F G8070.M864 v.13-15 
            13: Kalimantan strings.   
            14: Lombok, Kalimantan, Banyumas: little-known forms of gamelan and wayang. 
            15: South Sulawesi strings.  
Music of Islam.  Celestial Harmonies 13140-2 to 13055-2 (17 discs)  
        9800008738 Pt.1-15 
            1: Al-Qahirah: Classical music of Cairo, Egypt 
            2: Music of the South Sinai Bedouins 
            3: Music of the Nubians, Aswan, Egypt 
            4: Music of the Arabian Peninsula, Doha, Qatar 
            5: Aissaoua Sufi ceremony, Marrakesh, Morocco (2 discs) 
            6: Al-Maghrib, Gnawa music 
            7: Al-Andalos Andalusian music 
            8: Folkloric music of Tunisia 
            9: Mawlawiyah music of the Whirling Dervishes 
            10: Quran recitation 
            11: Music of Yemen 
            12: Music of Iran 
            13: Music of Pakistan 
            14: Mystic music through the ages 
            15: Muslim music of Indonesia, Aceh and West Sumatra (2 discs) 
Music of the earth.  Multicultural Media MCM 30-
        10846720 precat
            15: Ecuador and Colombia: marimba masters and sacred songs: the Afro-descendent musicians 
                of the Pacific coastal region.  10846720 precat 
Musicworks 70: Adams, Ming, Schryer, Langlois, Prévost, Pentland, Oliveros.  
        10849055 precat 
New Lost City Ramblers.  There ain't no way out.  Smithsonian Folkways SF 40098  
        PhonCD F G3700.N4857 
New Millennium Ensemble. Here comes everybody: Festinger, Cage, Wuorinen, Feldman, Morris.  CRI  CD 772   
        PhonCD N42 milhe 
Ockeghem, Johannes.  Chansons: Ma bouche rit; Petite camusette; J'en ay deuil; etc.  [Romanesque, Malfeyt]  
    Ricercar 206302   
        PhonCD Oc3 cha sel 
Partch, Harry.  [Selections] The Harry Partch collection, volume 3: The dreamer that remains; Rotate the body 
    in all its planes; Windsong; Water! water!: excerpts selected by the composer.  [Partch, Pierce, Harry 
    Partch Ensemble, Logan; Gate 5 Ensemble, Garvey]  CRI CD 753  
        PhonCD P257 sel b v.3 
Romanesca (Instrumental group).  Phantasticus: 17th-century Italian violin music.  Harmonia Mundi HMU 907211 
        PhonCD R662 pha 
Rostropovich, Mstislav.  Rostropovich: the Russian years, 1950-1974.  EMI Classics 7243 5 72017-29 (13 discs)  
        PhonCD R739 rus v.1-13 & booklet 
Rouse, Christopher.  Symphony no. 2; Flute concerto; Phaethon.  [Eschenbach, Houston Symphony, Wincenc]  
    Telarc CD-80452  	
        PhonCD R761.5 sy2 
Scarlatti, Alessandro.  [Cantatas. Selections] Cantatas. Volume 1: Gia lusingato appieno dai zeffiri; Arianna; 
    Poi che riseppe Orfeo; Bella madre dei fiori .  [Brandes, Arcadian Academy, McGegan]  Conifer Classics 
    75605 51293 2  
        PhonCD Sca74 ca sel 
Schubert, Franz.  Winterreise.  [Goerne, Johnson] (Hyperion Schubert edition, 30)  Hyperion CDJ33030  
        PhonCD Sch78 song v.30 
Shostakovich, Dmitrii Dmitrievich.  Symphony no. 11 : 1905; Jazz suite no. 1; Waltz (Jazz suite no. 2); 
    Tahiti trot.  [Philadelphia Orchestra, Jansons]  EMI Classics 7243 5 55601 2 4  
        PhonCD Sh82 sy11 
Sims, Ezra.  [Selections] Ezra Sims: String quartet no. 2; Elegie nach Rilke; Third quartet.  [Charlston, 
    Boston Musica Viva, Lenox Quartet]  CRI CD 784  
        PhonCD Sim58 sel 
Atlanta Chamber Players.  Soiree sweets: Brahms, Schubert, Kreisler, Finzi, Quantz, et al.  ACA CM 20063  
        10861192 precat 
Songs of the Old Regular Baptists.  Smithsonian Folkways SF CD 40106  
        PhonCD F G3701.H9.S666 
Southern journey.  (Alan Lomax collection)  Rounder CD 1707/13  
        PhonCD F G3860.S65 v.7-13 
            7: Ozark frontier: Ballads and old-timey music from Arkansas. 
            8: Velvet voices: Eastern shores choirs, quartets, and Colonial era music. 
            9: Harp of a thousand strings: All day singing from The Sacred Harp. 
            10: And glory shone above: More all day singing from The Sacred Harp. 
            11: Honor the Lamb: The Belleville A Cappella Choir. 
            12: Georgia Sea Islands: Biblical songs and spirituals. 
            13: Earliest times: Georgia Sea Island songs for everyday living.  
Stravinsky, Igor,  [Piano music, 4 hands. Selections] Music for two pianos: Sonata; Concerto; The Rite of 
    spring.  [Frith, Hill] Naxos 8.553386  
        PhonCD Str82.8 piamu4h 
Swedish a cappella, vol. 1: Alfvén, G. Berg, Wikander, Söderman, Lindberg, Stenhammer, Peterson-Berger, 
    Sund, Malmfors. [Uppsala University Chamber Choir, Parkman]  Chandos CHAN 9543  
        PhonCD Sw34 aca v.1 
Takemitsu, Toru.  [Instrumental music. Selections] A flock descends; Dreamtime; Star-Isle; Orion and 
    Pleiades.  [Watkins, BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Otaka]  BIS CD-760  
        PhonCD T139 insmu 
Tanner, Gid.  A corn licker still in Georgia.  [Gid Tanner and his Skillet Lickers]  Voyager VRCD303  
        10846721 precat 
Tsontakis, George.  Four symphonic quartets.  [DePreist, Orchestre philharmonique de Monte-Carlo]  
    Koch International 3-7384-2-H-1  	
        PhonCD T789 syqu 
Turkey: echoes of Anatolia: music from Istanbul.  (Music of the earth)  Multicultural Media MCM 3016  
        10854278 precat 
Uitti, Frances-Marie.  2 bows [improvisations 1985-1994].  BVHAAST CD 9505  
        10845051 precat 
Unknown public.  09, All seeing ear: Rocca, Ellis, Robbins, Fox, Brook, Vermeersch, Gordon, Bates, et al.  
        10836712 precat 
Vivaldi, Antonio.  Ottone in villa.  [Hickox, Collegium Musicum 90]  Chandos CHAN 0614  
        10857010 precat 
Voices of Change (Musical group).  Voces americanas: music of Robert Xavier Rodriguez, Mario Lavista, Roberto 
    Sierra, Mario Davidovsky, Tania Leon.  CRI CD 773  
        PhonCD V875 voc 
Weill, Kurt. [Johnny Johnson] Music for Johnny Johnson.  [Soloists, Otaré Pit Band, Cohen] Erato 0630-17870-2  
        PhonCD W429 joh 
Xenakis, Iannis.  [Selections] Dämmerschein; Persephassa; La Déesse Athéna.  With Varèse, Amériques.  
    [Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic, Izquierdo]  Mode 58  
        PhonCD X24 sel a 
Zaimont, Judith Lang.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Zones (Piano trio no. 2); Russian summer (Piano trio no. 1); 
    Calendar set.  [Winograd, Wyrick, Polk]  Arabesque Z6683  
        PhonCD Z13 insmu 
Zorn, John.  New traditions in East Asian bar bands.  Tzadik TZ7311  
        PhonCD J Z77 newtr

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