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Selected new acquisitions from our Spring 2005 newletter

Adlington, Robert. Louis Andriessen, De staat. (Landmarks in music since 1950)
ML410.A6326.A35 2004 [book & audio CD]

Altman, Rick. Silent film sound. (Film and culture)
PN1995.75.A46 2004

And it don't stop?: the best American hip-hop journalism of the last 25 years / edited by Raquel Cepeda.
ML3531.A53 2004

Ansell, Gwen. Soweto blues: jazz, polular [sic.] music, and politics in South Africa.
ML3509.S6.A57 2004

Appel, Alfred. Jazz modernism: from Ellington and Armstrong to Matisse and Joyce.
ML3506.A66 2004

Argento, Dominick. Catalogue raisonné as memoir: a composer's life.
ML410.A687.A3 2004

The art of piano pedaling: two classic guides / Anton Rubinstein and Teresa Carreño.
MT227.A78 2003

Audio culture: readings in modern music / edited by Christoph Cox and Daniel Warner.
ML197.A85 2004

Averill, Gage. Four parts, no waiting: a social history of American barbershop harmony. (American musicspheres)
ML3516.A94 2003 [book & audio CD]

Bad music: the music we love to hate / edited by Christopher Washburne and Maiken Derno.
ML3800.B13 2004

The Beethoven violin sonatas: history, criticism, performance / edited by Lewis Lockwood and Mark Kroll.
MT145.B415.B49 2004

Benjamin, Thomas. The craft of tonal counterpoint. 2nd ed.
MT55.B446 2003

Berrett, Joshua. Louis Armstrong & Paul Whiteman: two kings of jazz.
ML419.A736.B46 2004

Beyond structural listening?: postmodern modes of hearing / edited by Andrew Dell'Antonio.
ML3880.B49 2004

Brophy, Philip. 100 modern soundtracks. (BFI screen guides)
ML2075.B757 2004

Buelow, George J. A history of baroque music.
ML193.B76 2004

The Cambridge companion to Bruckner / edited by John Williamson. (Cambridge companions to music)
ML410.B888.C36 2004

The Cambridge companion to Mendelssohn / edited by Peter Mercer-Taylor. (Cambridge companions to music)
ML410.M537.C36 2004

The Cambridge companion to the Lied / edited by James Parsons. (Cambridge companions to music)
ML2829.C36 2004

Campbell, Murray. Musical instruments: history, technology, and performance of instruments of western music / Murray Campbell, Clive Greated, and Arnold Myers.
ML460.C36 2004

Citron, Stephen. Jerry Herman: poet of the showtune.
ML410.H5624.C58 2004

Cornelius, Steven. Music of the Civil War era. (American history through music)
ML3551.4.C67 2004

Cummings, Anthony M. The Maecenas and the madrigalist: patrons, patronage, and the origins of the Italian madrigal. (Memoirs of the American Philosophical Society, 253)
ML290.8.F6.C86 2004

Daitz, Mimi S. Ancient song recovered: the life and music of Veljo Tormis. (Dimension & diversity, 3)
ML410.T682.D35 2004 [book & audio CD]

Darden, Bob. People get ready!: a new history of Black gospel music.
ML3187.D37 2004

Deleuze and music / edited by Ian Buchanan and Marcel Swiboda.
ML3800.D413 2004

DeMain, Bill. In their own words: songwriters talk about the creative process.
MT67.D46 2005

Dixon, Gail Susan. The music of Harry Freedman.
MT92.F74.D59 2004

Dunsby, Jonathan. Making words sing: nineteenth- and twentieth-century song.
MT120.D85 2004

Empirical musicology: aims, methods, prospects / edited by Eric Clarke and Nicholas Cook.
ML3797.1.E47 2004

Feder, Stuart. Gustav Mahler: a life in crisis.
ML410.M214.F43 2004

Felsenfeld, Daniel. Ives and Copland: a listener's guide. (Parallel lives series, 1)
ML390.F35 2004 [book & audio CD]

Fleming, Renée. The inner voice: the making of a singer.
ML420.F565.A3 2004

Fling, Robert Michael. Library acquisition of music; edited by Peter Munstedt. (Music Library Association basic manual series, 4)
ML111.F48 2004

Goehring, Edmund Joseph. Three modes of perception in Mozart: the philosophical, pastoral, and comic in Così fan tutte. (Cambridge studies in opera)
ML410.M939.G65 2004

Gold, Lisa (Lisa Rachel). Music in Bali: experiencing music, expressing culture. (Global music series)
ML345.I5.G65 2005 [book & audio CD]

Gottlieb, Jack. Funny, it doesn't sound Jewish: how Yiddish songs and synagogue melodies influenced Tin Pan Alley, Broadway, and Hollywood. (SUNY series on modern Jewish literature and culture)
ML3776.G65 2004 [book & audio CD]

Haines, John. Eight centuries of troubadours and trouvères: the changing identity of medieval music. (Musical performance and reception)
ML182.H35 2004

Halfyard, Janet K. Danny Elfman's Batman: a film score guide. (Scarecrow film score guides, 2)
ML410.E396.H35 2004

Hamelman, Steven L. But is it garbage?: on rock and trash.
MT146.H36 2004

Hardwick, Peter. British organ music of the twentieth century.
ML628.H37 2003

Hatten, Robert S. Interpreting musical gestures, topics, and tropes: Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert. (Musical meaning and interpretation)
ML3845.H35 2004

Hentoff, Nat. American music is.
ML3477.1.H46 2004

Hess, Carol A. Sacred passions: the life and music of Manuel de Falla.
ML410.F215.H48 2005

Hubbs, Nadine. The queer composition of America's sound: gay modernists, American music, and national identity.
ML200.5.H83 2004

Hurwitz, David. The Mahler symphonies: an owner's manual. (Unlocking the masters series, 2)
ML410.M214.H86 2004 [book & audio CD]

Irving, John. Mozart's piano concertos.
ML410.M939.I738 2003

Johnson, Timothy A. Baseball and the music of Charles Ives: a proving ground.
ML410.I95.J64 2004

Kart, Larry. Jazz in search of itself.
ML3506.K37 2004

Katz, Mark. Capturing sound: how technology has changed music.
ML3790.K277 2004 [book & audio CD]

Kelly, Thomas Forrest. First nights at the opera.
ML1720.K45 2004

Keyboard music before 1700 / edited by Alexander Silbiger. 2nd ed. (Routledge studies in musical genres)
ML549.K49 2004

Klein, Michael Leslie. Intertextuality in western art music. (Musical meaning and interpretation)
ML3877.K58 2005

Knapp, Raymond. The American musical and the formation of national identity.
ML1711.K6 2005

Köhler, Joachim. Richard Wagner: the last of the titans; translated by Stewart Spencer.
ML410.W1.K8313 2004

Kompanek, Sonny. From score to screen: sequencers, scores, & second thoughts: the new film scoring process.
MT64.M65.K65 2004

Kramer, Lawrence. Opera and modern culture: Wagner and Strauss.
ML1700.K715 2004

Kroll, Mark. Playing the harpsichord expressively: a practical and historical guide.
MT252.K76 2004

Ledgin, Stephanie P. Homegrown music: discovering bluegrass.
ML3520.L43 2004

Leinberger, Charles. Ennio Morricone's The good, the bad and the ugly: a film score guide. (Scarecrow film score guides, 3)
ML410.M79.L45 2004

Lidov, David. Is language a music?: writings on musical form and signification. (Musical meaning and interpretation)
ML3845.L53 2005

London, Justin. Hearing in time: psychological aspects of musical meter.
ML3832.L65 2004

Magaldi, Cristina. Music in imperial Rio de Janeiro: European culture in a tropical milieu.
ML232.8.R5.M34 2004

Mahler, Gustav. Gustav Mahler: letters to his wife / edited by Henry-Louis de La Grange and Günther Weiss; in collaboration with Knud Martner; first complete edition, revised and translated by Antony Beaumont.
ML410.M214.A413 2004

Mahon, Maureen. Right to rock: the Black Rock Coalition and the cultural politics of race.
ML3534.M31 2004

Majumdar, Abhik. Bhimsen Joshi: a passion for music. (Charitavali series)
1277794 precat

Marley, Rita. No woman, no cry: my life with Bob Marley.
ML420.M33131.A3 2004

McCann, Bryan. Hello, hello Brazil: popular music in the making of modern Brazil.
ML3487.B7.M39 2004

McKeen, Patrick L. Keep your gear running: electronics for musicians.
ML1092.M4 2004

McKnight Foundation. Stanislaw Skrowaczewski: 2004 distinguished artist.
1289891 [booklet & audio CD]

McLean, Mervyn. To tatau waka: in search of Maori music (1958-1979).
ML423.M4327.A3 2004 [book & audio CD]

Miller, Richard. Solutions for singers: tools for performers and teachers.
MT820.M5993 2004

Moon, Krystyn R. Yellowface: creating the Chinese in American popular music and performance, 1850s-1920s.
ML3477.M66 2005

Mordden, Ethan. The happiest corpse I've ever seen: the last twenty-five years of the Broadway musical.
ML1711.M734 2004

Moreno, Jairo. Musical representations, subjects, and objects: the construction of musical thought in Zarlino, Descartes, Rameau, and Weber. (Musical meaning and interpretation)
ML3845.M86 2004

Music in Latin America and the Caribbean: an encyclopedic history / edited by Malena Kuss. Vol.1, Performing beliefs: indigenous peoples of South America, Central America, and Mexico.
ML199.M858 2004 v.1 [book & 2 audio CDs]

Music observed: studies in memory of William C. Holmes / edited by Colleen Reardon and Susan Parisi. (Detroit monographs in musicology/Studies in music, 42)
ML55.H625 2004

Musical excellence: strategies and techniques to enhance performance / edited by Aaron Williamon.
ML457.M862 2004

The musician as entrepreneur, 1700-1914: managers, charlatans, and idealists / edited by William Weber.
ML3790.M82 2004

Neate, Patrick. Where you're at: notes from the frontline of a hip-hop planet.
ML3531.N42 2004

National Conference on Music of the Civil War Era. Bugle resounding: music and musicians of the Civil War era / edited by Bruce C. Kelley and Mark A. Snell. (Shades of blue and gray series)
ML200.4.N38 2004

Off the planet: music, sound and science fiction cinema / edited by Philip Hayward.
PN1995.9.S26.O34 2004

Olaniyan, Tejumola. Arrest the music!: Fela and his rebel art and politics. (African expressive cultures)
ML420.F333.O43 2004

Olsen, Dale A. (Dale Alan). The chrysanthemum and the song: music, memory, and identity in the South American Japanese diaspora. (New World diasporas series)
ML230.O47 2004

Opdahl, Robert C. A Shaker musical legacy / Robert C. Opdahl and Viola E. Woodruff Opdahl.
ML3178.S5.O63 2004

Osborne, William. Music in Ohio.
ML200.7.O4.O83 2004

Performing ethnomusicology: teaching and representation in world music ensembles / edited by Ted Solís.
ML3798.P47 2004

Perspectives on Ernst von Dohnányi / edited by James A. Grymes.
ML410.D656.P47 2005

Post, Jennifer C. Music in rural New England family and community life, 1870-1940. (Revisiting New England)
ML200.P67 2004 [book & audio CD]

The pleasure of modernist music: listening, meaning, intention, ideology / edited by Arved Ashby. (Eastman studies in music)
ML197.P57 2004

Randall, Annie Janeiro. Puccini & The Girl: history and reception of The girl of the golden West.
ML410.P977.R36 2005

Rath, Richard Cullen. How early America sounded.
E162.R38 2003

Reyes, Adelaida. Music in America: experiencing music, expressing culture. (Global music series)
ML200.R48 2005 [book & audio CD]

Ridley, Aaron. The philosophy of music: theme and variations.
ML3845.R53 2004

Rijn, Guido van. The Truman and Eisenhower blues: African-American blues and gospel songs, 1945-1960.
ML3521.R56 2004 [book & audio CD]

The rose & the briar: death, love and liberty in the American ballad / edited by Sean Wilentz and Greil Marcus.
ML3551.R67 2005

Rose, Gilbert J. Between couch and piano: psychoanalysis, music, art and neuroscience.
ML3830.R74 2004

Santoro, Gene. Highway 61 revisited: the tangled roots of American jazz, blues, & country music.
ML3477.S21 2004

Sanyal, Ritwik. Dhrupad: tradition and performance in Indian music / Ritwik Sanyal and Richard Widdess. (SOAS musicology series)
ML338.S124 2004 [book & audio CD]

Savaglio, Paula. Negotiating ethnic boundaries: Polish American music in Detroit. (Detroit monographs in musicology/Studies in music, 43)
ML3560.P65.S28 2004

Sethares, William A. Tuning, timbre, spectrum, scale.
QC225.7.S48 2005 [book & CD-ROM]

Shostakovich and his world / edited by Laurel E. Fay. (Bard Music Festival series)
ML410.S559.S568 2004

Snelson, John. Andrew Lloyd Webber. (Yale Broadway masters)
ML410.L78.S64 2004

Sound matterss: essays on the acoustics of modern German culture / edited by Nora M. Alter and Lutz Koepnick.
ML3845.S6835 2004

Soviet music and society under Lenin and Stalin: the baton and sickle / edited by Neil Edmunds. (BASEES/RoutledgeCurzon series on Russian and East European studies, 9)
ML300.5.S697 2004

Spiller, Henry. Gamelan: the traditional sounds of Indonesia. (ABC-CLIO world music series)
ML1251.I53.S76 2004 [book & audio CD]

Starker, Janos. The world of music according to Starker.
ML418.S734.A3 2004 [book & audio CD]

Stone, Ruth M. Music in West Africa: experiencing music, expressing culture. (Global music series)
ML350.S76 2005 [book & audio CD]

Studio A: the Bob Dylan reader / edited by Benjamin Hedin.
ML420.D996.S95 2004

Symes, Colin. Setting the record straight:a material history of classical recording.
ML3790.S97 2004

Toop, David. Haunted weather: music, silence, and memory.
ML197.T667 2004

The twentieth-century string quartet / edited by Douglas Jarman.
ML1160.T846 2002

Villamil, Victoria Etnier. From Johnson's kids to Lemonade Opera: the American classical singer comes of age.
ML400.V56 2004

Visual perception of music notation: on-line and off-line recognition / Susan E. George [editor].
ML73.V57 2005

Von Eschen, Penny M. (Penny Marie). Satchmo blows up the world: jazz ambassadors play the Cold War.
ML3795.V63 2004

Wade, Bonnie C. Music in Japan: experiencing music, expressing culture. (Global music series)
ML340.W22 2005 [book & audio CD]

Waterhouse, William. Bassoon. (Yehudi Menuhin music guides)
MT400.W38 2003

Wehrmeyer, Andreas. Rakhmaninov; translated by Anne Wyburd. (Life & times)
ML410.R119.W4513 2004

Williams, Simon. Wagner and the Romantic hero.
ML410.W13.W44 2004

Wired for sound: engineering and technologies in sonic cultures / edited by Paul D. Greene and Thomas Porcello. (Music/culture)
ML3545.W57 2005

Wong, Deborah Anne. Speak it louder: Asian Americans making music.
ML3560.A85.W66 2004 [book & audio CD]


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