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Selected new acquisitions from our Fall 2004 newletter

The African diaspora: a musical perspective / edited by Ingrid Monson. (Critical and cultural musicology, 3)
ML3760.1.A37 2003

The age of Chopin: interdisciplinary inquiries / Halina Goldberg, editor.
ML410.C549.A48 2004

Albrecht, Robert. Mediating the muse: a communications approach to music, media, and cultural change. (Hampton Press communication series. Media ecology)
ML3849.A43 2004

Antokoletz, Elliott. Musical symbolism in the operas of Debussy and Bartók: trauma, gender, and the unfolding of the unconscious.
ML1705.A41 2004

Askew, Kelly Michelle. Performing the nation: Swahili music and cultural politics in Tanzania. (Chicago studies in ethnomusicology)
ML3760.A84 2002 [book & audio CD]

Balmer, Paul. Stéphane Grappelli: with and without Django.
ML418.G7.B35 2003

Barker, Paul. Composing for voice: a guide for composers, singers, and teachers/
MT64.V63.B37 2004

Barnet, Anne Alison. Extravaganza king: Robert Barnet and Boston musical theater.
ML423.B26.B36 2004

Baroni, Mario. A computer-aided inquiry on music communication: the rules of music. (Studies in the history and interpretation of music, 92)
ML74.B37 2003

Barz, Gregory F. Music in East Africa: experiencing music, expressing culture. (Global music series)
ML350.B37 2004 [book & audio CD]

Bastfield, Darrin Keith. Back in the day: my life and times with Tupac Shakur.
ML420.S529.B37 2003

Bazzana, Kevin. Wondrous strange: the life and art of Glenn Gould.
ML417.G68.B393 2004

Beller-McKenna, Daniel. Brahms and the German spirit.
ML410.B813.B42 2004

Becker, Judith O. Deep listeners: music, emotion, and trancing.
ML3838.B433 2004 [book & audio CD]

Berger, Harris M. Identity and everyday life: essays in the study of folklore, music, and popular culture. (Music/culture)
GR45.B47 2004

Bernstein, Seymour. Monsters and angels: surviving a career in music.
ML417.B293.A3 2002

Boykan, Martin. Silence and slow time: studies in musical narrative.
ML3850.B78 2004

Broadbent, Peter. Charlie Christian: solo flight: the story of the seminal electric guitarist.
ML419.C47.B73 2003

Brocken, Michael. The British folk revival, 1944-2002. (Ashgate popular and folk music series)
ML3650.B76 2003

Brooks, Tim. Lost sounds: blacks and the birth of the recording industry, 1890-1919; appendix of Caribbean and South American recordings by Dick Spottswood. (Music in American life)
ML3479.B76 2004

Brower, Harriette. Piano mastery: talks with Paderewski, Hofmann, Bauer, Godowsky, Grainger, Rachmaninoff, and others : the Harriette Brower interviews 1915-1926.
MT220.B896 2003

Broyles, Michael. Mavericks and other traditions in American music.
ML390.B862 2004

Brün, Herbert. When music resists meaning: the major writings of Herbert Brün / edited by Arun Chandra.
ML60.B86975 2004 [book & audio CD]

Bunch, Meribeth. The singing book / Meribeth Bunch, Cynthia Vaughn.
MT820.B86 2004

Burgess, Geoffrey. The oboe / Geoffrey Burgess and Bruce Haynes. (Yale musical instrument series)
ML940.B97 2004

The Cambridge companion to conducting / edited by José Antonio Bowen. (Cambridge companions to music)
ML458.C36 2003

The Cambridge companion to Rossini / edited by Emanuele Senici. (Cambridge companions to music)
ML410.R835.C17 2004

The Cambridge companion to Sibelius / edited by Daniel M. Grimley. (Cambridge companions to music)
ML410.S563.C36 2004

Careers in music librarianship II: traditions and transitions / edited by Paula Elliot, Linda Blair. (Music Library Association technical reports, 29)
ML111.M988 no.29

Carson, Mina Julia. Girls rock!: fifty years of women making music / Mina Carson, Tisa Lewis, Susan M. Shaw.
ML82.C37 2004

The cartoon music book / edited by Daniel Goldmark and Yuval Taylor [interviews with Mark Mothersbaugh, Alf Clausen, Carl Stalling, and John Zorn...].
ML2075.C36 2002

Cataloging sheet music: guidelines for use with AACR2 and the MARC format / prepared by the Working Group on Sheet Music Cataloging Guidelines, Bibliographic Control Committee, Music Library Association; complied and edited by Lois Schultz, Sarah Shaw. (Music Library Association technical reports, 28)
ML111.M988 no.28

Celtic modern: music at the global fringe / edited by Martin Stokes, Philip V. Bohlman. (Europea, 1)
ML3580.C36 2003

Charles, Ray. Brother Ray: Ray Charles' own story / Ray Charles and David Ritz.
ML420.C46.A3 2003

Chenu, Bruno. The trouble I've seen: the big book of Negro spirituals; translated from the French by Eugene V. LaPlante.
ML3556.C513 2003 [book & audio CD]

Clayson, Alan. George Harrison.
ML420.H167.C53 2003

Clayson, Alan. John Lennon.
ML420.L38.C55 2003

Clayson, Alan. Paul McCartney.
ML420.M37.C6 2003

Clayson, Alan. Ringo Starr.
ML419.S74.C6 2003

Coleman, Mark. Playback: from the Victrola to MP3, 100 years of music, machines, and money.
ML3790.C65 2003

Coles, Robert. Bruce Springsteen's America: the people listening, a poet singing.
ML420.S77.C65 2003

Composers on composing for band / edited by Mark Camphouse.
ML430.C66 2002

Concert life in eighteenth-century Britain / edited by Susan Wollenberg and Simon McVeigh.
ML285.3.C66 2004

Constantine, Mary-Ann. Fragments and meaning in traditional song: from the blues to the Baltic. (British Academy postdoctoral fellowship monograph)
ML3545.C66 2003

Cray, Ed. Ramblin' man: the life and times of Woody Guthrie.
ML419.G852.C73 2004

Culture-gates: Exposing professional 'gate-keeping' processes in music and new media arts.
1260492 precat

Davis, Francis. Jazz and its discontents: a Francis Davis reader.
ML3506.D328 2004

DeNora, Tia. After Adorno :rethinking music sociology.
ML3795.D3428 2003

DeRogatis, Jim. Milk it!: collected musings on the alternative music explosion of the '90s.
ML3534.D472 2003

DeVoto, Mark. Debussy and the veil of tonality: essays on his music. (Dimension & diversity, 4)
MT92.D3.D48 2004

Dhananjayan, V. P. Dhananjayan on Indian classical dance. 3rd rev. ed.
GV1693.D45 2004

Downes, Stephen C. Szymanowski, eroticism, and the voices of mythology. (Royal Musical Association monographs, no. 11)
ML410.S99.D38 2003

Dubal, David. Evenings with Horowitz: a personal portrait.
ML417.H8.D8 2004 [book & audio CD]

Duffin, Ross W. Shakespeare's songbook.
ML80.S5.D85 2004 [book & audio CD]

During, Jean. The spirit of sounds: the unique art of Ostad Elahi (1895-1974).
ML419.I34.D87 2003

Dylan, Bob. Chronicles.
ML420.D996.A3 2004 v.1

Early, Gerald Lyn. One nation under a groove: Motown and American culture. Rev. and expanded ed.
ML3477.E2 2004

The echo of music: essays in honor of Marie Louise Göllner / edited by Blair Sullivan. (Detroit monographs in musicology/Studies in music, 39)
ML55.G649 2004

Eidam, Klaus. The true life of Johann Sebastian Bach; translated by Hoyt Rogers.
ML410.B118.E5313 2001

The Ella Fitzgerald companion / Norman David; foreword by Tad Hershorn. (Companions to celebrated musicians)
ML420.F52.E44 2004

Enstice, Wayne. Jazzwomen: conversations with twenty-one musicians / Wayne Enstice and Janis Stockhouse. (Profiles in popular music)
ML395.E572 2004 [book & audio CD]

Every little thing gonna be alright: the Bob Marley reader / edited by Hank Bordowitz.
ML420.M3313.E94 2004

Fela: from West Africa to West Broadway / edited by Trevor Schoonmaker. (Fela project)
ML410.F2955.F45 2003

Fritts, Ron. Ella Fitzgerald: the Chick Webb years & beyond. (Ken Vail's jazz itineraries, 2)
ML420.F52.F74 2003

From convent to concert hall: a guide to women composers / edited by Sylvia Glickman and Martha Furman Schleifer.
ML82.F76 2003

Garcia, Jerry. Garcia: a signpost to a new space / [Jerry Garcia, Charles Reich and Jann Wenner].
ML419.G36.A5 2003

Geary, Gregg S. Music library instruction / Gregg S. Geary, Laura M. Snyder, Kathleen A. Abromeit; edited by Deborah Campana. (Music Library Association basic manual series, 3)
ML111.G42 2004

Gedutis, Susan. See you at the hall: Boston's golden era of Irish music and dance.
ML3554.G44 2004

The George Gershwin reader / edited by Robert Wyatt and John Andrew Johnson. (Readers on American musicians)
ML410.G381.G47 2004

George, Nelson. The death of rhythm & blues.
ML3479.G46 2004

Global repertoires: popular music within and beyond the transnational music industry / edited by Andreas Gebesmair, Alfred Smudits. (Ashgate popular and folk music series)
ML3470.G56 2001

Granata, Charles L. Wouldn't it be nice: Brian Wilson and the making of the Beach Boys' Pet sounds. (Vinyl frontier)
ML420.W5525.G73 2003

Greene, Victor R. A singing ambivalence: American immigrants between old world and new, 1830-1930.
ML3551.G697 2004

Griffiths, Paul. The sea on fire: Jean Barraqué. (Eastman studies in music)
ML410.B255.G75 2003

Haluška, Ján. The mathematical theory of tone systems. (Monographs and textbooks in pure and applied mathematics, 262)
ML3807.H35 2004

Harley, James. Xenakis: his life in music.
ML410.X45.H37 2004

Hast, Dorothea E. Music in Ireland: experiencing music, expressing culture. (Global music series)
ML3654.H35 2004 [book & audio CD]

Hays, Lee. "Sing out, warning! sing out, love!" : the writings of Lee Hays / edited by Robert S. Koppelman; foreword by Pete Seeger.
ML420.H28.A25 2003

Heller, Wendy Beth. Emblems of eloquence: opera and women's voices in seventeenth-century Venice.
ML2100.H45 2003

Hendrix, Jimi. Jimi Hendrix "Talking:" Jimi Hendrix in his own words / Tony Brown.
1256649 precat

Hewett, Ivan. Music: healing the rift.
ML3800.H49 2003

Howard, David N. Sonic alchemy: visionary music producers and their maverick recordings.
ML406.H69 2004

Hutcheon, Linda. Opera: the art of dying. (Convergences)
ML1700.H88 2004

Identity and the arts in diaspora communities / edited by Thomas Turino and James Lea. (Detroit monographs in musicology/Studies in music, 40)
ML3795.I34 2004

International Conference on Web Delivering of Music (3rd: 2003: Leeds, England). Proceedings, third International Conference on Web Delivering of Music: WEDELMUSIC 2003: 15-17 September 2003 @ Leeds, United Kingdom / edited by Kia Ng, Christoph Busch, and Paolo Nesi.
ML73.5.I58 2003

Jackson, Jeffrey H. Making jazz French: music and modern life in interwar Paris. (American encounters/global interactions)
ML3918.J39.J33 2003

Gauldin, Robert. Harmonic practice in tonal music. 2nd ed.
MT50.G286 2004

Jazz planet / edited by E. Taylor Atkins.
ML3506.J47 2003

Jazziz chronicles: the guitarists: a collection of interviews & features from the award-winning magazine.
ML399.J393 2003 [book & audio CD]

Kander, John. Colored lights: forty years of words and music, show biz, collaboration, and all that jazz.
ML410.K163.A3 2003

Keil, Charles. Bright Balkan morning: Romani lives & the power of music in Greek Macedonia / photographs by Dick Blau; text by Charles & Angeliki Vellou Keil; soundscapes by Steven Feld.
ML3604.7.M33.K45 2002 [book & audio CD]

Kennedy, Michael. The life of Elgar. (Musical lives)
ML410.E41.K48 2004

Kernodle, Tammy L. (Tammy Lynn). Soul on soul: the life and music of Mary Lou Williams.
ML410.W7134.K46 2004

Khokar, Ashish. Bharatanatyam. (Eternal India)
GV1796.B4.K44 2002

Kienzle, Richard. Southwest shuffle: pioneers of honky tonk, Western swing, and country jazz.
ML395.K53 2003

Kirby, F. E. Wagner's themes: a study in musical expression. (Detroit monographs in musicology/Studies in music, 41)
MT100.W2.K57 2004

Kitcher, Philip. Finding an ending: reflections on Wagner's Ring.
ML410.W1.K57 2004

Labi, Gyimah. Theoretical issues in African music: exploring resources in creativity. (Bayreuth African studies series, 53)
ML350.L23 2003 [book & audio CD]

Laing, Heather. Gabriel Yared's The English patient: a film score guide. (Scarecrow film score guides, 1)
ML410.Y35.L35 2004

LaPorta, John. Playing it by ear: (an autobiography with concentration on the Woody Herman Orchestra and the New York jazz scene in the '40s and '50s).
ML419.L34.A3 2001

Lees, Gene. Friends along the way: a journey through jazz.
ML385.L394 2003

Lobanova, M. (Marina). György Ligeti: style, ideas, poetics; translated from the Russian manuscript by Marc Shuttleworth. (Studia Slavica musicologica, 29)
MT92.L5.L63 2002

Locating East Asia in Western art music / edited by Yayoi Uno Everett and Frederick Lau. (Music/culture)
ML330.L63 2004

Looseley, David. Popular music in contemporary France: authenticity, politics, debate. (Berg French studies)
ML3489.L65 2003

Lord, Suzanne. Music from the age of Shakespeare: a cultural history.
ML286.2.L67 2003

Lydon, Michael. Ray Charles: man and music.
ML420.C46.L93 2004

Malan, Roy. Efrem Zimbalist: a life.
ML418.Z94.M3 2004

Manning, Peter. Electronic and computer music. Rev. and expanded ed.
ML1380.M36 2004

Marqusee, Mike. Chimes of freedom: the politics of Bob Dylan's art.
ML420.D996.M166 2003

Marsh, Dave. Bruce Springsteen: two hearts: the definitive biography, 1972-2003.
ML420.S77.M335 2004

Matthews, David. Britten.
ML410.B862.M38 2003

Maurice, Donald. Bartók's viola concerto: the remarkable story of his Swansong. (Studies in musical genesis and structure)
MT130.B34.M17 2004

Maxwell, Ian. Phat beats, dope rhymes: hip hop down under comin' upper. (Music/culture)
ML3918.R37.M39 2003

Melvin, Sheila. Rhapsody in red: how western classical music became Chinese / Sheila Melvin and Jindong Cai.
ML366.5.M45 2004

Milhaud, Darius. Darius Milhaud: interviews with Claude Rostand / preface and translation by Jane Hohfeld Galante.
ML410.M644.A513 2002

Miller, Stephen. Johnny Cash: the life of an American icon.
ML420.C265.M55 2003

Milsom, David Theory and practice in late nineteenth-century violin performance: an examination of style in performance, 1850-1900.
ML856.M55 2003 [book & audio CD]

Minor, William. Jazz journeys to Japan: the heart within. (Jazz perspectives)
ML3509.J3.M46 2004

Modernism and music: an anthology of sources / edited and with commentary by Daniel Albright.
ML197.M58 2004

Monsaingeon, Bruno. Sviatoslav Richter: notebooks and conversations; translated by Stewart Spencer.
ML417.R53.A3 2001

Morales, Ed. The Latin beat: the rhythms and roots of Latin music from bossa nova to salsa and beyond.
ML3475.M67 2003

Moshevich, Sofia. Dmitri Shostakovich, pianist.
ML410.S559.M67 2004

Most, Andrea. Making Americans: Jews and the Broadway musical.
ML1711.M74 2004

Mukherjee, Prithwindra. Scales of Indian music: a cognitive approach to That/Melakarta.
1274557 precat

Muller, Carol Ann. South African music: a century of traditions in transformation (ABC-CLIO world music series)
ML350.M85 2004 [book & audio CD]

Nineteenth-century piano music / edited by R. Larry Todd. (Routledge studies in musical genres)
ML706.N56 2004

Norman, Katharine. Sounding art: eight literary excursions through electronic music.
ML1380.N67 2004 [book & audio CD]

Ohl, Vicki. Fine & dandy: the life and work of Kay Swift.
ML410.S972.O45 2004

Olmsted, Anthony. Folkways records: Moses Asch and his encyclopedia of sound.
ML3792.F65.O65 2003

Olorunyomi, Sola. Afrobeat!: Fela and the imagined continent.
ML410.F2955.O45 2003

Olson, Laura J. Performing Russia: folk revival and Russian identity. (BASEES/RoutledgeCurzon series on Russian and East European studies, 7)
ML3680.O57 2004

On the music of Stefan Wolpe: essays and recollections / edited by Austin Clarkson. (Dimension & diversity, 6)
ML410.W8355.O5 2003 [book & audio CD]

Ongaro, Giulio Maria. Music of the renaissance.
ML172.O54 2003

The other side of nowhere: jazz, improvisation, and communities in dialogue / edited by Daniel Fischlin and Ajay Heble. (Music/culture)
ML3506.O68 2004

Park, Chan E. Voices from the straw mat: toward an ethnography of Korean story singing. (Hawai'i studies on Korea)
ML1751.K7.P4 2003

Pease, Frederick. Jazz composition: theory and practice.
MT40.P435 2003 [book & audio CD]

Pedelty, Mark. Musical ritual in Mexico City: from the Aztec to NAFTA.
ML210.8.M4.P43 2004

Peress, Maurice. Dvorák to Duke Ellington: a conductor explores America's music and its African American Roots.
ML200.P47 2004

Perlman, Marc. Unplayed melodies: Javanese Gamelan and the genesis of music theory.
ML345.J3.P46 2004

Philip, Robert. Performing music in the age of recording.
ML457.P45 2004

Plantenga, Bart. Yodel-ay-ee-oooo: the secret history of yodeling around the world.
ML1460.P53 2004

Playing with identities in contemporary music in Africa / editors, Mai Palmberg, Annemette Kirkegaard.
ML350.5.P55 2002

Poole, Sara. Brel and chanson: a critical appreciation.
ML410.B8433.Z56 2004

Popular music and film / edited by Ian Inglis.
ML2075.P66 2003

Popular music in France from chanson to techno: culture, identity, and society / edited by Hugh Dauncey and Steve Cannon. (Ashgate popular and folk music series)
ML3489.P67 2003

Praetorius, Michael. Syntagma musicum III; translated and edited by Jeffery T. Kite-Powell. (Early music series)
ML100.P8213 2004

Proceedings of the symposium at the 2003 Chinese Composer's Festival: from 26th to 29th, November, 2003 / presented by the Hong Kong Composers' Guild [and] the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong; edited by Daniel Law & Chang Ming Chi.
1279371 precat

Ramnarine, Tina K. Ilmatar's inspirations: nationalism, globalization, and the changing soundscapes of Finnish folk music. (Chicago studies in ethnomusicology)
ML3619.R35 2003

Ravel, Maurice. A Ravel reader: correspondence, articles, interviews / compiled and edited by Arbie Orenstein.
ML410.R252.A4 2003

Read, Gardner. Orchestral combinations: the science and art of instrumental tone-color.
MT70.R368 2004

Regev, Motti. Popular music and national culture in Israel.
ML3502.I75.R44 2004

Ricks, Christopher B. Dylan's visions of sin.
ML420.D996.R53 2004

Rischin, Rebecca. For the end of time: the story of the Messiaen quartet.
ML410.M585.R57 2003

Ruhlmann, William. Breaking records: 100 years of hits.
ML3477.R84 2004

Rumph, Stephen C. Beethoven after Napoleon: political romanticism in the late works. (California studies in 19th century music, 14)
ML410.B415.S93 2004

Saul, Scott. Freedom is, freedom ain't: jazz and the making of the sixties.
ML3508.S28 2003

Scherer, F. M. (Frederic M.). Quarter notes and bank notes: the economics of music composition in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. (Princeton economic history of the Western world)
ML3795.S23835 2004

Schloss, Joseph Glenn. Making beats: the art of sample-based hip-hop. (Music/culture)
ML3531.S35 2004

Schroeder, Patricia R. Robert Johnson, mythmaking, and contemporary American culture. (Music in American life)
ML420.J735.S37 2004

Seeking the soul: the music of Alfred Schnittke. (Research studies (Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London, England)) 1)
ML410.S36.S44 2002 [book & audio CD]

Sheridan, Kerry. Bagpipe brothers: the FDNY Band's true story of tragedy, mourning, and recovery.
ML421.F39.S54 2004

Shipton, Alyn. A new history of jazz.
ML3506.S47 2002

A Shostakovich casebook / edited by Malcolm Hamrick Brown. (Russian music studies)
ML410.S559.S46 2004

Simmons, Walter. Voices in the wilderness: six American neo-romantic composers.
ML390.S616 2004

Simms, Rob. The repertoire of Iraqi maqam.
ML3758.I7.S56 2004

The singer and the scribe: European ballad traditions and European ballad cultures / edited by Philip E. Bennett and Richard Firth Green. (Internationale Forschungen zur allgemeinen und vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft, 75)
PN1376.S56 2004

Smart, Mary Ann. Mimomania: music and gesture in nineteenth-century opera. (California studies in 19th century music, 13)
ML1720.4.S63 2004

Solie, Ruth A. Music in other words: Victorian conversations. (California studies in 19th century music, 12)
ML196.S65 2004

Somerset-Ward, Richard. Angels & monsters: male and female sopranos in the story of opera, 1600-1900.
ML1700.S69 2004

Spitzer, John.The birth of the orchestra: history of an institution, 1650-1815 / John Spitzer and Neal Zaslaw.
ML1202.S75 2004

Spitzer, Michael. Metaphor and musical thought.
ML3845.S684 2004

Stainer, John, Sir. Complete organ method; edited by F. Flaxington Harker; introduction by Rollin Smith.
MT182.S73 2003

Starr, James. An introduction, analysis, and performance evaluation of selected piano trio literature of the twentieth century. (Mellen studies in applied music, 5)
MT140.S89 2003

Starr, Larry. The Dickinson songs of Aaron Copland; edited by Michael J. Budds. (CMS sourcebooks in American music, 1)
ML410.C756.S73 2002 [book & audio CD]

Steinberg, Michael P. Listening to reason: culture, subjectivity, and nineteenth-century music.
ML196.S74 2004

Stowe, David W. (David Ware). How sweet the sound: music in the spiritual lives of Americans.
ML2911.S76 2004

Sublette, Ned. Cuba and its music: from the first drums to the mambo.
ML207.C8.S83 2004 v.1

This is pop: in search of the elusive at Experience Music Project / edited by Eric Weisbard.
ML3470.T48 2004

Timms, Colin. Polymath of the baroque: Agostino Steffani and his music.
ML410.S813.T45 2003

Tomes, Susan. Beyond the notes: journeys with chamber music.
MT728.T65 2004

Troeger, Richard. Playing Bach on the keyboard: a practical guide.
MT179.T76 2003

Uptown conversation: the new jazz studies / edited by Robert G. O'Meally, Brent Hayes Edwards, and Farah Jasmine Griffin.
ML3507.U68 2004

Urban, Michael E. Russia gets the blues: music, culture, and community in unsettled times. (Culture and society after socialism)
ML3521.U6 2004

Vail, Ken. Count Basie: swingin' the blues, 1936-1950. (Ken Vail's jazz itineraries, 3)
ML419.B19.V35 2003

Vail, Ken. Dizzy Gillespie: the bebop years, 1937-1952. (Ken Vail's jazz itineraries, 1)
ML419.G54.V24 2003

Vermazen, Bruce. That moaning saxophone: the Six Brown Brothers and the dawning of a musical craze.
ML421.S54.V47 2004

Volkov, Solomon. Shostakovich and Stalin: the extraordinary relationship between the great composer and the brutal dictator; translated from the Russian by Antonina W. Bouis.
ML410.S559.V6513 2004

Wald, Elijah. Escaping the delta: Robert Johnson and the invention of the blues.
ML420.J735.W35 2004

Vienna: Jews and the city of music, 1870-1938 / edited by Leon Botstein and Werner Hanak on behalf of the Jewish Museum Vienna and the Center for Jewish History; with essays by Karl Albrecht-Weinberger ... [et al.].
ML141.V5.Y4 2004 [book & 2 audio CDs]

Walls, Peter. History, imagination, and the performance of music.
ML457.W34 2003

Warner, Timothy. Pop music: technology and creativity: Trevor Horn and the digital revolution. (Ashgate popular and folk music series)
ML3470.W38 2003

Wein, George. Myself among others: [a life in music].
ML429.W35.A3 2003

Westney, William. The perfect wrong note: learning to trust your musical self.
ML457.W47 2003

Williams, Peter F. The organ music of J.S. Bach. 2nd ed.
MT145.B118.W53 2003

Women's voices across musical worlds / edited by Jane A. Bernstein.
ML82.W697 2004

Wondrich, David. Stomp and swerve: American music gets hot, 1843-1924.
ML3477.W69 2003

Zolten, J. Jerome. Great God a'mighty! the Dixie Hummingbirds: celebrating the rise of soul gospel music.
ML394.Z65 2003


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