Highlights of Recent Acquisitions: Scores

Adams, John.  China gates, for piano.  Mu pts Ad18 chiga

Adams, John.  The death of Klinghoffer.  Vocal score.  Mu Ad18 dea pv

Art songs and spirituals by African-American women composers Vivian Taylor, editor.
       M1619.A787 1995

Bach, Johann Sebastian.  Complete concerti for solo keyboard and orchestra.  Score.
       Mu B122 co a

Bach, Johann Sebastian.  Magnificat in D and the six motets.  Score.  Mu B122 chomu

Bacon, Ernst.  Songs at parting: a selection of Walt Whitman's poems.
       Mu pts B132 songpa

Bartók, Béla.  Viola concerto: facsimile edition of the autograph draft.
       ML96.5.B292.C66 1995  Closed stacks

Beach, H.H.A., Mrs.  [Songs. Selections] Five songs on French and German texts.
       Mu pts B352 song b

Beethoven, Ludwig van.  Piano sonata op.28: facsimile of the autograph. (Veröffentlichungen
  des Beethoven-Hauses in Bonn, neue Folge, Reihe 3, Band 10)  
       ML96.5.B415.S528  Closed stacks

Berg, Alban.  Violinkonzert.  (Sämtliche Werke, 1/5/2)  Score.
       M3.B47 1984 Abt.1 Bd.5 T.2

Berlioz, Hector.  Choral works with keyboard.  (New edition of the complete works, 14)  Score.
       M3.B516 v.14

Bozza, Eugne.  Two pieces for violoncello and piano: Habanera; Sérénade Espagnole. Score and part.
       Mu pts B719 hab ar

Brahms, Johannes.  Rácóczi-Marsch, für Klavier.  Mu pts B73 rac

Brubeck, Dave.  Dave's diary: a collection of Dave Brubeck piano solos.
       Mu pts B82.8 piamu a

Carter, Elliott.  Gra, for Bb clarinet alone.  Mu pts C245 gra

Carter, Elliott.  90+, for piano.  Mu pts C245 nin

Ceremonial music for brass quartet.  9700004827 precat

Coward, Noel.  Sir Noel Coward, his words and music: a collection of 32 Coward classics.  Vocal score.
       Mu pts C837.3 mus pv

Davies, Peter Maxwell.  Strathclyde concerto no.7, for double bass and orchestra.  Score and part.
       Mu pts D288 str7 ar

Davies, Peter Maxwell.  Winterfold, for mezzo soprano and chamber ensemble.  Score.
       Mu D288 win

Extraordinary measures: The League-ISCM, Boston, piano book.  M21.E9 1994

Gontier, de Soignies.  Les chansons.  (Corpus mensurabilis musicae, 103)
       M2.C822.M4 no.103

Gorecki, Henryk Mikolaj.  Quasi una fantasia (string quartet no.2). Parts.
       Mu pts G669 quafan

Handel, George Frideric.  Tamerlano.  (Hallische Händel-Ausgabe, II/15) Score.
       M3.H235 Ser.2 Bd.15

Harbison, John.  Simple daylight, soprano and piano.  Mu pts H213 simd

Haydn, Joseph.  Streichtrios, 2. Folge.  (Joseph Haydn Werke, Reihe IX, Band 2)  Score.
       M3.H415 Reihe 11 Bd.2

Heinrich, Anthony Philip.  The first labor of Hercules = Un pezzo di gran bravura la valse austriaco, for piano.
       Mu pts H365 fir

Hindemith, Paul.  Das Unaufhörliche.  (Sämtliche Werke VII,1)  Score.
       M3.H662 Bd.VII,1

Hovhaness, Alan.  Sharagan and fugue, for 4-part brass choir.  Score and parts.
       Mu pts H82 sha

Hummel, Johann Nepomuk.  The complete works for piano: a six-volume collection of reprints and facsimiles.
       M3.1.H883.I67 1989 v.1-6

Koetsier, Jan.  Quartettino for brass quartet, op.33 no.2.  Score and parts.
       Mu pts K819 quabr33.2

Larsen, Libby.  Overture for the end of a century.  Score.  Mu L3296 ovend

Liszt, Franz.  The Schubert song transcriptions for solo piano.
       Mu pts L699 piamu ser.1, 2

Liszt, Franz.  Free arrangements and transcriptions for piano solo.  (Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher 
   Werke, II/23)
       M3.L775 Ser.2 Bd.23

Monteverdi, Claudio.  Messa a 4 voci e Salmi (1650).  (Opera omnia, 18) (Instituta et monumenta,
   I/5/XVIII)  Score and 2 CDs
       M3.M783 v.18

Muzica corala religioasa.  Score.  M2142.R6.M89 1993

Penderecki, Krzysztof.  [Sinfonietta, string orchestra] Sinfonietta per archi.  Score.
       Mu P373 sis

Perle, George.  Transcendental modulations.  Score.  Mu P421 tram

Read, Daniel.  Collected works.  (Recent researches in American music, 24)
   (Music in the United States of America, 4) Score.
       M2.R29 v.24

Ridgway, Alan.  King Henry's cakewalk, for brass quartet.  Score and parts.
       9600003717 precat

Ridgway, Alan.  Soliloquy, for brass quartet.  Score and parts.
       9600003716 precat

Rodrigo, Joaquín.  Music for guitar: 19 pieces.  Mu pts R618 guimu

Saint-Saëns, Camille.  Symphony no.3, "Organ."  Score.  Mu Sa25 sy3

Schnittke, Alfred.  Sonata, piano, no.2.  Mu pts Sch59 sop2

Schütz, Heinrich.  Symphonie Sacrae I, op.6.  (Stuttgarter Schütz-Ausgame, 7)  Score.
       M3.S397 Bd.7

Schumann, Robert. 3. Symphonie op.97. (Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke, I/1/3)  Score.
       M3.S392 1991 ser.1 group 1 v.3; group 1 v.3 suppl.

Shostakovich, Dmitrii Dmitrievich.  Symphonies 1 and 5.  Score.
       Mu Sh82 sy1 a

Sibelius, Jean.  Suite for violin and string orchestra, op.117.  Score and solo violin part.
       Mu pts Sib11 suvb117

Soler, Antonio.  Ausgewählte Klaviersonaten.  Mu pts So43 sok b

Stucky, Steven.  Serenade for wind quintet.  Score and parts.  Mu pts Stu93 ser

Sullivan, Arthur, Sir.  Trial by Jury.  (The operas, 1)  Score.  M3.S955 v.1

Tippett, Michael.  The Shires suite: for chorus and orchestra.  Score.
       Mu T499 shi

Turrin, Joseph.  Concerto for trumpet and orchestra.  Score and part.
       Mu pts T868 cotr ar

Villa-Lobos, Heitor.  Cirandas, for piano.   Mu pts V711 cir

Widor, Charles Marie.  Symphonie gothique.  (Recent researches in the music of the Nineteenth
   and early Twentieth centuries, 19)
       M2.R299 v.19

Wolf, Hugo.  Der Corrigedor.  (Sämtliche Werke, 12/1)  Score.
       M3.W852 Bd.12/1 A-D (4 vols.)

Women composers: Music through the ages, volume 1: Composers born before 1599 / edited by
   Martha Furman Schleifer and Sylvia Glickman.
       M2.W88 1996 v.1

Wuorinen, Charles.  Double solo: horn, violin and piano.  Score.
       Mu W962 douso

Wuorinen, Charles.  [Trios, piano, percussion, trombone] Trombone trio: tenor trombone, 
   mallet instruments and piano.  Score.
       Mu W962 trtb

Zwilich, Ellen Taaffe.  Concerto for bass trombone, strings, timpani, and cymbals.
       Mu pts Z97 cotbs

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