Newsletter of the MIT Music Library

Fall 1994

Music Library, 14E-109
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

Forrest Larson, 617-253-5689
           Circulation and Reserves Assistant
Christina Moore, 617-253-5689
           Sr. Assistant & Processing Assistant
Peter Munstedt, 617-253-5636
           Music Librarian


Please let us know if you have any requests. Forms are available in the Music Library.


The Music Library received a generous grant of $2000.00 from MIT's Council for the Arts in order to purchase world music books and compact discs. This is the second such grant awarded to the Music Library in the past year. The previous Council grant totalled $1500.00. These two grants will allow the library to establish a core collection of world music materials on which to build in the future. Faculty members George Ruckert and Evan Ziporyn have been involved with obtaining these grant and in the selection of materials. Many thanks for their assistance. Look for an influx of world music in the coming year (roll over Beethoven).


For those of you who enjoy cruising the information superhighway, What's the Score is now available electronically through Mosaic on the World Wide Web. This summer, student assistant Jeff Morrow helped to load the newsletter along with other useful information about the Music Library and its collection. We will continue to update and expand this homepage. We have recently included reference guides to the library's holdings in the areas of electronic music, American music, and Western art music. More guides will be added in the future.

In addition to Mosaic, the MIT Libraries have been putting together lists of music sources available on the Gopher. Several interesting music documents from around the world are available, including bibliographic databases that cover a wide range of musical subjects. To learn how to access Gopher and Mosaic, please contact Peter (x3-5636) who will be delighted to show you how to view these documents. He will be especially pleased to hear from those of you with little or no computer background, so don't hesitate to call!


This summer, Music Faculty member Mark Harvey donated a large collection of his personal papers to the Institute Archives. These materials document much of what was happening in the Boston-area jazz scene during the 1970s and 1980s. Among the contents of this collection are programs, posters, reports, news clippings, photographs, and recordings. The Harvey Collection will be a gold mine of information for jazz scholars. According to Helen Samuels, Institute Archivist, these materials will be organized soon so that they will be accessible to researchers. We will keep you updated on the progress of this significant collection.


This summer, the Music and Theater Arts Section obtained a UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) grant in order to begin assembling an inventory of recordings by MIT music performance groups. During the project it was discovered that hundreds of recordings are housed in locations throughout the Institute. UROP Student Assistant Mayo Takeuchi inventoried nearly 600 recordings of MIT recitals and concerts. We are looking at ways to continue this work so that these priceless recordings will be inventoried, preserved, and some day made accessible for listening in the Music Library.

SPACE REPORT (One small step...)

This summer, the library received a new section of shelving located in the reference section. Several essential books that had been relegated to the circulating stacks will now appear in the enlarged reference section. This new arrangement will give users more convenient access to many of our more important source materials.

Meanwhile, due to cramped quarters, we continue to send books and journals to storage. This semester, we will be shipping several books to storage in an effort to make room for new books. We will try to squeeze as much as possible onto the shelves here, but if you cannot find a particular book, it could be in storage. Also, remember that all journals, except for the most current five years, are now in storage. If you cannot find an item, please ask.


What is the difference between:


As we announced in our May newsletter, the Music Library received extra funding through library special money to purchase the Leonard Bernstein Royal Edition of over 100 compact discs. All but the last one or two are now cataloged and in the library. We have not listed them with new acquisitions, but they can be found on CDBarton. Each one is cataloged separately, so look under the series title. Also watch for the Julian Bream Edition (set of 27 CDs, also purchased with special money) to be appearing soon in the library.


The renovation of the Listening/Viewing room has just been completed. Thanks to a generous gift from the Class of 1982, this room now contains five carrels housing two VCRs, two laser disc players, and one compact disc player. New lighting has been installed to enhance the viewing pleasure of our users. Please come take a look and sample one of our laser discs. But be forewarned: you may get hooked and never want to watch another video again!


While selecting new library materials is one of life's simple pleasures for the Music Librarian, he is willing to share this experience with you. We rely upon faculty and student input to help build our collections and we ask for your assistance. If you want a certain book, recording, score, or journal, please do not hesitate to ask. We take these requests very seriously. Over the years the shape of the collection has been influenced and many lacunae have been filled through such requests. Theater Arts requests without musical connections should be sent to Marlene Manoff in the Humanities Library (x3-9353).


Arhoolie Productions, Inc.
Barry Ashpole
Tracy A. Back
Endeco/YSI (in memory of Nellie R. Hottel)
Dr. Giselle G. Hamad
Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library, Harvard
Jerry Leake
Lowell Lindgren
Martin Marks
National Library of Canada
Harish Neelakandan
Jerry Parker
Smithsonian Institution
Howard Westerman
Evan Ziporyn
Thank you!