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Selected new acquisitions from our Fall 2006 newletter

Abbey, Eric James. Garage rock and its roots: musical rebels and the drive for individuality.
ML3534.A23 2006

Adorno, Theodor W. Philosophy of new music; translated, edited, and with an introduction by Robert Hullot-Kentor.
ML197.A313 2006

African American music: an introduction / edited by Mellonee V. Burnim, Portia K. Maultsby.
ML3556.A34 2006

Anderson, Tim J. Making easy listening: material culture and postwar American recording. (Commerce and mass culture series)
ML3790.A63 2006

André, Naomi Adele. Voicing gender: Castrati, Travesti, and the second woman in early-nineteenth-century Italian opera.
ML1733.4.A53 2006

Auslander, Philip. Performing glam rock: gender and theatricality in popular music.
ML3534.A9 2006

Bach's changing world: voices in the community / edited by Carol K. Baron. (Eastman studies in music, 37)
ML3917.G3.B33 2006

Ballad mediations: folksongs recovered, represented, and reimagined / edited by Roger deV. Renwick & Sigrid Rieuwerts. (BASIS: ballads and songs - international studies, 2)
ML3544.5.B35 2006

Banat, Gabriel. The Chevalier de Saint-Georges: virtuoso of the sword and the bow. (Lives in music series, 7)
DC137.5.S35.B36 2006

Berger, William. Puccini without excuses: a refreshing reassessment of the world's most popular composer.
ML410.P977.B46 2005

Berio, Luciano. Remembering the future. (The Charles Eliot Norton lectures)
ML60.B4685 2006

Bernstein, Seymour. Chopin: interpreting his notational symbols.
ML410.C549.B47 2005

Borgo, David. Sync or swarm: improvising music in a complex age.
ML3506.B67 2005 [book & audio CD]

Braun, Joachim. On Jewish music: past and present.
ML3776.B662 2006

Brode, Douglas. Elvis cinema and popular culture.
ML420.P96.B75 2006

Brothers, Thomas David. Louis Armstrong's New Orleans.
ML419.A736.B78 2006

Büchmann-Møller, Frank. Someone to watch over me: the life and music of Ben Webster. (Jazz perspectives)
ML419.W39.B83 2006

Butler, Mark J. (Mark Jonathan). Unlocking the groove: rhythm, meter, and musical design in electronic dance music.
MT146.B88 2006 [book & audio CD]

Cairns, David. Mozart and his operas.
ML410.M939.C253 2006

Call me the seeker: listening to religion in popular music / edited by Michael J. Gilmour.
ML3921.8.P67.C35 2005

The Cambridge companion to twentieth-century opera / edited by Mervyn Cooke. (Cambridge companions to music)
ML1700.C17 2005

The Cambridge history of seventeenth-century music / edited by Tim Carter and John Butt. (Cambridge history of music)
ML194.C23 2005

Cantor, Louis. Dewey and Elvis: the life and times of a rock 'n' roll deejay. (Music in American life)
ML429.P52.C36 2005

Changing tunes: the use of pre-existing music in film / edited by Phil Powrie, Robynn Stilwell.
ML2075.C46 2006

Chapman, Janice L. Singing and teaching singing: a holistic approach to classical voice.
MT820.C49 2006

Claxton, William. Jazzlife: a journey for jazz across America in 1960.
ML3508.C55 2005 [book in Special Collections; audio CD circulates]

Cohen, Ronald D. Folk music: the basics. (The basics)
ML3551.C578 2006

Coleman, Rick. Blue Monday: Fats Domino and the lost dawn of rock 'n' roll.
ML420.D66.C65 2006

Consuming music together: social and collaborative aspects of music consumption technologies / edited by Kenton O'Hara and Barry Brown.
ML3916.C65 2006

Copland, Aaron. The selected correspondence of Aaron Copland / edited by Elizabeth B. Crist and Wayne Shirley.
ML410.C756.A4 2006

Coté, David. Wicked: the Grimmerie.
ML410.S42.C68 2005

Cybersounds: essays on virtual music culture / Michael D. Ayers, editor. (Digital formations, 31)
ML3918.P67.C93 2006

Dargan, William T. Lining out the word: Dr. Watts hymn singing in the music of Black Americans. (Music of the African diaspora, 8)
ML3111.D24 2006

DeSalvo, Debra. The language of the blues from Alcorub to Zuzu.
ML3521.D47 2006

D'Rivera, Paquito. My sax life: a memoir; translated by Luis Tamargo. (Latino voices)
ML419.D75.A3 2005

Durand, Joël-François. Joël-François Durand in the mirror land / edited by Jonathan W. Bernard.
ML410.D955.A3 2005

Edgard Varèse: composer, sound sculptor, visionary / edited by Felix Meyer and Heidy Zimmermann.
ML410.V296.E325 2006

Emmons, Shirlee. Prescriptions for choral excellence: tone, text, dynamic leadership.
MT875.E46 2006

Farrington, Jim. Audio and video equipment basics for libraries. (Music Library Association basic manual series, 5)
TK7881.4.F37 2006

Fernandez, Raul A. From Afro-Cuban rhythms to Latin jazz. (Music of the African diaspora, 10)
ML3565.F47 2006

Fineberg, Joshua. Classical music, why bother?: hearing the world of contemporary culture through a composer's ears.
ML3800.F444 2006

Flinn, Denny Martin. Little musicals for little theatres: a reference guide to the musicals that don't need chandeliers or helicopters to succeed.
MT955.F55 2006

Fonarow, Wendy. Empire of dirt: the aesthetics and rituals of British indie music. (Music/culture)
ML3534.6.G7.F66 2006

Foster, Pops. The autobiography of Pops Foster: New Orleans jazzman, as told to Tom Stoddard.
ML419.F68.A3 2005

Frisch, Walter. German modernism: music and the arts. (California studies in 20th-century music, 3)
ML275.F75 2005

Gallo, Denise P. Opera: the basics. (The basics)
ML1700.G29 2006

Gaunt, Kyra Danielle. The games black girls play: learning the ropes from Double-dutch to Hip-hop.
ML3479.G38 2006

Gennari, John. Blowin' hot and cool: jazz and its critics.
ML3506.G46 2006

Gioia, Ted. Healing songs.
ML3920.G56 2006

Gioia, Ted. Work songs.
ML3780.G56 2006

Gordon, David. Musical visitors to Britain.
ML390.G683 2005

Gossett, Philip. Divas and scholars: performing Italian opera.
ML1700.G7397 2006

Grainger, Percy. Self-portrait of Percy Grainger / edited by Malcolm Gillies, David Pear, and Mark Carroll.
ML410.G75.A3 2006

Guralnick, Peter. Dream boogie: the triumph of Sam Cooke.
ML420.C665.G87 2005

Heiles, Anne Mischakoff. Mischa Mischakoff: journeys of a concertmaster. (Detroit monographs in musicology/Studies in music, 46)
ML418.M5.H45 2006 [book & audio CD]

Herbert, Trevor. The trombone. (Yale musical instrument series)
ML965.H47 2006

Hesselink, Nathan. P'ungmul: South Korean drumming and dance. (Chicago studies in ethnomusicology)
ML3752.7.C5.H47 2006

Hinkle-Turner, Elizabeth. Women composers and music technology in the United States: crossing the line.
ML1380.H56 2006

Hodeir, André. The André Hodeir jazz reader; edited by Jean-Louis Pautrot. (Jazz perspectives)
ML3506.H615 2006

Hollis, Tim. Mouse tracks: the story of Walt Disney Records.
ML3792.H63 2006

Huckvale, David. James Bernard, composer to Count Dracula: a critical biography.
ML410.B5557.H83 2006

Huron, David. Sweet anticipation: music and the psychology of expectation
ML3838.H87 2006

Ind, Peter. Jazz visions: Lennie Tristano and his legacy. (Popular music history)
ML417.T8.I63 2005

Inside the Ring: essays on Wagner's opera cycle / edited by John Louis DiGaetani.
ML410.W15.I53 2006

Internet music / edited by Andrew Hugill. (Contemporary music review, 24/6)
ML197.C7514 v.24 pt.6

Johnson, Ian. William Alwyn: the art of film music.
ML410.A482.J64 2005

Knight, David B. Landscapes in music: space, place, and time in the world's great music. (Why of where)
ML1200.K63 2006

Largey, Michael D. Vodou nation: Haitian art music and cultural nationalism. (Chicago studies in ethnomusicology)
ML3565.L35 2006

Lavezzoli, Peter. The dawn of Indian music in the West: Bhairavi.
ML338.L39 2006

Lee, William F. American big bands.
ML3518.L44 2005

Leeuw, Ton de. Music of the twentieth century: a study of its elements and structure. Translated from the Dutch by Stephen Taylor.
ML197.L325 2005

LeRoy, Dan. Paul's boutique. (33 1/3)
ML421.B39.L47 2006

Le Tellier, Robert Ignatius. The operas of Giacomo Meyerbeer.
ML410.M61.L43 2006

Leu, Lorraine. Brazilian popular music: Caetano Veloso and the regeneration of tradition. (Ashgate popular and folk music series)
ML3487.B7.L48 2006

Levin, Theodore Craig. Where rivers and mountains sing: sound, music, and nomadism in Tuva and beyond.
ML3680.7.T9.L48 2006 [book & double-sided CD/DVD]

Levinson, Peter J. Tommy Dorsey: livin' in a great big way: a biography.
ML422.D67.L48 2005

Levitin, Daniel J. This is your brain on music: the science of a human obsession.
ML3830.L38 2006

Lewin, David. Studies in music with text. (Oxford studies in music theory)
ML1400.L48 2006

Lowe, Kelly Fisher. The words and music of Frank Zappa. (Praeger Singer-songwriter collection)
ML410.Z285.L68 2006

Loy, D. Gareth. Musimathics: the mathematical foundations of music.
QA19.M87.L69 2006

Lyrics and borrowed tunes of the American temperance movement / compiled and edited by Paul D. Sanders.
ML3561.T45.L9 2006

Mahler, Gustav. The Mahler family letters / edited, translated, and annotated by Stephen McClatchie.
ML410.M214.A414 2006

Marquis, Donald M. In search of Buddy Bolden: first man of jazz. Rev. ed.
ML419.B65.M4 2005

McMath, Robert C. A guide to Lewis families and homesites on the Delmarva Peninsula, 1635-1898: a Lewis family genealogy.
CS71.L4942 2006

Memories of John Lennon / edited and introduced by Yōko Ono.
ML420.L38.M46 2005

MENC handbook of musical cognition and development / edited by Richard Colwell.
MT1.M98736 2006

Middleton, Richard. Voicing the popular: on the subjects of popular music.
ML3470.M53 2006

Millington, Barry. The New Grove guide to Wagner and his operas. (New Grove composers series)
ML410.W13.W114 2006

Miner, Luke. Paris jazz: a guide from the jazz age to the present.
ML3509.F7.M56 2005

Miranda, Eduardo Reck. New digital musical instruments: control and interaction beyond the keyboard. (Computer music and digital audio series, 21)
ML1092.M57 2006 [book & CDROM]

Moore, Robin. Music and revolution: cultural change in socialist Cuba. (Music of the African diaspora, 9)
ML3917.C9.M66 2006

Moser, David J. Moser on music copyright.
KF3035.Z9.M674 2006

Multiple interpretations of dynamics of creativity and knowledge in African music traditions: a Festschrift in honor of Akin Euba on the occasion of his 70th birthday / edited by Bode Omojola and George Dor.
ML350.1.M85 2005

Murail, Tristan. Models & artifice: the collected writings of Tristan Murail / edited by Joshua Fineberg & Pierre Michel. (Contemporary music review, 24/2-3)
ML197.C7514 v.24 pt.2-3

Murphy, John P. (John Patrick). Music in Brazil: experiencing music, expressing culture. (Global music series)
ML3487.B7.M85 2006 [book & audio CD]

Music and manipulation: on the social uses and social control of music / edited by Steven Brown and Ulrik Volgsten.
ML3916.M867 2006

Music in American religious experience / edited by Philip V. Bohlman, Edith L. Blumhofer, Maria M. Chow.
ML2911.M87 2006

Musical childhoods & the cultures of youth / edited by Susan Boynton & Roe-Min Kok. (Music/culture)
ML3916.M883 2006

Newsome, Roy. The modern brass band: from the 1930s to the new millennium.
ML1331.N495 2006

Niven, John, guitarist. Music from Big Pink: a novella. (33 1/3)
ML421.B32.N58 2005

North, Roger. Roger North's The musicall grammarian: 1728 / edited with introductions and notes by Mary Chan and Jamie C. Kassler. (Cambridge studies in music)
ML3800.N67 2006

Ostwald, David. Acting for singers: creating believable singing characters.
MT956.O76 2005

Palisca, Claude V. Music and ideas in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. (Studies in the history of music theory and literature)
ML174.P35 2006

Parker, Roger. Remaking the song: operatic visions and revisions from Handel to Berio. (Ernest Bloch lectures)
ML1700.P37 2006

Performance and popular music: history, place and time / edited by Ian Inglis. (Ashgate popular and folk music series)
ML3470.P45 2006

Piazza, Tom. Understanding jazz: ways to listen.
MT146.P53 2005 [book & audio CD]

Pillsbury, Glenn T. Damage incorporated: Metallica and the production of musical identity.
ML421.M48.P55 2006

Prentner, Marie. Leschetizky's fundamental principles of piano technique.
MT222..P74 2005

Price, Emmett George. Hip hop culture.
ML3531.P75 2006

Queering the popular pitch / edited by Sheila Whiteley and Jennifer Rycenga.
ML3470.Q44 2006

Raja, Deepak. Hindustani music: a tradition in transition. (New vistas in Indian performing arts, 7)
ML338.R185 2005

Reading the Beatles: cultural studies, literary criticism, and the Fab Four / edited by Kenneth Womack and Todd F. Davis.
ML421.B4.R43 2006

Reel tracks: Australian feature film music and cultural identities / edited by Rebecca Coyle.
ML2075.R44 2005

Reger, Max. Selected writings of Max Reger / edited and translated by Christopher Anderson.
ML410.R25.A25 2006

The resisting muse: popular music and social protest / edited by Ian Peddie.
ML3918.P67.R47 2006

Reynolds, Simon. Rip it up and start again: postpunk 1978-1984.
ML3534.R492 2006

Ringer, Mark. Opera's first master: the musical dramas of Claudio Monteverdi.
ML410.M781.R56 2006 [book & audio CD]

Rodríguez-Peralta, Phyllis W. Philadelphia maestros: Ormandy, Muti, Sawallisch.
ML402.R63 2006

Rubin, Emanuel. Music in Jewish history and culture. (Detroit monographs in musicology/Studies in music, 47)
ML3776.R75 2006

Rush, Mark, violinist. Playing the violin: an illustrated guide.
MT260.R87 2006

Sandford, Christopher. McCartney.
ML410.M115.S26 2006

Schick, Steven. The percussionist's art: same bed, different dreams.
MT90.S286 2006 [book & audio CD]

Schneck, Daniel J. The music effect: music physiology and clinical applications.
ML3920.S358 2006

Schoell, William. The opera of the twentieth century: a passionate art in transition.
ML1705.S33 2006

Shannon, Jonathan Holt. Among the jasmine trees: music and modernity in contemporary Syria. (Music/culture)
ML3795.S415 2006

Smith, Susan. The musical: race, gender and performance. (Short cuts, 26)
ML2054.S65 2005

Sonic experience: a guide to everyday sounds / edited by Jean-François Augoyard and Henry Torgue; translated by Andra McCartney and David Paquette.
BF353.5.N65.S6513 2006

Spitzer, Michael. Music as philosophy: Adorno and Beethoven's late style. (Musical meaning and interpretation)
ML410.B4.S686 2006

Stinson, Russell. The reception of Bach's organ works from Mendelssohn to Brahms.
ML410.B118.S856 2006

Stohrer, Sharon. The singer's companion.
MT820.S856 2006

The string quartets of Beethoven / edited by William Kinderman.
MT145.B415.S75 2006

Structure and meaning in tonal music: Festschrift in honor of Carl Schachter / L. Poundie Burstein and David Gagné, editors. (Harmonologia series, 12)
ML55.S3565 2006

Subramanian, Lakshmi. From the Tanjore Court to the Madras Music Academy: a social history of music in South India.
ML338.S82 2006

Talbot, Michael. The chamber cantatas of Antonio Vivaldi.
ML410.V855.T33 2006

Tippett, Michael. Selected letters of Michael Tippett / edited by Thomas Schuttenhelm; with a foreword by David Matthews.
ML410.T467.A4 2005

Tokumaru, Yoshihiko. Musics, signs and intertextuality: collected papers.
1365277 precat

Volpe, Joseph. The toughest show on earth: my rise and reign at the Metropolitan Opera.
ML429.V65.A3 2006

Waldoff, Jessica Pauline. Recognition in Mozart's operas.
ML410.M939.W23 2006

Walsh, Stephen. Stravinsky: the second exile: France and America, 1934-1971.
ML410.S9128.W355 2006

Werner, Craig Hansen. A change is gonna come: music, race & the soul of America.
ML3479.W47 2006

White, Shane. The sounds of slavery: discovering African American history through songs, sermons, and speech.
E443.W59 2005

White, Timothy. Catch a fire: the life of Bob Marley. Rev. and enl.
ML420.M3313.W5 2006

Whiteis, David. Chicago blues: portraits and stories. (Music in American life)
ML394.W5 2006

Widor, Charles Marie. Manual of practical instrumentation; translated by Edward Suddard; with an appendix by Gordon Jacob. (London, 1946)
MT70.W65 2005

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