Compact Discs

Adès, Thomas.  Powder her face.  [Soloists, Almeida Ensemble, Adès]  EMI 7243 5 56649 2  
          PhonCD Ad35 pow  
Arnold, David. Tomorrow never dies: music from the motion picture.  A&M 5754  
          PhonCD Ar64 tom 
Bach, Johann Sebastian.  [Masses, BWV 232, B minor] Messe in si mineur, BWV 232.  [Collegium 
     Vocale, Herreweghe] Harmonia Mundi HMC 901614.15  
          PhonCD B122 mas232 a 
Bach, Johann Sebastian.  [Organ music. Selections] The uncommon Bach: Johann Sebastian Bach organ 
     works: variants, rarities, and transcriptions.  [Ritchie, Lippincott]  PGM 115  
          PhonCD B122 orgmu c 
Bacon, Ernst.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Remembering Ansel Adams: and other works.  
     [Various performers]  CRI CD 779   
          PhonCD B132 insmu 
Bartlett, Martin.  Burning Water.  [Hannan, Lewis, Uitti]  Periplum P 0020  
          9900005158 precat 
Beethoven, Ludwig van.  The complete masterworks.  [Various performers]  Brilliant Classics 
     99094-99133 (40 CDs) 
          Vol.1:  9900007760 precat 
          Vols.2-4: 10871497-49 precat 
          Vols.5-9: 10872033-37 precat 
          Vols.10-19: 10872039-48 precat  
          Vols.20-40: 10872050-70 precat 
Beethoven, Ludwig van.  [Sonatas, piano] The complete piano sonatas on period instruments.  
     [Bilson, Beghin, Breitman, Dutschler, Meniker, Oort, Willis]  Claves CD 50-9707/10 (10 discs)  
          PhonCD B393 sop c v.1-10 and booklet 
Bernstein, Elmer.  The great escape: soundtrack.  Ryko RCD 10711  
          PhonCD B457.8 gre 
Bernstein, Elmer.  The magnificent seven: soundtrack.  Rykodisc RCD 10741  
          PhonCD B457.8 mag a 
Botti, Susan.  [Vocal music. Selections] Listen, it's snowing.  [Botti, et al.]  CRI CD 802  
          PhonCD B6595 vocmu 
Boston Camerata.  Liberty tree: early American music, 1776-1861.  [Cohen]  Erato 3984-21668-2  
          PhonCD F G3700.B675 
Carmichael, Hoagy.  The classic Hoagy Carmichael.  [Various performers, recorded 1927-1987; book 
     written by John Edward Hasse] Smithsonian RD 038-1/2/3  
          PhonCD C212 cla disc1-3, booklet 
Carter, Elliott.  Choral music: Emblems; Musicians wrestle everywhere; To music; Tarantella; etc.  
     [John Oliver Chorale] Koch 3-7415-2H1  
          9900008906 precat 
Chamber works: Belet, Rindfleisch, Juusela, Delgado, Epstein, Rudajev / Society of Composers, Inc.  
     (SCI CD, 11) [Various performers] Capstone CPS-8651  
          PhonCD Sci1 no.11 
Child, Peter.  Child’s play.  [Boston Musica Viva, Lydian Quartet, MIT Chamber Players]  
     Neuma 450-98  
          10866890 precat 
Chorallaries of M.I.T.  Contents under pressure.  CH 32098  
          10866358 precat 
Crumb, George.  [Selections] Ancient voices of children; A little suite for Christmas, A.D. 1979; 
     Three early songs; Dream sequence (Images II).  [Martin, Barone, Freeman, Orchestra 2001]  
     CRI CD 803  
          PhonCD C888 sel b 
Douglass, David.  Apollo's banquet: 17th century music from the publications of John Playford.  
     [with O'Dette, Lawrence-King] Harmonia Mundi HMU 907186  
          PhonCD D747 apo 
Elfman, Danny.  Men in black, the score.  Columbia/Sony Music Soundtrax CD 68859  
          PhonCD El28 men 
Elfman, Danny.  [Selections] Music for a darkened theatre, volume 2: film & television music.  
     MCA MCAD2-11550   
          PhonCD El28 mus a 
Elgar, Edward.  [Symphonies, no. 3] Symphony no. 3; [sketches elaborated by Anthony] Payne.  
     [BBC Symphony, Davis] NMC D053  
          PhonCD El31 sy3 
Elgar, Edward.  [Symphonies, no. 3 (Sketches)] The sketches for Symphony no. 3.  [Gibbs, Norris, 
     BBC Symphony, Davis] NMC D052  
          PhonCD El31 sy3 sk 
Figgis, Mike.  Leaving Las Vegas: original motion picture soundtrack.  Pangæa 72438 36071 29  
          PhonCD F468 lea 
The Frog Peak Collaborations Project: [62 composers, 115 pieces on a sound/text by Chris Mann].   
     Frog Peak 007 (2 discs)  
          9900005157 precat 
Gershwin, George.  [Selections; arr.] Ella Fitzgerald sings the George and Ira Gershwin songbook.  
     [Nelson Riddle, orchestra] Verve MGVS 6082-5  
          PhonCD G323 sel 
Goldsmith, Jerry.  Patton; Tora! Tora! Tora!: original motion picture scores.  Varèse 
     Sarabande VSD-5796  
          PhonCD G574 patt 
Gressel, Joel.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Computer music of Joel Gressel.  CRI CD 797  
          PhonCD G867 insmu  
Harbison, John. At first light.  [Hunt, Pearson, Sternberg, Upshaw, Greenleaf Chamber Players, 
     Metamorphosen Chamber Orchestra, Yoo]  Archetype 60106  
          10872502 precat 
Haydn, Joseph.  Complete piano works, vols. 1-3.  [Akl]  Koch Discover DICD 920501/2/3 (3 discs)  
          9900010262 v.1-3 precat 
Horner, James.  The mask of Zorro: music from the motion picture.  Sony Classical SK 60627  
          PhonCD H784 mas 
Horner, James.  [Titanic] Music from the motion picture Titanic.  Sony Classical SK 63213  
          PhonCD H784 titan 
Ives, Charles.  [Piano music. Selections] The unknown Ives: premiere recordings of unpublished 
     works and new critical editions. With Ruggles, Evocations, four chants for piano.  [Berman]  
     CRI CD 811  
          PhonCD Iv3 piamu a 
The jazz singers: [a Smithsonian collection of jazz vocals from 1919 to 1994].  [Various performers]
     Smithsonian RD 113 / RJ 0040    
          PhonCD J J339 sin v.1-5 & booklet 
Kline, Phil.  [Selections] Glow in the dark.  [Kline, et al.]  CRI CD 801  
          PhonCD K685 sel 
La Barbara, Joan.  [Vocal music. Selections] Shamansong; Rothko; Calligraphy II/Shadows.  
     [La Barbara, et al.] New World 80545-2  
          PhonCD L111 vocmu 
Lanna Thai: instrumental music of north-west Thailand.  [Various performers, recorded 1992-95]  
     Pan 2045CD   
          PhonCD F G8025.L366 
Lee, Noel.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Caprices on the name Schönberg; Convergences; 
     Five preludes prolonged; Dialogues. [Lee, et al.]  CRI CD 798  
          PhonCD L514 insmu 
Lees, Benjamin.  Symphonies, no. 4, "Memorial candles."  (American classics)  
     [Wheeler, Buswell, National Symphony of Ukraine, Kuchar]  Naxos 8.559002  
          9900008914 precat 
Levy, Ernst.  Forgotten genius: Ernst Levy plays Beethoven, Liszt and Levy.  Marston 52007-2 
     (2 discs)  
          9900009048 precat 
Metamorphosen (Musical group).  Metamorphosen chamber orchestra: Grieg, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky.  
     [Yoo]  Archetype 60105   
          PhonCD M565 metcha 
Michael, David Moritz.  [Instrumental music. Selections] By a spring = Suiten bey einer Quelle 
     zu Blasen.  [Pacific Classical Winds] New World 80531-2  
          PhonCD M581 insmu a 
Music from SEAMUS [Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States], volume 7.  EAM-9801  
          PhonCD M973 sea7 
Music from Thailand and Laos.  [Various performers, recorded by David Fanshawe]  ARC Music 
    EUCD 1425  
          9900009141 precat 
Music of the earth.  Multicultural Media MCM 30--17: Tunisia and North Africa: musical arabesque: 
     an Andalusian pilgrimage.  
          10864646 precat 
Musicworks 71: Southam, Avram, Behrman, Zaparinuk, Minegishi, Raine-Reusch.  
          PhonCD ML5.M8984 v.71 
Musicworks 72: Barrett, McCartney, Wreck’s Progress, Schafer, Westerkamp.  
          10866359 precat 
Nashville Mandolin Ensemble. All the rage: mandolin ensemble music from 1897-1924.  [Zonn]  
     New World 80544-2   
          PhonCD N178 all 
New York Concert Singers.  The mask: [works by] Virgil Thomson, William Bolcom, Mario 
     Castelnuovo-Tedesco.  [Clurman]  New World 80547-2  
          PhonCD N48836 mask 
Ouganda: ensembles villageois du Busoga = Uganda: village ensembles of Busoga.  [Various 
     performers, recorded 1987-1994] VDE CD-925  
          PhonCD F G8420.O944 
Parris, Robert.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Robert Parris: Concerto for trombone; 
     Concerto for percussion, violin, cello & piano; Fantasy & fugue for solo cello; 
     The book of imaginary beings.  [Various performers]  CRI CD 792   
          PhonCD P249 insmu 
Perera, Ronald.  [Selections] Crossing the meridian: chamber works with voice.  [Soloists, Boston 
     Musica Viva, Pittman] CRI CD 796  
          PhonCD P414 sel 
Perera, Ronald. The outermost house; The canticle of the sun.  [Chatham Chorale]  Albany TROY 314  
          PhonCD P414 out 
Piston, Walter.  [Orchestra music. Selections] Violin concertos nos. 1 and 2; Fantasia for violin 
     and orchestra. (American classics) [Buswell, National Symphony of Ukraine, Kuchar]  Naxos 8.559003  
          PhonCD P678 orcmu 
Previn, André.  Streetcar named Desire.  [Fleming, Futral, Gilfry, Griffey, San Francisco 
     Opera, Previn]  DG 289 459 366-2 
          PhonCD P929 stre 
Raaijmakers, Dick.  [Electronic music] The complete tape music of Dick Raaijmakers.  
     [Recorded 1959-1996]  Donemus CV-NEAR 09-11 (3 discs)  
          PhonCD R11 elemu & booklet 
ReR Quarterly:  
          Selections, vols. 1 and 2.  9800015215 v.1-2 precat 
          0401 [v. 4, no. 1].  PhonCD ML5 .R47 v.4 no.1 
          0402 [v. 4, no. 2].  10854279 precat 
Rozsa, Miklos.  Ben-Hur: a tale of the Christ: original motion picture soundtrack.  
     Rhino R2 72197   
          PhonCD R819 ben disc 1-2, booklet 
Savage, Robert.  [Selections] An eye-sky symphony; Cowboy nocturne; Sudden sunsets; AIDS 
     ward scherzo; etc.  [Del Tredici, Musicians Accord, et al.]  CRI CD 790  
          PhonCD Sa93 sel 
Schryer, Claude.  Autour.  [Schryer, et al.]  empreintes DIGITALes IMED 9736  
          9900005156 precat 
Schubert, Franz.  [Symphonies. Selections] Schubert’s other unfinished symphonies, realized 
     by Brian Newbold: Symphony in D major, D615 (1818); Symphony in D major, D708A (1820/1); 
     Symphony no.10 in D major, D936A (1828).  [Mackerras, Scottish Chamber Orchestra]  
     Hyperion CDA67000  
          PhonCD Sch78 sy sel 
Schuman, William.  [Selections] William Schuman: Judith; Night journey; In sweet music.  
     [Various performers]  CRI CD 791 
          PhonCD Sch85.5 sel 
Sessions, Roger.  [Piano music. Selections] The piano sonatas; From my diary.  [Helps]  CRI CD 800  
          PhonCD Se72 piamu 
Shifrin, Seymour.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Seymour Shifrin: Three pieces for orchestra; 
     String quartet no. 4; Serenade for five instruments.  [Various performers]  CRI CD 793  
          PhonCD Sh61 insmu 
Silvestri, Alan.  [Contact] Music from the Contact motion picture.  Warner Bros. 9 46811-2  
          PhonCD Si39 con 
Starobin, David.  Newdance: 18 dances for guitar.  Bridge 9084  
          PhonCD Sta286 newda 
Steiner, Max.  King Kong.  [Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Stromberg]  Marco Polo 8.223763  
          PhonCD Ste35 king 
Sylvan Winds.  The Sylvan Winds plays American composers: Tsontakis, Etler, Adolphe, Chaitkin.  
     CRI CD 788   
          PhonCD Sy565 ame 
Thaïlande = Thailand: Ko Samui.  Air Mail Music SA 141023  
          9900009571 precat 
Torke, Michael. [Instrumental music. Selections] Javelin: the music of Michael Torke.  
     Argo 452 101-2  
          PhonCD T6325 insmu 
Tucson Winter Chamber Music Festival (4th : 1997 : Tucson, Ariz.).  The 4th Tucson Winter 
     Chamber Music Festival: March 1997: Bartók, Harbison, Dahl, Parker.  [Various 
     performers] Arizona Friends of Chamber Music F97  
          PhonCD T7985 win1997 
Tudor, David.  [Rainforest, no. 1] Rainforest.  [Tudor, Kosugi, live electronics]  Mode 64  
          PhonCD T811 rai1 
Unnikrishnan, Kadambam.  Kadambam Unnikrishnan, music: K.S. Raghu.  Vani V-045  
          10866557 precat 
Unnikrishnan, P., vocalist. Aanandam: carnatic vocal.  Inreco IP-5082  
          10866556 precat 
Varner, Tom.  The window up above: American songs 1770-1998.  [Varner, et al.]  New World 80552-2  
          PhonCD J V431 win 
Waverly Consort.  Douce dame: Guillaume, Jacopo, Landini, Vaillant, Lorenzo.  Vanguard OVC 8201  
          PhonCD W361 dou 
Wilder, Alec.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Take a walk on the Wilder side: flute music of 
     Alec Wilder.  [Zucker, Kennedy, Peters, Cionco]  Cantilena Records 66014-2  
          PhonCD W645 insmu 
Williams, John.  Close encounters of the third kind: the collector's edition soundtrack.  
     Arista 07822-19004-2  
          PhonCD W673 clo a 
Wiseman, Debbie.  Wilde: original soundtrack recording.  Sonic Images SID-8813  
          9900010570 precat 
Wong Fongnam. Jakajan: music from New Siam / Fong Naam.  Nimbus NI 5486  
          PhonCD F G8025.W665 
Yuasa, Joji.  Nine levels of Ze-Ami; Eye on Genesis for UPIC; Terms of temporal detailing.  
     [Nagano, Ensemble InterContemporain, Fonville]  Neuma 450-96  
          9900005159 precat 
Zimmer, Hans. The thin red line: original motion picture soundtrack.  RCA Victor 09026-63382-2   
     9900010564 precat 
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