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Selected new acquisitions from our Spring 2006 newletter

Aaron Copland and his world / edited by Carol J. Oja and Judith Tick.
ML410.C756.A27 2005

Afterlife as afterimage: understanding posthumous fame / edited by Steve Jones and Joli Jensen.
ML3470.A36 2005

Akhtar, Javed. Talking songs: Javed Akhtar in conversation with Nasreen Munni Kabir and sixty selected songs; translated by Nasreen Munni Kabir.
ML2075.A45 2005

Algarotti, Francesco. An essay on the opera = Saggio sopra l'opera in musica; anonymous English translation 1768; edited with notes and introduction by Robin Burgess. (Studies in the history and interpretation of music, 120)
ML3858.A3913 2005

Analytical methods of electroacoustic music / edited by Mary Simoni.
ML1380.A53 2006 [book & DVD]

Apparitions: new perspectives on Adorno and twentieth century music / edited by Berthold Hoeckner. (Studies in contemporary music and culture)
ML3845.A66 2006

Applegate, Celia. Bach in Berlin: nation and culture in Mendelssohn's revival of the St. Matthew Passion.
ML410.B118.A7 2005

The art of the American musical: conversations with the creators / edited by Jackson R. Bryer and Richard A. Davison.
ML1711.A77 2005

Austerlitz, Paul. Jazz consciousness: music, race, and humanity. (Music/culture)
ML3918.J39.A97 2005

Bakhle, Janaki. Two men and music: nationalism in the making of an Indian classical tradition.
ML338.B23 2005

Barnet, Richard D. The story behind the song: 150 songs that chronicle the 20th century.
ML3477.B36 2004

Barnhart, Scotty. The world of jazz trumpet: a comprehensive history & practical philosophy.
ML399.B379 2005

Baskerville, David. Music business handbook and career guide. 8th ed.
ML3795.B33 2006

Beard, David. Musicology: the key concepts. (Routledge key guides)
ML3797.B35 2005

Berger, Anna Maria Busse. Medieval music and the art of memory.
ML172.B43 2005

Best, Curwen. Culture @ the cutting edge: tracking Caribbean popular music.
ML3486.A1.B37 2004

Blake, Eric Charles. Wars, dictators and the gramophone, 1898-1945.
ML1055.B65 2004

Blakeman, Edward. Taffanel: genius of the flute.
ML419.T14.B53 2005

Bohlman, Philip Vilas. The music of European nationalism: cultural identity and modern history. (ABC-CLIO world music series)
ML3580.B64 2004 [book & audio CD]

Bordowitz, Hank. Billy Joel: the life & times of an angry young man.
ML420.J72.B67 2005

Bradbury, David. Duke Ellington. (Life & times)
ML410.E46.B73 2005

Bramwell, Tony. Magical mystery tours: my life with the Beatles.
ML421.B4.B73 2005

Brend, Mark. Strange sounds: offbeat instruments and sonic experiments in pop.
ML1092.B74 2005 [book & audio CD]

Brener, Milton E. Richard Wagner and the Jews.
ML410.W1.B8 2006

Brookes, Tim. Guitar: an American life.
ML1015.G9.B753 2005

Brooks, Daphne. Grace. (33 1/3)
ML420.B85.B76 2005

Bruhn, Siglind. The musical order of the world: Kepler, Hesse, Hindemith. (Interplay, 4)
ML410.H685.B75 2005

Bruno, Franklin. Armed forces. (33 1/3)
ML420.C685.B78 2005

Burns, Mick. Keeping the beat on the street: the New Orleans brass band renaissance.
ML1311.8.N48.B87 2006

The Cambridge companion to Haydn / edited by Caryl Clark.
ML410.H415.C17 2005

The Cambridge companion to Liszt / edited by Kenneth Hamilton. (Cambridge companions to music)
ML410.L774.C25 2005

The Cambridge companion to the concerto / edited by Simon P. Keefe. (Cambridge companions to music)
ML1263.C36 2005

Carson, David. Grit, noise, and revolution: the birth of Detroit rock 'n' roll.
ML3534.C34 2005

Chafe, Eric Thomas. The tragic and the ecstatic: the musical revolution of Wagner's Tristan und Isolde.
ML410.W14.C43 2004

Chang, Peter M. Chou Wen-Chung: the life and work of a contemporary Chinese-born American composer. (Composers of North America, 25)
ML410.C5416.C43 2006

Chatterjee, Samir. A study of tabla: a comprehensive study with history, theory and compositions accompanied by an instructional DVD.
1365783 precat [book & DVD]

Cheney, Charise L. Brothers gonna work it out: sexual politics in the golden age of rap nationalism.
ML3918.R37.C54 2005

Christensen, Thomas Street. Rameau and musical thought in the Enlightenment. (Cambridge studies in music theory and analysis, 4)
ML410.R171.C5 2004

Clark, Mitchell. Sounds of the silk road: musical instruments of Asia.
ML525.C53 2005

Clark, Walter Aaron. Enrique Granados: poet of the piano.
ML410.G763.C53 2006

Clarke, Eric F. Ways of listening: an ecological approach to the perception of musical meaning.
ML3845.C494 2005

Cohen, Rich. The record men: the Chess Brothers and the birth of rock & roll.
ML405.C63 2005

Cohn, Nik. Triksta: life and death and New Orleans rap.
ML3531.C64 2005

Cole, George. The last Miles: the music of Miles Davis, 1980-1991. (Jazz perspectives)
ML419.D39.C64 2005

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Organ restoration reconsidered: proceedings of a colloquium / edited by John R. Watson. (Detroit monographs in musicology/Studies in music, 44)
ML549.9.O74 2005

Cooper, David. Bernard Herrmann's The ghost and Mrs. Muir: a film score guide. (Scarecrow film score guides, 5)
ML410.H562.C64 2005

Cooper, Kim. In the aeroplane over the sea. (33 1/3)
ML421.N44.C66 2005

Cope, David. Computer models of musical creativity.
MT41.C67 2005

Cox, Jim. Music radio: the great performers and programs of the 1920s through early 1960s.
ML68.C8 2005

Crist, Elizabeth Bergman. Music for the common man: Aaron Copland during the Depression and war.
ML410.C756.C75 2005

Critical minded: new approaches to hip hop studies / edited by Ellie M. Hisama and Evan Rapport. (I.S.A.M. monographs, 35)
ML3531.C75 2005

Crook, Larry. Brazilian music: northeastern traditions and the heartbeat of a modern nation. (ABC-CLIO world music series)
ML3487.B7.C76 2005 [book & audio CD]

Cross, Charles R. Room full of mirrors: a biography of Jimi Hendrix.
ML410.H476.C76 2005

Cullen, Jim. Born in the U.S.A.: Bruce Springsteen and the American tradition. (Music/culture)
ML420.S77.C85 2005

Davidson, Michael, pianist. The classical piano sonata: from Haydn to Prokofiev.
MT140.D28 2004

Davis, Erik. [Led Zeppelin IV] (33 1/3)
ML421.L4.D38 2005

Davis, Leith. Music, postcolonialism, and gender: the construction of Irish national identity, 1724-1874.
ML287.D38 2006

Dawson, Jim. Rock around the clock: the record that started the rock revolution!
ML3534.D378 2005

Dayme, Meribeth Bunch. The performer's voice: realizing your vocal potential.
MT820.B859 2005

Dettmar, Kevin J. H. Is rock dead?
ML3534.D48 2006

Dickerson, James. Go, girl, go!: the women's revolution in music.
ML82.D528 2005

Dickerson, James. Mojo triangle: birthplace of country, blues, jazz and rock 'n' roll.
ML3477.D53 2005

Donahue, Thomas. A guide to musical temperament.
ML3809.D66 2005

Donnelly, K. J. (Kevin J.) The spectre of sound: music in film and television.
ML2075.D66 2005

Doyle, Peter. Echo and reverb: fabricating space in popular music recording, 1900-1960. (Music/culture)
ML3470.D69 2005

Duckworth, William. Virtual music: how the Web got wired for sound.
ML74.7.D83 2005 [book & audio CD]

Elliott, Martha. Singing in style: a guide to vocal performance practices.
MT892.E45 2006

Ellis, Katharine. Interpreting the musical past: early music in nineteenth-century France.
ML270.4.E449 2005

Emerson, Isabelle Putnam. Five centuries of women singers. (Music reference collection, 88)
ML400.E38 2005

Ethnomusicology: a contemporary reader / edited by Jennifer C. Post.
ML3799.E79 2006

Fauser, Annegret. Musical encounters at the 1889 Paris World's Fair. (Eastman studies in music, 32)
ML270.4.F38 2005

Felsenfeld, Daniel. Britten and Barber: their lives and their music. (Parallel lives series, 2)
ML390.F348 2005 [book & audio CD]

Fink, Robert Wallace.Repeating ourselves: American minimal music as cultural practice.
ML197.F54 2005

Floros, Constantin. Introduction to early medieval notation; revised, translated, and with an illustrated chapter on cheironomy, by Neil K. Moran. (Detroit monographs in musicology/Studies in music, 45)
ML174.F613 2005

Freeman, Phil. Running the voodoo down: the electric music of Miles Davis.
ML419.D39.F74 2005

Friskics-Warren, Bill. I'll take you there: pop music and the urge for transcendence.
ML3470.F746 2005

Fulcher, Jane F. The composer as intellectual: music and ideology in France 1914-1940.
ML270.5.F83 2005

Fusilli, Jim. Pet sounds. (33 1/3)
ML421.B38.F87 2005

Gann, Kyle. Music downtown: writings from The Village voice.
ML200.8.N5.G35 2006

Gasparov, Boris. Five operas and a symphony: word and music in Russian culture. (Russian literature and thought)
ML300.G38 2005

Gilbert, Shirli. Music in the Holocaust: confronting life in the Nazi ghettos and camps. (Oxford historical monographs)
ML3776.G54 2005

Glixon, Beth Lise. Inventing the business of opera: the impresario and his world in seventeenth-century Venice. (AMS studies in music)
ML1733.8.V4.G65 2006

Glover, Jane. Mozart's women: his family, his friends, his music.
ML410.M939.G645 2005

Goldmark, Daniel. Tunes for 'toons: music and the Hollywood cartoon.
ML2075.G65 2005

Gooley, Dana A. (Dana Andrew). The virtuoso Liszt. (New perspectives in music history and criticism)
ML410.L774.G68 2004

Goosman, Stuart L. Group harmony: the Black urban roots of rhythm & blues.
ML3521.G66 2005

Gordon, Stewart. Mastering the art of performance: a primer for musicians.
ML457.G66 2006

Grave, Floyd K. The string quartets of Joseph Haydn.
ML410.H415.G69 2006

Gushee, Lawrence. Pioneers of jazz: the story of the Creole Band.
ML421.072.G87 2005

Guy, Nancy. Peking opera and politics in Taiwan.
ML1751.T25.G89 2005

A handbook to twentieth-century musical sketches / edited by Patricia Hall and Friedemann Sallis.
ML93.H25 2004

Hansen, Richard K. The American wind band: a cultural history.
ML1311.H28 2005

Harrison, Max. Rachmaninoff: life, works, recordings.
ML410.R119.H37 2005

Harvard, Joe. The Velvet Underground and Nico. (33 1/3)
ML421.V44.H37 2004

Heffley, Mike. Northern sun, southern moon: Europe's reinvention of jazz.
ML3509.E9.H44 2005

Hickman, Roger. Reel music: exploring 100 years of film music.
ML2075.H5 2006

Hill, Peter. Messiaen.
ML410.M585.H55 2005

Hillman, Roger. Unsettling scores: German film, music, and ideology.
ML2075.H54 2005

Himes, Geoffrey. Born in the U.S.A. (33 1/3)
ML420.S77.H53 2005

Hip hop and philosophy: rhyme 2 reason / edited by Derrick Darby and Tommie Shelby. (Popular culture and philosophy, 16)
ML3918.R37.H55 2005

Hirsch, Foster. Harold Prince and the American musical theatre. Rev. and expanded ed.
ML429.P78.H6 2005

Hogwood, Christopher. Handel: Water music and Music for the royal fireworks. (Cambridge music handbooks)
MT130.H2.H64 2005

Holden, Raymond. The virtuoso conductors: the Central European tradition from Wagner to Karajan.
ML402.H65 2005

Hurwitz, David. Dvorák: romantic music's most versatile genius. (Unlocking the masters series, 5)
ML410.D988.H84 2005 [book & audio CD]

Island musics / edited by Kevin Dawe.
ML3545.I85 2004

Jackson, Jerma A. Singing in my soul: black gospel music in a secular age.
ML3187.J23 2004

Janovitz, Bill. Exile on Main St. (33 1/3)
ML421.R64.J36 2005

Jefferson, Margo. On Michael Jackson.
ML420.J175.J44 2006

Jenness, David. Classic american popular son: the second half-century, 1950-2000.
ML3477.J46 2005

Johnson, Henry Mabley. The koto: a traditional instrument in contemporary Japan.
ML1015.K68.J64 2004

Karp, Theodore. An introduction to the post-tridentine Mass proper. (Musicological studies and documents, 54)
ML170.A514 v.54 pt.1-2 & audio CD

Kerman, Joseph. The art of fugue: Bach fugues for keyboard, 1715-1750.
MT59.K49 2005 [book & audio CD]

King, Sahpreem A. Gotta get signed: how to become a hip-hop producer.
ML3790.K465 2005

Kitwana, Bakari. Why white kids love hip-hop: wankstas, wiggers, wannabes, and the new reality of race in America.
ML3531.K58 2005

Kun, Josh. Audiotopia: music, race, and America. (American crossroads, 18)
ML3917.U6.K86 2005

Kusek, David. The future of music: manifesto for the digital music revolution / David Kusek, Gerd Leonhard; edited by Susan Gedutis Lindsay.
ML3790.K86 2005

Le Tellier, Robert Ignatius. Meyerbeer studies: a series of lectures, essays, and articles on the life and work of Giacomo Meyerbeer.
ML410.M61.L4 2005

Lees, Gene. The musical worlds of Lerner and Loewe.
ML410.L7986.L4 2005

Le Guin, Elisabeth. Boccherini's body: an essay in carnal musicology.
ML410.B66.L4 2006 [book & audio CD]

Levine, Laurie. The Drumcafé's traditional music of South Africa.
ML3760.L48 2005 [book & audio CD]

Lewis, David H. Flower drum songs: the story of two musicals.
ML410.R691.L48 2006

Lindley, David. Shakespeare and music. (Arden critical companions)
ML80.S5.L56 2006

Lion, Jean Pierre. Bix: the definitive biography of a jazz legend: Leon "Bix" Beiderbecke (1903-1931); translated from the French by Gabriella Page-Fort.
ML419.B25.L5613 2005

Livingston-Isenhour, Tamara Elena. Choro: a social history of a Brazilian popular music. (Profiles in popular music)
ML3487.L58 2005 [book & audio CD]

Macdonald, Claudia. Robert Schumann and the piano concerto.
ML410.S392.M19 2005

MacDonald, Ian. Revolution in the head: the Beatles' records and the sixties. 2nd rev. ed.
ML156.7.B4.M23 2005

Majer, Gerald. The Velvet Lounge: on late Chicago jazz.
ML3508.8.C5.M35 2005

Marcel, Gabriel. Music and philosophy; translated by Stephen Maddux & Robert E. Wood. (Marquette studies in philosophy, 42)
ML3800.M2413 2005

May, Thomas (Thomas Robert). Decoding Wagner: an invitation to his world of music drama. (Unlocking the masters series, 1)
ML410.W13.M25 2004 [book & 2 audio CDs]

McCants, Clyde T. Verdi's Aida: a record of the life of the opera on and off the stage.
ML410.V484.M34 2006

McKay, George. Circular breathing: the cultural politics of jazz in Britain.
ML3918.J39.M35 2005

McLeese, Don. Kick out the jams. (33 1/3)
ML421.M42.M25 2005

McVeagh, Diana M. Gerald Finzi: his life and music.
ML410.F459.M38 2005

Millard, A. J. America on record: a history of recorded sound. 2nd ed.
ML1055.M47 2005

Mithen, Steven J. The singing Neanderthals: the origins of music, language, mind and body.
ML3800.M73 2005

Moore, Allan F. Aqualung. (33 1/3)
ML421.J5.M66 2004

Moorefield, Virgil. The producer as composer: shaping the sounds of popular music.
ML3470.M66 2005

Morgan, Kenneth. Fritz Reiner, maestro and martinet. (Music in American life)
ML422.R38.M6 2004

Moriz Rosenthal in word and music: a legacy of the nineteenth century / edited and with an introduction by Mark Mitchell and Allan Evans.
ML417.R74.M67 2006 [book & audio CD]

Morris, Edmund. Beethoven: the universal composer. (Eminent lives)
ML410.B415.M67 2005

Muir, John Kenneth. Singing a new tune: the rebirth of the modern film musical, from Evita to De-lovely and beyond.
PN1995.9.M86.M85 2005

The music and art of Radiohead / edited by Joseph Tate. (Ashgate popular and folk music series)
ML421.R25.M87 2005

Music and history: bridging the disciplines / edited by Jeffrey H. Jackson and Stanley C. Pelkey.
ML3916.M86 2005

Music and the aesthetics of modernity: essays / edited by Karol Berger & Anthony Newcomb. (Harvard publications in music, 21)
ML3845.M9726 2005

Musical communication / edited by Dorothy Miell, Raymond MacDonald, David J. Hargreaves.
ML3830.M9822 2005

National Early Music Association Conference.From Renaissance to Baroque: change in instruments and instrumental music in the seventeenth century: proceedings of the National Early Music Association Conference... 2-4 July 1999 / edited by Jonathan Wainwright and Peter Holman.
ML467.N18 2005

Navarrete Pellicer, Sergio. Maya Achi marimba music in Guatemala. (Studies in Latin American and Caribbean music)
ML3572.G9.N38 2005 [book & audio CD]

Nettelbeck, Colin W. Dancing with DeBeauvoir: jazz and the French.
ML3918.J39.N48 2004

Nettl, Bruno. The study of ethnomusicology: thirty-one issues and concepts.
ML3798.N47 2005

Nicholson, Stuart. Is jazz dead? (or has it moved to a new address).
ML3506.N5 2005

Nickson, Chris. The NPR curious listener's guide to world music.
ML3545.N53 2004

Niimi, J. Murmur. (33 1/3)
ML421.R22.N55 2005

Niven, John, guitarist. Music from Big Pink. (33 1/3)
1352296 precat

Nketia, J. H. Kwabena. The creative potential of African art music in Ghana: a personal testimony.
ML3760.N617 2004

Nobody knows where the blues come from: lyrics and history / edited by Robert Springer. (American made music series)
ML3521.N63 2006

Ockelford, Adam. Repetition in music: theoretical and metatheoretical perspectives. (Royal Musical Association monographs, 13)
ML3877.O35 2005

Olatunji, Babatunde. The beat of my drum: an autobiography.
ML419.O385.A3 2005

Oliver, Paul. Broadcasting the blues: black blues in the segregation era.
ML3521.O445 2006

Pearson, Barry Lee. Jook right on: blues stories and blues storytellers.
ML3521.P39 2005

Peraino, Judith Ann. Listening to the sirens: musical technologies of queer identity from Homer to Hedwig.
ML3838.P365 2006

Perlis, Vivian. Composer's voices from Ives to Ellington: an oral history of American music. (Oral history of American music)
ML390.P37 2005 [book & 2 audio CDs]

Perry, John. Electric ladyland. (33 1/3)
ML421.J55.P47 2004

Perspectives on Gustav Mahler / edited by Jeremy Barham.
ML410.M214.P47 2005

Pisani, Michael. Imagining native America in music.
ML3549.P57 2005

Plank, Steven Eric. Choral performance: a guide to historical practice.
MT875.P53 2004

The popular music studies reader / edited by Andy Bennett, Barry Shank and Jason Toynbee.
ML3470.P688 2006

Premchand, Manek. Yesterday's melodies, today's memories. 2nd ed.
1342584 precat

Priestley, Brian. Chasin' the Bird: the life and legacy of Charlie Parker.
ML419.P4.P72 2006

Ramey, Phillip. Irving Fine: an American composer in his time. (Lives in music series, 8)
ML410.F4488.R36 2005

Rapp, Will. The wind band masterworks of Holst, Vaughan Williams, and Grainger.
MT135.R37 2005

Resounding international relations: on music, culture, and politics / edited by M.I. Franklin.
ML3916.R47 2005

Reynolds, Roger. Mind models: new forms of musical experience. 2nd ed.
ML197.R5 2005

Ro, Ronin. Raising hell: the reign, ruin, and redemption of Run-D.M.C. and Jam Master Jay.
ML400.R65 2005

Rombes, Nicholas. Ramones. (33 1/3)
ML421.R32.R65 2005

Rorem, Ned. Wings of friendship: selected letters, 1944-2003.
ML410.R787.A4 2005

Rushton, Julian. Mozart. (The master musicians)
ML410.M939.R87 2006

Sadie, Stanley. Mozart: the early years, 1756-1781.
ML410.M939.S153 2006

Salmi, Hannu. Wagner and Wagnerism in nineteenth-century Sweden, Finland, and the Baltic Provinces: reception, enthusiasm, cult. (Eastman studies in music, 34)
ML410.W13.S87 2005

Segell, Michael. The devil's horn: the story of the saxophone, from noisy novelty to king of cool.
ML975.S44 2005

Sengstock, Charles A. That toddlin' town: Chicago's white dance bands and orchestras, 1900-1950. (Music in American life)
ML3518.S46 2004

Shadwick, Keith. Led Zeppelin: the story of a band and their music, 1968-1980.
ML421.L4.S53 2005

Sheehy, Daniel Edward. Mariachi music in America: experiencing music, expressing culture. (Global music series)
ML3485.S54 2006 [book & audio CD]

Smith, J. Richard (John Richard). Elgar in America: Elgar's American connections between 1895 and 1934. (Elgar monographs, 3)
ML410.E41.S65 2005

Smith, Peter Howard. Expressive forms in Brahms's instrumental music: structure and meaning in his Werther quartet. (Musical meaning and interpretation)
MT145.B72.S65 2005

Smyth, Gerry. Noisy island: a short history of Irish popular music.
ML3534.S69 2005

Sounds of freedom: musicians on spirituality & social change / John Malkin.
ML3916.S68 2005 [book & audio CD]

Speak to me: the legacy of Pink Floyd's The dark side of the moon / edited by Russell Reising. (Ashgate popular and folk music series)
ML421.P6.S74 2005

Spitz, Bob. The Beatles: the biography.
ML421.B4.S67 2005

Sposato, Jeffrey S. The price of assimilation: Felix Mendelssohn and the nineteenth-century anti-Semitic tradition.
ML410.M537.S66 2006

Stanfield, Peter. Body and soul: jazz and blues in American film, 1927-63.
PN1995.9.J37.S72 2005

Stark, Steven D. Meet the Beatles: a cultural history of the band that shook youth, gender, and the world.
ML421.B4.S68 2005

Steffen, David J. From Edison to Marconi: the first thirty years of recorded music.
ML1055.S73 2005

Steinberg, Michael. Choral masterworks: a listener's guide.
MT110.S74 2005

Swayne, Steve. How Sondheim found his sound.
ML410.S6872.S93 2005

Szwed, John F. Crossovers: essays on race, music, and American culture.
ML3795.S98 2005

Tassie, Gregor. Yevgeny Mravinsky: the noble conductor.
ML422.M75.T37 2005

Terkel, Studs. And they all sang: adventures of an eclectic disc jockey.
ML385.T33 2005

Thaut, Michael H. Rhythm, music, and the brain: scientific foundations and clinical applications. (Studies on new music research, 7)
ML3800.T44 2005

Tibbetts, John C. Composers in the movies: studies in musical biography.
PN1995.9.C553.T53 2005

Tielman Susato and the music of his time: print culture, compositional technique and instrumental music in the Renaissance / Keith Polk, editor. (Bucina, 5)
ML410.S9645.T54 2005

Tindall, Blair. Mozart in the jungle: sex, drugs, and classical music.
ML419.T48.A3 2005

Toff, Nancy. Monarch of the flute: the life of Georges Barrère.
ML419.B185.T64 2005

Usher, Carlton A. A rhyme is a terrible thing to waste: hip hop and the creation of a political philosophy.
ML3531.U85 2006

Verhaalen, Marion. Camargo Guarnieri, Brazilian composer: a study of his creative life and works.
ML410.G9462.V47 2005 [book & audio CD]

Walker, Alan. Reflections on Liszt.
ML410.L774.W296 2005

Watkins, S. Craig (Samuel Craig). Hip hop matters: politics, pop culture, and the struggle for the soul of a movement.
ML3531.W38 2005

Weheliye, Alexander G. Phonographies: grooves in sonic Afro-modernity.
ML3916.W46 2005

Weissman, Dick. Which side are you on?: an inside story of the folk music revival in America.
ML3551.W43 2005

Whiteley, Sheila. Too much too young: popular music, age and gender.
ML3795.W46 2005

Wierzbicki, James Eugene. Louis and Bebe Barron's Forbidden planet: a film score guide. (Scarecrow film score guides, 4)
ML410.B258.W54 2005

Wilcken, Hugo. Low. (33 1/3)
ML420.B754.W55 2005

Wilder, Alec. Letters I never mailed: clues to a life. (Eastman studies in music)
ML410.W6975.A3 2005

Wilder, Eliot. Endtroducing-- (33 1/3)
ML429.D55.W55 2005

Willman, Chris. Rednecks & bluenecks: the politics of country music.
ML3524.W55 2005

Wright, Craig M. Music in western civilization.
ML160.W955 2006

Yatra, Rasa. My journey in music; translated from the Kannada by Pt. Rajshedhar Mansur.
1342898 precat

Youmans, Charles Dowell. Richard Strauss's orchestral music and the German intellectual tradition: the philosophical roots of musical modernism.
ML410.S912.Y68 2005

Yun, Josephine. jrock, ink.: a concise report on 40 of the biggest rock acts in Japan.
ML3534.6.J3.Y86 2005

Zwerin, Michael. The Parisian jazz chronicles: an improvisational memoir.
ML3509.F7.Z47 2005


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