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Selected new acquisitions from our Fall, 2001 newsletter

African American jazz and rap: social and philosophical examinations of Black expressive behavior / edited by James L. Conyers, Jr.; introduction by James B. Stewart.
ML3508.A47 2001

American rock and the classical music tradition / issue editors, John Covach and Walter Everett. (Contemporary music review, 18/4)
ML197.C7514 v.18 pt.4

Atre, Prabha. Enlightening the listener: contemporary North Indian classical vocal music performance.
ML338.A87 2000 [book & audio cassette]

Bianchini, Riccardo. Virtual sound: sound synthesis and signal processing, theory and practice with Csound / Riccardo Bianchini, Alessandro Cipriani. [book & CD-ROM]
MT723.B53713 2000

Brackett, David. Interpreting popular music.
ML3470.B73 2000

The Cambridge companion to Bartok / edited by Amanda Bayley. (Cambridge companions to music)
ML410.B292.C35 2001

Caplin, William Earl. Classical form: a theory of formal functions for the instrumental music of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven.
MT58.C37 2000

Carpentier, Alejo. Music in Cuba. (Cultural studies of the Americas, 5)
ML207.C8.C313 2001

Catalano, Nick. Clifford Brown: the life and art of the legendary jazz trumpeter.
ML419.B75.C37 2000

Chmielarz, Sharon. The other Mozart: poems.
PS3553.H57.O84 2001

Collette, Buddy. Jazz generations: a life in American music and society.
ML419.C635.A3 2000

Cooper, Barry (Barry A. R.). Beethoven. (Master musicians series)
ML410.B415.C745 2000

Crawford, Richard. America's musical life: a history.
ML200.C69 2001

Crocker, Richard L. An introduction to Gregorian chant.
ML3082.C73 2000 [book & audio CD]

Day, Timothy. A century of recorded music: listening to musical history.
ML1055.D37 2000

DeNora, Tia. Music in everyday life.
ML3795.D343 2000

De Ferranti, Hugh. Japanese musical instruments. (Images of Asia)
ML535.D4 2000

Di Pietro, Rocco. Dialogues with Boulez.
ML410.B763.A5 2001

Durr, Alfred. Johann Sebastian Bach, St. John Passion: genesis, transmission, and meaning.
ML410.B118.D813 2000

Evans, Nicholas M. Writing jazz: race, nationalism, and modern culture in the 1920s. (Garland studies in American popular history and culture)
ML3508.E93 2000

Feldman, Morton. Give my regards to Eighth Street: collected writings of Morton Feldman / edited by B. H. Friedman.
ML410.F2957.A25 2000

Foy, Barry. Field guide to the Irish music session.
ML3654.F69 1999

Franceschina, John Charles. Duke Ellington's music for the theatre.
ML410.E46.F7 2000

Garland handbook of Latin American music / edited by Dale A. Olsen and Daniel E. Sheehy.
ML199.G36 2000 [book & audio CD]

The Grateful Dead reader / edited by David G. Dodd, Diana Spaulding. (Readers on American musicians)
ML421.G72.G69 2000

Hajdu, David. Positively 4th Street: the lives and times of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Mimi Baez Fariņa, and Richard Fariņa.
ML400.H335 2001

Harry Partch: an anthology of critical perspectives / edited by David Dunn. (Contemporary music studies, 19)
ML410.P294.H373 2000 [book & audio CD]

Heble, Ajay. Landing on the wrong note: jazz, dissonance, and critical practice.
ML3506.H42 2000

Henze, Hans Werner. Bohemian fifths: an autobiography; translated by Stewart Spencer.
ML410.H483.A3 1999

Hill, Peter. Stravinsky, The rite of spring. (Cambridge music handbooks)
ML410.S9128.H55 2000

Humphries, John. The early horn: a practical guide. (Cambridge handbooks to the historical performance of music)
ML955.H86 2000

Kefauver, Alan P. The audio recording handbook. (The computer music and digital audio series, 17)
TK7881.K44 2001

Levinson, Peter J. Trumpet blues: the life of Harry James.
ML419.J36.L48 1999

Lully studies / edited by John Hajdu Heyer.
ML410.L956.L96 2000

MacAdams, Lewis. Birth of the cool: beat, bebop, and the American avant-garde.
ML3508.M23 2001

Margolick, David. Strange fruit: Billie Holiday, Cafe Society, and an early cry for civil rights.
ML3551.M29 2000

McLean, Mervyn. Weavers of song: Polynesian music and dance.
ML360.M28 1999 [book & audio CD]

Mercer-Taylor, Peter Jameson. The life of Mendelssohn. (Musical lives)
ML410.M537.M66 2000

Mountains of music: West Virginia traditional music from Goldenseal / edited by John Lilly.
ML394.M75 1999

Music theory and natural order from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century / edited by Suzannah Clark and Alexander Rehding.
ML3800.M885 1998

Nisenson, Eric. The making of Kind of blue: Miles Davis and his masterpiece.
ML419.D39.N58 2000

Nisenson, Eric. Open sky: Sonny Rollins and his world of improvisation.
ML419.R64.N57 2000

Parlett, Graham. A catalogue of the works of Sir Arnold Bax.
Ref ML134.B19.P33 1999

A performer's guide to medieval music / edited by Ross W. Duffin. (Performer's guides to early music)
ML457.P475 2000

Raaijmakers, Dick. Cahier M: a brief morphology of electric sound. (Collected writings of the Orpheus Institute, 3)
2001010075 precat

Ray, Don B. Orchestration handbook: essential guide to every instrument in the orchestra.
2001008683 precat

Renwick, William. The Langloz manuscript: fugal improvisation through figured bass. (Oxford early music series)
10978221 precat

Riffs & choruses: a new jazz anthology / edited by Andrew Clark.
ML3507.R54 2001

Rorem, Ned. Lies: a diary, 1986-1999.
ML410.R787.A32 2000

Rossing, Thomas D. Science of percussion instruments. (Series in popular science, 3)
ML3805.R67 2000

Rowe, Robert. Machine musicianship.
ML74.R68 2001 [book & CD-ROM]

Russo, Greg. Cosmik debris: the collected history and improvisations of Frank Zappa.
ML410.Z285.R87 1999

Schulenberg, David. Music of the Baroque.
ML193.S38 2001

Sibelius studies / edited by Timothy L. Jackson and Veijo Murtomaki.
ML410.S563.S54 2001

Simms, Bryan R. The atonal music of Arnold Schoenberg, 1908-1923.
ML410.S365.S45 2000

Siren songs: representations of gender and sexuality in opera / edited by Mary Ann Smart. (Princeton studies in opera)
ML2100.S52 2000

Slobin, Mark. Fiddler on the move: exploring the klezmer world. (American musicspheres)
ML3528.8.S58 2000 [book & audio CD]

Snyder, Bob. Music and memory: an introduction.
ML3830.S56 2000

Sounes, Howard. Down the highway:the life of Bob Dylan.
ML420.D996.S58 2001

Steed, Janna Tull. Duke Ellington: a spiritual biography. (Lives and legacies)
ML410.E46.S74 1999

Stevens, Jane R. The Bach family and the keyboard concerto: the evolution of a genre. (Detroit monographs in musicology/Studies in music, 31)
ML1263.S78 2001

Stinson, Russell. J.S. Bach's great eighteen organ chorales.
ML410.B118.S89 2001

Stokes, W. Royal. Living the jazz life: conversations with forty musicians about their careers in jazz.
ML394.S86 2000

Talbot, Michael. Vivaldi. (Master musicians series)
ML410.V855.T34 2000

The Thelonious Monk reader / edited by Rob Van der Bliek. (Readers on American musicians)
ML417.M66.T54 2001

Tischler, Hans. Conductus and contrafacta. (Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen (Institute of Mediaeval Music), 75)
ML2802.T57 2001

The triumph of the soul: cultural and psychological aspects of African American music / edited by Ferdinand Jones and Arthur C. Jones.
ML3556.T75 2001

Valk, Jeroen de. Ben Webster: his life and music.
ML419.W39.V3513 2001

Veal, Michael E. Fela: the life and times of an African musical icon.
ML410.F2955.V43 2000

Ward, Geoffrey C. Jazz: a history of America's music / by Geoffrey C. Ward; based on a documentary film by Ken Burns...
ML3506.W37 2000 [Special Collections]

Wilson, Peter Niklas. Ornette Coleman: his life and music.
ML419.C63.W513 1999

Zuberi, Nabeel. Sounds English: transnational popular music. (Transnational cultural studies)
ML3492.Z83 2001

Zwerin, Mike. Swing under the Nazis: jazz as a metaphor for freedom.
ML3509.E9.Z9 2000


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