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Fall 2005:
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Fall 2005
Newsletter of the Lewis Music Library,
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Class of 1982 Funds iPods

The Class of 1982 Library Fund has once again provided the library with a valuable resource that could not have been obtained otherwise. This summer, the library began an iPod project by purchasing five iPods, lightweight headphones, and two computer hard drives to store the sound files in iTunes. Each iPod has been loaded with over 500 tracks of music, one track from each of the library's newly acquired CDs. The iPods will circulate overnight to MIT students, faculty, and staff. These sample tracks will encourage our users to come in and borrow those CDs they would like to explore further.

Playlists on these iPods include new CDs received each semester dating back to Spring 2004. Additional playlists are planned, including "top ten" recommendations from the collection as suggested by faculty members, staff, and interested library users.


Library Subscribes to Music Index Online

Writing a paper for class? Researching an article or book? The library is pleased to announce that we have begun a subscription to Music Index Online, which lists more than one million citations from 725 music periodicals dating from 1978 to 2005. A broad range of topics is covered, with special emphasis placed on popular music. Music Index Online cites book and recording reviews, obituaries, as well as articles about music, musicians, and the music industry. Many citations link to full-text articles. Online access is limited to the MIT community (certificates required). Print volumes of Music Index from 1949-2004 are available in the Lewis Music Library.

Locate the bookmarkable URL at: (MIT only)

Click and Listen!

The New Titles: Compact Discs page on the library's web site now includes audio clips for many selections. In addition, Naxos recordings are linked directly to the Naxos Music Library (MIT only). If an audio excerpt appeals to you, come in and borrow the disc. CDs circulate to members of the MIT community for three days (limit of 5, no renewals). The CD collection has grown to nearly 14,000 discs, so there's music for just about every musical taste!


MIT Libraries Create News Blog

The Lewis Music Library contributes news items to the MIT Libraries News blog. Music news can be found by clicking on "Music" in the News Topics list. It is also linked from the top of the Lewis Music Library's home page. In addition, news headlines can be updated automatically onto an individual's computer by RSS feed. For a description of how to use RSS for your research and for instructions on downloading an RSS aggregator/reader, see the help page at

Robison Premiere Played on April 15

Assistant Professor of Music Brian Robison created a composition entitled Music in Stacks, a piece intended to be performed in a music library. From the composer's description: "The written score establishes an overall template of speeds, volume levels, textures, and timbres, but the moment-to-moment details will be determined during the performance, according to scores selected by the audience during the performance."

The world premiere of this piece was held on April 15, 2005 in the Lewis Music Library. Audience members quietly chose scores from the library shelves as Professor Robison played his guitar. He played brief excerpts from each score, incorporating elements of these selections into the composition. By the end of the performance, he had played from 63 scores beginning with the Beatles' Taxman (in honor of the day). Music ranged from Bach, Copland, Gabrieli, Liszt, Mahler, Stravinsky, and Vivaldi to ragtme, Renaissance lute music, Russian folk songs, and Broadway show tunes. Robison concluded with an excerpt from John Harbison's canon Veni Creator Spiritus, the piece that is etched on the glass panels of the library's mezzanine.

electric guitar

Third Annual Prokopoff Concert Held April 22

On April 22, 2005 the library hosted the third annual concert of selections from the Prokopoff violin music donation. This event was planned and organized by Jacqueline O'Connor '06. Audience members heard MIT students perform Serge Prokofiev's Sonata op. 115 for violin solo (Sophie Rapoport '07), Ernst Krenek's Trio op. 108 for violin, clarinet, and piano (Brian Kardon '08, David Heikkinen, Christine Yu '07), Oedeon Partos' Yizkor (In Memoriam) for viola and piano (Andrew McPherson G, Kai Fung '05), and Zoltan Kodály's Duo, op. 7, for violin and cello (Jacqueline O'Connor and Sunny Wicks '07). Lois Craig, who donated this music to the library, was also in attendance.


Music Library Adds to Oral History Project

Jeanne Bamberger, MIT Professor of Music and Urban Education, and Dante Anzolini, associate professor of music and conductor of the MIT Symphony Orchestra, were recently interviewed for the Music at MIT Oral History project. Jeanne Bamberger has had a most interesting and varied career. As a concert pianist (student of Artur Schnabel) in the 1940s and 50s, she was an exponent of new American piano music, as well as a regarded performer of Schubert and Mozart. At MIT she became a leading figure in the area of how children perceive and learn music, and using computer technology to teach fundamental musical skills. Dante Anzolini shared reflections on his musical education in Argentina and what inspired him to become a conductor. He also shared childhood encounters with the music of Charles Ives and later modernist music. The Lewis Music Library is planning a future interview that will cover his work at MIT as well as his extensive worldwide conducting, ideas about contemporary music and love of Italian opera.

New Titles of Special Interest

With each newsletter, we publish a web-only list of selected new titles that may be of particular interest to our readers. The lists include recently received materials in all formats that have been published within the last one or two years. Be sure to take a look at our Selected New Acquisitions web pages.

Donations to Honor with Books

The MIT Libraries' Honor with Books program allows individuals to purchase books for the library in recognition of others. For each $100.00 gift, the Libraries will purchase a book for a specific library designated by the donor. Many parents will purchase a book to honor their son or daughter upon graduation from MIT. Memorial books are also a lasting tribute to a loved one. Each book receives a bookplate with the name of the honoree.

This past spring, a donation from the Mollusca Fund took the Honor with Books program to a new level by providing funding to purchase 20 music books and scores in memory of Jennie Levey, who was a librarian in Cleveland. This gift emphasized string music as reflected in the scores obtained, including such core repertoire as Haydn's String Quartets Opp. 76, 77, 103 (Henle ed.), Mozart's Complete String Quintets (Bärenreiter ed.), Sibelius' Piano Quintet in G minor, 1889-90 (Hansen, 1st ed.) and Ysaÿe's Six Sonatas for Violin Solo, op. 27 (Henle ed.).

Romantic Piano Concerto CDs Ordered

The library has recently ordered CDs in the Hyperion series The Romantic Piano Concerto. There are 37 volumes so far in the series; 5 were already in our collection.

Donations: March – September 2005

The Lewis Music Library is grateful for the generosity of our donors:

Richard N. Damaso, Dr. Irvin S. Englander, Jennifer Griffin, Dr. Henry H. Lin, Gerald Nykolak, Lt. Col. Peter T. Rogers, USAF, Jos Wanschers.

Donations through Honor with Books:
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Durand (in honor of Keith Vaughn Durand '05), Mollusca Fund (in memory of Jennie Levey), John and Gisele Parker (in honor of Jessica Elizabeth Chiafair '05), Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Poon (in honor of Tammy Poon '05), Lakshmi Ramanathan (in honor of Shiva R. Ramesh '05), Soledad A. Sugai (in honor of Bruno A. Sugai '05), Ching-Wen and Carl Taylor (in honor of Isaac B. Taylor '05), Gail and Brian Taylor (in honor of Christopher J. Taylor '05), Doris Mitrani and Richard Thon (in honor of Susanna Thon '05), Cheng-Ming Yang (in honor of Diane Yang '05).

Donations to the David M. Epstein Memorial Library Fund:
Dr. Bonnie Van Der Pers.

Donations to the John N. Pierce Memorial Fund:
Kelly M. Clifford, Mrs. John N. Pierce, Dr. Brian E. White.

Donations to the Class of 1982 Music Library Fund:
Suzanne E. Hirschman, Bruce Kiernan, Rhonda E. Peck.

Gifts in Kind:
Accademia Bizantina, Jeanne Bamberger, Peter Child, Adrian Childs, Jaehyuk Choi, Dorothea Endicott, Anne Epstein, Susan Hockfield, Jarvis Conservatory, Lowell Lindgren, Martin Marks, MIT Music and Theater Arts, MIT Office of the Arts, MITHAS (MIT Heritage of the Arts of South Asia), Michael Ouellette, Brian Robison, Robert Taylor, Thomas Yeomans, Yesterday Service, Inc.

If we have inadvertently omitted your name from this list, please contact us.
Many Thanks!

Library Tours and Instruction Available

With the rapid advances in libraries during recent years, a refresher session is highly recommended so that faculty and students can take advantage of the many resources available both in print and electronic formats.

Anyone interested in a library tour or library instruction should contact Peter Munstedt (email, phone 617-253-5636). Tours and instruction can be arranged for classes or individuals. Peter is also happy to visit faculty in their offices for help with research and teaching needs.

Bad Jokes

Q. What do you call a conductor up to his neck in cement?
A. Not enough cement!

Q. How do you get a clarinet player to play louder?
A. You can't!

Q. What do you call a clarinetist with half a brain?
A. Gifted.

Q. How do you get an oboist to play A flat?
A. Take the batteries out of his electric tuner.

Q. How do you stop an oboe from being stolen?
A. Put it in a clarinet case.

Q. Why are conductor's hearts so coveted for transplants?
A. They've had so little use.

Q. If you throw a conductor and a violist off a tall building, who'll hit the ground first?
A. Who cares?

Grand Pause: When the conductor loses his place.

Smorzando: The "All-You-Can-Eat" buffet at Luciano's.

music notes

Special thanks to student assistants Augusta Dibbell '07 and Eric Grebing '08 for their work on the layout and editing of "What's the Score?"

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