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Selected new acquisitions from our Fall 2005 newletter

Adams, John Luther. Winter music: composing the North.
ML60.A25 2004 [book & audio CD]

Appignanesi, Lisa. The cabaret.
PN1969.C3.A6 2004

Barma, Sukhbilas. Indian folk music, Bhawaiya: ethnomusicological study.
1294563 precat

Beeching, Angela Myles. Beyond talent: creating a successful career in music.
ML3795.B42 2005

Blackburn, Julia. With Billie.
ML420.H58.B53 2005

Bohn, James Matthew. The music of American composer Lejaren Hiller and an examination of his early works involving technology. (Studies in the history and interpretation of music, 101)
ML410.H675.B65 2004

Bondyapadhyaya, Swapan Kumar. An unheard melod: Annapurna Devi: an unauthorised biography.
1336486 precat

Borthwick, Stuart. Popular music genres: an introduction / Stuart Borthwick and Ron Moy.
ML3470.B67 2004

A boy named Sue: gender and country music / edited by Kristine M. McCusker and Diane Pecknold. (American made music series)
ML3524.B68 2004

Bradley, Ian C. Oh joy! oh rapture!: the enduring phenomenon of Gilbert and Sullivan.
ML410.S949.B73 2005

The Cambridge companion to Elgar / edited by Daniel M. Grimley and Julian Rushton. (Cambridge companions to music)
ML410.E41.C36 2004

The Cambridge companion to Verdi / edited by Scott L. Balthazar. (Cambridge companions to music)
ML410.V484.C36 2004

Campbell, Gavin James. Music & the making of a new South.
ML200.8.A56.C35 2004

Casella, Alfredo. The technique of contemporary orchestration / Alfredo Casella, Virgilio Mortari; English translation with contemporary applications by Thomas V. Fraschillo. 2nd rev. ed.
MT70.C37 2004

Chang, Jeff. Can't stop, won't stop: a history of the hip-hop generation.
ML3531.C5 2005

Chaudhuri, Debu. On Indian music.
1336487 precat

Cohen, Norm. Folk music: a regional exploration. (Greenwood guides to American roots music)
ML3551.C56 2005

Cook, Orlanda. Singing with your own voice: a practical guide to awakening and developing the hidden qualities in your own singing voice.
MT821.C66 2004

Couling, Della. Ferruccio Busoni: "a musical Ishmael."
ML410.B979.C74 2005

Davis, Ruth Frances. Ma'luf: reflections on the Arab Andalusian music of Tunisia.
ML350.5.D38 2004

Davison, Annette. Hollywood theory, non-Hollywood practice: cinema soundtracks in the 1980s and 1990s. (Ashgate popular and folk music series)
ML2075.D39 2004

Dhar, Sheila. Raga'n Josh: stories from a musical life.
1332592 precat

Driggs, Frank. Kansas City jazz: from ragtime to bebop: a history.
ML3508.8.K37.D75 2005

Edgerton, Michael Edward. The 21st-century voice: contemporary and traditional extra-normal voice. (New instrumentation, 9)
MT821.E32 2004 [book & audio CD]

Eger, Joseph. Einstein's violin: a conductor's notes on music, physics, and social change.
ML3800.E3 2005

The electric guitar: a history of an American icon / edited by André Millard.
ML1015.G9.E43 2004

Engaging music: essays in music analysis / edited by Deborah Stein.
MT90.E64 2005

The English Bach awakening: knowledge of J.S. Bach and his music in England, 1750-1830 / edited by Michael Kassler. (Music in nineteenth-century Britain)
ML410.B118.E54 2004

Evens, Aden. Sound ideas: music, machines, and experience. (Theory out of bounds, 27)
ML3800.E87 2005

Faber, Toby. Stradivari's genius: five violins, one cello, and three centuries of enduring perfection.
ML750.F33 2004

Foreman, Lewis. London: a musical gazetteer.
ML286.8.L5.F67 2005

oulkes-Levy, Laurdella. Journeys through the life and music of Nancy Van de Vate.
ML410.V234.F68 2005 [book & audio CD]

Fox, Aaron A. Real country: music and language in working-class culture.
ML3524.F69 2004

Gaines, James R. Evening in the palace of reason: Bach meets Frederick the Great in the Age of Enlightenment.
ML410.B118.G28 2005

Giddins, Gary. Weather bird: jazz at the dawn of its second century.
ML3507.G53 2004

Grant, Mark N. The rise and fall of the Broadway musical.
ML1711.8.N3.G727 2004

Greene, David B. Music in search of itself: essays on music about music. (Studies in the history and interpretation of music, 110)
MT90.G824 2005

Grover-Friedlander, Michal. Vocal apparitions: the attraction of cinema to opera. (Princeton studies in opera)
ML2100.G76 2005

Hansen, Jack Winsor. The Sibyl Sanderson story: requiem for a diva. (Opera biography series, 16)
ML420.S1419.H35 2005

Harper, Nancy Lee. Manuel de Falla: his life and music.
ML410.F215.H33 2005

Hill, John Walter. Baroque music: music in Western Europe, 1580-1750.
ML193.H54 2005

Horowitz, Joseph. Classical music in America: a history of its rise and fall.
ML200.H797 2005

Horton, Julian. Bruckner's symphonies: analysis, reception and cultural politics.
ML410.B888.H67 2004

Hull, Geoffrey P. The recording industry. 2nd ed.
ML3790.H84 2004

Hunter, David. Understanding French verse: a guide for singers.
PC2511.H86 2005

Kenney, William Howland. Jazz on the river.
ML3508.K45 2005

Korsyn, Kevin Ernest. Decentering music: a critique of contemporary musical research.
ML3797.K67 2005

Lawrence, Sharon. Jimi Hendrix: the man, the magic, the truth.
ML410.H476.L39 2005

Littlewood, Julian. The variations of Johannes Brahms. (Poetics of music)
MT92.B81.L58 2004

Mack, Beverly B. (Beverly Blow). Muslim women sing: Hausa popular song. (African expressive cultures)
ML3503.N6.M32 2004 [book & audio CD]

Maconie, Robin. Other planets: the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen.
ML410.S864.M29 2005

Madonna's drowned worlds: new approaches to her cultural transformations, 1983-2003 / edited by Santiago Fouz-Hernández and Freya Jarman-Ivens. (Ashgate popular and folk music series)
ML420.M1387.M28 2004

Magee, Jeffrey. The uncrowned king of swing: Fletcher Henderson and big band jazz.
ML422.H44.M34 2005

Maggin, Donald L. Dizzy: the life and times of John Birks Gillespie.
ML419.G54.M34 2005

Marcus, Kenneth H. Musical metropolis: Los Angeles and the creation of a music culture, 1880-1940.
ML200.8.L7.M37 2004 [book & audio CD]

Maslon, Laurence. Broadway: the American musical; based on the documentary film by Michael Kantor.
ML1711.8.N3.M37 2004

McNeil, Adrian. Inventing the sarod: a cultural history.
ML1015.S37.M36 2004

Melamed, Daniel R. Hearing Bach's Passions.
MT115.B2.M43 2005

Meredith, Anthony. Malcolm Arnold: rogue genius: the life and music of Britain's most misunderstood composer.
ML410.A7835.M474 2004

Monod, David. Settling scores: German music, denazification, & the Americans, 1945-1953.
ML275.5.M66 2005

Mordden, Ethan. One more kiss: the Broadway musical in the 1970s. (Golden age of the Broadway musical)
ML1711.8.N3.M783 2004

Mordden, Ethan. Sing for your supper: the Broadway musical in the 1930s.
ML1711.8.N3.M785 2005

Morley, Paul. Words and music: a history of pop in the shape of a city.
ML3470.M67 2005

The music of Malaysia: the classical, folk, and syncretic traditions / Patricia Matusky and Tan Sooi Beng. (SOAS musicology series)
ML345.M28.M8913 2004

Music, space and place: popular music and cultural identity / edited by Sheila Whiteley, Andy Bennett, and Stan Hawkins. (Ashgate popular and folk music series)
ML3470.M896 2004

Musicology and globalization: proceedings of the international congress in Shizuoka 2002: in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Musicological Society of Japan / edited by the Musicological Society of Japan = Ongakugaku to gurobarizeshon: Nippon Ongaku Gakkai soritsu 50-shunen kinen kokusai taikai Shizuoka 2002 hokokusho / Nippon Ongaku Gakkai hen.
ML3797.1.M875 2004

Nidel, Richard. World music: the basics.
ML3545.N54 2005

Norman, Philip. Shout!: the Beatles in their generation. Rev. and updated ed.
ML421.B4.N65 2005

O'Brien, Charles. Cinema's conversion to sound: technology and film style in France and the U.S.
PN1995.7.O27 2005

Ogasapian, John. Music of the colonial and revolutionary era. (American history through music)
ML3917.U6.O43 2004

Performing ecstasies: music, dance, and ritual in the Mediterranean / edited by Luisa del Giudice and Nancy van Deusen. (Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen, 62/7)
ML3580.P47 2005

Perry, Imani. Prophets of the hood: politics and poetics in hip hop.
ML3531.P47 2004

The pop, rock, and soul reader: histories and debates / [compiled by] David Brackett.
ML3470.P663 2005

Quinn, Eithne. Nuthin' but a "G" thang: the culture and commerce of gangsta rap. (Popular cultures, everyday lives)
ML3531.Q56 2005

Raha, Maria. Cinderella's big score: women of the punk and indie underground.
ML3534.R34 2005

Refashioning pop music in Asia: cosmopolitan flows, political tempos, and aesthetic industries / edited by Allen Chun, Ned Rossiter, and Brian Shoesmith. (ConsumAsiaN book series (Richmond, England))
ML3500.R44 2004

Remembering Woodstock / edited by Andy Bennett. (Ashgate popular and folk music series)
ML38.W66.R46 2004

Rhodes, Lisa. Electric ladyland: women and rock culture.
ML82.R54 2005

Riley, John. Dmitri Shostakovich: a life in film. (KINOfiles film companions, 3)
ML410.S559.R5 2005

Ristory, Heinz. Denkmodelle zur französischen Mensuraltheorie des 14. Jahrhunderts, Bd. 1. Historische Darstellung. (Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen (Institute of Mediaeval Music), 81)
ML174.R57 2004

Rockin' las Américas: the global politics of rock in Latin/o America / edited by Deborah Pacini Hernandez, Héctor Fernández-L'Hoeste, and Eric Zolov. (Illuminations: cultural formations of the Americas)
ML3917.L27.R63 2004

Roychaudhuri, Bimalakanta. Grammar of North Indian Ragas.
1332593 precat

Saint-Saëns, Camille. The correspondence of Camille Saint-Saëns and Gabriel Fauré: sixty years of friendship / edited by Jean-Michel Nectoux; translated from the French and with an introduction by J. Barrie Jones.
ML410.S152.A4313 2004

Seymour, Claire. The operas of Benjamin Britten: expression and evasion.
ML410.B862.S49 2004

Shaw, Robert. The Robert Shaw reader / edited by Robert Blocker.
ML422.S52.A3 2004

Shipton, Alyn. Handful of keys: conversations with thirty jazz pianists.
ML397.S47 2004

Sloboda, John A. Exploring the musical mind: cognition, emotion, ability, function.
ML3830.S52 2005

Soll, Beverly. I dream a world: the operas of William Grant Still.
ML410.S857.S69 2005

Speerstra, Joel. Bach and the pedal clavichord: an organist's guide. (Eastman studies in music, 26)
ML651.S642 2004

Stokes, W. Royal. Growing up with jazz: twenty-four musicians talk about their lives and careers.
ML394.S85 2005

Strawinsky, Théodore. Stravinsky: a family chronicle 1906-1940 / by Theodore and Denise Strawinsky; translated by Stephen Walsh; edited and with an introduction by Neil Wenborn.
ML410.S932.S79513 2004

Streissguth, Michael. Voices of the country: interviews with classic country performers.
ML394.S87 2004

Sweers, Britta. Electric folk: the changing face of English traditional music.
ML3534.S914 2005

Tawa, Nicholas E. Supremely American: popular song in the 20th century: styles and singers and what they said about America.
ML3477.T39 2005

Thomas, Adrian. Polish music since Szymanowski. (Music in the 20th century)
ML297.5.T47 2005

Tosca's prism: three moments of western cultural history / edited by Deborah Burton, Susan Vandiver Nicassio and Agostino Ziino.
ML410.P977.T66 2004

Van der Merwe, Peter. Roots of the classical: the popular origins of western music.
MT6.V36 2004

Vijaylashmi, M. Indian music, its origin, history and characteristics.
136488 precat

Weissman, Dick. Blues: the basics.
ML3521.W45 2005

Words about Mozart: essays in honour of Stanley Sadie / edited by Dorothea Link with Judith Nagley.
ML410.M939.W76 2005

Work, John W. (John Wesley). Lost Delta found: rediscovering the Fisk University-Library of Congress Coahoma County study, 1941-1942.
F347.C7.W67 2005

Yanow, Scott. Jazz: a regional exploration.
ML3508.Y40 2005

Young, William H. Music of the Great Depression. (American history through music)
ML3477.Y68 2005

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