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Spring 2011
Newsletter of the Lewis Music Library,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology



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In a multiyear project completed in 2008, the MIT Symphony Orchestra (MITSO) alumni generously funded the reformatting of MITSO concerts from tape recordings to CDs. These 72 concerts, under the direction of David Epstein, date from the 1960s into the early 1990s. The MIT community can listen to these recordings in the library or check them out.

Now the library provides even broader access so that listeners around the world can enjoy these concerts. Many of these MITSO audio recordings are available online through MIT TechTV. The repertoire includes pieces composed before 1923 due to copyright law. Access to so many wonderful performances will make MITSO music lovers rejoice!

Cate Gallivan, Lewis Music Library Reserves Assistant, and Kris Brewer, TechTV Webmaster & Community Liaison, implemented this project. Find the audio files by searching "MITSO" on MIT TechTV.

Upcoming Concerts in the Library

9th Annual Prokopoff Concert: Friday, April 8, 1 pm

Don’t have tickets to Opening Day at Fenway? Join us at the library on April 8th instead! The 9th annual Prokopoff violin music concert will be held in the Lewis Music Library from 1:00-2:00 pm on that day. MIT students will perform music chosen from the more than 2,000 violin scores given to the library in 2001 by Stephen Prokopoff’s widow Lois Craig, former Associate Dean of MIT’s School of Architecture and Planning. Director of Libraries Ann Wolpert will toss out the opening pitch and introduce the starting lineup. Play music!

Sonorous Currents, Live Electronics Performance: Wednesday, May 4, 4 pm

Students from Visiting Assistant Professor Christopher T. Ariza’s Music and Technology class will share their compositions in the library from 4:00-5:00 pm on Wednesday, May 4, 2011. Hear new works for live electronics with laptops, iPhones, circuits, and more.

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WorldCat BLC and Borrow Direct

The MIT Libraries are expanding shared agreements with other libraries. On MIT’s WorldCat you can simultaneously search library catalogs of all the Boston Library Consortium member libraries. If the MIT Libraries do not own the book or our copy is not available, you may request the item in MIT’s WorldCat. The item will usually be available within 3 business days.

The MIT libraries have also joined the libraries of Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Yale University and Harvard University in the Borrow Direct Library Partnership. Borrow Direct, an expedited delivery system for sharing materials between participating libraries, allows faculty, students and staff members to request circulating materials directly from the library where they are held. Once the service is implemented later this year, the MIT community will have ready access to some impressive music library collections. See MIT's WorldCat FAQ for more details.

That Covers It!

The library received an antiphonal cover measuring nearly 30” long! This bookbinding once held over one hundred sheets of vellum music pages from which a choir would sing mass. Constance Kantar, daughter of MIT graduate Samuel Glaser '25, donated this cover to the MIT Libraries.

It is most unusual for the covers to survive because the illuminated pages are typically removed and exhibited as works of art. In this case, the binding was saved along with the table of contents and several pages of music. Michael Cuthbert, Assistant Professor of Music, will help date the binding and use it in his teaching. The item is also an example of the bookbinding craft.

To provide the support needed for the parchment pages, the binding is made of planks of wood, covered with pieces of leather, stitched together, with metal bosses and corners.


Antiphonal Cover. Photo: Nancy Schrock

MIT Libraries Conservator Nancy Schrock will design a sturdy box to house the binding along with documentation that describes how the binding was made.

Codex 121 Einsiedeln

Richard J. Breed '73 provided funding for the purchase of the Codex 121 Einsiedeln facsimile. This beautiful publication will enhance early music teaching at MIT.


Codex 121 Einsiedeln

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Oral History Update

Forrest Larson conducted the first video interview for the Music at MIT Oral History Project on September 22, 2010 with Samuel Jay Keyser, MIT Professor Emeritus (Department of Linguistics and Philosophy), trombonist, and poet. The video links to an interactive transcript that is searchable by keywords. In December, Professor Keyser returned for two more interviews. In these interviews, he spoke about the relationship between music and language, trombone performance, and noted trumpeter/band leader Everett Longstreth (MIT Concert Jazz band director for over 20 years). Professor Keyser discussed jazz trombone technique and played two short pieces. He also spoke about writing poetry, and he read some of his own works.

The September video interview is posted on the Music at MIT Oral History Project web site.

Kinney Gifts

Lionel Kinney '53 and Vilma Kinney made two significant gifts to the library recently. The Music at MIT Oral History Project was extended with a new three-year pledge. This is exciting news, especially since there are some extraordinary video interviews being planned for the future.

The Kinneys also contributed a generous gift to support the library’s music score collection. The Lionel (1953) and Vilma Kinney Music Score Acquisition Fund will obtain new editions of the standard repertoire as well as compositions not previously held by the library. The many performers that use our library will be delighted to find the finest editions of music available for their use. Thanks to the Kinneys for their continued generosity and vision in helping to expand the library’s services and collections.

New Digital Piano

The library’s mezzanine level features a digital piano for playing through scores or working on music composition and theory assignments. Music faculty members sometimes move this piano into the library’s conference room for music instruction. Because it receives so much use, the piano needed to be replaced. Thanks to the generosity of Morton Grosser '53, the library obtained a new digital piano this semester. We know that our users will enjoy this Roland FP7 digital piano for many years to come.

roland piano

Roland FP7. Photo: Cate Gallivan

Bad Jokes

Q. Why did the violist keep getting thrown out of the orchestra?
A. Because he was always getting into treble.

Q. What is the difference between a Wagnerian soprano and an All-Pro offensive lineman?
A. Stage makeup.

Q. How do you make a French horn sound like a trombone?
A. Take your hand out of the bell and play all the wrong notes.

Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and, instead of bleeding, he sings.

Thanks to our readers for suggesting some jokes for this issue!

Recent Additions

New editions of composers’ complete works:

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1710-1784). Gesammelte Werke.
M3.B121 2009

Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924). Œuvres complètes.
M3.F332 2010

See lists of the newest music books, scores, CDs, and DVDs:
Recent Additions to the Collections

Get the lists as email:

iPad 2 News Flash!

The Lewis Music Library now has a Wi-Fi iPad 2 for circulation to MIT faculty, students and staff. This purchase was made possible by the Class of 1982 Music Library Fund.

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Donations (November 2010 - February 2011)

Donations to the library help us grow in so many ways. The Lewis Music Library is grateful for the generosity of our donors:

Louis Alexander, Christopher E. Bachmann, Richard J. Breed, Robert C. Briselli, Yuan Cheng, Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Durand, Tracy A. Embree, Morton Grosser, Giselle G. Hamad, Charles J. Hrbek, Jennifer A. Lloyd, MJ Miller, Rita Moerschel, Mollusca Fund, Jeffrey A. Morrow, Gerald Nykolak, Joe Pacheco, Mr. and Mrs. James C. McNaughton, Jocelyn Nee and Chien-Ning Yu, Susan M. Park, Mr. and Mrs. John S. Parker, Paul C. Paternoster, Frances O. Roberts and Michael T. Wolf, Frank J. Stefanov-Wagner, Richard C. Stone III, Barbara A. Swanson, Peter J. Wender.

Donations to the Michael D. Good (1979) and JoAnn P. Close (1982) Music Library Fund:
Michael D. Good and JoAnn P. Close.

Donations to the Lionel Kinney (1953) Music Oral History Fund:
Lionel L. and Vilma Kinney.

Donations to the Lionel (1953) and Vilma Kinney Music Score Acquisition Fund:
Lionel L. and Vilma Kinney.

Donations to the John N. Pierce (1954) Memorial Fund:
Kelly M. Clifford, Thomas G. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Steven Richman.

Donations to the Class of 1982 Music Library Fund:
Andreas S. Bommarius, Christina Millot, Marie-Louise A. Murville, Cynthia Hale Nicholson, Rhonda E. Peck, Peter T. Rogers, Jeffrey B. Sakaguchi, Linda A. Sigman, Mitchell Tasman, Glenn E. Taylor, Jason Weller.

Gifts in Kind:
Nicholas Altenbernd, Morton Grosser, Kevin Harris, William L. Hays, Constance Kantar, Lowell Lindgren, George Ruckert, United States Marine Corps.

Many Thanks!
If we have inadvertently omitted your name from this list, please contact us!


Telephone For Me

Telephone For Me, 1914
[Inventions of Note Sheet Music Collection]

Library Tours Available

Library tours are available to alumni/ae visiting the campus. Contact Peter Munstedt who will be happy to show you the library’s facilities and collections. If you have not visited the library since its renovation in 1996, you will be surprised to see the library’s transformation.

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Make a Donation: To support the Lewis Music Library, please contact the Lewis Music Librarian, Peter Munstedt (617-253-5636, or donate online at (in "Gift Details" indicate fund number 2779800 to specify that your donation should go to the Lewis Music Library, or 3901400 for the Class of 1982 Music Library Fund).


Lewis Music Library
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307


Cate Gallivan, Reserves Assistant

Forrest Larson, Access Services/Oral History Project Associate

Christie Moore, Collections Support Associate

Peter Munstedt, Music Librarian


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