Reference Titles

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     with reference guide to Biblical quotations and allusions / [compiled by] Melvin P. Unger.  
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Bryan, Paul Robey.  Johann Wanhal, Viennese symphonist: his life and his musical environment.  
     (Thematic catalogues, 23) 	
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Burghauser, Jarmil.  Antonín Dvorák: thematic catalogue, bibliography, survey of 
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Carr, Ian.  Jazz: the rough guide / Ian Carr, Digby Fairweather, and Brian Priestley.  
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Chilton, John.  Who's who of British jazz.  
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Cook, Richard.  The Penguin guide to jazz on CD / Richard Cook and Brian Morton.  3rd ed.  
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Facts behind the songs: a handbook of American popular music from the nineties to the '90s / 
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Finley, Patrick D.  A catalogue of the works of Ralph Shapey.  (Dimension & diversity, 1)  
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Goss, Glenda.  Jean Sibelius: a guide to research.  (Garland composer resource manuals, 41) 
     (Garland reference library of the humanities, 1664)  
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Halbreich, Harry.  L'oeuvre d'Arthur Honegger: chronologie, catalogue raisonné, analyses, 
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MacAuslan, Janna.  Guitar music by women composers: an annotated catalog / compiled by 
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McCloud, Barry.  Definitive country: the ultimate encyclopedia of country music and its performers. 
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Marco, Guy A.  Checklist of writings on American music, 1640-1992.  
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Maroney, James F.  Music for voice and classical guitar, 1945-1996: an annotated catalog.  
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The Metropolitan Opera guide to opera on video / edited by Paul Gruber.  
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Raben, Erik.  Jazz records, 1942-80: a discography.  
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Stoneham, Marshall.  Wind ensemble sourcebook and biographical guide / Marshall Stoneham, 
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          Ref ML128.W5.S76 1997 

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