Newsletter of the MIT Music Library

Spring 1995

Music Library, 14E-109
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

Forrest Larson, Circulation and Reserves Assistant,
Christina Moore, Sr. Assistant & Processing Assistant,
Peter Munstedt, Music Librarian,

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The Tech Talk's headline summarized it best: "Musical Masquerade Tops the Charts." The Music Library's first-ever Musician Look-Alike contest proved to be a rousing success and fun for everyone involved. This IAP event was intended not only to locate look-alikes, but also to enhance people's awareness of the Music Library and its services.

The event was hosted by the inimitable Captain Hook (Ed Darna of Theater Arts) who kept the crowd in stitches with his quick retorts and one-liners. The seven contestants were judged by Lowell Lindgren and Pamela Ambush of the music faculty along with David Ferriero of the Libraries. The four winners, who each received a $25.00 gift certificate from either Newbury Comics or the Harvard Coop, were as follows:

  1. William Fregosi (Theater Arts) as Charles-Henri Alkan
  2. Robert Hall (Libraries) as Sir Edward Elgar
  3. Michael (Libraries) as Anonymous
  4. Megan Hepler '98 as Madonna
Gift certificates for ice cream cones from Toscanini's were awarded to some splendid runners-up: We plan to hold this contest again next year. Let's hope that Captain Hook's ship will be moored in Boston Harbor again next January. In the meantime, start thinking up your costumes for next year!

Photographs by Donna Coveney


Q. What do you get when you drop a piano down a mine shaft?

A. A flat minor.

Q. What's the difference between a soprano and a terrorist?

A. You can negotiate with a terrorist.

Q. How do you know when the viola section is on your front porch?

A. Nobody has the right key, and nobody knows when to come in.


The Libraries will be obtaining a newer version of its current Geac system to run their acquisitions, cataloging, circulation, and online public catalog. While this may be exciting news to library staff, the one area that will directly affect library users will be the new look of the online catalog -- both in the library and for dialup access. Plans are for the new system to be up and running by this summer. Special training sessions will be advertised for students, faculty and staff.


Watch for the library's annual display case that mourns the birth (April 1st) of that eccentric composer Johann Nepomuk Krank. Krank first gained international fame when Igor Stravinsky declared: "This young Krank has about as much musical talent as my French poodle." Krank took encouragement from this recognition and used it to bolster his career. In fact, a major grant from Ralston Purina allowed him to continue composing. Come see pictures documenting the life and music of this most unusual composer. This year, the display will be unveiled on Friday, March 31 at 3:00 p.m. (canines welcome).


Paul Earls

Faculty member Paul Earls (MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies) recently donated over 300 scores, over 60 books, and over 170 LPs to the library. Included in this donation are standard repertoire along with several avant-garde scores and electronic music recordings. Our holdings will be strengthened considerably with the addition of these important materials.

Richard W. Germann

A choice collection of 73 film music LPs was donated by Richard W. Germann. Many of these works will be new to the library including several recordings on European labels. This music will be a great boost in supporting our rapidly growing film music holdings.

Class of 1982

A few years ago, the Class of 1982 designated the Music Library as the recipient of their ten-year gift. This class fund was responsible for the recent renovation of the library's Viewing Room which contains two VCRs and two laser disc players located in private carrels. This attractive room has received high use and very positive response from our users. Additional contributions from members of the Class of 1982 have been received recently from Amy Davidson, Peter T. Rogers, and Stephanie Wingfield. Members of this class are encouraged to visit the library and examine the results of their generous support!


Stanford Anderson
Amy Davidson '82
Paul Earls
Stephen Erdely
Richard W. Germann
John Harbison
The Kurt Weill Foundation for Music
Lowell Lindgren
Martin Marks
Ligija Neibergs
Roy Rasera/MIT Logarhythms
Peter T. Rogers '82
Stephanie Wingfield '82
Evan Ziporyn
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