Music Scores

Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel.  [Sonatas, flute, harpsichord, H. 515, C major; arr.] Sonate in 
     C für zwei Claviere nach Wq 87 = Sonata in C for two keyboards after Wq 87.  Score.  
          Mu B122.5 sofh515 ar 
Bach, Heinrich.  [Sonatas, violins (2), violas (2), violone, continuo, C major] Zwei Sonaten 
     à 5 für 5 Streicher und Basso continuo (2 Violini, 2 Viole da braccio, Violone e 
     Basso continuo).  (Stuttgarter Bach-Ausgaben. Serie A, Bach-Archiv. 3. Gruppe, Arnstadter 
     Linie)  Score.  
          Mu B122.57 sosC 
Beach, H. H. A., Mrs.  Theme and variations for flute and string quartet, op. 80.  Score and parts.
          Mu pts B352 varfls 
Beale Street and other classic blues: 38 works, 1901-1921 / edited by David A. Jasen.  
          M1630.18.B436 1998 
Berlioz, Hector.  Prix de Rome works: Fugue (1826); La mort d’Orphée; Herminie; Fugue 
     à 3 sujets (1829); Cléopâtre; Sardanapale.  (New edition of the complete 
     works, 6)  Score.  
          M3.B516 v.6 
Bruckner, Anton.  [Choral music. Selections] Geistliche Gesänge für gemischten Chor = 
     Sacred songs for mixed choir.  Score. 
          Mu B831 chomu 
Buxtehude, Dietrich.  Preludes, toccatas, and ciacconas for organ (pedaliter).  (Collected works, 
     15/1 A-B)  Score, commentary. 
          M3.B991 1987 v.15 pt.1 sect.A-B 
Chausson, Ernest.  [Songs. Selections] Selected songs for voice and piano.  
          Mu pts C395 song 
Debussy, Claude.  Images (1894); Pour le piano; Children’s corner.  (Oeuvres complètes 
     de Claude Debussy, I/2)  Score.   
          M3.D35 1985 Ser.1 v.2 
Elgar, Edward.  [Symphonies, no. 3] The sketches for Symphony no. 3 / elaborated by Anthony Payne. 
          Mu El31 sy3 
Erb, Donald. Sunlit peaks and dark valleys: for violin, clarinet in B, and piano.  Score and parts. 
          Mu pts Er19 sun 
Ford, Thomas.  [Musicke of sundrie kindes. Selections] Lyra viol duets.  (Recent researches in 
     the music of the Baroque Era, 90) Score.  
          M2.R295 v.90 
Four Viennese string quintets / edited by Cliff Eisen: Ingace Pleyel, Franz Anton Hoffmeister, 
     Franz Krommer, Adalbert Gyrowetz.  (Recent researches in the music of the Classical era, 53)  
          Score, M2.R296 v.53 
          Parts, v.53 parts folio 1-4 
Great works for piano four hands: Beethoven, Debussy-Ravel, Dvorák, Janacek, 
     Rachmaninoff, Reger, Schmitt, Tchaikovsky-Rachmaninoff, Ravel.  Edited by Ronald Herder.  
          M200.G74 1998 
Grieg, Edvard.  [Sonatas, violin, piano] Complete sonatas for violin and piano.  Score and part.  
          Mu pts G871 sovbp 
Handel, George Frideric.  Te Deum, HWV 278; Jubilate, HWV 279.  (Hallische Händel-Ausgabe, 
     III/3)  Score.  
          M3.H235 Ser.3 Bd.3 
Harbison, John.  [Concertos, violin, orchestra; arr.] Violin concerto.  Score and part.  
          Mu pts H213 covb ar 
Harrison, Lou.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Selected keyboard and chamber music 1937-1994.  
     (Recent researches in American music, 31) (Music of the United States of America, 8)  
     Score; parts.  
          M2.R29 v.31; M2.R29 v.31 pts 
Herschel, William, Sir.  [Concertos, oboe, orchestra] The oboe concertos of Sir William Herschel / 
     edited by Wilbert Davis Jerome. (Memoirs of the American Philosophical Society, 225)  Score.  
          Mu H438 coob 
Jeffries, Matthew.  [Anthems] Consort, full, and verse anthems.  (Recent researches in the music 
     of the Renaissance, 113)  Score.  
          M2.R298 v.113 
Josquin, des Prez, d. 1521.  Motets on texts from the New Testament, I.  (Collected works, 19)  
          M3.J67 1987 v.19 
Lalo, Edouard.  [Trios, piano, strings, no. 2, b minor] Trio für Violine, Violoncello und 
     Klavier (1852).  (Unbekannte Werke der Klassik und Romantik, 209)  Score and parts.  
          Mu pts L157 trp2 
Lanner, Joseph.  [Waltzes, piano. Selections; arr.] Walzer.  (Denkmaler der Tonkunst in 
     Osterreich, 150)  Score. 
          M2.D378 Bd.150 
Liebermann, Lowell.  Nocturne no. 2 for piano, op. 31.  
          Mu pts L621 nop2 
Lieberson, Peter.  [Quartet, strings] String quartet.  Score and parts.  
          Mu pts L621.5 quas 
Liszt, Franz. [Legende vom Heiligen Stanislaus] St. Stanislaus: scene 1, two polonaises, 
     scene 4; edited by Paul Munson.  (Recent researches in the music of the nineteenth and 
     early twentieth centuries, 26)  Score.  
          M2.R299 v.26 
Medtner, Nikolay Karlovich.  [Sonatas, piano] The complete piano sonatas.  
          Mu pts M469 sop ser.1-2 
Milhaud, Darius.  Printemps, for solo piano.  
          Mu pts M599 prip bk.1 
Monteverdi, Claudio.  Selva morale e spirituale.  (Opera omnia, 15/1-2)  Score.  
          M3.M783 v.15 pt.1-2 
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.  [Overtures. Selections] Seven great opera overtures in full score.  
          9900000851 precat 
Orff, Carl.  Carmina Burana: cantiones profanae cantoribus et choris cantandae comitantibus 
     instrumentis atque imaginibus magicus: facsimile of the composer's autograph score in 
     the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Munchen.  
          ML96.5.O74.C3 1997 [Special Collections] 
Pärt, Arvo.  [Partita, piano, op. 2] Partita für Klavier, op. 2.  
          Mu pts P256.8 parp 
Rachmaninoff, Sergei. [Songs] Complete songs for voice and piano.  
          9900000854 precat 
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay.  [Orchestra music. Selections] Capriccio espagnol and other concert 
     favorites.  Score.  
          Mu R469 orcmu 
Saint-Saens, Camille.  Samson et Dalila.  Score.  
          9900000855 precat 
Schumann, Clara.  [March, piano 4 hands, Eb major] Marsch Es-dur für Klavier zu vier 
          Mu pts Sch85.9 ma 
Schumann, Robert.  [Piano music. Selections] Klavierbuchlein für Marie.  (Ausgewahlte 
     Beethoven-Handschriften in kommentierten Faksimile-Ausgaben,  neue Folge, 11)  
          ML96.5.S392.K5 1998 [Special Collections] 
Schumann, Robert.  Studies and sketches: Dresden sketchbook; Pocket notebook.  (New edition of 
     the complete works, VII/3/4) Score.  
          M3.S392 1991 Ser.7 group 3 v.4 
Shadle, Charles.  Two love songs to poems of James Joyce: for soprano and orchestra.  
     Facsimile score.   
          ML96.5.S353.L68 1991 [Special Collections] 
Shield, William.  Rosina.  (Musica Britannica, 72)  Score.  
          M2.M9872 v.72 
Sibelius, Jean.  [Laulut, op. 17] Seven songs for voice and piano, op. 17.  
          Mu pts Sib11 lau17 
Still, William Grant.  [Operas. Vocal scores. Selections] Arias, duets, and scenes from the 
     operas.  Vocal scores.   
          Mu pts Sti54 op pv sel v.1-3 
Takemitsu, Toru.  Air, for flute.  
          Mu pts T139 airf 
35 song hits by great Black songwriters: Bert Williams, Eubie Blake, Ernest Hogan and others / 
     edited by David A. Jasen.  
          M1630.18.A14 1998 
Verdi, Giuseppe.  Il Corsoro.  (The works of Giuseppe Verdi, I/13)  
          Score, M3.V48 1983 ser.1 v.13 
          Critical commentary, M3.V48.C7 1983 ser.1 v.13 
Villa-Lobos, Heitor.  Historietas, for voice and piano.  
          Mu pts V711 hist 
Vivaldi, Antonio.  Stabat mater: inno per contralto, due violini, viola e basso, RV 621.  Score.  
          Mu V836 stama a 
Williams, John.  [Motion picture music. Selections; arr.] Music from the Star Wars 
     trilogy [for piano].  
          Mu pts W673 mpmu ar 
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