Highlights of Recent Acquisitions: Reference Books

Booker, Mary.  The work of women composers from 1150 to 1995.  Ref ML82.B66 1996

Charteris, Richard.  Giovanni Gabrieli (ca.1555-1612): a thematic catalogue of his music with a 
	guide to the source materials and translations of his vocal texts.  (Thematic catalogues,
	20)  Ref ML134.G11.C43 1996

Claghorn, Gene.  Women composers and songwriters: a concise biographical dictionary.  
	Ref ML105.C593 1996

Clynes, Tom.  Music festivals from Bach to blues: a traveler's guide.  Ref ML35.C6 1996

Dressler, John C.  Gerald Finzi: a bio-bibliography.  (Bio-bibliographies in music, 64)  
	Ref ML134.F495.D74 1997

Emerson, Isabelle.  Twentieth-century American music for the dance: a bibliography.  (Music 
	reference collection, 53)  Ref ML128.D3.E44 1996

Fradkin, Robert A.  The well-tempered announcer: a pronunciation guide to classical music.  
	Ref ML109.F73 1996

Franks, Don.  Entertainment awards: a music, cinema, theatre and broadcasting reference, 1928 
	through 1993.  Ref PN2270.A93.F68 1996

Fujioka, Yasuhiro.  John Coltrane: a discography and musical biography / by Yasuhiro Fujioka 
	with Lewis Porter and Yoh-Ichi Hamada. (Studies in jazz, 20)  Ref ML156.7.C58.F85 1995

Griscom, Richard.  The recorder: a guide to writings about the instrument for players and 
	researchers / Richard Griscom, David Lasocki. (Music research and information guides, 19)
	Ref ML128.R31.G75 1994

Hall, Charles J.  A chronicle of American music, 1700-1995.  Ref ML200.H15 1996

The Harvard biographical dictionary of music / edited by Don Michael Randel.  Ref ML105.H38 1996

Helander, Brock.  The rock who's who.  2nd edition.  Ref ML102.R6.H5 1996

Hitchens, Susan Hayes.  Ross Lee Finney: a bio-bibliography.  (Bio-bibliographies in music, 63)  
	Ref ML134.F49.H58 1996

Hodgson, Peter J.  Benjamin Britten: a guide to research.  (Garland composer resource manuals, 39)
	Ref ML134.B85.H63 1996

Horne, Aaron.  Brass music of black composers: a bibliography.  (Music reference collection, 51)
	Ref ML128.W5.H62 1996

Internationaler Biographischer Index der Musik = World biographical index of music.  
	Ref ML105.I56 1995 v.1-2

Jackson, Barbara Garvey.  "Say can you deny me:" a guide to surviving music by women from the 
	16th through the 18th centuries.  Ref ML128.W7.J3 1993

Kennedy, Michael.  A catalogue of the works of Ralph Vaughan Williams.  2nd edition.  
	Ref ML134.V3.K4 1996

Lee, William.  Music in the 21st century: the new language.  Ref ML102.E4.L44 1994

Lissauer, Robert.  Lissauer's encyclopedia of popular music in America, 1888 to the present.  
	Ref ML128.P63.L57 1996 v.1-3

Meadows, Eddie S.  Jazz research and performance materials: a select annotated bibiliography.  
	2nd edition.  (Garland library of music ethnology, 4)  Ref ML128.J3.M33 1995

Morton, Brian.  The Blackwell guide to recorded contemporary music.  Ref ML111.5.M67 1996

The New Rolling Stone encyclopedia of rock & roll / edited by Patricia Romanowski and Holly 
	George-Warren.  Ref ML102.R6.R64 1995

Parsons, Charles H.  Opera composers and their works.  (Mellen opera reference index, 1-4)  
	Ref ML102.O6.P25 1986 v.1-4

Parsons, Charles H.  Opera discography.  (Mellen opera reference index, 10-12)  
	Ref ML102.O6.P25 1986 v.10-12

Perone, James E., comp.  Orchestration theory: a bibliography.  (Music reference collection, 52)
	Ref ML128.I66.P47 1996

Phillips, Lois.  Lieder line by line, and word for word.  Revised edition.  Ref ML54.6.P55.L5 1996

Rust, E. Gardner.  The music and dance of the world's religions: a comprehensive, annotated 
	bibliography of materials in the English language.  (Music reference collection, 54)  
	Ref ML128.S17.R87 1996

Secrist-Schmedes, Barbera.  Wind chamber music: winds with piano and woodwind quintets: an 
	annotated guide.  Ref ML128.C4.S43 1996

Simms, Bryan R.  Alban Berg: a guide to research.  (Garland composer resource manuals, 38)  
	Ref ML134.B46.S56 1996

Strahle, Graham.  An early music dictionary: musical terms from British sources, 1500-1740.  
	Ref ML108.S88 1995

Sullivan, Arthur.  The complete annotated Gilbert and Sullivan.  Ref ML49.S949.A1 1996

Wingell, Richard J.  Writing about music: an introductory guide.  2nd edition.  
	Ref ML3797.W54 1996

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