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Spring 2007
Newsletter of the Lewis Music Library,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology



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10th Anniversary Celebration

A celebration was held Wednesday afternoon, November 15 to mark the 10th anniversary of the Lewis Music Library’s 1996 renovation. The well-attended event featured refreshments, music, comments by Ann Wolpert (Director of the MIT Libraries), and a raffle for an iPod nano. The John Harbison canon Veni Creator Spiritus, on the library’s mezzanine railing, was sung by tenor William Cutter (Director of Choral Programs & Lecturer in Music) and baritone Daniel Cunningham (’07). A performance of Early Hungarian Dances of the 17th Century by Ferenc Farkas was given by Lori Huberman (’07), flute; Paul Ragaller (G), oboe; Daryush Mehta (G), clarinet; Ian Smith (’07), French horn; and Jeff Easley (’08), bassoon.

The winner of the iPod raffle was Evan Lampe (’10). Congratulations, Evan! More than half of the 95 raffle entries included comments about the library. Here are some samples:

  • I love the music library! I come here all the time.
  • Great for studying and listening to music!
  • My favorite place to study!
  • It is awesome!!
  • It rocks!

To highlight the past ten years, the library compiled lists of the Top Ten most-circulated CDs (pdf) and scores (pdf) since 1996.

Kinney Gift Expands Oral History Project

Thanks to a major donation from the library's good friend Lionel Kinney '53, the Music at MIT Oral History Project will be greatly expanded for the next five years. This generous gift has allowed Forrest Larson to devote half his time to oral history. Forrest will be conducting five in-depth interviews per year with faculty, alumni/ae, and students who had significant roles in the musical history of MIT. Recordings of these interviews will be available for listening in the library along with written transcripts. For a list of the individuals interviewed to date, see the oral history web page.

Cate Gallivan Joins Staff

Cate Gallivan has joined the Lewis Music Library staff in the part-time capacity of Reserves Assistant. Cate is no stranger to the MIT Libraries, having worked in the Dewey Library from 1999-2001. Her musical background includes study at the Berklee College of Music and piano study at the New England Conservatory of Music. She is a graduate of the Piano Technology Program of the North Bennett Street School and is currently a technician at M. Steinert & Sons.

Cate will be working in the library Mondays through Fridays from 8:30am to noon. Please stop by and say hello, and yes, please bring her your reserve requests!

Media Lab Installs Library Music

Library Music: Silence Into Sound, an exciting installation of immersive sonic experiences, took place in the Lewis Music Library from Tuesday, January 16 to January 19. Curated by Professor Tod Machover, Library Music explored the relationship between space, movement, touch and sound. Installations ranged from musical stairs to a tactile rainfall to a sonorous, robotic chandelier. Ten interactive music installations created by MIT Media Lab grad students were installed in the Lewis Music Library and were put into operation each afternoon from 3 to 5 pm. On Friday, January 19, the graduate students and Prof. Machover explained the concepts and technologies of their installations. The Lewis Music Library staff also shared some of the library’s hidden treasures. Several hundred people attended this event during the week.

Council for the Arts Visits Libraries

This past February, members of the Council for the Arts visited the MIT Libraries to hear what future projects are being planned. They viewed a presentation of digital projects for visual and audio library materials, visited the Institute Archives & Special Collections, and toured the E. Martin & Ethel Wunsch Conservation Laboratory in Preservation Services. The library tours concluded with a concert of 20th-century composers in the Lewis Music Library. MIT students once more demonstrated the remarkable level of musicianship present at MIT. Thanks to Thomas Carr '09 (piano), Jeffrey Easley '08 (bassoon), Sherman Jia '06 (violin), Matthew Roitstein '07 (flute), and Hsin-Bei Lee (piano) for taking time from their busy schedules to share their musical talents with Council for the Arts members.

New Acquisitions Lists Available via RSS Feed

Lists of the MIT Libraries' latest acquistions are now available online through various methods. Users can find out about new titles via the web, email, or by subscribing to our new RSS feeds! RSS provides automatic updates on a regular basis. Don’t know about RSS or how to use it? No problem; just visit the pages below:

The pages include help links (box at top left) to learn more about RSS or to get lists as email. Each title in the list is linked to its Barton record. New titles are updated weekly.

Tango Club Donates CDs and Performs at December Bookmobile

The MIT Tango Club recently made a donation of 89 compact discs to the Lewis Music Library. The gift includes historic performances by artists such as Angel d'Agostino, Rodolfo Biagi, Francisco Canaro, Juan d'Arienzo, Osvaldo Fresedo, Orquesta Tipica Victor, Osvaldo Pugliese, Enrique Rodríguez, Aníbal Troilo, and others.

In addition, members of the club came to the December 14 Humanities and Music Bookmobile in the Stata Center and demonstrated this beautiful and popular dance style.

These discs are currently on the shelves and ready to circulate. To find them, go to Barton's advanced search, set "Formats/Types:" to CDs, and search for the subject "Tangos" "Popular music -- Argentina" or "Underground dance music."

A grant from the Council for the Arts at MIT funded the purchase of 26 additional tango CDs. These recordings have been processed and are appearing on our shelves now.


Salsa Club Performs at March Bookmobile

In January 2007, the Lewis Music Library ordered approximately 20 CDs recommended by the MIT Salsa Club. These recordings have now arrived. They include music in the style of salsa, merengue and bachata. The MIT Salsa Club performed at the Humanities and Music Bookmobile on March 22nd in Lobby 10. The Lewis Music Library's salsa CDs were featured at this event, and a raffle was held for two salsa lessons with Chris Zebo, Salsa Club president.

Did you know...

The library now has a subscription to DRAM, the Database of Recorded American Music, which includes CD quality audio, liner notes and essays from the New World, Composers Recordings Inc. (CRI), and other important labels. Access DRAM through (MIT certificates required).


Dr. Richard Breed Donation

Dr. Richard Breed '73 (Course V), a former Music Library student assistant, has remembered the library by making a generous donation in memory of his mother, Mrs. Ruth Caryl Breed Licht. A lover of medieval and renaissance music, Dr. Breed has asked that the library purchase scores, books, and recordings of music from these historic periods. Such acquisitions will help the library fill many gaps and provide our users with a wealth of new materials to study and enjoy.

Dr. Breed visited the library in early February to see the renovated space and to meet with staff. We hope he will return to examine the early music materials purchased with his donation!

Read Our News Blog!

To keep up with the latest from the MIT Libraries, check out the news blog announcements at

To see just Lewis Music Library entries, either go to that page and click on "Music" in the News topics list, or start from the Lewis Music Library home page and click on the "News" link near the top. Recent blog entries include "Pick of the week" new CDs, salsa CDs, jazz CD sets, tango CDs, new database subscriptions, and library events.

Don't miss out on what's happening in the library!

Naxos Jazz

The library now subscribes to Naxos Jazz, one of the most comprehensive collections of jazz available online. It has approximately 20,000 tracks from over 1,900 albums, representing over 500 jazz artists.
Bookmarkable URL:

Donations (Oct. 2006-Feb. 2007)

Donations to the library help us grow in so many ways. The Lewis Music Library is grateful for the generosity of our donors:

Louis Alexander, Kaoru Aou, Sean M. Beckett, Dr. Richard J. Breed (in memory of Mrs. Caryl Breed Licht), Dr. Yuan Cheng, Carol Choi, Dr. Libby Cone, Tracy A. Embree, Dr. Sara P. Gaucher, Michael D. Good, Dr. Leon B. Groisser, Ananya Guha, William J. Hecht, Lionel L. Kinney, Maithilee Kunda, Mrs. John H. Lutz, Peter D. Matthews, MJ Miller, Mollusca Fund (in memory of Jennie Levey), Jocelyn Nee, Ngoc-Diep T. Nguyen, Gerald Nykolak, Paul C. Paternoster, Frances O. Roberts, Lt. Col. Peter T. Rogers, Dr. Robert Sprich (in memory of Richard L. Kaye), Peter J. Wender, Stephanie Wingfield.

Donations to the David M. Epstein Memorial Library Fund:
Dr. Alan J. Grodzinsky, Joannah L. Hinz.

Donations to the John N. Pierce Memorial Fund:
Kelly M. Clifford, Arnold S. Orange, Dr. Brian E. White.

Donations to the Class of 1982 Music Library Fund:
Dr. Andreas S. Bommarius, Amy Davidson Plummer, Dr. Clara Deser, Suzanne E. Hirschman, LIna Janavicius Morales, Cynthia Hale Nicholson, Joseph A. Post, Jeffrey B. Sakaguchi, Linda A. Sigman, Dr. Glenn E. Taylor, Jason Weller, Stephanie Wingfield.

Gifts in Kind:
Lois Craig, Bill Cutter, Nicholas C. Grant, Kate Gyllensvard, John Harbison, Paul A. Jensen, Kim Kenway, Lowell Lindgren, Martin Marks, MIT Tango Club, Carlos Prieto, Jeffrey Ravel, Joel Rodgers, U.S Marine Band, Andrea Wirth.

Many Thanks!
If we have inadvertently omitted your name from this list, please contact us.

Bad Jokes

Piano Tuner: I've come to tune the piano.
Music Teacher: But we didn't send for you.
Piano Tuner: No, but the people who live across the street did.

Q. What do pirates and trumpet players have in common?
A. They're both murder on the high C's.

Q. What's the correct key for the tightrope walker's waltz?
A. Either C sharp or B flat.

Library Tours and Instruction Available

The library has acquired several new electronic resources in recent years, such as the Naxos Music Library, Music Index, New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians Online, and DRAM (Database of Recorded American Music). If you would like information about these items as well as any new CDs, DVDs, and print (yes, print!) materials, please contact Peter Munstedt (email, phone 617-253-5636). Tours, class instruction, and one-on-one instruction are also available.

music notes

Special thanks to student assistant Augusta Dibbell '07 for her work on the layout and editing of "What's the Score?"

donation form
Printable (PDF) donation form


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Cate Gallivan, Reserves Assistant, (617) 253-7389

Forrest Larson, Oral History/Circulation Assistant, (617) 253-0982

Christie Moore, Collections & Processing Assistant, (617) 253-3974

Peter Munstedt, Music Librarian, (617) 253-5636


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