Highlights of Recent Acquisitions: Books

Abel, Sam.  Opera in the flesh: sexuality in operatic performance.  ML1700.A24 1996

Agawu, Kofi.  African rhythm: a northern Ewe perspective.  ML3760.7.G4.A3 1995  [book and CD]

Badger, Reid.  A life in ragtime: a biography of James Reese Europe.  ML422.E87.B2 1995

Bartok and his world / edited by Peter Laki.  ML410.B292.B272 1995

Burden, Michael.  Purcell remembered.  ML410.P985.B87 1995

Burkholder, J. Peter.  All made of tunes: Charles Ives and the uses of musical borrowing.
	ML410.I95.B87 1995

Burnham, Scott.  Beethoven hero.  ML410.B415.B84 1995

Cage, John.  Composition in retrospect.  PS3553.A32.C6 1993

The Cambridge companion to the clarinet / edited by Colin Lawson.  (Cambridge companions
	to music)  ML945.C36 1995

Cameron, Catherine M.  Dialectics in the arts: the rise of experimentation in American music.
	ML3845.C36 1996

Carter, Elliott.  Elliott Carter: collected essays and lectures, 1937-1995 / edited by Jonathan
	W. Bernard. (Eastman studies in music)  ML197.C3425 1997

Celluloid jukebox: popular music and the movies since the 50s / edited by Jonathan Romney and 
	Adrian Wootton.  ML2075.C45 1995

Chadabe, Joel.  Electric sound: the past and promise of electronic music.  ML1380.C43 1997

Charles Ives and the Classical tradition / edited by Geoffrey Block and J. Peter Burkholder.  
	ML410.I95.C35 1996

Cope, David.  Experiments in musical intelligence.  (Computer music and digital audio series, 12)
	MT56.C67 1996 [book and CD-ROM]

Courtney, David R.  Fundamentals of tabla.  2nd edition.  MT664.C68 1995

Davis, Francis.  Bebop and nothingness: jazz and pop at the end of the century.  ML934.D36 1996

Deffaa, Chip.  Blue rhythms: six lives in rhythm and blues.  ML400.D4 1996

DeLio, Thomas.  The music of Morton Feldman.  (Contributions to the study of music and dance, 36)
	(Profiles of American composers)  ML410.F2957.M87 1996

DeVenney, David.  Source readings in American choral music. (Monographs and bibliographies in
	American music, 15)  ML1511.D48 1995

Driggs, Frank.  Black beauty, white heat: a pictorial history of classic jazz, 1920-1950 / 
	by Frank Driggs & Harris Lewine.  ML3506.D74 1995

Duchen, Jessica.  Erich Wolfgang Korngold.  (20th-century composers)  ML410.K7356.D8 1996

Duckworth, William.  Talking music: conversations with John Cage, Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson,
	and five generations of American experimental composers.  ML390.D79 1995

Eargle, John M.  Music, sound, and technology.  2nd edition.  ML3805.E2 1995

En travesti: women, gender subversion, opera / edited by Corinne E. Blackmer and Patricia Juliana
	Smith.  ML2100.E6 1995

Erlmann, Veit.  Nightsong: performance, power, and practice in South Africa.  (Chicago studies
	in ethnomusicology)  ML3760.E76 1996

Fleurant, GerdŠs.  Dancing spirits: rhythms and rituals of Haitian Vodun, the Rada rite. 
	(Contributions to the study of music and dance, 42)  ML3197.F54 1996

Forte, Allen.  The American popular ballad of the golden era, 1924-1950.  ML3477.F67 1995

Friedlander, Paul.  Rock and roll: a social history.  ML3534.F74 1996

Furia, Philip.  Ira Gershwin: the art of the lyricist.  ML423.G334.F87 1996

Gabbard, Krin.  Jammin' at the margins: jazz and the American cinema.  ML2075.G33 1996

Gann, Kyle.  The music of Conlon Nancarrow.  (Music in the twentieth century)  MT92.N36.G36 1995

German Lieder in the nineteenth century / edited by Rufus Hallmark.  (Studies in musical genres 
	and repertories)  ML2829.4.G47 1996

Gilbert and Sullivan: interviews and recollections / edited by Harold Orel.  ML410.S949.G55 1994

Gilbert, Steven E.  The music of Gershwin.  (Composers of the twentieth century)  
	ML410.G381.G55 1995

Godwin, Joscelyn.  Music and the occult: French musical philosophies, 1750-1950.  
	ML3800.G57213 1995

Gordon, Stewart.  A history of keyboard literature: music for the piano and its forerunners.  
	ML700.G65 1996

Gourse, Leslie.  Madame Jazz: contemporary women instrumentalists.  ML82.G69 1995

Gradenwitz, Peter.  The music of Israel from the Biblical era to modern times.  2nd edition.  
	ML345.I5.G73 1996

Gurley, Ted.  Plug in: the guide to music on the net.  ML74.7.G87 1996 [book and CD-ROM]

Handy, D. Antoinette.  Black conductors.  ML402.H36 1995

Heffley, Mike.  The music of Anthony Braxton.  (Contributions to the study of music and dance, 43)
	(Profiles of American composers)  ML410.B834.H44 1996

Hildegard, Saint.  Hildegard von Bingen's Mystical visions; translated by Bruce Hozeski from
	Hildegard's Scivias.  BV5080.H5413 1995

Hindemith, Paul.  Selected letters of Paul Hindemith / edited and translated by Geoffrey Skelton.
	ML410.H685.A4 1995

Jablonski, Edward.  Alan Jay Lerner: a biography.  ML423.L3.J3 1996

Jablonski, Edward.  Harold Arlen: rhythm, rainbows, and blues.  ML410.A76.J33 1996

Jacobson, Bernard.  A Polish Renaissance.  (20th-century composers)  ML390.J19 1996

Jazz as a cultural archive / edited by Jim Merod.  (Boundary 2, vol.22 no.2, Summer 1995)  
	ML395.J38 1995

Jones, Stephen.  Folk music of China: living instrumental traditions.  ML3746.J66 1995

Jungleib, Stanley.  General MIDI.  (Computer music and digital audio series, 11)  
	MT723.J86 1995 [book and computer diskette]

Kallberg, Jeffrey.  Chopin at the boundaries: sex, history, and musical genre.	
	ML410.C549.K16 1996

Kemp, Anthony E.  The musical temperament: psychology and personality of musicians.  
	ML3838.K46 1996

Kinderman, William.  Beethoven.  ML410.B415.K56 1995

Kirby, F.E.  Music for piano: a short history.  ML700.K45 1995

Kopelson, Kevin.  Beethoven's kiss: pianism, perversion, and the mastery of desire.  
	ML700.K56 1996

Kostelanetz, Richard.  John Cage (ex)plain(ed).  ML410.C131.K73 1996

Kraft, James P.  Stage to studio: musicians and the sound revolution, 1890-1950.  (Studies in 
	industry and society)  ML3795.K82 1996

Kunst, Jaap.  Indonesian music and dance: traditional music and its interaction with the West; 
	a compilation of articles (1934-1952)...  ML345.I5.K86 1994

Lees, Gene.  Leader of the band: the life of Woody Herman.  ML419.H45.L4 1995

Levin, Theodore.  The hundred thousand fools of God: musical travels in Central Asia (and Queens,
	New York).  ML3758.A783.L48 1996 [book and CD]

Lieberman, Richard K.  Steinway & Sons.  ML424.S76.L54 1995

McCalla, James.  Twentieth-century chamber music.  (Studies in musical genres and repertories)  
	ML1106.M33 1996

Maggin, Donald L.  Stan Getz: a life in jazz.  ML419.G48.M34 1996 [see also compact disc, listed 

Manuel, Peter.  Caribbean currents: Caribbean music from rumba to reggae.  ML3565.M36 1995

Martin, Henry.  Charlie Parker and thematic improvisation.  (Studies in jazz, 24)  
	ML419.P4.M37 1996

Messing, Scott.  Neoclassicism in music: from the genesis of the concept through the 
	Schoenberg/Stravinsky polemic.  ML3877.M48 1996

The Miles Davis companion: four decades of commentary / edited by Gary Carner.  ML419.D39.M75 1996

Millard, Andre.  America on record: a history of recorded sound.  ML1055.M47 1995

Miller, Richard.  On the art of singing.  MT820.M599 1996

Miller, Scott.  From Assassins to West Side Story: the director's guide to musical theatre.  
	MT955.M595 1996

Mitchell, Tony.  Popular music and local identity: rock, pop and rap in Europe and Oceania.  
	ML3470.M57 1996

Musical beginnings: origins and development of musical competence / edited by Irene Deliege and 
	John Sloboda.  ML3838.M95 1996

The Nielsen companion / edited by Mina Miller.  ML410.N625.N53 1995

O'Brien, Karen.  Hymn to her: women musicians talk.  ML82.O27 1995

Oliphant, Dave.  Texan jazz.  ML3508.7.T4.O45 1996

Opera and the enlightenment / edited by Thomas Bauman and Marita Petzoldt McClymonds.  
	ML1720.3.O64 1995

Orr, N. Lee.  Alfredo Barili and the rise of classical music in Atlanta.  ML200.8.A85.O77 1995

Panya Roongruang.  Dontree Thai pragawb siang = Thai music in sound.  
	ML345.T5.P36 1990 [2 booklets, 3 cassettes]

Porter, Cecelia Hopkins.  The Rhine as a musical metaphor: cultural identity in German romantic
	music.  ML1629.4.P67 1996

Porterfield, Nolan.  Last cavalier: the life and times of John A. Lomax, 1867-1948.  (Folklore 
	and society)  ML423.L635.P67 1996

Potter, Russell A.  Spectacular vernaculars: Hip-Hop and the politics of Postmodernism.  
	ML3531.P68 1995

Poultney, David.  Studying music history: learning, reasoning, and writing about music history 
	and literature.  ML161.P8 1996

The practice of performance: studies in musical interpretation / edited by John Rink.  
	ML457.P72 1995

Price, Lew Paxton.  Secrets of the flute: the physics, math, and design of non-mechanical folk 
	flutes.  2nd edition.  ML936.P75 1994

Purcell studies / edited by Curtis Price.  ML410.P985.P87 1995

Rich, Alan.  American pioneers: Ives to Cage and beyond.  ML390.R42 1995

Roads, Curtis.  The computer music tutorial.  MT56.R6 1995

Roberts, Paul.  Images: the piano music of Claude Debussy.  ML410.D289.R56 1996

Roberts, Robin.  Ladies first: women in music videos.  ML82.R63 1996 (also see video section)

Rothstein, Edward.  Emblems of mind: the inner life of music and musicians.  ML3800.R62 1995

The Salon album of Vera Sudeikin-Stravinsky / edited and translated by John E. Bowlt.  
	ML63.S14 1995

Schebera, Jrgen.  Kurt Weill: an illustrated life.  Translated by Caroline Murphy.  
	ML410.W422.S3513 1995 

Schwarz, K. Robert.  Minimalists.  ML390.S3976 1996

The second practice of nineteenth-century tonality / edited by William Kinderman and Harald Krebs.  ML3811.S43 1996

Self, Geoffrey.  The Hiawatha man: the life and work of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor.  
	ML410.C74.S45 1995

Sherman, Russell.  Piano pieces.  ML60.S5178 1996

Singing early music: the pronunciation of European languages in the late Middle Ages and 
	Renaissance / edited by Timothy J. McGee [et al.]  MT883.S56 1996 [book and CD]

Somfai, L szl¢.  B‚la Bart¢k: composition, concepts, and autograph sources.  
	(Ernest Bloch lectures, 9) ML410.B292.S59 1996

Somfai, L szl¢.  The keyboard sonatas of Joseph Haydn: instruments and performance 
	practice, genres and styles.  ML410.H415.S6713 1995

Stone, Desmond.  Alec Wilder in spite of himself: a life of the composer.  ML410.W6975.S76 1996

Subotnick, Rose Rosengard.  Deconstructive variations: music and reason in Western society.  
	ML3800.S898 1996

Swafford, Jan.  Charles Ives: a life with music.  ML410.I95.S93 1996

Taruskin, Richard.  Stravinsky and the Russian traditions: a biography of the works through Mavra.
	ML410.S9128.T38 1996 v.1-2

Taruskin, Richard.  Text and act: essays on music and performance.  ML457.T37 1995

Tillard, Fran‡oise.  Fanny Mendelssohn.  ML410.H482.T513 1996

Touma, Habib.  The music of the Arabs.  ML348.T6913 1996 [book and CD]

Tromlitz, Johann George.  The keyed flute.  Translated by Ardal Powell.  (Early music series, 17)
	MT342.T7313 1996

Williams, David Brian.  Experiencing music technology: software, data, and hardware / David Brian
	Williams and Peter Richard Webster.  ML74.W55 1996 [book and CD-ROM]

Woideck, Carl.  Charlie Parker: his music and life.  ML419.P4.W65 1996

Worlds of music: an introduction to the music of the world's peoples / Jeff Todd Titon, general 
	editor.  3rd edition.  ML3545.W676 1996 [book and 3-CD set]

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