Apple pie music: music of American history: history of American music / Lintronics Software 
     Publishing, Inc.   
          ML200.A665 1994 CIRCDSK 
History of the blues / Queue, Inc.  
          ML3521.H578 1994 CIRCDSK 
Musical instruments / JLR Group, Inc.  
          ML460.M975 1996 CIRCDSK 
The Ring disc: an interactive guide to Wagner’s Ring cycle.  [Solti, Vienna Philharmonic]  
          M1500.W34.R5 1997 CIRCDSK 
Winter, Robert.  Robert Winter's Crazy for ragtime.  [Franzen, Ford-Livene]  
          ML3530.W56 1996 CIRCDSK 
Wong, Herb.  Jazz greats [from Louis Armstrong to Duke Ellington].  
          ML3508.W68 1994 CIRCDSK 

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