Adams, John.  The Death of Klinghoffer.  [Maddalena, Felty,
  Hammons, Young, Perry, Sylvan; Opera de Lyon, Nagano]
  Elektra Nonesuch 79281-2  PhonCD Ad18 dea

Abshire, Nathan.  Nathan Abshire and the Pine Grove Boys:
  French Blues.  Arhoolie CD 373
  PhonCD F Am35 US329 xcoll caj c

The ancient art music of China.  [Lily Yuan, yangqin]
  Lyrichord LYRCD 7409  PhonCD F As41 C441 o

Alwyn, William.  [Motion picture music. Selections] Odd Man
  Out suite; The History of Mr. Polly; Fallen Idol suite;
  Calypso from The Rake's Progress.  [Hickox, London
  Symphony]  Chandos CHAN 9243  PhonCD Al935 mpmu a

Anderson, Barry.  [Selections] Electroacoustic fanfare;
  Arc; Piano pieces 1-3; Domingus.  [various performers]
  Continuum CCD 1009  PhonCD An233 sel

Andriessen, Louis.  Melodie; Symfonie voor losse snaren.
  [Bruggen, Andriessen, Caecilia Consort]  Attacca Babel
  9267-6  PhonCD An28.2 mel

Bach, Johann Sebastian.  Orgelbuchlein.  [Preston]
  DG 431 816-2 GH  PhonCD B122 o b

Balada, Leonardo.  Torquemada; Concerto for piano, winds,
  and percussion; Sonata for ten winds; Transparencies of
  Chopin's first Ballade.  [Carnegie Mellon Contemporary
  Ensemble, American Brass Quintet, Dorian Wind Quintet,
  DiBonaventura, et al.]  New World Records 80442-2
  PhonCD B1804 sel

Bandolim, Jacob do.  Jacob do Bandolim: Mandolin master of
  Brazil.  (Original classic recordings, vol.1)
  Acoustic Disc ACD-3  PhonCD F Am35 LaB739 n

Bang on a can live, vol.3: Didkovsky, Marcus, Wright,
  Garcia, Reller, Bouchard.  CRI CD 672
  PhonCD B225 bang3

Berlioz, H.  Messe solennelle.  [soloists, Monteverdi
  Choir, Gardiner; world premiere recording]
  Philips 442 137-2  PhonCD B455 meso

Bernstein, Elmer.  The magnificent seven; The Hallelujah
  Trail.  [Phoenix Symphony, Sedares]  Koch International
  Classics 3-7222-2H1  PhonCD B457.8 mag

Bonner, Juke Boy.  Life gave me a dirty deal.  Arhoolie CD
  375  PhonCD F Am35 US329 N312 blu v

Brazil: Forro; music for maids and taxi drivers.  [various
  performers]  Rounder CD 5044  PhonCD F Am35 LaB739 m

Britten, Benjamin.  Prince of the pagodas. [London
  Sinfonietta, Knussen]  Virgin Classics VCD 7 91103-2
  PhonCD B777 pri a

Cage, John.  Europera 5.  [Mikhashoff, Herr, Burgess,
  Williams, Metz]  Mode 36  PhonCD C117 eur5

Caldara, Antonio.  [Selections] Medea; Cantatas for solo
  countertenor.  [Lesne, Il Seminario Musicale]
  Virgin Classics VC 7 91479-2  PhonCD C126 sel

A celebration of Scottish music.  [Cilla Fisher, Alison
  Kinnaird, Christine Primrose, Hamish Moore, Battlefield
  Band, Jim Johnstone & His Band, Shotts & Dykehead
  Caledonia Pipe Band]  Temple COMD 2003
  PhonCD F Eu74 G798.Sc j

Central African Republic: Banda polyphony.  [various
  performers]  Auvidis D 8043  PhonCD F Af83 C333 a

Charles Ford Band.  Blue and lonesome; Gibson Creek
  shuffle; Rest my mind on Jesus; Wild woman; etc.
  Arhoolie CD 353  PhonCD F Am35 US329 xcoll blu a

Chenier, Clifton.  Clifton Chenier sings the blues.
  Arhoolie CD 351  PhonCD F Am35 US329 xcoll caj d

China's instrumental heritage.  [Professor Liang Tsai-Ping
  and his group]  Lyrichord LYRCD 792  PhonCD F As41 C441 b

Chorallaries of M.I.T.  Better late than never: Solsbury
  Hill; Masochism tango; Angel eyes; Graceland;
  Fascinatin' rhythm; Verdi cries; Dentist!; Children of
  Sanchez; My romance; Midnight star; Walking on broken
  glass; Africa; A man come into Egypt; Time and tide;
  Dear, dear; Engineer's drinking song; Engineer's dance
  remix.  BRI1000CD  PhonCD C4564 bet

Classical music of Thailand.  [Faculty of the Thai National
  University of Arts]  Seven Seas KICC 5125
  PhonCD F As41 T329 f

Corigliano, John.  [Orchestra music. Selections] Gazebo
  dances; Voyage for string orchestra; Summer fanfare;
  Promenade overture; Campane di Ravello; Concerto for
  piano.  [Tocco, Smith, Louisville Orchestra]
  Louisville LCD 008  PhonCD L93 no.8

Country Negro jam session: Butch Cage, Willie B. Thomas,
  Clarence Edwards, et al.  Arhoolie CD 372
  PhonCD F Am35 US329 N312 blu bb

Crescent Quartet.  Vive la Difference: string quartets by
  5 women from 3 continents : Lucie Vellere, Sarah
  Aderholdt, Ruth Schonthal, Amy Beach, Priaulx Rainier.
  [with the Alard Quartet]  Leonarda LE336
  PhonCD C8637 viv

Deutsche Kantaten des Fruhbarock: Buxtehude, Tunder,
  Weckmann, Schein.  [Collegium musicum Plagense,
  Frieberger] Christophorus CHR 74588
  94-00001862 (precat)

Feldman, Morton.  Piano and string quartet.  [Kronos
  Quartet, Takahashi]  Elektra Nonesuch 79320-2
  PhonCD F333 pst

Fennell, Frederick.  Trittico: Nelhybel, Albeniz, Dello
  Joio, Grieg, Giannini.  [Dallas Wind Symphony]
  Reference Recordings RR-52CD  PhonCD F361.8 tri

Fiddle sticks: Irish traditional music from Donegal.
  [various performers, recorded at the 1991 festival]
  Nimbus Records NI 5320  PhonCD F Eu74 G798.Ir F

Foster, Stephen.  [Songs. Selections] Songs by Stephen
  Foster.  [DeGaetani, Guinn, Kalish]  Elektra Nonesuch
  79158-2  PhonCD F817 song a

Gagaku: Japanese court music.  [Kyoto Imperial Court Music
  Orchestra]  Lyrichord LYRCD 7126  PhonCD F As41 J271 b

The gamelan music of Bali.  [various performers]  Seven
  Seas KICC 5126  PhonCD F As41 In2.2 v

Gluck, Christoph Willibald.  Iphigenie en Tauride.
  [Vaness, Allen, Winbergh, Surian, Teatro alla Scala,
  Muti]  Sony Classical S2K 52 492  PhonCD G52 iphT a

Goossen, Frederic.  [Instrumental music. Selections]
  Clausulae for violin and piano; Sonata for clarinet in Bb
  and piano; Temple music for violin and piano.  [Kartman,
  Henderson, Bridges, Hood]  CRI CD 665 PhonCD G644 insmu

Gorecki, Henryk.  Already it is dusk, string quartet no.1,
  op.62; Quasi una fantasia, string quartet no.2, op.64.
  [Kronos Quartet]  Elektra Nonesuch 79319-2
  PhonCD G669 alr

Guitar songs from Tanzania, Zambia & Zaire.  [various
  performers]  Original Music OMCD 023
  PhonCD F Af83 zcoll l

Handel, George Frideric.  Concertos, organ, op.4.
  [Preston, English Concert, Pinnock]  Archiv 413 465-2 AH2
  PhonCD H191 coo4 b

Hangal, Gangubai.  The voice of tradition: vocal music from
  North India.  Haus der Kulturen der Welt SM 1501-2
  PhonCD F As41 In2 zcoll dd

Harbison, John.  Concerto, oboe; Symphony no.2.  With
  Sessions, Symphony no.2.  [Blomstedt, San Francisco
  Symphony] London 443 376-2  PhonCD H213 coo

Harris, Donald.  [Selections] Mermaid variations; For the
  night to wear; Balladen; Pierrot Lieder; String quartet;
  etc. [various performers]  CRI CD 666  PhonCD H24 sel

Harrison, Lou.  [Selections] Harp suite; Serenade; The
  perilous chapel; etc.  [Tanenbaum, Winant, San Francisco
  Contemporary Music Players, et al.]  New Albion NA055CD
  PhonCD H248.2 sel a

Herrmann, Bernard.  The day the earth stood still.
  [Herrmann, L. Newman, A. Newman]  Fox Records Inc.
  07822-11010-2  PhonCD H436 day

Hindustani vocal music.  [Bhimsen Joshi]  Seven Seas KICC
  5114  PhonCD F As41 In2 zcoll aa

Humeniuk, Pavlo.  Pawlo Humeniuk: king of the Ukranian
  fiddlers.  Arhoolie Folklyric CD 7025
  PhonCD F Am35 US329 Uk8 a

Indonesia: music from west Java.  [various performers]
  Auvidis D 8041  PhonCD F As41 In2.2 x

Japanese Koto consort: Koto, shamisen, shakuhachi and
  voice.  [Musicians of the Ikuta-School]  Lyrichord LYRCD
  7205  PhonCD F As41 J271 m

Jordanova, Victoria.  [Selections] Requiem for Bosnia; Four
  preludes for harp; Once upon a time; Variations for harp.
  [Victoria Jordanova, Olivia Dalrymple]  CRI CD 673
  PhonCD J7677 sel

Korean court music.  [Orchestra of the National Music
  Institute, Seoul]  Lyrichord LYRCD 7206
  PhonCD F As41 K841 b

Ladysmith Black Mambazo.  Classic tracks.  Shanachie SH
  43074  PhonCD F Af83 Z84 d

Maddox Brothers & Rose.  Maddox Brothers & Rose, vol.1:
  America's most colorful hillbilly band.  Arhoolie CD 391
  PhonCD F Am35 US329 C832 i

Marcoulescou-Stern, Yolanda.  Art songs by American
  composers: Duke, Creston, Hageman, Carpenter, Ives,
  Griffes, Price, Beach, Bonds, Thomson, Bowles, Sacco.
  [Phillabaum]  Gasparo GSCD-287  PhonCD M333 artA

Marcoulescou-Stern, Yolanda.  French art songs: Weckerlin,
  Hahn, Chabrier, Saint-Saens, Ravel, Faure.  [Phillabaum]
  Gasparo GSCD-293  PhonCD M333 fre

Martinez, Narciso.  Narciso Martinez: father of
  Texas-Mexican conjunto.  Arhoolie CD 361
  PhonCD F Am35 US329 xcoll mex d

Massenet, Jules.  Manon.  [Cotrubas, Kraus, Quilico, Van
  Dam; Plasson]  EMI CDS 749610 2  PhonCD M384 man b

Merriweather, Maceo.  Big Maceo: the king of Chicago blues
  piano.  Arhoolie Folklyric CD 7009
  PhonCD F Am35 US329 N312 blu w

Metson, Marian Ruhl.  Cook 'n Bacon: Ernst Bacon, Spirits &
  places, honoring American personages and geography;
  Trumpet tune.  John Cook, Fantasy on a Scottish humn
  tune, Martyrs; Variations on Alles ist an Gottes Segen;
  Improvisation on Veni Creator Spiritus.  Raven OAR-210
  PhonCD M5677 coo

Mississippi Delta blues jam in Memphis, vols.I-II.  [Fred
  McDowell, Memphis Piano Red, Sleepy John Estes, Bukka
  White, et al.]  Arhoolie CD 385-6
  PhonCD F Am35 US329 N312 blu aa v.1-2

Mo Lam singing of Northeast Thailand.  [Chawiwan Damnoen,
  Thongkham Thaikla]  Seven Seas KICC 5123
  PhonCD F As41 T329 g

Monteverdi, Claudio.  L'Incoronazione di Poppea.  [Donath,
  Soderstrom, Berberian, Harnoncourt, Concentus Musicus
  Wien] Teldec 2292-42547-2  PhonCD M765 inc b

Moorish music from Mauritania.  [Khalifa Ould Eide, Dimi
  Mint Abba]  World Circuit WCD 019  PhonCD F Af83 M447 a

The music of Francis Johnson and his contemporaries: early
  19th-century Black composers.  [Chestnut Brass Company
  and friends, original instruments]  Musicmasters 7029-2-C
  PhonCD F Am35 US329 xcoll bra a

Musique sur les routes de la soie = Music on the silkroads:
  China, Mongolia, Siberia, Chinese Turkestan, Uzbekistan,
  Bashkiria.  [various performers]  Auvidis B 6776
  PhonCD F As41 zcoll p

New music Indonesia / produced by Jody Diamond & Larry
  Polansky.  PhonCD F As41 In2.2 t v.1-3
     1: Asmat dream (Sunda) : Dody Satya, Nano S., Suhendi,
        Roesli.  Lyrichord LYRCD 7415
     2: Mana 689 (Central Java) : Sukerta, Sadra, Subono,
        Sidarta.  Lyrichord LYRCD 7420
     3: Karya : I Wayan Sadra.  Lyrichord LYRCD 7421

Newman, Alfred.  The Robe.  [Soundtrack, Newman conducting]
  20th Century Film Scores 07822-11011-2
  PhonCD N461.8 rob x

Raksin, David.  Laura.  [Newman]  With Herrmann, Jane Eyre.
  [Herrmann] Fox Records Inc. 07822-11006-2
     PhonCD R137 lau x

Reich, Steve.  Tehillim.  [Reich, et al., Manahan]
  ECM 1215  PhonCD R270.8 teh

Rivero, Rene Marino.  Bandoneon Pure: dances of Uruguay.
  (Traditional music of the world, 5)  Smithsonian Folkways
  CD SF 40431  PhonCD F Am35 LaUr85 a

Rorem, Ned.  Piano concerto for left hand and orchestra
  [Graffman, Previn, Symphony Orchestra of the Curtis
  Institute of Music]; Eleven studies for eleven players
  [soloists, Milanov].  New World Records 80445-2
  PhonCD R692 cop1h

Rutter, John.  [Choral music. Selections]  Gloria: the
  sacred music of John Rutter.  [Cambridge Singers, Philip
  Jones Brass Ensemble, City of London Sinfonia, Rutter]
  Collegium COLCD 100  PhonCD R938 chomu a

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band.  Home music with spirits. Arhoolie
  CD 389  PhonCD F Am35 US329 xcoll caj g

Scarlatti, Domenico.  Stabat Mater.  [BBC Singers, Poole]
  With Vivaldi, Stabat Mater, RV 621; Dixit Dominus, RV 594.
  [English Bach Festival, Malgoire]  Sony Classical SBK
  48282  PhonCD Sca74.2 sta d

Schoenberg, Arnold.  Gurre-Lieder.  [Soloists, Choruses,
  Radio-Sinfonie-Orchester Frankfurt, Inbal]
  Denon 81757 9066 2  PhonCD Sch65 gur d

Schubert, Franz.  [Songs. Selections]  Goethe-Lieder und
  Balladen.  [Prey, Deutsch]  Saphir INT 830.837
  PhonCD Sch78 song aa

Schumann, Robert.  Quartet, piano & strings, op.47;
  Quintet, op.44.  [Ax, Cleveland Quartet]  RCA Red Seal
  6498-2-RC  PhonCD Sch86 quap47

Schutz, Heinrich.  Weihnachtshistorie, SWV 435.  With
  Michael Praetorius, Motets.  [Parrott, Taverner Consort,
  Taverner Choir, Taverner Players]  EMI CDC 7 47633 2
  PhonCD Sch88 wei

Sessions, Roger.  Concerto, piano.  With Francis Thorne,
  Piano concerto no.3.  [Taub, Oppens, Westchester
  Philharmonic, Dunkel]  New World 80443-2  PhonCD Se72 cop

Shaker songs: Come to Zion.  Contains early hymns and songs;
  Songs from the classic period; Songs from "Mother Ann's
  Work"; Songs from the middle period; Shaker gospel hymns;
  Late choral anthems; Occasional songs.  [Norumbega
  Harmony]  Hancock Shaker Village HSV-0001T
  PhonCD F Am35 US329 xcoll sac f

Shankar, Ravi.  Ragas.  [Ravi Shankar, Ali Akbar Khan]
  Fantasy FCD 24714-2  PhonCD F As41 In2 zcoll z

Sinatra, Frank.  Francis Albert Sinatra, Antonio Carlos
  Jobim.  Reprise 1021-2  PhonCD P Sin61 fra

Solomon, Nanette Kaplan.  Character sketches: solo piano
  works by 7 American women : Victoria Bond, Tania Leon,
  Jane Brockman, Ruth Schonthal, Gwyneth Walker, Marga
  Richter, Judith Lang Zaimont.  Leonarda LE334
  PhonCD So474 cha

Souster, Tim.  Equalisation, for brass quintet and live
  electronics; Sonata. [Souster, Equale Brass Quintet,
  Friend, Nash Ensemble]  Nimbus NI 5317  PhonCD So858 equ

Sufi music of Turkey.  [Kudsi & Suleyman Erguner]
  CMP Records CMP CD 3005  PhonCD F As41 T847 h

Sumac, Yma.  The spell of Yma Sumac.  Pair PCD-1172
  PhonCD F Am35 LaP435 a

Taiwan: musique des peuples minoritaires.  [various
  performers]  Arion ARN 64109  PhonCD F As41 T139 a

Tanenbaum, David.  Great American guitar solo: Curtis-Smith,
  Currier, Bolcom, Korde, Johanson.   Neuma 450-84
  PhonCD T1555 gre

The Texas-Czech, Bohemian, & Moravian Bands: Historic
  recordings 1928-1953.  [Various performers]
  Arhoolie Folklyric CD 7026  PhonCD F Am35 US329 C997 a

Thailand: the music of Chieng Mai.  [various performers]
  Auvidis D 8007  PhonCD F As41 T329 c

Vintage Hawaiian music: steel guitar masters 1928-1934.
  [various performers]  Rounder CD 1052
  PhonCD F Am35 US329 xcoll haw a

Virtuosi of Thai classical music.  [Benjarong Thanakoset,
  Chaloem Muangphresi]  Seven Seas KICC 5158
  PhonCD F As41 T329 e

Wagner, Richard.  Parsifal.  [van Dam, Halem, Moll, Hofmann,
  Ahnsho, Chor der Deutschen Oper Berlin, Berliner
  Philharmoniker, von Karajan]  DG 413 347-2 GH4
  PhonCD W125 pa b

Weill, Kurt.  Symphony no.2.  With Ginastera, Variaciones
  concertantes.  [Bayerische Rundfunks, Rudel]  MHS 412381Z
  PhonCD W429 sy2

Zydeco champs: Clifton Chenier, C.J. Chenier, Lawrence
  Ardoin, et al.  Arhoolie CD 328
  PhonCD F Am35 US329 xcoll caj f