Music Scores

Anna Amalia, Princess of Prussia.  Fugue for violin and viola (1776).  Score.  
          Mu An71 fu 
Antheil, George.  [Violin, piano music] The works for violin and piano.  Score and part.  
          Mu pts An85.7 vbpmu 
Asia, Daniel.  My father's name was... for voice, piano, bass.  2 scores and part.  
          Mu pts As41 myf 
Bach, Johann Sebastian.  Kantaten zum 20. und 21. Sonntag nach Trinitatis: BWV 162, 180, 49, 
     109, 38, 98, 188.  (Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke, I/25)  Score.  
          M3.B118 1954 Ser.1 Bd.25 
Bach, Johann Sebastian.  [Selections; arr.] Concerto in E-flat major for viola, strings and 
     basso continuo; reconstructed from BWV 169, 49, 1053.  Piano reduction and part.  
          Mu pts B122 sel ar a 
Bacon, Ernst.  Quiet airs [voice and piano].  
          Mu pts B132 quta 
Barthelemon, Cecilia.  Three sonatas for piano.  
          Mu pts B282 sop 
Bartók, Béla.  Concerto for orchestra.  (Boosey & Hawkes masterworks library)  Full score.  
          Mu B285 coo b 
Beach, H.H.A., Mrs.  Concerto, piano, op.45, C# minor; arr. for 2 pianos.  2 scores.  
          Mu pts B352 cop45 ar 
Beach, H.H.A., Mrs.  Variations on Balkan themes: for solo piano, op.60.  
          Mu pts B352 varba 
Beethoven, Ludwig van.  Symphony no.3, op.55, Eb major.  Score; critical commentary.  
          M3.B4167 1996 no.3 & suppl. 
Berg, Alban.  Sieben frühe Lieder; Fünf Orchester-Lieder, op.4; Der Wein.  (Sämtliche 
     Werke, 1/6, Orchestergesänge)  Score.  	
          M3.B47 1984 Abt.1 Bd.6 
Berlioz, Hector.  [Grande Messe des morts] Requiem mass; and, Te Deum.  Score.  
          Mu B455 grmemo a 
Bolcom, William.  Nine bagatelles for piano.  
          Mu pts B637.5 bagp 
Boulanger, Lili.  D'un matin de printemps: for violin and piano.  Score and part.  
          Mu pts B663 dunma 
Boulanger, Nadia.  Three pieces for violoncello and piano.  Score and part.  
          Mu pts B663.2 pievcp 
Braham, David.  [Songs. Selections] Collected songs, 1873-1896.  (Recent researches in American 
     music, 27) (Music of the United States of America, 7)  
          M2.R29 v.27 pt.1-2 
Britten, Benjamin.  [King Arthur. Selections; arr.] King Arthur: suite for orchestra; adapted 
     by Paul Hindemith.  Score. 
          Mu B777 kin sel ar
Bruch, Max.  [Kol nidrei] Bruch's Kol Nidrei and Bloch's Schelomo for cello and orchestra.  Score.  
          Mu B83 kol 
Carter, Benny.  Benny Carter plays standards / transcriptions by Don Erjavec.  (Artist 
     transcriptions: saxophone)  Score.  	
          M108.C373 1996 
Coltrane, John.  John Coltrane solos / transcribed by Carl Coan.  (Artist transcriptions: 
     saxophone)  Score.  
          M108.C655 1995 
Cranford, William.  [Viol music, viols (5)] Consorts of five parts.  (Viol consort series, 31)  
     Score and parts.  
          Mu pts C851 vlmu5 
Creston, Paul.  Three poems from Walt Whitman, op.4, for violoncello and piano.  Score and part.  
          Mu pts C865 pow 
Debussy, Claude.  La mer.  (Oeuvres complètes, V/5)  Score.  
          M3.D35 1985 ser.5 v.5 
De Gambarini, Elisabetta. [Sets of lessons] Lessons for harpsichord, op.1 and op.2.  
          Mu pts D363 set 
Dong, Jinchi.  Datiqin quauan = [Cello music selections].  Piano score and part.  
          10836209 precat 
Dube, John Langalibalele.  A Zulu song book; facsimile reprint of Amagama Abantu / John L. Dube 
     and Nokutela Dube; transcribed by David Rycroft.  (Colin Webb Natal and Zululand series, 7)  
          M1831.Z8.D838 1996 
Elgar, Edward.  Concerto in E minor for violoncello and piano, op.85.  Piano reduction and part.  
          Mu pts El31 covc ar 
Elizondo, José Luis.  Estampas Mexicanas: suite for orchestra.  Score.  
          10832261 precat 
Erb, Donald.  llawarra music: between the mountains and the sea: for bassoon, piano, and page 
     turner.  Score and part.  	
          Mu pts Er19 illm 
Farrenc, Louise.  Sonata for piano and cello.  Score and part.  
          Mu pts F247 sovcp46 
Feldman, Morton.  Only, for voice solo.  
          Mu pts F333 only 
Folk songs of the southern Appalachians as sung by Jean Ritchie.  2nd ed.  
          M1629.6.A6.F65 1997 
Freer, Jane.  Six sonatas for piano or harpsichord.  
          Mu pts F877 sop 
Getty, Gordon.  Annabel Lee, for male chorus with piano.  
          Mu G336 ann 
Getty, Gordon.  Homework suite, for piano.  
          Mu pts G336 homs 
Getty, Gordon.  Madeline, for piano.  
          Mu pts G336 mad 
Getty, Gordon.  The white election: a song cycle for soprano and piano on 32 poems of Emily Dickinson.  
          Mu pts G336 wh 
Grieg, Edvard.  [Piano music, 4 hands. Selections] Norwegian dances, Waltz-caprices, and other 
     works for piano four hands.   
          Mu pts G871 piamu4h 
Harbison, John.  San Antonio: sonata for alto saxophone and piano.  Score and part.  
          Mu pts H213 san 
Harrison, Lou.  [Suites, violoncello, piano] Suite for 'cello & piano: in honor of Robert Korns.  
     Piano score and part.   
          Mu pts H248.2 suvcp 
Hartke, Stephen.  Caoine: for solo violin.  
          Mu pts H2546 cao 
Haydn, Joseph.  [Masses, H. XXII, 1, F major] Missa brevis in F, Hob. XXII.1.  Score.  
          Mu H324 masXXII 1 
He, Zhanhao.  Liang shanbo yu zu yingtai = The butterfly lovers concerto.  Score.  
          10836105 precat 
Hensel, Fanny Mendelssohn.  [Duets, soprano, alto, piano. Selections] Three duets on texts by 
     Heinrich Heine: from Lyrical intermezzo: for soprano and alto voices with piano accompaniment.  
          Mu pts H396 duvp 
Hildegard, Saint.  [Scivias. Selections] Songs of the Living Light : antiphons and responsories.  Score.
          Mu H544.2 sci sel 
Hoiby, Lee.  [Songs. Selections] Eleven songs for middle voice & piano.  
          Mu pts H6885 song 
Holliger, Heinz.  Die Jahreszeiten = The seasons: songs on poems of Scardanelli (Hölderlin) 
     for mixed choir a cappella.   
          Mu pts H724 jah 
Honegger, Arthur.  Sonata no.1 for violin and piano.  (Master string series)  Score and part.  
          Mu pts H756 sovbp1 
Hovhaness, Alan.  Sonata for solo viola, op.423.  
          Mu pts H82 sov423 
Jenkins, John.  [Chamber music. Selections] Consort music of three parts.  (Musica Britannica, 70)  
          Score.  M2.M9872 v.70 
Johnson, J. J.  The J. J. Johnson collection / transcribed by Scott Whitfield.  (Artist 
     transcriptions: trombone)  Score.   
          M91.J655 1996 
Kodály, Zoltán.  [Darab, piano, op.11] Seven pieces for solo piano, op.11.  
          Mu pts K816 dar11 
Kurtág, György.  [Pezzi, violin, piano, op. 14e] Tre pezzi per violino e pianoforte, op. 14e.  
          Mu K967 pez14 
Kurtág, György.  [Stseny iz romana: 15 pesen na stikhi Rimmy Dalosh] Scenes from a novel: 
     15 songs to poems by Rimma Dalos, op.19.  Playing score.  
          Mu K967 stsr 
Laderman, Ezra.  Concerto for cello and orchestra.  Piano reduction and part.  
          Mu pts L124 covc ar 
La Plante, Skip.  [Instrumental music] Collected scores, 1975-1991.  Score.  
          Mu L316 insmu 
Lasso, Orlando di.  [Motets] The complete motets, 6: Motets for four to eight voices from
     Selectissimae cantiones (Nuremberg, 1568).  (Recent researches in the music of the 
     Renaissance, 110)  Score.  
          M2.R298 v.110 
Lasso, Orlando di.  [Motets] The complete motets, 14: Sacrae cantiones for four voices (Munich, 1585).  
     (Recent researches in the music of the Renaissance, 111)  Score.  
          M2.R298 v.111 
Lazarof, Henri.  Six bagatelles for solo viola.  
          Mu pts L456 bava 
Leonarda, Isabella.  [Sonatas, op.16. No.10] Trio sonata, op.16 no.10 [for 2 violins and continuo].  
     Score and parts.    
          Mu pts L5522 so16 no.10 
Leveridge, Richard.  [Vocal music] Complete songs (with the music in Macbeth).  (Music for London 
     entertainment, A/6)  	 
          M2.M86 Ser.A v.6 
Lin, Rong.  Gangqinqu 5 shou = Five pieces of piano music; arranged from Chinese classical music.  
          10837593 precat 
Lovano, Joe.  Joe Lovano.  (Artist transcriptions: saxophone)  Score.  
          M108.L685 1995 
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix.  Complete works for piano and orchestra.  Score.  
          Mu M522 piorcmu 
Milhaud, Darius.  [Boeuf sur le toit; arr.] Cinema-fantaisie d'après Le boeuf sur le toit: 
     for violin and piano; cadenza by Arthur Honegger.  Score and parts.  
          Mu pts M599 boto ar a 
Milhaud, Darius.  Poëmes juifs (1916), for voice and piano.  (Master vocal series)  
          Mu pts M599 poeju 
Milton, John.  Three fantasies for 5 viols.  (Viol consort series, 30)  Score and parts.  
          Mu pts M642 fa5v 
Mussorgsky, Modest Petrovich.  [Kartinki s vystavki; arr.] Pictures at an exhibition / 
     Moussorgsky-Ravel.  (Boosey & Hawkes masterworks library)  Full score.  
          Mu M974 kar ar c 
Polansky, Larry.  The Casten variation: for ensemble (with optional drums or percussion) or solo 
     piano.  Score.  
          Mu P757 casv
Powell, Jarrad.  Thunder River song: voice and prepared piano.   
          9800002529 precat 
A pretty girl is like a melody; and other favorite song hits, 1918-1919 / edited by David A. Jasen.  
          M1630.18.P748 1997 
Prokofiev, Sergei.  [Pesy, piano, op.4] Four pieces for solo piano, op.4.  
          Mu pts P943 pesp4 
Quan, Jihao.  Zhongguo gangqinqu 3 shou = Three Chinese piano pieces assigned for the 1994 China 
     International Piano Competition / Quan Jihao, Chen Yi, Wang Jianzhong.  
          10837597 precat 
Reger, Max.  Blätter und Blüten: zwölf Klavierstücke.  
          Mu pts R262 bla 
Reynolds, Roger.  Symphony (Myths): orchestra.  Score [oversize].  
          Mu R336 symy LGFRMAT 
Rochberg, George.  Concerto for clarinet and orchestra.  Piano reduction and part.  
          Mu pts R583 cocl ar 
Rodrigo, Joaquín.  35 songs for voice and piano.  
          Mu pts R618 song 
Schnittke, Alfred.  Symphony no.8.  Score.  
          Mu Sch59 sy8 
Schoenberg, Arnold.  Melodramen und Lieder mit Instrumenten.  (Sämtliche Werke, A/24)  Score.   
          M3.S371 Abt.6 Reihe A Bd.24 
Schumann, Clara.  Quatre pièces caractéristiques: pour le pianoforte, op.5.  
          Mu pts Sch85.9 piec5 
Schütz, Heinrich.  Kleine geistliche Konzerte: complete.  Score.  
          Mu Sch88 kle 
SCI Journal of music scores.  Scores.  
          M2.A111 v.-  
             22: Dinos Constantinides, Intimations; Donna Kelly Eastman, Just us; Elizabeth Lauer, 
                 Seven songs on poems from chamber music; Frederick Speck, Nightstuff and moonbells.
             23: Charles Argersinger, Concerto for piano and chamber orchestra; Jackson Hill, 
                 Rhapsody for flute and piano. 
Scriabin, Aleksandr Nikolayevich.  24 Préludes, op.11, piano.  
          Mu pts Skr63 pr11 
Shakespeare song album: 23 songs to texts by William Shakespeare / in association with the 
     Royal Shakespeare Company. 
          M1619.5.S53.S537 1996 
Shuo, Wei.  Shuo Wei gangqin quji = [Collection of piano pieces].  
          10836207 precat 
Songs of the troubadours and trouvères: an anthology of poems and melodies / edited by Samuel 
     N. Rosenberg, Margaret Switten, Gérard Le Vot.  Score & compact disc.  
          PQ1322.S66 1998, PQ1322.S66 1998 CD 
Spanish piano music: 24 works by Falla, Albéniz, Granados, Soler, and Turina.  
          M21.S636 1997 
Strozzi, Barbara.  [Cantate e ariette, op.3] Cantate, ariete a una, deu, e tre voci, opus 3.  
     (Recent researches in the music of the Baroque era, 83)  Score.  
          M2.R295 v.83 
Szymanowski, Karol.  Lieder I für Singstimme und Klavier.  (Gesamtausgabe, 10)  
          M3.S992 Bd.10 
Szymanowski, Karol.  Mandragora, op.43; Fürst Potemkin, op.51.  (Gesamtausgabe, 16)  Score.  
          M3.S992 Bd.16 
Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich.  [Piano music. Selections] The seasons, and other works for solo piano.  
          Mu pts T782 piamu 
Telemann, Georg Philipp.  Die Auferstehung und Himmelfahrt Jesu, TWV 6.6.  (Musikalische Werke, 32)  
          M3.T268 v.32 
Tower, Joan.  Night fields, for string quartet.  Score and parts.  
          Mu pts T653 nigf 
The Vaudeville songbook: the story, stars and 50 songs of vaudeville.  
          M1619.V39 1995 
Vaughan Williams, Ralph.  Phantasy quintet, for two violins, two violas and violoncello.  Parts.  
          Mu pts V465 phaqui 
Vaughan Williams, Ralph.  Suite of six short pieces, for piano.  
          Mu pts V465 sup 
Villa-Lobos, Heitor.  Piano music: Prole do bebê 1, Danças características Africanas, 
     and other works.  
          Mu pts V711 piamu 
Vivaldi, Antonio.  Six sonatas for violoncello and continuo.  (Master string series)  Score and parts. 
          Mu pts V836 sovcc a 
Walker, George.  Lilacs: voice and orchestra.  Score [oversize].  
          Mu W152 lil LGFRMAT 
Wei, Tingge.  Zhongguo gangqin minqu 30 shou = The 30 famous Chinese piano pieces / edited by Wei 
          10836100 precat 
Weinstein, Michael H.  Brass quintet.  Score and parts.  
          9800004764 precat 
Williams, John.  [Selections; arr.] John Williams anthology: Theme from The Accidental Tourist; 
     Celebration fanfare; Hymn to New England; Theme from Jaws; Winter Games fanfare; 
     Yoda's theme; etc.  
          Mu pts W673 sel ar a 
Women composers: music through the ages: volume 2, composers born 1600-1699.  Score.  
          M2.W88 1996 v.2 
Xu, Min.  Zhongguo munge gaibian de tongsu gangqinqu = Piano pieces adapted on classical Chinese songs.
          10835301 v.1-3 precat 
Zebrowski, Marcin Józef.  Missa pastoritia.  (Wydawnictwo dawnej muzyki Polskiej, 80)  Score.  
          10838560 precat 
Zhongguo xiaotiqinqu 12 shou = Twelve Chinese violin pieces / Yang Lin, Mo Ruowei.  Score and part.  
          10835302 precat  
Zwilich, Ellen Taaffe.  Concerto for horn and string orchestra.  Piano reduction and part.  
          Mu pts Z97 cohns ar 
Zwilich, Ellen Taaffe.  Triple concerto, for violin, violoncello, piano, and orchestra.  Score.  
          Mu Z97 trico 

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