Highlights of Recent Acquisitions: Compact Discs

Aardvark Jazz Orchestra.  Paintings for jazz orchestra.  [Harvey]  Leo Lab CD 014
	9600010041 precat

Adams, John Luther.  [Selections] The far country: Dream in white on white; Night 
	peace; The far country of sleep.  [Apollo Quartet and Strings, Chapman, Falletta, 
	Atlanta Singers, Cabrillo Festival Orchestra, et al.]  New Albion NA061CD  
	PhonCD Ad182 far

Addy, Mustapha Tettey.  Mustapha Tettey Addy: master drummer from Ghana.  
	Lyrichord LYRCD 7250  PhonCD F Af83 G341 addmus

Albright, William.  [Piano music. Selections] Five chromatic dances; Pianoagogo; 
	Sphaera; Grand sonata in rag.  [Warburton]  CRI CD 674  PhonCD Al15.3 piamu

Ancient voices: vox sacra.  [Anonymous 4; Ensemble Organum; Soeur Marie Keyrouz]  
	Harmonia Mundi HMX 290608  PhonCD An22 voi

And trouble came: musical responses to AIDS: DeBlasio, Rulon, Kaminsky.  
	[Musicians' Accord]  CRI CD 729  PhonCD An224 tro

Anthologie des musiques de Bali: vol.1, Traditions populaires; vol.2, Gamelan 
	virtuoses.  Buda 92600-2, 92601-2 PhonCD F As41 In2.2 B198 ant v.1-2

Any Old Time String Band.  I bid you goodnight: Turkey buzzard/Chinquapin hunting; 
	Dear companion; Let me fall; I wish I'd stayed in the wagonyard; Ma cher bebe 
	creole; Keep my skillet good and greasy; Farewell blues; I bid you goodnight; 
	etc.  Arhoolie CD 433  10800674 precat

Ardoin, Am‚d‚.  I'm never comin' back.  (The roots of Zydeco)  Arhoolie Folklyric
	CD 7007  PhonCD F Am35 US329 C124 Ar29 imn

Argerich, Martha.  Debut recital: Chopin, Brahms, Prokofiev, Ravel, Liszt.  DG 447 430-2  
	PhonCD Ar378 debre

Ashley, Robert.  Superior seven, concerto for flute and orchestra; Tract, for orchestra and 
	voice.  [Hamilton, Held, Buckner]  New World Records 80460-2  PhonCD As358 sup

Atlanta Chamber Players (Musical group).  Conversations: a 20th anniversary salute to American
	composers: Amram, Conversations; Harbison, November 19, 1828; Copland, Sextet; Rorem, 
	Trio for flute, cello, and piano.  ACA CM20038  PhonCD At61 con

Autumn rhythms: new music for flute by Meyer Kupferman, Leo Kraft, Ezra Laderman, Lionel 
	Nowak, Jack Beeson, Otto Luening. [Solum, Wyton, Kipnis]  CRI CD 712  PhonCD Au89 rhy

Bach, Johann Sebastian.  Wohltemperierte Clavier 1 & 2.  [Gilbert]  Archiv 413 439-2 (4 CDs)  
	PhonCD B122 woh

Balaganjur of Pande and Anglkung of Sidan, Bali.  World Music Library KICC 5197  
	PhonCD F As41 In2.2 B198 bapa

Bali: Court music and Banjar music = Musique de cour et musique Banjar.  Auvidis Unesco 
	D 8059  PhonCD F As41 In2.2 B198 bacou

Bang on a Can All-Stars (Musical group).  Cheating, lying, stealing: Lang, Gosfield, Ziporyn, 
	Vierk, Didkovsky, Rzewski, Pascoal. Sony Classical SK 62254  PhonCD B2253 chea

Bang on a Can All-Stars (Musical group).  Industry: Julia Wolfe, Louis Andriessen, David Lang,
	Michael Gordon. Sony Classical SK 66483  PhonCD B2253 ind

Bartók, Béla.  Concertos, piano, nos. 1-3.  [Anda, Fricsay, 
	Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin]  DG 447 399-2  PhonCD B285 cop

Beardslee, Bethany.  A tribute to soprano Bethany Beardslee: Batstone, Perle, Peyton, Winham. 
	CRI CD 724  PhonCD B38 trib

Beethoven, Ludwig van.  Sonatas, piano, no.8, op.13, "Pathétique;" no.14, op.27/2, 
	"Moonlight;" no.21, op.53, "Waldstein;" no.23, op.57, "Appassionata."  [Kempff]  
	DG 447 404-2  PhonCD B393 sop b

Bebey, Francis.  Nandolo = With love: Francis Bebey works 1963-1994.  Original Music OMCD 027 
	PhonCD F Af83 C145

Berg, Alban.  Kammerkonzert.  With Stravinsky, Dumbarton Oaks; 8 instrumental miniatures; 
	Ebony concerto.  [Barenboim, Zukerman, Arrignon, Ensemble InterContemporain, Boulez]  
	DG 447 405-2  PhonCD B452 kam

Bernstein, Leonard.  On the town.  [Original cast, Bernstein]  Columbia CK 2038  
	PhonCD B458 ontow

Bolcom, William.  Quartet, piano & strings.  With Ross Lee Finney, Second cello sonata; 
	Chromatic fantasy for cello; Piano trio no.2. [American Trio, Ireland]  CRI CD 711  
	PhonCD B6375 quap

Brahms, Johannes.  [Sonatas, piano] The piano sonatas; Variations on a theme by Paganini.  
	[Leonskaja]  Teldec 2292-46450-2  PhonCD B73 sop

Brasil, a century of song: 1, Folk & traditional; 2, Carnaval; 3, Bossa Nova era; 4, MPB: 
	Musica popular Brasileira.  [Various performers]  Blue Jackel CD 5001-2 to 5004-2  
	PhonCD F Am35 LaB739 brac disc1-4, booklet

Britten, Benjamin.  A midsummer night's dream.  [Deller, Harwood, Terry, Shirley-Quirk, Watts,
	Pears, et al; London Symphony, Britten]  London 425 663-2 LH2  PhonCD B777 mid

Bruckner, Anton.  Die 3 Messen = The masses.  [Chor & Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen 
	Rundfunks, Jochum]  DG 447 410-2  PhonCD B831 ma

Byron, Don.  Tuskegee experiments.  Elektra Nonesuch 79280-2  PhonCD J B996 tusk

Cajun fais do do.  [Abshire, Balfa Bros., Landreneau, Fontenot & Devillier, Breaux Bros.]  
	Arhoolie CD 416  PhonCD F Am35 US329 C124 C124 fais

California Cajun Orchestra.  Nonc Adam two-step.  Arhoolie CD-436  
	PhonCD F Am35 US329 C124 C128 nonc

Capoeira Angola from Salvador,  Brazil.  [Grupo de Capoeira Angola Pelourinho]  
	Smithsonian/Folkways SF 40465  9600008761 precat

Chants et rythmes du Malawi.  [Various performers]  Playasound PS 65140  PhonCD F Af83 M291 cha

Chaouqi, Si Mohamed.  Les Gnawa du Maroc: Ouled El 'Abdi.  Auvidis Ethnic B 6805  
	PhonCD F Af83 M829 cha

Clash of the gongs [Bali].  [Gong Orchestra of the Munduk Village; Gong Orchestra of the 
	Sawan Village]  Long-Distance WMD 122119  9600001752 precat

Computer music currents:  PhonCD C7393 cmc--
         12: Thierry Lancino, Tamas Ungvary  Wergo WER 2032-2
         13: The historical CD of digital sound synthesis  Wergo WER 2033-2

Corigliano, John.  [Selections] Early works: Kaleidoscope; Gazebo dances; Two Richard Wilbur 
	settings; Sonata for violin and piano.  [J. and R. Contiguglia, William Ferris 
	Chorale, John Corigliano, Sr., Votapik]  CRI CD 659  PhonCD C813 eaw

Curran, Alvin.  [Piano music. Selections] Schtetl variations I; For Cornelius; The last acts 
	of Julian Beck.  [Mikhashoff]  Mode 49  PhonCD C936 piamu

Dada Kidawa = Sister Kidawa [classic dance hits from Tanzania].  Original Music OMCD 032  
	10763868 precat

Diamond, David.  Chamber works: Sonatas no.1, no.2 for violin and piano; Vocalises for soprano
	and viola; Quintet for clarinet, two violas and two cellos; Preludes and fugues for 
	piano.  [McDuffie, Black, Shelton, Schulman, et al.]  New World 80508-2  
	PhonCD D541 chamu

Dufay Collective (Musical group).  Miri it is: songs and instrumental music from Medieval 
	England.  Chandos Chan 9396  PhonCD D8723 mir

Dufay, Guillaume.  Se la face ay pale (chanson and mass); Gloria.  [Munrow, Early Music 
	Consort of London] Virgin CDM 7243 5 61283 2 3  9700004230 precat

Durufé, Maurice.  [Selections] The Duruflé album: Requiem; Messe "Cum Jubilo;" 
	Notre Père.  [Voices of Ascension, Keene]  Delos DE 3169  PhonCD D939 sel

Earls, Paul.  Instrumental and vocal music -- selections: Icarus, parts 1-4; Doppelgänger; 
	Building of Universe, parts 1-4; Germania Aria.  [N. Nelson, Piene, T. Nelson, Post, 
	Ulmer, Anderson, Walters, Olefirowicz, New England Treble Chorus, Boston Musica Viva, 
	Pittman, K2000R Synthesizer]  CAVS/MIT  10766631 precat

Early Music Consort of London.  The Art of courtly love: Machaut, Binchois, Dufay.  [Munrow]  
	Virgin ZDMB 72435 61284 2 2  PhonCD Ea766 artc

Ensemble Nova.  New music for early instruments: Harrison, Felciano, Jones, Mumma, Strizich.  
	MHS 513988A  PhonCD En766 newm

Feinberg, Alan.  The American innovator: Ornstein, Adams, Seeger, Cowell, Davidovsky, Harbison, 
	Griffes, Babbitt, Nancarrow, Cage, Ives, Shapey, Monk.  Argo 436 925-2  PhonCD F3265 amei

Feldman, Morton.  Morton Feldman: Piano three hands; Intermission 5; Vertical thoughts 2; 
	Extensions 3; Four instruments; Piano piece A, B; Intersection 3; Instruments 1.  
	[Feldman, Tilbury, Négyesy, Cardew, Cantilena Chamber Players, Tudor, Center for the 
	Creative and Performing Arts]  RZ 1010  10800680 precat

Gamelan Galak Tika.  Intergalactic gamelan: Ziporyn, Tire fire; Gde Manik, Taruna Jaya; D.M.S. Laksmi, 
	Kumuda Sari.  Cassette.  10805896 precat

Gamelan Sekar Jaya.  Balinese music in America.  GSJ-011  PhonCD F As41 In2.2 B198 gamsb

Gay American composers: Helps, Hoiby, Harrison, Biscardi, Rorem, Del Tredici, Maggio, Cummings, Hibbard, 
	Hunt, DeBlasio.  [Kronos Quartet, Bryn-Julson, Stewart, Kembar, et al., plus eight performances 
	by the composers]  CRI CD 721  PhonCD G25 amer

Getz, Stan.  Stan Getz, a life in jazz: a musical biography.  Verve 314 535 119-2  PhonCD J G335 lif

Glass, Philip.  The thin blue line: an Errol Morris film.  Elektra Nonesuch 79209-2  PhonCD G463 thin

Hailstork, Adolphus.  An American port of call.  With Schuller, Four soundscapes; Zwilich, Concerto for 
	violin, cello & orchestra; Dzubay, Snake alley.  [Louisville Orchestra, Smith, Schuller, Laredo, 
	Robinson]  Louisville LCD009  PhonCD H126 amepor

Handel, George Frideric.  Belshazzar.  [Harnoncourt, Concentus Musicus Wien]  Teldec 0630-10275-2  
	PhonCD H191 bel

Handel, George Frideric.  Ode for St. Cecilia's Day.  [Pinnock, English Concert]  Archiv 419 220-2  
	PhonCD H191 od

Harrison, Lou.  [Selections] Gamelan music: Philemon and Baukis; Cornish Lancaran; Gending Alexander; 
	Homage to Pacifica; Bubaran Robert.  MusicMasters 67091-2  PhonCD H248.2 sel b

Harrison, Lou.  Symphony on G.  [Samuel, Royal Philharmonic]  With Ruggles, Organum; Men & mountains.  
	[Watanabe, Japan Philharmonic; Strickland, Polish National Radio Orchestra]  CRI CD 715  
	PhonCD H248.2 syG

Haydn, Joseph.  Quartets, strings, op.74.  [Endellion String Quartet]  Virgin Classics 5 61127 2  
	PhonCD H324 q74

Heifetz, Jascha.  The Heifetz collection.  RCA Gold Seal 09026-61732-2 to 09026-61777-2 (66 discs)
         1: The acoustic recordings, 1917-1924.  PhonCD H363 aco
         2: 1925-1934: Debussy, Mendelssohn, Grieg, etc.  PhonCD H363 col1925
         3: 1934-1937: Wieniawski, Vieuxtemps, Glazunov, etc.  PhonCD H363 col1934
         4: 1935-1939: Faur‚, Brahms, Saint-Sa‰ns, Sarasate, etc.  PhonCD H363 col1935
         5: 1939-1946: Beethoven, Walton, Chausson, etc.  PhonCD H363 col1939
         6: 1946-1947: Bach, Arensky, Rimsky-Korsakov, etc.  PhonCD H363 col1946
         7: 1949-1951: Elgar, Tchaikovsky, etc.  PhonCD H363 col1949
         8: 1950-1955: Bruch, Bloch, Ravel, etc.  PhonCD H363 col1950
         9-10: Mozart, Handel, Grieg, Sinding; Beethoven, Mozart.  PhonCD H363 chamu a v.1-2
         11-15: The concerto collection: Beethoven, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, etc.  PhonCD H363 conco v.1-2
         16: Beethoven violin sonatas.  PhonCD B393 sovbp
         17: Bach sonatas and partitas.  PhonCD B122 sopavb a
         18: EMI masters: Sibelius, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Franck, etc.  PhonCD H363 emi
         19: 51 miniatures, 1944-1946: Chopin, Krein, Schumann, Burleigh, etc.  PhonCD H363 min
         20: Korngold, R¢zsa, Waxman.  PhonCD H363 vioco a
         21: Concertos: Bruch, Conus, Wieniawski.  PhonCD H363 conbr
         22: Showpieces: Lalo, Saint-Sa‰ns, Sarasate, Chausson.  PhonCD H363 show
         23: Concertos: Walton, Gruenberg.  PhonCD W179 covb
         24: Bach Concertos BWV 1041-2; Mozart, Paganini, Vitali.  PhonCD B122 covb1041
         25: Spohr, Beethoven.  PhonCD Sp64 covb8
         25: Mozart K.219, K.378, K.516.  PhonCD M877 instmu d
         27: Arensky, Turina, Kod ly.  PhonCD Ar33 trp1
         28: Brahms, Quintet op.111; Beethoven, Trio op.70/2.  PhonCD B73 quis2
         29: Beethoven, Schubert piano trios.  PhonCD B393 trp97
         30: Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi.  PhonCD M877 covb218
         31: Benjamin, Stravinsky, Wieniawski, etc.  PhonCD B4373 romf
         32: Brahms, Dohn nyi, Strauss.  PhonCD B73 trp1
         33: Franck Quintet; Dvor k "Dumky" Trio.  PhonCD F847 quip
         34: Mozart, Bach, Mendelssohn.  PhonCD M877 quis515
         35: Mendelssohn, Gershwin, Rachmaninoff, etc.  PhonCD M522 oct
         36: Trios: Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn.  PhonCD H363 trp
         37: Schubert, Bach.  PhonCD Sch78 quivbvvc
         38: Schubert Trio D.929; Brahms Trio op.87.  PHonCD Sch78 trp
         39: Tchaikovsky, Dvor k.  PhonCD T782 sou
         40: Gershwin and encores.  PhonCD H363 geren
         41: Dvor k Quintet op.81; Brahms Sextet op.36.  PhonCD D959 quip81
         42: Schubert, Brahms, Beethoven.  PhonCD Sch78 favb934
         43: Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Ferguson, Fran‡aix, K. Khachaturian.  PhonCD C276 covb2
         44: Debussy, Respighi, Ravel, Martinu.  PhonCD D354 sovb
         45: Music of France: Saint-Sa‰ns, Debussy, Ravel, Faur‚, Poulenc.  PhonCD H363 mufra
         46: The final recital: Franck, Strauss, etc.  PhonCD H363 finr
         Selections from the Heifetz collection.  PhonCD H363 col sel

Helps, Robert.  [Selections] Symphony no.1; Gossamer noons; Three etudes; Recollections; Three hommages.  
	[Rozsnyai, Columbia Symphony; Beardslee, Schuller, American Composers Orchestra; Del Tredici, 
	Masselos, Helps]  CRI CD 717  PhonCD H3688 sel

Hines, Earl.  Blues & things, Earl Hines & Jimmy Rushing: Exactly like you; Louisiana; Am I blue; 
	Summertime; Changin' the blues; Save it pretty Mama; If it's true; Please don't talk about me 
	when I'm gone; One night in Trinidad; St. Louis Blues.  New World 80465-2  PhonCD J H589 blu

Hopkins, Lightning.  Po' Lightnin'.  Arhoolie CD-403  PhonCD F Am35 US329 B625 H775 po

Hunt, Jerry.  Lattice; Transform; Cantegral segment 18.17; Transphalba; Volta.  [Hunt]  CRI CD 713  
	PhonCD H913 lat

Husa, Karel.  [Selections] Sonata for violin and piano; Sonata no.2 for piano; Twelve Moravian songs.  
	[Oliveira, Oei, Basquin, Martin, Rodgers]  New World Records 80493-2  PhonCD H95 sel

Hutterer, Branko.  D'Hervelois, Bach, Francoeur, Boccherini, Haydn, Handel.  [With Martincevic]  
	Croatia Records CD D K 507691 9  10800677 precat

Hyla, Lee.  [Instrumental music. Selections] We speak Etruscan; Pre-pulse suspended; String quartets 2, 3; 
	Piano concerto no.2.  [Karis, Speculum Musicae, Lydian String Quartet, et al.]  New World 80491-2  
	PhonCD H989 wesp

I have to paint my face: Mississippi blues, 1960.  [Various performers]  Arhoolie CD 432  
	PhonCD F Am35 US329 B625 Ih1 pain

Indon‚sie, Toraja: Fun‚railles et fˆtes de f‚condit‚.  Chant du Monde CNR 2741004  
	PhonCD F As41 In2.2 C33 indtor

International Computer Music Conference (1994: Aarhus, Denmark).  The human touch: ICMC 94, Aarhus, Denmark: 
	Favilla, Dhomont, Vi¤ao, Fredrics, Taube, Parmerud, Stammen/Terriah.  DIEM 001  PhonCD In78 1994

Jacobi, Frederick.  [Selections] Music of Frederick Jacobi: Cello concerto; Hagiographa, piano and strings; 
	Ballade, violin and piano; String quartet no.3.  [Various performers]  CRI CD 703  PhonCD J15 sel

Japon: Sankyoku.  [Yonin no Ka‹ Ensemble, Tokyo]  Ocora C 560070  PhonCD F As41 J271

Johnson, Larry.  Midnight hour blues.  [Accompanied by John Hammond]  Biograph BCD 138  10804819 precat

Jubal Trio.  Jubal songs: George Crumb, Donald Freund, Tania Le¢n, Harvey Sollberger, Eric Stokes.  
	CRI CD 738  PhonCD J872 jubso

Kerestina: guitar songs of Southern Mozambique [1955-1957].  Original Music OMCD 030  PhonCD F Af83 M877 ker

Kissin, Evgeny.  Carnegie Hall debut concert: Schumann, Prokofiev, Liszt, Chopin.  [September 30, 1990]  
	RCA 60443-2-RC (2 discs)  PhonCD K642 cardeb

Kurdestan: Zikr et chants soufis.  [Safvati, Ghowsi, et al.]  Ocora C 560071-72 (2 discs)  PhonCD F As41 Ir1

Korngold, Erich Wolfgang.  Das Wunder der Heliane.  [Tomowa-Sintow, Welker, De Haan, Runkel, Pape, Gedda, 
	Rundfunk Chor Berlin, RSO Berlin, Mauceri]  London 436 636-2  PhonCD K842 wun

Kured, Michael.  [Instrumental music. Selections] String quartet no.2; Sonata for viola and harp; Matisse 
	impressions; Concerto for harp and orchestra.  [Blair String Quartet, Falcao, Blair Woodwind Quintet, 
	et al.]  New World 80497-2  PhonCD K965 insmu

La Berge, Anne.  Blow [music for flute and for amplified flutes].  Frog Peak Music FP004  PhonCD L112 blow

Lam, Bun-Ching.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Mountain clear water remote.  [New Performance Group]  
	CRI CD 726  PhonCD L16 insmu

Larson, Jonathan.  Rent.  [Original Broadway cast]  Dreamworks DRMD2-50003  PhonCD L329 rent

Lees, Benjamin.  Concerto for French horn and orchestra.  With Balada, Music for oboe and orchestra: 
	Lament from the cradle of the earth; Zwilich, Concerto for bassoon and orchestra.  
	[Pittsburgh Symphony, Maazel]  New World 80503-2  PhonCD L518 coh

Ley, Tabu.  Africa worldwide: 35th anniversary album.  [Tabu Ley Rochereau, L'Orchestre Afrise International] 
	Rounder CD 5039  PhonCD F Af83 Z13 leyafw

Ligeti, György.  The complete piano music, volume 1.  [Ull‚n]  BIS CD-783  9700001522 precat

Loesser, Frank.  Guys and dolls.  [New Broadway cast]  RCA Victor 09026-61417-2  PhonCD L8428 guy a

Luening, Otto.  [Instrumental music. Selections] String quartets nos. 2, 3; Sonata for piano In Memoriam 
	Ferruccio Busoni; Trio for flute, cello & piano; Sonata III for solo violin; Third short sonata for 
	flute and piano.  [Sinnhoffer Quartet, Oppens, Sollberger, Sherry, Wuorinin, Pollikoff, Kahn, Willis] 
	CRI CD 716  PhonCD L967 insmu

Lullaby of Broadway: the best of Busby Berkeley at Warner Bros.: selections from 42nd Street, Gold Diggers of 
	1933, Footlight Parade, Wonder Bar, Fashions of 1934, Dames, Gold Diggers of 1935, In Caliente, Gold 
	Diggers of 1937, Hollywood Hotel.  Turner Entertainment/Rhino R272169 (2 discs)  PhonCD L968.3 bro

Macomber, Curtis.  Songs of solitude: American works for solo violin: Carter, Davidovsky, Gerber, Harbison, 
	Parris, Ran.  CRI CD 706 PhonCD M2366 songso

Madagascar: Pays Antandroy = Antandroy Country, south-west coast.  Ocora C 560077  PhonCD F Af83 M2607

Maggio, Robert.  Seven mad gods: Winter toccata; Two quartets; Barcarole.  [Various performers]  CRI CD 720  
	PhonCD M272 sev

Mahlathini.  King of the groaners [South Africa].  Earthworks CAROL 2428-2  PhonCD F Af83 So87 mahk

Maraire, Dumisani.  Shona spirit: mbira masters from Zimbabwe / Dumisani Maraire & Ephat Mujuru.  
	Music of the World CDT-136  PhonCD F Af83 Z55 mars

Marar, Maniyan.  Festive drums of Kerala [India].  King KICC 5120  PhonCD F As41 In2 marf

Martino, Donald.  [Instrumental music. Selections] A jazz set; A set for marimba; Twelve preludes for 
	solo piano; Canzone e tarantella sul nome Petrassi for clarinet and cello.  [The Core Ensemble]  
	New World 80518-2  PhonCD M365.5 insmu b

Mbande, Venancio.  Timbila ta Venancio Mbande, Mozambique: xylophone music from the Chopi People.  
         Haus der Kulturen der Welt SM 1513-2  PhonCD F Af83 M877 mbat

Meisel, Edmund.  Battleship Potemkin; The Holy mountain.  [Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, Andreas, Imig]  
	Edel 0029062 (2 CDs)  9700008383 precat

Messiaen, Olivier.  Quartet pour le fin de temps.  [Beths, Pieterson, Bijlsma, De Leeuw]  Philips 422 834-2  
	PhonCD M563 qua

Metamorphosen (Musical group).  Metamorphosen: Coleman, Fine, Zwilich, Carter, Ruehr, Corigliano.  
	[Yoo]  Albany TROY 194  PhonCD M565 met

MIT Muses.  Ambrosia: December, 1963 (Oh, what a night!); Bad connection; The chain; Feed the tree; 
	Athena; Fire; China; Linger; Second hand news; Boogie woogie bugle boy; Charlie on the MTA; etc.  
	9700007554 precat

Money no be sand: Afro-lypso, Pidgin highlife, Afro-rock, Afro-soul.  [Various performers]  Original 
	Music OMCD 031  PhonCD F Af83 N561 monn

Moroccan street music.  Lyrichord LYRCD 7263  PHonCD F Af83 M829 mors

Moss, Buddy.  Atlanta blues legend.  Biograph BCD 139  10804735 precat

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.  Symphonies nos.35-41.  [B”hm, Berliner Philharmoniker]  DG 447 416-2  
	PhonCD M877 sy b

Mua, Boua Xou.  Music of the Hmong people of Laos.  Arhoolie CD 446  PhonCD F As41 L299 muam

Music from Ethiopia.  [Various performers]  Caprice CAP 21432  PhonCD F Af83 Et37 mus

Music of Indonesia, 5-9.  Smithsonian/Folkways CD SF 40421-40425  PhonCD F As41 In2.2 g5-g9
         5: Betawi and Sundanese music of the North Coast of Java.
         6: Night music of West Sumatra.
         7: Music from the forests of Riau and Mentawai.
         8: Vocal and instrumental music from East and Central Flores.
         9: Vocal music from Central and West Flores.

Music of Sasandu [Indonesia].  King KICC 5179  PhonCD F As41 In2.2 R746 musas

Music of the Gamelan Gong Kebyar, Bali: I Wayan Berata, I Nyoman Windha.  Vital Records 401-2 (2 discs)  
	9700011127 precat

Musicworks 64: Sound ecology 3, Perception: Paul Dolden, Gayle Young, Jack Behrens, Malcolm Goldstein.  
	MW64  PhonCD ML5.M8984 v.64

Musicworks 65: ...For the ear and the eye: Jerry Hunt, The Glass Orchestra, Nobuo Kubota, Josef Rezny.  
  10800682 precat

Musicworks 66: Sawai, Peebles, Naoko, Perera, Ratt‚, Charuest, Patry, Rothenberg.  MW66  10800683 precat

Nakariakov, Sergei.  Baroque trumpet concertos: Vivaldi, Telemann, Neruda, Marcello, Bach.  [Saint Paul 
	Chamber Orchestra, Wolff]  Teldec 0630-10788-2  10800675 precat

Négyesy, János.  Dedications to János Négyesy: works for solo violin [by] Fujieda, Vérin, Bloom, Stevens, 
	Thompson, Ulman, Rose.  Neuma 450-85  PhonCD N313 ded

Neue Zeitschrift für Musik, 5/96: Strom! [works by Guttman, Mathews, Ferretti, Savouret, Davidovsky, 
	Goebel, Yuasa, et al.]  Wergo 3024-2  10796303 precat

New York jazz in the roaring twenties: Tommy Dorsey, Red Nichols, Jimmy Dorsey.  [Red & Miff's Stompers, 
	Phil Napoleon's Orchestra, California Ramblers, Joe Herlihy & His Orchestra]  Biograph BCD 129  
	PhonCD J N4209 jazro

Newband (Musical group). Microtonal works: Harry Partch, Dean Drummond, John Cage, Joan LaBarbara.  Mode18
         PhonCD N422 micr

Ockeghem, Johannes.  Missa pro defunctis (Requiem); Missa "Mi-mi."  [Hilliard Ensemble]  Virgin VER 5 61219 2 
	PhonCD Oc3 mispr

Oistrach, David.  Bach, Violin concerti 1041-1043; Beethoven, Romanzen opp.40, 50; Brahms, Violin concerto 
	op.77; Tchaikovsky, Violin concerto op.35. [Staatskapelle Dresden, Konwitschny] DG 447 427-2 
	(2 CDs) PhonCD Oi7 dav

Original music from the films of François Truffaut: the adventures of Antoine Doinel.  
	Milan 73138 35658-2  PhonCD Or16 musf

O'Riley, Christopher.  Christopher O'Riley, piano: Robert Helps, John Adams, Todd Brief, Roger Sessions.  
	Albany Records TROY038-2  PhonCD Or416 chrp

Penderecki, Krzysztof.  [Instrumental music. Selections] String quartets nos.1 & 2; Prelude for clarinet 
	solo; Der unterbrochene Gedanke; String trio; Quartet for clarinet and string trio.  
	[Tale Quartet, Frost]  BIS CD-652  PhonCD P373 insmu

Pennsylvania Quintet.  20th century wind chamber music: Stucky, Berger, Thorne, Bach, Schafer.  
	[With Jan Wilson]  Centaur CRC 2225  PhonCD P384 twe

Perlman, Itzhak.  The American album: Bernstein, Barber, Foss.  [Ozawa, BSO]  EMI Classics 5 55360 2  
	PhonCD P422 amer

Porter, Cole.  [Songs. Selections; arr.] Earl Hines plays Cole Porter: You do something to me; 
	Night and day; Rosalie; I've got you under my skin; I get a kick out of you; What is this 
	thing called love; Easy to love.  New World 80501-2  PhonCD P833.8 song a

Purcell, Henry.  Dido and Aeneas, and music for plays & masques.  [Pearlman, Boston Baroque]  
	Telarc CD-80424  PhonCD P971 di a

Quintet of the Americas.  Quintet of the Americas, Self portrait: Oliveros, Rubin, Hyla, Culpo, 
	Sharp.  CRI CD 722  PhonCD Q7 quisel

Rajasthan [India]: Les musiciens du d‚sert.  Ocora C 580058  PhonCD F As41 In2 ramud

Rameau, Jean Philippe. Hippolyte et Aricie. [Minkowski, Les Musiciens du Louvre] Archiv 445 853-2 AH3  
	PhonCD R144 hi

Rampal, Jean-Pierre.  Art of Jean-Pierre Rampal.  (11 discs)

	The art of Jean-Pierre Rampal: Selected highlights: Vivaldi, Cimarosa, Romano, Reicha, Beethoven, 
	Mozart, Rossini, Borne.  Sony Classical SXK 48199  PhonCD R147 art

	Bach: Sonatas & partita for flute, harpsichord & cello, BWV 1030-35, 1013, 1020.  [Rampal, Pinnock, 
	Pidoux]  CBS Masterworks M2K 39746  PhonCD B122 so sel

	Haydn: "London" trios 1-4; Divertissements, op.100/2, 6.  [Rampal, Stern, Rostropovich]  
	CBS Masterworks CD 37786  PhonCD H324 divIV sel

	Jean-Pierre Rampal plays Johann Sebastian Bach: Concertos, BWV 1055-56; Concerto, E minor; 
	Sinfonia from Cantata no.209.  [Munclinger, Ars Rediviva Orchestra of Prague]  
	CBS Masterworks MK 39022  PhonCD B122 sel

	Mozart: Concertos, flute, harp, orchestra, K.299; Symphoniae concertante, K.Anh.I/9.  
	[Rampal, Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra]  CBS Masterworks MK 44524  PhonCD M877 cofh299

	Mozart: Flute concertos, K.313 & 314; Andante, K.315; Rondo, K.Anh.184.  [Rampal, Mehta, 
	Israel Philharmonic]  CBS Masterworks MK 44919  PhonCD M877 florcmu a

	Mozart: Flute quartets, K.285, 285a, 285b, 298.  [Rampal, Stern, Accardo, Rostropovich]  
	CBS Masterworks MK 42320  PhonCD M877 quaf

         Vivaldi: Concertos, flute, string orchestra, op.10.  [Rampal, Scimone, I Solisti Veneti]  
	CBS Masterworks MK 39062  PhonCD V836 coVI

Reich, Steve.  The cave.  [Steve Reich Ensemble, Hillier]  Nonesuch 79327-2  PhonCD R270.8 cave

Revueltas, Silvestre.  Redes; Sensemaya.  With Orbon, Concerto grosso; Ginastera, Pampeana no.3.  
	[Mata, Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela]  Dorian DOR-90178  PhonCD R328 red

Reynolds, Roger.  [Selections] The Paris pieces: Odyssey; Summer island; Archipelago; Autumn island; 
	Fantasy for pianist.  [Kobayashi, Larson, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Leclair, Schick, Dunn]  
	Neuma 450-91 (2 discs)  PhonCD R336 par

Rhythms of life, songs of wisdom: Akan music from Ghana, West Africa.  Smithsonian/Folkways SF 40463  
	PhonCD F Af83 G341

Riley, Terry.  The harp of New Albion.  [Riley]  Celestial Harmonies CEL 018/19 (2 CDs)  PhonCD R455 har

Ritual music of the Kayapó-Xikrin, Brazil.  (Traditional music of the world, 7)  
	Smithsonian/Folkways CD SF 40433  PhonCD F Am35 LaB739 c

Roach, Steve.  Artifacts.  Fortuna 17082-2  PhonCD R53 art

Rodgers, Richard.  Carousel.  [1994 Broadway cast]  Broadway Angel CDQ 5 55199 2 4  PhonCD R616 car

Ross, Walter.  [Chamber music. Selections] Music for winds: Panda dances; Wind quintet no.2; Harlequinade.  
	[Albemarle Ensemble]  Virginia Arts VA-95216-CD  PhonCD R733 chamu

Rota, Nino.  Il Casanova.  [Soundtrack]  CAM CSE 006  PhonCD R74 cas

Sacred rhythms of Cuban Santer”a = Ritmos sagrados de la santer”a cubana.  Smithsonian/Folkways 
	SF 40419  PhonCD F Am35 LaC891

Sallinen, Aulis.  Kullervo.  [Hynninen, E.-L. Saarinen, Salminen, Silvasti, Finnish National Opera 
	Orchestra and Chorus, S”derblom]  Ondine ODE 780-3T  PhonCD Sa34 kul

Scarmolin, Anthony Louis.  Symphonies 1-3.  [Slovak Radio Symphony, Polish Radio National Symphony, Suben]  
	New World  80502-2  PhonCD Sca746 sy

Schneider, John.  Just West Coast: microtonal music for guitar and harp: John Cage, Lou Harrison, 
	La Monte Young, Harry Partch.  [Amy Shulman, harp]  Bridge BCD 9041  PhonCD Sch58 jusw

Schoenberg, Arnold.  Piano works, opp.11, 19, 23, 25, 33a/b.  [K. Wolpe]  Symposium 1107  9600012492 precat

Schola Cantorum Copenhagen.  Motets by Victoria and Josquin des Prez.  [Lewkovitch]  Danacord DACOCD 390  
	PhonCD Sch6393 mo

Schubert, Franz.  Sch”ne Mllerin.  [Bostridge, Johnson; Fischer-Dieskau, reader]  (Hyperion Schubert 
	edition, 25)  Hyperion CDJ33025  PhonCD Sch78 song v.25

Schubert, Franz.  [Songs. Selections] A Goethe Schubertiad.  [Sch„fer, Ainsley, Keenlyside, George, 
	London Schubert Chorale, Layton, Johnson]  (Hyperion Schubert edition, 24)  Hyperion CDJ33024  
	10766628 precat

Schumann, Robert.  Bunte Bl„tter; Blumenstck.  With Brahms, Variations on a theme by Schumann.  
	[Lortie]  Chandos CHAN 9289  PhonCD Sch86 bun

Sierra, Roberto.  Piezas caracter”sticas; Ritmorroto; Tres fantas”as; Cinco bocetos; Con tres.  
	[Helmers, et al.]  CRI CD 725  PhonCD Si17 pieca

Silva, Chelo.  Chelo Silva, La Reina Tejana del Bolero.  (Tejano roots)  Arhoolie CD 423  
	PhonCD F Am35 US329 M574 Si38 rei

Silver, Sheila.  To the spirit unconquered; Six preludes, piano; Dynamis; Dance converging.  
	[Guild Trio, Kalish, Purvis, et al.]  CRI CD 708  PhonCD Sil38 tosp

Sims, Zoot.  The rare Dawn sessions.  Biograph BCD 131  PHonCD J Si58 rard

Society of Composers, Inc.  "Intimate thoughts..." [compositions by] Constantinides, Lauer, Eastman, 
	de Marez Oyens, Cacioppo. (SCI CD no.8)  Capstone CPS-8632  PhonCD Sci1 no.8

Sondheim, Stephen.  Company.  [1996 London cast]  RCA Victor 09026-68589-2  9700005113 precat

Sondheim, Stephen.  A funny thing happened on the way to the forum.  [1996 Broadway cast]  
	Broadway Angel 7243 8 52223 2 0  PhonCD So57.5 fun

Spies, Claudio.  [Selections] Music of Claudio Spies: Dylan Thomas' Lament and a complementary Envoi; 
	Insieme; Beisammen; Impromputu for piano; etc.  [Various performers, Spies]  CRI CD 718  
	PhonCD Sp44 sel

Squashbox: le concertina Zoulou et Sotho en Afrique de Sud 1930-1965.  Silex Memoire Y225107 
	PhonCD F Af83 Z84 b

Stalling, Carl.  The Carl Stalling Project, volume 2: more music from Warner Bros. cartoons 1937-1957.  
	Warner Bros. 9 45430-2  PhonCD Sta18 mpmu v.2

Stravinsky, Igor.  Igor Stravinsky edition. 
	1: Ballets, vol.1: Firebird; Scherzo … la russe; Scherzo fantastique; Fireworks; Petrushka; 
	Rite of spring; The wedding; Renard the Fox; The soldier's tale.  Sony Classical SM3K 46291  
	PhonCD Str82.8 bal v.1

	2: Ballets, vol.2: Apollo; Agon; Card game; ScŠnes de ballet; Bluebird; The fairy's kiss; 
	Pulcinella; Orpheus.  Sony Classical SM3K 46292  PhonCD Str82.8 bal v.2

	3: Ballet suites: Petrushka, Pulcinella, Firebird.   Sony Classical SMK 46293  PhonCD Str82.8 bal sel

	4: Symphonies, rehearsals, and talks: Symphony in Eb; Symphony in 3 movements; Symphony in C; 
	Symphony of psalms. Sony Classical SM2K 46294  PhonCD Str82.8 sel b

	5: Concertos: Concerto for piano and wind instruments; Movements for piano and orchestra; 
	Capriccio for piano and orchestra; Concerto in D for violin and orchestra.  Sony Classical SMK 46295  
	PhonCD Str82.8 co sel

	6: Miniature masterpieces: Greeting prelude; Suites 1-2 for small orchestra; Circus polka; 
	8 instrumental miniatures; etc. Sony Classical SMK 46296  PhonCD Str82.8 orcmu

	7: Chamber music & historical recordings: Preludium for jazz ensemble; Concertino for 12 
	instruments; Octet; Ragtime; Tango; Septet; Pastorale; Ebony concerto; Duo concertante; etc.  
	Sony Classical SM2K 46297  PhonCD Str82.8 instmu b

	8: Operas: The nightingale; Mavra; 35 songs.  Sony Classical SM2K 46298  PhonCD Str82.8 vocmu

	9: The rake's progress.  Sony Classical SM2K 46299  PhonCD Str82.8 rak

	10: Oratorio-melodrama: Oedipus Rex; The flood; Pers‚phone; Ode; Monumentum pro Gesualdo.  
	Sony Classical SM2K 46300 PhonCD Str82.8 sel c

	11: Sacred works: Chorale-variations; Cantata; Mass; Canticum sacrum; Threni; etc.  
	Sony Classical SM2K 46301  PhonCD Str82.8 chomu

	12: Robert Craft conducts, under the supervision of Igor Stravinsky: Song of the nightingale; 
	Danses concertantes; Epitaphium; Double canon; Abraham and Isaac; Variations; Requiem canticles.  
	Sony Classical SMK 46302 PhonCD Str82.8 sel d

String instruments of Vietnam.  [Members of the faculty of Hanoi University of Music]  King KICC 5121  
	PhonCD F As41 V678

Surinach, Carlos.  [Selections] Ritmo jondo; Trois chansons et danses Espagnoles; Tres cantos Bereberes; 
	Hollywood Carnival; etc. [Bronx Arts Ensemble]  New World 80505-2  PhonCD Sur77 sel

Tan, Dun.  [Orchestra music. Selections] On Taoism; Orchestral theatre I; Death and fire - dialogue with 
	Paul Klee.  [Dun, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra]  Koch Schwann 3-1298-2  PhonCD T152.8 orcmu

Tan, Dun.  Paper music, from The Pink, a paper ritual in sound and dance.  [Tan, City Contemporary 
	Dance Company, et al.]  Parnassus CD 81801  10796295 precat

Taylor, David.  David Taylor, bass trombone: Frederic Rzewski, David Liebman, Eric Ewazen, Lucia 
	Dlugoszewski.  New World 80494-2  PhonCD T213 davtb

Thump Piano Duo.  Thumpmusic: works by Paul Marquardt, Eric Lyon, Eric Richards, Robert Constable, 
	Paul Paccione, Drew Krause. Frog Peak Music FP003  PhonCD T423 thumu

Tillis, Frederick.  [Selections] Freedom; Motherless child; Spiritual fantasies nos.9, 12; Beyond 
	shades of doubt; etc.  [Tillis, Lark String Quartet, Univ. of Mass. Chorale, Stark, Shank]  
	New World 80455-2  PhonCD T466 fre

Topaz jazz.  Topaz TPZ 1031-5
	The great bands: Morton, Armstrong, Oliver, Hines, Henderson, Dorsey, Herman, et al.  10796297 precat
	Top soloists: Beiderbecke, Goodman, Hampton, Tatum, Young, Parker, Gillespie, et al.  10796298 precat
	The great vocalists: Smith, Crosby, Fitzgerald, Holiday, Calloway, Eckstine, et al.  10796299 precat
	Legendary sidemen: Venuti, Ellington, Bechet, Ladnier, Bigard, Condon, Wells, et al.  10796301 precat
	Memorable recordings: Steamboat Stomp, Jazz Me Blues, Toby, Maple Leaf Rag, I Got Rhythm, etc. 
		10796300 precat

Toral, Rafael.  The complete No Noise Reduction / Rafael Toral, Paulo Feliciano.  Moneyland Record$ MR$ 0495  
	108000678 precat

Tremè Brass Band.  Gimme my money back.  Arhoolie CD 417  PhonCD J T721 gim

Turkish military band music of Ottoman Empire.  [Military Band of the Old Turkish Army]  King KICC 5101  
	PhonCD F As41 T847 a

Ung, Chinary.  Grand spiral; Spiral II; Khse Buon, for viola; Mohori; Khse Buon, for cello; Tall wind.  
	[Various performers]  CRI CD 710  PhonCD Un27 gras 

Unknown Public. 
	No.5: Voicebox: Pook, Blegvad, Chandra, Machover, Wynne, Boucherat, Pitts, Octavia, Wilkinson, 
		Cowie, Runswick, Bryars, Bley, et al.  Unknown Public UPCD 05 (disc and booklet)  
		10762304 precat
	No.7: The Netherlands Connection: Poysden, Ball/Blonk, Rose, Uitti, van Keulen, Henneman, Dykstra, 
		Altena, Boddendijk, Ayres, et al.  Unknown Public UPCD 07 (disc and booklet)  10796296 precat

Van Vactor, David.  [Orchestra music. Selections] Symphony no.1; Recitativo and Salterello; Symphony no.3; 
	Sinfonia breve.  [Frankfurt Radio Symphony, Hessian Radio Symphony, Van Vactor]  CRI CD 702  
	PhonCD V373 orcmu

Vivaldi, Antonio.  La Stravaganza, op.4.  [Huggett, Hogwood, Academy of Ancient Music]  Oiseau 417 502-2 OH2  
	PhonCD V836 stra

Voices of forgotten worlds: traditional music of indigenous people / music compiled by Brooke Wentz.  
	Ellipsis Arts CD 3252A/B (2 discs and booklet)  PhonCD F Int8 V87 for

Water music of South India.  [S.G. & S.D. Anayampatti]  Master Recording Co. KDI 042  
	PhonCD F As41 In2 An16 wat

Westergaard, Peter.  [Selections] Chamber and vocal works: Mr. & Mrs. Discobbolos; Divertimento on 
	Discobbolic fragments; Ariel music.  [Sollberger, Wuorinen, et al.]  CRI CD 696  PhonCD W524 sel

Wigglesworth, Frank.  [Selections] The music of Frank Wigglesworth: Symphony no.1; Twin songs, for Baroque 
	flute; A short Mass; Summer music, for bass clarinet; Lake music, for solo flute; Trillium, for 
	flute and violin; Psalm 148.  [Vienna Orchestra, Adler; Choir of the Church of Saint Luke in the 
	Fields; Bolotowsky, Ziporyn, Baron, O'Connor, Lim et al.]  CRI CD 733  PhonCD W639 sel

Williams, Big Joe.  Mississippi's Big Joe Williams and his nine-string guitar.  Smithsonian/Folkways 
	SF CD 40052  PhonCD F Am35 US329 B625 W67 mis

Wuorinen, Charles.  [Chamber music. Selections] Horn trio; Horn trio continued; Trio for brass instruments; 
	Trio for violin, cello & piano; Double solo for horn trio; Trombone trio.  [Group for Contemporary 
	Music]  Koch International 3-7123-2  PhonCD W962 chamu

Wuorinen, Charles.  [Instrumental music. Selections] The winds; Duo for violin and piano; Bassoon variations. 
	[Wuorinen, et al.] New World 80517-2  PhonCD W962 insmu a

Wynton Marsalis Septet.  In this house, on this morning.  Columbia C2K 53220  PhonCD J M35 inth

Yoruba drums from Benin, West Africa.  (The world's musical traditions, 8)  Smithsonian/Folkways CD 
	SF 40440  9600008760 precat

Yoruba women of the drum.  Original Music OMCD 036  PhonCD F Af83 N561 yowo

Young, La Monte.  [Young's Dorian blues in G] Just Stompin': live at The Kitchen, 93 I 14.  
	[The Forever Bad Blues Band]  Gramavision R2 79487  PhonCD Y85 yodorg