Highlights of Recent Acquisitions: Reference Books

Albert, Richard N.  An annotated bibliography of jazz fiction and jazz fiction criticism.  
        (Bibliographies and indexes in world literature, 52)  Ref PN6120.95.J28.A43 1996 
Antokoletz, Elliott.  Béla Bartók, a guide to research.  2nd edition.  
        (Garland composer resource manuals, 40) (Garland reference library of the humanities, 
        1926)  Ref ML134.B292.A7 1997 
Baxter, Joan.  Television musicals: plots, critiques, casts and credits for 222 shows written 
        for and presented on television, 1944-1996.  Ref ML2080.B39 1997 
Brook, Barry S.  Thematic catalogues in music: an annotated bibliography / by Barry S. Brook 
        and Richard Viano.  2nd edition.  (Annotated reference tools in music, 5)  
        Ref ML113.B871 1997 
Craggs, Stewart R.  Edward Elgar: a source book.  Ref ML134.E613.C7 1995 
Daniels, David.  Orchestral music: a handbook.  3rd ed.  Ref ML128.O5.D3 1996 
Dillard, Philip H.  Sir Arthur Sullivan: a resource book.  Ref ML134.S97.D53 1996 
Dimond, Peter.  A Mozart diary: a chronological reconstruction of the composer's life, 
        1761-1791.  (Music reference collection, 58)  Ref ML410.M939.M69956 1997 
Duckles, Vincent H.  Music reference and research materials: an annotated bibliography  
        Vincent H. Duckles, Ida Reed.  5th ed.  Ref ML113.D835 1997 
Ficher, Miguel.  Latin American classical composers: a biographical dictionary / compiled 
        and edited by Miguel Ficher, Martha Furman Schleifer, John M. Furman. 
        Ref ML105.F53 1996 

Gänzl, Kurt.  Gänzl's book of the Broadway musical: 75 favorite shows, from H.M.S. 
        Pinafore to Sunset Boulevard.  Ref MT95.G19 1995 
The Garland encyclopedia of world music: vol. 1, Africa.  Ref ML100.G16 1997 v.1, 
        ML100.G16 1997 v.1 CD 
Herzhaft, Gérard.  Encyclopedia of the blues.  2nd ed.  Ref ML102.B6.H413 1997 
Hettinger, Sharon L.  American organ music of the twentieth century: an annotated bibliography 
        of composers.  (Detroit studies in music bibliography, 77)  Ref ML106.U3.H47 1997     
Hill, George R.  Collected editions, historical series & sets & monuments of music: a bibliography / 
        George R. Hill, Norris L. Stephens.  (Fallen Leaf reference books in music, 14)  Ref ML113.H55 1997 
Holmes, Robyn.  Larry Sitsky: a bio-bibliography / Robyn Holmes, Patricia Shaw, and Peter Campbell.  
        (Bio-bibliographies in music, 65)  Ref ML134.S63.H65 1997 
Morey, Carl.  Music in Canada: a research and information guide.  (Music research and information 
        guides, 20) (Garland reference library of the humanities, 1823)  Ref ML120.C2.M67 1997 
Parish, James Robert.  Hollywood songsters.  (Garland reference library of the humanities, 1164)  
        Ref ML400.P295 1991 
Perone, James E.  Harmony theory: a bibliography.  (Music reference collection, 57)  Ref ML128.T5.P47 1997 
Peters, Harry B., ed.  Woodwind music in print.  (Music-in-print series, 8)  Ref ML128.W5.P48 1997 
Pollock, Bruce.  The rock song index: essential information on the 7,500 most important songs of rock 
        and roll.  Ref ML128.R6.P65 1997 
Slonimsky, Nicolas.  Baker's biographical dictionary of twentieth-century classical musicians.  
        Edited by Laura Kuhn.  Ref ML105.S612 1997 
White, Evelyn Davidson.  Choral music by African American composers: a selected, annotated bibliography.   
        2nd edition.  Ref ML128.C48.W5 1996 
Wick, Robert L.  Electronic and computer music: an annotated bibliography.  (Music reference collection, 56)   
        Ref ML128.E4.W53 1997