Videos and Laserdiscs

Billy in the lowgrounds: old time music from the Newport Folk Festival, 1966.  Vestapol 13051  
          Vcas F G3700.B555 
The blues accordin' to Lightnin' Hopkins; [with] The sun's gonna shine.  [Blank]  Flower Films FF1113   
          Vcas ML420.H66.B58 1979 
Bossa nova: music & reminiscences.  [Walter Salles]  Multicultural Media MCM 1005  
          Vcas ML3509.B6.B676 1993 
Chulas fronteras; and, Del mero corazón = Straight from the heart: love songs of the 
     Southwest.  [Blank]  Brazos Films  BF-104 	
          Vcas ML3560.M49.C48 1994 
Dance in Africa: a film / Esther A. Dagan [Dakar, Senegal, 1966].  Galerie Amrad African Arts.  
          Vcas GV1705.D363 1997 
Delta blues, Cajun two-step: music from Mississippi & Louisiana, Newport Folk Festival, 1966.  
     Vestapol 13050  
          Vcas F G3701.B45.D45 
Fiddler on the roof.    [1971 motion picture.]  MGM/UA Home Video M305841  
          Vcas PN1997.F53 1996 
Gamelan music of Java: an introduction / producer, Byron Moon; written and directed by 
     Byron Moon and Ruth Vasey.  
          Vcas ML1251.I53.G36 1983 & booklet 
Hankook minyo and dance = Korean folk song and folk dance.  You's Production 382 (2 tapes)  
          10839562 precat video 
J'ai été au bal = I went to the dance: the Cajun and Zydeco music of Louisiana.  
     [Blank]  Brazos Films BF 103  
          Vcas M1630.18.J35 1989 
Kim, Duck Soo.  Kim Duck Soo debut 40 years: samulnori 20 years.  
          10840591 precat video 
Kook-lip Kook-ahk Won.  Uri eum-ahk-ui eehae = [Understanding Korean music] / Kook-lip 
     Kook-ahk Won = National Center for Korea Traditional Performing Arts.  Jae-il News Com.  
          10839561 precat video 
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.  Idomeneo.  [Soloists, Drottningholmsteatern, Östman]  
     Philips 440 070 520-1  
          Vdis M877 ido 
Sprout wings and fly: Tommy Jarrell.  [Blank]  Flower Films FF1111  
          Vcas ML418.S66 1983 
Sworn to the drum: a tribute to Francisco Aguabella.  [Blank]  Flower Films FF1162  
          Vcas ML419.A38.S9 1995 
Wagner, Richard.  Ring des Nibelungen. Gotterdammerung.  [Boulez]  Philips 070 504-1  
          Vdis W125 ring go 
Wagner, Richard.  Ring des Nibelungen. Rheingold.  [Boulez]  Philips 070 501-1  
          Vdis W125 ring rh 
Wagner, Richard.  Ring des Nibelungen. Siegfried.  [Boulez]  Philips 070 503-1  
          Vdis W125 ring si 
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