Highlights of Recent Acquisitions: Videos and Laserdiscs

The Art Ensemble of Chicago: live from the Jazz Showcase, 1981. Rhapsody Films
       Vcas J Ar75 lijas

Bernstein, Leonard.  Leonard Bernstein at Harvard, The unanswered question: Musical phonology;
   Musical syntax; Musical semantics; The delights and dangers of ambiguity; The twentieth century
   crisis; The poetry of earth.  Kultur 1451/6
       Vcas ML60.B534 1992 v.1-6

Boulez, Pierre.  Boulez in Salzburg: Stravinsky, Debussy, Boulez, Bartók.  [Wiener Phil.]
   DG 440 072 244-1GCE
       Vdis B664 bousal

Celebrating Bird: the triumph of Charlie Parker.  Kultur 1293
       Vcas ML419.P4.C4 1987

Chase the devil: religious music of the Appalachians.  [Marre] Shanachie 1208
       Vcas ML2911.C43 1990

The jazz hoofer: the story of the legendary Baby Laurence.  Rhapsody Films
       Vcas GV1794.J3994 1986

Jazz scene USA: Frank Rosolino Quartet, Stan Kenton & His Orchestra, 1962.  Shanachie 6311
       Vcas J R733 jazsc

The JVC/Smithsonian Folkways video anthology of music and dance of Africa.  JVC VTMV-218/20E
       Vcas M1627.J347 1996 v.1-3

The JVC/Smithsonian Folkways video anthology of music and dance of Europe.  JVC VTMV-221/2E
       Vcas M1627.J48 1996 v.1-2

Konkombe: the Nigerian pop music scene.  [Marre]  Shanachie 1201
       Vcas M1838.N6.K66 1988

Marsalis, Wynton.  The London concert: Haydn, Hummel, L. Mozart. [Leppard, English Chamber Orch.]
   Sony Classical SLV 53482
       Vdis M35 lon

Music for the movies: Bernard Herrmann.  Sony Classical SLV 67169
       Vdis ML410.H562.B47 1995

Music for the movies: Georges Delerue.  Sony Classical SLV 67168  
       Vdis ML410.D378.G46 1995

Music for the movies: Toru Takemitsu.  Sony Classical SLV 67167
       Vdis ML410.T134.T67 1995

New England fiddles: playing down the devil.  Multicultural Media MCM 1003
       Vcas F Am35 US329 F448 new

Roberts, Robin.  Ladies first: women in music videos.
       ML82.R63 1996 video (also see books section)

Rock & Roll.  [WGBH/BBC]  Vcas ML3534.R635 1995 v.1-6
         1: Renegades; In the groove
         2: Shakespeares in the alley; Respect
         3: Crossroads; Blues in technicolor
         4: The wild side; Make it funky
         5: Punk; The perfect beat

Rodgers, Richard.  Oklahoma!  [1955 motion picture]  CBS Fox Video 7020-85
       Vdis R616 okl

Rossini, Gioacchino.  Tancredi.  [Gelmetti]  RCA Victor 09026-62642-6 (2 discs)
       Vdis R736 tan

Rubinstein, Artur.  The last recital for Israel: Beethoven, Schumann, Debussy, Chopin.  RCA 09026-61160-6
       Vdis R8256 lar

Salsa: Latin pop music in the cities.  [Marre]  Shanachie 1203
       Vcas ML3475.S25 1988

Stormy weather.  Fox Video 1168  Vcas PN1997.S76 1990

Sun Ra: a joyful noise.  Rhapsody Films 9013  Vcas ML419.S86.S865 1986

Swing: the best of the big bands.  MCA 40800, 40801  Vdis M1356.S9 1987 v.1-2

Tex-Mex: the music of the Texas-Mexican borderlands.  [Marre]  Shanachie 1206
       Vcas ML3481.T49 1990

Things to come: the big bands of Dizzy Gillespie and Billy Eckstine. Vintage VJC-2006
       Vcas J G412 thin

Thirty two short films about Glenn Gould.  [Colm Feore]  Columbia Tristar 74356
       Vdis ML417.G68.T45 1995

The Weavers: Wasn't that a time.  Warner Reprise 9 38304-6
       Vdis ML421.W43.W43 1992

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