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Selected new acquisitions from our Spring 2005 newletter

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Abhogi. Kushal das. [Chattopadhyay] MAVAS MMCD 037
1292088 precat

Adams, John. On the transmigration of souls. [New York Choral Artists, Brooklyn Youth Chorus, New York Philharmonic, Smith, Maazel] Nonesuch 79816-2
PhonCD Ad18 ont
listen Listen to audio clip: On The Transmigration Of Souls, from Media Player

Adams, John. Road movies; Hallelujah Junction; China gates; American berserk; Phrygian gates. [Josefowicz, Novacek, Hodges, Hind] Nonesuch 79699-2
PhonCD Ad18 insmu
listen Listen to audio clip: Relaxed Groove, from Media Player

Adams, John. Shaker loops; The wound-dresser; Berceuse élégiaque; Short ride in a fast machine. [Gunn, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Alsop] (American classics) Naxos 8.559031
PhonCD Ad18 sel
listen Listen to first track: Short Ride in a Fast Machine, via Naxos Music Library (MIT only)

Adler, Christopher. Epilogue for a dark day: The wind blows inside; Three lai; Signals intelligence; Epilogue for a dark day; Pan-lom. [Adler, Pritchard, Bagg, Red Fish Blue Fish, et al.] Tzadik TZ 8004
PhonCD Ad585 insmu
Listen to audio clip: The Wind Blows Inside, from Media Player

Afghanistan untouched. [Field recordings, recorded in 1968 by Mark Slobin; vocals sung in various indigenous languages] Traditional Crossroads CD 4319 (2 discs)
PhonCD F G7630.A486
listen Listen to audio clip: Kataghani Tune, from Media Player

Anderszewski, Piotr. Bach, Beethoven, Webern: Bach, English suite no. 6 in D minor, BWV 811; Beethoven, Piano sonata no. 30 [i.e. 31] in A flat major, op. 110; Webern, Variations, op. 27. Virgin Classics 7243 5 45632 2 5
PhonCD An24 bach
listen Listen to audio clip: Prelude, from Media Player

Arensky, Harbison, Schnittke: Arensky, Quartet no. 2 [Kerr, Johnson]; Harbison, Quartet no. 4 [Orion String Quartet]; Schnittke, Moz-art [T. Phillips, D. Phillips]. (Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival) Koch 3-7551-2
PhonCD Sa585 cha2002
listen Listen to audio clip: Moderato, from Media Player

Bacewicz, Grazyna. Polish capriccio, works for violin and piano: Sonatas 2, 4, and 5; Oberek no. 1; Partita; Capriccio. [Kurkowicz, Gloria Chien] Chandos CHAN 10250
PhonCD B121 vbpmu
listen Listen to audio clip: Moderato - Allegro Non Troppo, from Media Player

Bach, Johann Sebastian. Cantatas, 25: Jesu, der du meine Seele, BWV 78; Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan, BWV 99; Ach, lieben Christen, seid getrost, BWV 114. [Soloists, Bach Collegium Japan, Suzuki] BIS-CD-1361
PhonCD B122 ca h v.25

Bach, Johann Sebastian. English suites; Partitas. [Leonhardt, et al.] Virgin Classics 7243 5 62379 2 6
PhonCD B122 engsu b v.1-4, booklet
listen Listen to audio clip: Prelude, from Media Player

Back roads to Cold Mountain: [Appalachian folk songs, dance tunes, ballads, and hymns]. [Various performers] Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40149
PhonCD F G3700.B335
listen Listen to audio clip: Field Holler, from Media Player

Badawi. Cyborg acoustics / Raz Mesinai: Ghosts of the Gulag; The reanimator 1.0; Ghosts of the Gulag: reprise. [Mesinai, et al.] Tzadik TZ 8003
PhonCD B145 cyb
listen Listen to audio clip: Ghosts of the Gulag, from Media Player

Bandopadhyay, Sanjoy. Moon moods. [Banerjee] On Air Communications OAC 2014
1282889 precat

Bang on a Can All-Stars. Bang on a Can meets Kyaw Kyaw Naing: Hsaing kyaik de maung; Ka pya chi; Sein chit tee a mhat ta ya; Seik kyu ahla 1, 2; Japan patsan/Taethit muhan gita than; Improvisation; Kyi nu bwe; Sein ozi. Cantaloupe CA21023
PhonCD B2253 kyaw
listen Listen to audio clip: Hsaing Kyaik de Maung, from Media Player

Bartók, Béla. Violin sonatas: no. 1, SZ 75; no. 2, SZ 76; Sonata for solo violin, SZ 117. [Tetzlaff, Andsnes] Virgin Classics 7243 5 45668 2 0
PhonCD B285 insmu a
listen Listen to audio clip: Allegro Appassionato, from Media Player

BBC Symphony Orchestra. Love from a stranger: [four British film scores]: Britten, Love from a stranger; Gerhard, This sporting life; Lutyens, The skull; Bennett, The return of the soldier. [BBC Symphony, Steen, Brabbins] NMC D073
PhonCD B349 love

Beach, H. H. A., Mrs. Songs: The rainy day; Ariette; When far from her; Empress of night; Le secret; Ecstasy; etc. [Kelton, Bringerud] (American classics) Naxos 8.559191
PhonCD B352 song
listen Listen to first track: The Rainy Day, via Naxos Music Library (MIT only)

Beethoven, Ludwig van. Symphony no. 1; Symphony no. 3, "Eroica." [Wiener Philharmoniker, Furtwängler] EMI Classics 7243 5 85821 2 3
PhonCD B393 sy1 c
listen Listen to audio clip: Adagio Molto - Allegro Con Brio, from Media Player

Berkeley, Lennox, Sir. A dinner engagement. [Soloists, City of London Sinfonia, Hickox] Chandos CHAN 10219
PhonCD B4548 din
listen Listen to audio clip: Salt Pepper Olive Oil, from Media Player

Berlioz, Hector. Requiem, op. 5. [Lopardo, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, Spano] Telarc CD-80627
PhonCD B455 grmemo a
listen Listen to audio clip: Introitus: Requiem And Kyrie, from Media Player

Bernstein, Leonard. The Americans: complete recordings on Deutsche Grammophon. [Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, Bernstein; recorded 1982-1989] DG 474 940-2
PhonCD B458 ame v.1-6, booklet

v.1: Gershwin: Rhapsody in blue; Prelude; Barber: Adagio for strings; Bloch: Schelomo.
v.2: Copland: Symphony no. 3; Quiet city; Appalachian spring.
v.3: Copland: El Salón México; Clarinet concerto; Music for the theatre; Connotations.
v.4: Harris: Symphony no. 3; Schuman: Symphony no. 3; American festival orchestra.
v.5: Ives: Symphony no. 2; The gong; Tone roads no. 1; Hymn for strings; Hallowe'en; Central Park in the dark; The unanswered question.
v.6: Del Tredici: Tattoo; Rorem: Violin concerto; Foss: The song of songs.

Bhosle, Asha. Asha Bhosle. (Rough guide to Bollywood legends) World Music Network RGNET1131CD
PhonCD F G7651.M6.B463
listen Listen to audio clip: Ina Mina Dika, from Media Player

Bolcom, William. Cabaret songs: complete / William Bolcom and Arnold Weinstein. [Morris, Bolcom] Centaur CRC 2682
PhonCD B6375 vocmu
listen Listen to audio clip: Unlucky Eutichus, from Media Player

Bolcom, William. Songs of innocence and experience. [Soloists, choirs, University of Michigan School of Music Symphony, Leonard Slatkin] (American classics) Naxos 8.559216-18 (3 discs)
PhonCD B6375 songin
listen Listen to first track: Part 1: Introduction, via Naxos Music Library (MIT only)

Bollywood. [Various performers] (Music rough guide) World Music Network RGNET 1074 CD
PhonCD F G7651.M6.B657
listen Listen to audio clip: Dum Maro Dum, from Media Player

Brahms, Johannes. Lieder, vol. 7: Romanzen und Lieder, op. 84, 1-5; Sechs Lieder, op. 85; Sechs Lieder, op. 86; Fünf Lieder, op. 94. [Banse, Vermillion, Schmidt, Deutsch] cpo 999 447-2
PhonCD B73 song a v.7

Brahms, Johannes. Symphony no. 1; Tragic overture. [London Symphony, Haitink; recorded live May, 2003] LSO Live LSO0045
PhonCD B73 sy1 c
listen Listen to audio clip: Un Poco Sostenuto - Allegro, from Media Player

Cage, John. The number pieces, 3: One8. [M. Bach, with Bach bow] (Cage, John. Selections, 32) Mode 141
PhonCD C117 one8

Calico Winds. Vintage America: a musical meritage: Mason-Gee, MacDowell-Hess, Mason, Farwell, Still, trad.-Lesnick, Joplin-Frackenpohl, Chadwick, Sousa-Holcombe. Albany TROY 693
PhonCD C1285 vin
listen Listen to audio clip: Dance Antique, Op. 38 from Media Player

Callas, Maria. Callas: life & art. [Callas, with orchestral acc.; DVD contains documentary on Callas including live performances of arias by Massenet, Bizet, Rossini, and Verdi.] EMI 7243 5 57831 0 3
PhonCD C131 life [2 CDs + DVD]
listen Listen to audio clip: Casta Diva, from Media Player

Chen, Zhong. Hommage à Chen Zhong = Homage to Chen Zhong. [Zhong, ensemble; recorded 1991-1992 and 1995] Ocora C 560183
PhonCD F G7820.C444
listen Listen to audio clip: Xun Feng Qu (Spring Wind), from Media Player

Classic maritime music from Smithsonian Folkways recordings. [Various performers] Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40053
PhonCD F G3701.S43.C53
listen Listen to audio clip: Roll, Alabama, Roll (The Alabama), from Media Player

Corelli, Arcangelo. Sonate per violino e basso continuo op. V. [Accademia Bizantina, Dantone] Amadeus AM 169-2 (2 discs)
1282938 precat

Corigliano, John. Symphony no. 2; & The Mannheim rocket. [Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Storgårds] Ondine ODE 1039-2
PhonCD C813 sy2
listen Listen to audio clip: I. Prelude, from Media Player

Crumb, George. George Crumb: Makrokosmos, Volumes I and II; Otherworldly resonances. [Shannon, Quattro Mani] Bridge 9155
PhonCD C888 sel a v.8

Daugherty, Michael. Philadelphia stories; UFO. [Glennie, Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Alsop] (American classics) Naxos 8.559165
PhonCD D265 phi
listen Listen to first track: Sundown On South Street, via Naxos Music Library (MIT only)

Davidovsky, Mario. Salvos: music of Mario Davidovsky: Simple dances; Cantone sine textu; Quartetto; Salvos; String trio. [Empyrean Ens.]
1274219 precat

Davidson, Charles (Charles Stuart). A singing of angels; --and David danced before the Lord; Baroque suite (excerpts). [Various performers] (American classics) Naxos 8.559436
PhonCD D281 vocmu
listen Listen to first track: Once My Pair of Oxen, via Naxos Music Library (MIT only)

Davies, Peter Maxwell. Naxos quartets nos. 1 and 2. [Maggini String Quartet] Naxos 8.557396
PhonCD D288 naxq1
listen Listen to first track: Adagio - Allegro, via Naxos Music Library (MIT only)

Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra. A celebration of flight: Bolcom, Inventing flight; Winteregg, To fly unbounded; Schelle, Wright flight; Rodriguez, Flight: the story of Orville and Wilbur Wright. [Gittleman] Albany TROY672
PhonCD D337 cel

Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble. Thirty years of adventure, 1975-2005: CD 1, Lindberg, Larsen, Chen, Homans, Spratlan; CD 2, Weir, Wheeler, Levering, Wyner, Thomson.
1288447 precat

Dvorák, Antonín. Rusalka. [Benacková, Soukupová, Ochman, Novák, other soloists, Prague Philharmonic Choir, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Neumann] Supraphon SU 3718-2 633 (3 discs)
PhonCD D959 rus

Eesti Filharmoonia Kammerkoor. Baltic voices, 2: Sisask, Tulev, Nørgård, Grigorjeva, Schnittke. [Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Hillier] Harmonia Mundi HMU 907331
PhonCD Ee79 bal v.2
listen Listen to audio clip: I Surrexit Christus, from Media Player

Eighth Blackbird (Musical group). Beginnings: Kellogg, Divinum mysterium; Crumb, Vox balaenae = (Voice of the whale). [Eighth Blackbird, Chanticleer] Cedille CDR 90000 076
PhonCD Ei44 beg
listen Listen to audio clip: Prelude, from Media Player

Elgar, Edward. Sacred choral music: Give unto the Lord (Psalm XXXIX); Ave verum corpus; Ave Maria; etc. [Choir of St. John's College, Cambridge; Robinson, Vaughn] (English choral music) Naxos 8.557288
PhonCD El31 chormu a
listen Listen to first track: Give unto the Lord (Psalm XXIX), Op. 74, via Naxos Music Library (MIT only)

Elgar, Edward. Violin concerto. With Vaughan Williams, The lark ascending. [Hahn, London Symphony Orchestra, Davis] DG B0003026-02
PhonCD El31 covb
listen Listen to audio clip: I. Allegro, from Media Player

Enfield Shaker Singers. I am filled with heavenly treasures. [Haagen] New World 80617-2
PhonCD F G3701.S5.E545
listen Listen to audio clip: Today, Today is My Own Time, from Media Player

Feldman, Morton. SQ2: String quartet no. 2. [Flux Quartet] Mode 112 (DVD audio format, playable on DVD player; no video picture)
DVD-Audio F333 quas2
listen Listen to audio clip: I, from Media Player

Fleisher, Leon. Two hands: Bach-Hess, Bach-Petri, D. Scarlatti, Chopin, Debussy, Schubert. Vanguard Classics ATM CD 1551
PhonCD F6275 two
listen Listen to audio clip: Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring, from Media Player

46664: [Part 1], African prayer. [Beyoncé, Bob Geldof, Queen, David A. Stewart, featuring Roger Taylor, Paul Oakenfold, Shifty Shellshock, TC, Amampondo drummers, Baaba Maal, Youssou N'Dour, Yusuf Islam (a.k.a. Cat Stevens), Peter Gabriel, Angelique Kidjo, Bono, The Edge] 46664 Records R2-78922
PhonCD P F825 pt.1
listen Listen to audio clip: Crazy in Love, from Media Player

46664: [Part 2], Long walk to freedom. [Bono, The Edge, David A. Stewart, Abdel Wright, Youssou N'Dour, Nelson Mandela, Brian May, Treana Morris, Zoe Nicholas, Chris Thompson, Angelique Kidjo, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Bongo Maffin, Johnny Clegg, Jimmy Cliff, The Corrs, Roger Taylor, Ladysmith Black Mambazo] 46664 Records R2-78923
PhonCD P F825 pt.2
listen Listen to audio clip: 46664 (Long Walk to Freedom), from Media Player

Frautschi, Jennifer. Solovision: Kreisler, Ysaÿe, Bartók, Davidovsky, Harbison. Artek AR-0016-2
PhonCD F867 solo
listen Listen to audio clip: Recitativo and Scherzo-Caprice, Op. 6, from Media Player

Genesis suite (1945): a musical collaboration by Arnold Schoenberg, Nathaniel Shilkret, Alexandre Tansman, Darius Milhaud, Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Ernst Toch, and Igor Stravinsky. [Narrators, choir, Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, Schwarz] (American classics) Naxos 8.559442
PhonCD G286 su
listen Listen to first track: Genesis Suite: I. Prelude, via Naxos Music Library (MIT only)

Glass, Philip. Music in fifths; Two pages. [Bang on a Can] Cantaloupe CA21016
PhonCD G463 musifi
listen Listen to audio clip: Music in Fifths, from Media Player

Glass, Philip. Symphonies nos. 2 and 3. [Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Alsop] (American classics) Naxos 8.559202
PhonCD G463 sy2-3
listen Listen to first track: I., via Naxos Music Library (MIT only)

Gottlieb, Jack. Love songs for Sabbath: Three candle blessings; Shalom Aleikhem with candle blessing; Love songs for Sabbath (excerpts); Set me as a seal; Shout for joy; Psalmistry (excerpts); Y'varekh'kha. [Various performers] (American classics) Naxos 8.559433
PhonCD G715 vocmu
listen Listen to first track: Blessing I, via Naxos Music Library (MIT only)

Guha, Sumitra. Want to touch thee. MMC CVSG-00004
1292089 precat

Hagen, Daron. Songs of madness and sorrow [Sperry, Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Bond]; Concerto for brass quintet [Wisconsin Brass Quintet]; Serenade for ten instruments [Oakwood Chamber Players]. Arsis CD127
PhonCD H1205 sel

Handel, George Frideric. Deidamia. [Soloists, Il complesso barocco, Curtis] Virgin 7243 5 45669 2 9 (3 discs)
PhonCD H191 dei
listen Listen to audio clip: Ouverture, from Media Player

Handel, George Frideric. Gideon. [Soloists, Junge Kantorei, Frankfurt Baroque Orchestra, Martini] Naxos 8.557312-13 (2 discs)
PhonCD H191 vocmu c
listen Listen to first track: Part 1: Ouverture, via Naxos Music Library (MIT only)

Happy birthday Newport!: 50 swinging years. [Various performers] Columbia C3K 89076 (3 discs)
PhonCD J N472 hap
listen Listen to audio clip: Tin Roof Blues, from Media Player

Haydn, Joseph. Strings quartets; Seven Last Words. [Amadeus Quartet] DG 0249 477 5145 (7 discs)
1287705 precat v.1-7, booklet

Henze, Hans Werner. Die Bassariden. [Soloists, Chor der Wiener Staatsoper, Wiener Philharmoniker, Dohnányi] Orfeo C 605 0321
PhonCD H399 bas

Holliger, Heinz. Lauds and lamentations: [music of Elliott Carter and Isang Yun]. [Holliger, Zehetmair, Killius, Demenga] ECM 1948/49 (2 discs)
PhonCD H724 laud
listen Listen to audio clip: Oboe Quartet For Oboe, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, from Media Player

Holliger, Heinz. Schneewittchen. [Soloists, Orchester der Oper Zürich, Holliger] ECM 1715 (2 discs)
PhonCD H724 schn

Hope, Daniel. East meets west: Shankar, Ravel, Falla-Kochanski, Bartók, Schnittke. [Hope, Mazumdar, Chakraborty, Sebastian, Knauer] Warner Classics 2564 61329-2
PhonCD H7715 east

Hua Xia shi nei yue tuan. Huaxia: contemporary music for traditional Chinese instruments. [Huaxia Chinese Chamber Ensemble, Tsung Yeh] Delos DE 3299
PhonCD H86 con
listen Listen to audio clip: Transcendence, from Media Player

Hummel, Johann Nepomuk. Missa solemnis; Te Deum. [Soloists, TOWER Voices New Zealand, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Grodd] Naxos 8.557572
PhonCD H883 missol
listen Listen to first track: Te Deum, via Naxos Music Library (MIT only)

Ives, Charles. Universe symphony / realized and completed by Larry Austin; Second symphony. [Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Saarbrücken, Stern] Col Legno WWE 1CD 20074
PhonCD Iv3 uni

Ives, Charles. The unknown Ives, Vol. 2: Varied air and variations; Waltz-rondo; Invention in D; Study no. 1, 2, 4, 5, 11; Impression of the "St. Gaudens" in Boston Common; The celestial railroad; etc. [Berman, Drury] New World 80618-2
PhonCD Iv3 piamu b
listen Listen to audio clip: Varied Air And Variations, from Media Player

Jacobi, Frederick. Concerto for violoncello and orchestra; Sabbath evening service (excerpts); Hagiographa; Ahavat olam; Two pieces in Sabbath mood. [Various performers] (American classics) Naxos 8.559434
PhonCD J15 sel a
listen Listen to first track: Allegro cantabile, via Naxos Music Library (MIT only)

Kalib, Sholom. The day of rest. With Abraham Kaplan, Psalms of Abraham. [Vienna Choir Boys, et al., Wirth] (American classics) Naxos 8.559419
PhonCD K124 day sel
listen Listen to first track: Shalom Aleikhem, via Naxos Music Library (MIT only)

Kremer, Gidon. Kremerland: Liszt-Dreznin, Chizhik, Vustin, Kancheli, Bakshi, Pelecis, Dunayevsky-Dreznin. [Kremer, Kremerata Baltica] DG B0003392-02
PhonCD K8797 kre
listen Listen to audio clip: Andante Maestoso, from Media Player

Lasso, Orlando di. Lagrime di San Pietro; Melancholia. [Ensemble Hofkapelle, Procter] Christophorus CHR 77255
PhonCD L338 lag a

Lehrer, Nicki. Crescendo: Bard, Mangoré, Brouwer, Dyers, Legnani, Villa-Lobos, et al.
PhonCD L529 cre

Li, Fan. Chinese piano music: Wang Jianzhong, Cui Shiguang, Chen Peixun, Chu Wanghua, Li Yinghai, Huang Huwei, Chen Yi. Centaur CRC 2652
PhonCD L6125 chi

Ligeti, György. The Ligeti project, III: Cello concerto; Clocks and clouds; Violin concerto; Síppal, dobbal, nádihegeduvel. [Palm, Zimmerman, Károlyi, Capella Amsterdam, Reuss, Asko Ensemble, Schönberg Ensemble, de Leeuw, Amadinda Percussion Group] Teldec 8573-87631-2
PhonCD L626 sel a

Ligeti, György. The Ligeti project, IV: Hamburg concerto; Double concerto for flute, oboe and orchestra; Ramifications; Requiem. [Stein, Reisen, Zoon, Holliger, Neunecker, London Voices, Asko Ensemble, Schönberg Ensemble, de Leeuw, Berliner Philharmoniker, Nott] Teldec 8573-88263-2
PhonCD L626 sel b
listen Listen to audio clip: I. Paraludium, from Media Player

Ligeti, György. The Ligeti project, V: Aventures; Nouvelles aventures; Artikulation; Eight pieces from Musica ricerata; Sonata for cello solo; The big turtle fanfare from the South China Sea; Balada si joc; Régi magyar társas táncok. [Leonard, Hirst, Ebrahim, Bonnay, Geringas, Masseurs, Asko Ensemble, Schönberg Ensemble, de Leeuw] Teldec 8573-88262-2
PhonCD L626 sel c
listen Listen to audio clip: Aventures 10ft. 40in., from Media Player

Ligeti, Lukas. Mystery system: Pattern transformation, for four players on two marimbas; Moving houses, for string quartet; Independence; New York to Neptune, for string quartet and drum machine; Delta space, for pianist, Yamaha Disklavier and sampler. [Amadinda Percussion Group, Ethel, Procédé Rodesco-Letort, Supové] Tzadik TZ 7099
PhonCD L6265 insmu
listen Listen to audio clip: Pattern Transformation, from Media Player

Lister, Rodney. Somewhere to get to: music of Rodney Lister. [Soloists, Lister, Collage New Music, Hoose] ARSIS CD 144
1304937 precat

Liszt, Franz. New Liszt discoveries, vol. 1-2. [Howard] Hyperion CDA67346, CDA67455
PhonCD L699 piamu j v.1-2

Mackey, Steven. Heavy light; Micro-concerto; Indigenous instruments. [Mosaic (composer, et al.)] New World 80615-2
PhonCD M199 hea
listen Listen to audio clip: Heavy Light: Ritual, from Media Player

Mahler, Gustav. Symphony mo. 8. [Chailly, Concertgebouw] Decca B0001498-19
1247362 (DVD-Audio)

Martin, Frank. The complete music for piano & orchestra: Ballade; Piano concertos no. 1 and 2; Danse de la peur. [Badura-Skoda, Benda, Orchestra della Svizzera italiana] ASV CD DCA 1082
PhonCD M363 piorcmu

Mayer, Steven. Improvisations / Art Tatum: Tea for two; St. Louis blues; Tiger rag; Aunt Hagar's blues; etc. (American Classics) Naxos 8.559130
PhonCD J T189 imp
listen Listen to first track: Tea for Two, via Naxos Music Library (MIT only)

McKay, George Frederick. Concerto for violin & orchestra; Suite on sixteenth century hymn tunes; Sinfonietta no. 4; Song over the great plains. [Reagin, Kovaleva, National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, J.M. Williams] (American classics) Naxos 8.559225
PhonCD M192 orcmu
listen Listen to first track: Allegro molto ma risoluto, via Naxos Music Library (MIT only)

Messiaen, Olivier. Éclairs sur l'alu-delà... [Berliner Philharmoniker, Rattle] EMI Classics 7243 5 57788 2 6
PhonCD M563 ecl a
listen Listen to audio clip: I. Apparition du Christ Glorieux, from Media Player

Messiah remix: Machover, Scanner, Amirkhanian, DuBois, Takemura, Kline, Lansky, Sonami, Beglarian, dälek, Oswald. Cantaloupe CA21020
PhonCD M5635 remix
listen Listen to audio clip: Mixed Messiah, from Media Player

Minnesota Orchestra. Minnesota Orchestra at one hundred: a collection of recordings and broadcasts. [Soloists, Henri Verbrugghen, Eugene Ormandy, Dimitri Mitropoulos, Antal Dorati, Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, Klaus Tennstedt, Sir Neville Marriner, Charles Dutoit, David Zinman, Leonard Slatkin, Valery Gergiev, Edo de Waart, Eiji Oue, Osmo Vänskä]
PhonCD M6665 one v.1-12, booklet

Misty In Roots (Musical group). Roots controller. Real World 7243 8 12620 2 3
PhonCD P M691 rooc
listen Listen to audio clip: True Rasta, from Media Player

MIT Chamber Players. MIT Chamber Players: a concert by MIT students, faculty, alumni: Berg, Vier Stücke, op. 5 [Ziporyn, Deveau]; Brahms, Trio in E-flat major, opus 40 [Huang, Kardon, Rife]; Schönberg, Verklärte Nacht, op. 4 [Wang, Chow, Grucza, Wong, Davol, Wicks]. Recorded live Nov. 11, 2004.
PhonCD M6918 mit 2004 Nov11

MIT Chamber Players. MIT Chamber Players: Mozart, Trio in E-flat major, KV 498 [Deveau, Egozy, Thompson]; Harbison, Twilight music [Harbison, Rife, Gordon]; Mendelssohn, Octet in E-flat major, opus 20 [Springmann, Glinka, O'Connor, McCurry, Grucza, Thompson, Cook, Davol]. Recorded live April 4, 2004.
PhonCD M6918 mit 2004

MIT Concert Choir. MIT Concert Choir: November 20, 2004, Kresge Auditorium: Mendelssohn, from Sechs Sprüche, op. 79; Schütz, Ein Kind ist uns geboren, SWV384; Poulenc, Hodie, Christus natus est, from Quatre motets pour le temps de Noël; Cutter, What sweeter music can we bring; The linden tree carol; Warlock, Bethlehem down; Britten, St. Nicholas, op. 42. [McStoots, Junior PALS Children's Choir, Collins, Cutter]
1305833 precat

MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble. The musical world of Kenny Werner: Silver-Abene, Coltrane-Padilla, Brookmeyer, Werner, Mingus-Johnson, Brown, Robinson/Burdge-Werner. [Harris, Werner; recorded live November 19, 2004]
PhonCD J M382 werner

M.I.T. Symphony Orchestra. MIT Symphony Orchestra: October 22, 2004: McPherson, Scherzo; Prokofiev, Piano concerto no. 3 in C, op. 26; Harrison, Symphony in [i.e. on] G; Mozart, Symphony no. 40 in G minor, KV 550. [Liang, Anzolini, recorded live October 22, 2004] (2 discs)
PhonCD M69275 mit 2004 Oct22

M.I.T. Symphony Orchestra. MIT Symphony Orchestra: December 3, 2004: Ravel, Rapsodie espagnole; Debussy, La mer; Corelli, Concerto grosso, op. 6, no. 8 "Christmas concerto"; Harbison, Partita. [MIT Symphony Orchestra, MIT Chamber Orchestra, Anzolini; recorded live December 3, 2004] (2 discs)
PhonCD M69275 mit 2004 Dec3

M.I.T. Symphony Orchestra. MIT Symphony Orchestra with 676 nuevotango: Bartok, Hungarian pictures; Gershwin-Gould, Porgy and Bess suite; Piazzolla, Onda 9; Vardarito; Adiós Nonino; Concierto de Nacar. [Anzolini; recorded live Mar. 12, 2004]
PhonCD M69275 nue

MIT Wind Ensemble. Dance winds: Ticheli, Schuman, Grainger, Torras, Mingus-Johnson, Wilson, Gillespie/Fuller/Gonzales-Tomaro, Davis, Nestico. [MIT Wind Ensemble, MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble, Harris, recorded October 15, 2004]
PhonCD M69285 dance

MIT Wind Ensemble. Folk song revelers and revelations: Gauger, Gabrieli, Schickele, Bernard, Prokofiev-Yoder, Holst. [Harris, recorded live Dec. 4, 2004]
PhonCD M69285 folk

Monteverdi, Claudio. Quarto libro dei madrigali. [La Venexiana] Glossa GCD 920924
PhonCD M765 mad4 b

Monteverdi, Claudio. The sacred music, 2: Exultent caeli; Venite, siccientes; Currite populi; Ego dormio; Messa a 4 voci; Cantate Domino; O beatae viae; Laudate Dominum; Letaniae della Beata Vergine. [Soloists, King's Consort, King] Hyperion CDA67438
PhonCD M765 vocmu b
listen Listen to audio clip: Exultent Caeli, from Media Player

Monteverdi, Claudio. Secondo libro dei madrigali. [La Venexiana] Glossa GCD 920922
PhonCD M765 mad2 a

Monteverdi, Claudio. Settimo libro dei madrigali. [La Venexiana] Glossa GCD 920904 (2 discs)
PhonCD M765 mad7

Moravec, Paul. Tempest fantasy; Scherzo; B.A.S.S. variations; Mood swings. [Trio Solisti, Krakauer] Arabesque Z6791
PhonCD M7972 chamu
listen Listen to audio clip: Ariel, from Media Player

Mother mountain and father sea: [introduction to the traditional music of Vietnam]. [Various performers] White Cliffs Media WCM 9991 (6 discs)
PhonCD F G8020.M674 v.1-2

Mukerjee, Amit. Raag Megh; Raag Gaud Malbar. [Bandopadhyay, Goho]
1287329 precat

Musica Futurista: the art of noises [music and words from the Italian futurist movement 1909-1935]: Marinetti, Pratella, Russolo, Giuntini, Grandi, Mix, Casavola, Casella, Malneck & Signorelli. Salon LTMCD 2401
1287299 precat

New music New York, 1979: from the Kitchen archives: Glass, Monk, Gibson, List, Mumma, Lewis, Nyman, Oliveros, Johnson, Morrow, Benary, Niblock, Behrman, Chadabe, Conrad, Palestine, Reich. [Various performers] Orange Mountain Music omm0015 (2 discs)
PhonCD K647 new

Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista. Stabat mater. With Porpora, Salve Regina. [Accademia Bizantina, Dantone] Amadeus AM 180-2
1293621 precat

Positive Black Soul. Run cool. EastWest 8573 86845 2
1259228 precat

Purcell, Henry. The fairy queen. [Soloists, New English Voices, Accademia Bizantina, Dantone] Arts Music 47677/78-2 (2 discs)
PhonCD P971 fai

Purcell, Henry. Theatre music. [Soloists, Academy of Ancient Music, Hogwood] Decca 475 529-2 (6 discs)
PhonCD P971 sel f

Rafi, Mohammed. Mohd. Rafi. (Rough guide to Bollywood legends) World Music Network RGNET1133CD
PhonCD F G7651.M6.R347
listen Listen to audio clip: Chand Mera Dil, from Media Player

Ravel, Maurice. Complete orchestral works: Bolero; Rapsodie espagnole; Ma mère l'oye (ballet); Pavane pour une infante défunte; Daphnis et Chloé; Valses nobles et sentimentales; Le tombeau de Couperin; Alborada del gracioso; Shéhérazade (ouverture); Menuet antique; Une barque sur l'océan; L'eventail de Jeanne (fanfare); La valse. [London Symphony Orchestra, London Symphony Chorus (in Daphnis et Chloé), Abbado] DG 289 469 354-2 (3 discs)
PhonCD R196 orcmu c

Resonance of MIT. First harmonic: Because the night; The animal song; Dust in the wind; Suzie Q Sailaway; Road trippin'; Always getting over you; Life goes on; Space oddity; Who needs sleep?; Protection; Breaking up; Can't fight the moonlight; Nothing else matters; Easy people.
PhonCD R3115 fir

Scarlatti, Alessandro. Il giardino di rose: sinfonie & harpsichord concertos. [Accademia Bizantina, Dantone] Decca 470 650-2
PhonCD Sca74 sel
listen Listen to audio clip: Grave-Presto-Largo-Presto-Presto, from Media Player

Schubert, Franz. Sacred works. [Soloists, Chor & Symphonie-Orchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Sawallisch] EMI Classics 5860112 (7 discs)
PhonCD Sch78 vocmu a v.1-7, booklet

Schubert, Franz. Winterreise. [Bostridge, Andsnes] EMI Classics 7243 5 57790 2 1
PhonCD Sch78 win e
listen Listen to audio clip: Gute Nacht, from Media Player

Schumann, Robert. Fischer: Kinderszenen, op. 15; Kreisleriana, op. 16; Fantasie in C major, op. 17. [Annie Fischer] (BBC legends) BBCL 4141-2
PhonCD Sch86 piamu e
listen Listen to audio clip: No. 1 Of Foreign Lands And Peoples, from Media Player

Schwantner, Joseph C. Chamber music: Sparrows; Soaring; Distant runes and incantations; Two poems of Aguedo Pizarro; Music of amber. [Stallmeister, Hölscher, Holst-Sinfonietta, Simon] (American classics) Naxos 8.559206
PhonCD Sch94 sel a
listen Listen to first track: Sparrows, via Naxos Music Library (MIT only)

Seeger, Pete. American favorite ballads. [Recorded 1950-1962] SFW CD 40150/52 (3 discs)
PhonCD F G3700.S4625 v.1-3
listen Listen to audio clip: John Henry, from Media Player

Shostakovich, Dmitrii Dmitrievich. Complete songs: Vol. 1, 1950-1956; Vol. 2, 1965-1974, The last years; Vol. 3, 1922-1942, Early works; Vol. 4, 1932-1968, Unknown Shostakovich. [Evtodieva, Shkirtil, Lukonin, Kuznetsov, Serov, St. Petersburg Youth Chamber Choir, Khutoretskaya] Delos DE 3304, 3307, 3309, 3313 (4 discs)
PhonCD Sh82 song a v.1-4
listen Listen to audio clip: A Morning In The Caucasus, from Media Player

Shostakovich, Dmitrii Dmitrievich. The film music of Dmitri Shostakovich, vols. 1-2. Chandos CHAN 10023, 10183
PhonCD Sh82 mpmu a v.1-2

Vol. 1: Fragments from the music to the Maxim trilogy, op. 50a; Music from The man with a gun, op. 53; Music from A girl alone, op. 26; Music from King Lear, op. 137. [Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus, BBC Philharmonic, Sinaisky]
Vol. 2: Suite from 'The Golden Mountains', op. 30: incidental music to the film by Sergei Yutkevich; Suite from 'The Gadfly', op. 97: incidental music to the film by Alexander Faintsimmer; 'Volochayev Days', op. 48: incidental music to the film by the Vasiliev brothers [premiere recording]. [BBC Philharmonic, Torchinsky, Sinaisky]

Shostakovich, Dmitrii Dmitrievich. First recordings: Preludes, op. 34; Fantastic dances, op. 5; L'age d'or, op. 22: Polka; Piano trio no . 2, op. 67; Quartet no. 3, op. 73; Children's pieces, op. 69. [Shostakovich, Oistrakh, Sádlo, Beethoven Quartet] Symposium 1314
1283090 precat

Shostakovich, Dmitrii Dmitrievich. Shostakovich plays Shostakovich, volume 2: Piano quintet; Four preludes for violin and piano; Jewish folk poems; Piano music from the film "Ovod" (The Gadfly). [Shostakovich, et al.] Eclectra ECCD-2067
1285042 precat

Sibelius, Jean. Snöfrid: cantatas and orchestral works: Overture in A minor, Coronation cantata, Rakastava, Oma maa, Andante festivo. [Soloists, Jubilate Choir, Sinfonia Lahti, Vänskä] BIS CD-1265
PhonCD Sib11 sel b

Singleton, Alvin. Somehow we can; Vous compra; Mookestueck; Again. [Marian Anderson String Quartet, et al.] Tzadik TZ 7075
PhonCD Sin645 insmu a
listen Listen to audio clip: Somehow We Can, from Media Player

Sousa, John Philip. Music for wind band, v.5: The Minnesota march; The Thunderer; The charlatan waltzes; The pride of the wolverines; University of Nebraska; The gallant seventh; Powhattan's daughter; Cubaland: suite in three parts; George Washington bicentennial; The diplomat; The directorate; Our flirtation; Sabre and spurs; The Atlantic City pageant. [Royal Artillery Band, Brion] (American classics) Naxos 8.559131
PhonCD So85 bamu a v.5
listen Listen to first track: The Minnesota March, via Naxos Music Library (MIT only)

Stony Brook Camerata Singers. Randall Thompson, Libby Larsen. Thompson: Antiphon; Mass of the Holy Spirit; Glory to God in the highest; Fare well; The lark in the morn. Larsen: Sweet and sour nursery rhymes; Bind me--I can still sing; Adrift! A little boat adrift! Koch 3-7560-2
PhonCD Sta295 ran
listen Listen to audio clip: Antiphon, from Media Player

Stravinsky, Igor. Masters of the piano roll: Piano sonata no. 2; Concerto for piano & wind; The firebird ballet (complete). [Stravinsky] Dal Segno DSPRCD 007
PhonCD Str82.8 sel j

Swarovski Orchestra. National anthems of the world: Algeria, Arab Emirates, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Egypt, Barbados, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Germany, Bulgaria, Denmark, Ecuador, England, Estland, Europe, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Iraq, Iran, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Cameroon, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Malta, Morocco, Mexico, Mozambique, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Austria, Peru, The Philippines, Poland, Portuga,; Romania, Russia, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Sweden,Switzerland, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Syria, Thailand, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, Hungary, Uruguay, United States, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zimbabwe. Koch 3-7581-2 (2 discs)
PhonCD Sw25 nat
listen Listen to audio clip: Algeria, from Media Player

Tavener, John. Birthday sleep; Butterfly dreams; The second coming; Schuon Hymnen; As one who has slept; The bridal chamber; Exhortation and kohima; Shûnya. [Polyphony, Layton] Hyperion CDA67475
PhonCD T197.5 chomu c
listen Listen to audio clip: Birthday Sleep, from Media Player

Tavener, John. Ikon of Eros. [Soloists, Minnesota Orchestra & Chorale, Goodwin] Reference Recordings RR-102CD
PhonCD T197.5 ikoner

Telemann, Georg Philipp. Complete violin concertos, Volume 1: C major, TWV 51:C2; G major, TWV 51:G8; E minor, TWV 51:e3; D major, TWV 51:D9; E major, TWV 51:E2; F major, TWV 51:F2; D major, TWV 51:D10. [L'Orfeo Barockorchester, Wallfisch] cpo 999 900-2
PhonCD T236 covb
listen Listen to audio clip: Affetuoso, from Media Player

Telemann, Georg Philipp. Orchestral suites after "Die kleine Kammermusik" 1716. [La Stagione Frankfurt, Schneider] cpo 999 994-2
PhonCD T236 ov a
listen Listen to audio clip: Ouverture, from Media Player

Telemann, Georg Philipp. Tafelmusik = Musique de table: (complete). [Soloists, Musica Amphion, Belder] Brilliant Classics 92177/1-4
PhonCD T236 muta b v.1-4, booklet

Third Practice: commissions and premieres: new music from the Third Practice Festival of Electro-Acoustic Music at the University of Richmond: Broening, McCabe, Pinkston, Barrett, Gilbert, Christensen. Centaur CRC 2672
PhonCD T3486 pra

Thomas, Augusta Read. --words of the sea--; In my sky at twilight. [Brandes, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, MusicNow Ensemble, Boulez] Augusta Read Thomas ARTCD 19952002
PhonCD T361.3 words

Tudor, David. Live electronic music: Anima Pepsi; Toneburst; Dialects. (Leonardo music journal CD series, 14)
PhonCD L5525 v.14

United States Marine Band. Emblems: Persichetti, Gabrieli-Ghedini, Copland, Purcell-Stucky, Hindemith. [Foley] USMB CD-20
PhonCD Un336 emb

Upshaw, Dawn. Voices of light: music of Messiaen, Debussy, Golijov & Fauré. [Upshaw, Kalish] Nonesuch 79812-2
PhonCD Up7 voi

Visée, Robert de. Le maître du Roy = The King's teacher: music for lute, theorbo & guitar, vol. 1. [Egüez] M-A Recordings M064A
1275342 precat
listen Listen to audio clip: Allemande Grave, from Media Player

Vivaldi, Antonio. Andromeda liberata. [Soloists, La Stagione armonica, Venice Baroque Orchestra, Marcon] Archiv B0003456-02 (2 discs)
PhonCD V836 and

Vivaldi, Antonio. Concertos for the Emperor: RV 189, RV 271, RV 202, RV 183, RV 277, RV 286. [The English Concert, Manze] Harmonia Mundi HMU 907332
PhonCD V836 covb b
listen Listen to audio clip: I. Larghetto - Allegro Non Molto, from Media Player

Vivaldi, Antonio. L'estro armonico, op. 3: 12 concertos for violins and string orchestra. [Soloists, Accademia Bizantina, Dantone] Arts 47646/47-2
PhonCD V836 est e v.1-2

Vivaldi, Antonio. Orlando finto pazzo. [Soloists, Coro del Teatro Regio di Torino, Academia Montis Regalis, de Marchi] Opus 111 OP 30392
PhonCD V836 orl

Wagner, Richard. 100 Jahre Bayreuth auf Schallplatte: die frühen Festspielsänger, 1876-1906 = the early Bayreuth Festival singers 1876-1906. [Various performers, recorded 1900-1930]
PhonCD W125 op c v.1-12, booklet

v. 1: Der fliegende Holländer
v 2: Tannhäuser
v 3: Lohengrin
v 4: Tristan und Isolde
v 5: Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg
v 6-8: Der Ring des Nibelungen
v 9: Parsifal
v 10: Bayreuther Stimmen, 1876-1894
v 11: Bayreuther Stimmen, 1894-1899
v 12: Bayreuther Stimmen, 1900-1906

Walela. Walela: live in concert. [R. Coolidge, Satterfield, P. Coolidge]
1294556 precat

Wheeler, Scott. Shadow bands: music for strings and piano: Piano trio #2: Camera dances; Shadow bands; Sonata for violin and piano; Dragon Mountain. [Gramercy Trio, et al.] Newport Classic NPD 85672
PhonCD W567 chamu
listen Listen to audio clip: Piano Trio #2: Camera Dances: Entrada, from Media Player

Works from BEAST [Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre]. Vol. 2, Legacies: MacDonald, Hyde, Stollery, Dow, Anderson, Lewis, Prior. Sargasso SCD28046 (2 discs)
PhonCD B375 work v.2
listen Listen to audio clip: Dreel, from Media Player

Yoshimatsu, Takashi. The age of birds; Cello concerto "Centaurus unit"; Chikap. [Dixon, BBC Philharmonic, Fujioka] Chandos CHAN 10202
PhonCD Y83 orcmu
listen Listen to audio clip: I. Sky, from Media Player

Zhou, Long. Rhymes: Poems from Tang; The rhyme of Taigu; Da qu; The future of fire. [Shanghai Quartet; Fox; Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Singapore; Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Shui] BIS CD-1322
PhonCD Z615 sel

Zhou, Long. Tales from the cave; Secluded orchid; Heng = Eternity; Five elements (Metal, wood, water, fire, earth); Valley stream. [Music from China, Zhou Long] Delos DE 3335
PhonCD Z615 chamu
listen Listen to audio clip: Tales from the Cave, from Media Player

Zimmermann, Walter. Beginner's mind; Wüstenwanderung; Abgeschiedenheit; Wanda Landowska; Barn snail dance; When I'm 84. [Pace] Metier MSV CD92057
PhonCD Z65.6 piamu
listen Listen to audio clip: Prologue: Five Moments in the Life of Franz Schubert: Rossini's Arrival, from Media Player


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