Adams, John Luther.  Earth and the great weather; a sonic
  geography of the Arctic.  [Adams, et al.]
  New World 80459-2  PhonCD Ad182 ear

Ade, Sunny.  The return of the Juju king.  Mercury 832
  522-2  PhonCD F Af83 N561 j

The AIDS quilt songbook: songs by Bolcom, Harbison, Hoiby,
  Rorem, et al.  [Ollmann, Parker, Sharp, Sylvan,
  baritones; various pianists]  Harmonia Mundi HMU 907602
  PhonCD Ai255 a

Andriessen, Louis.  De Stijl; M in for man, music, Mozart.
  [Schoenberg Ensemble, Thoma, de Leeuw; Orkest de
  Volharding, Seriese, Hempel]  Elektra Nonesuch 79342-2
  9400003093 (precat)

Argento, Dominick.  Variations for orchestra (The Mask of
  Night); Te Deum.  [Jette, Plymouth Festival, Brunelle]
  Virgin Classics 7590092  PhonCD Ar37 vao

The art of the Netherlands: secular songs, instrumental
  music, mass movements, motets.  [Munrow, Early Music
  Consort of London] EMI Classics CMS 7 64215 2
  PhonCD Ar75 neth

Bach, Johann Sebastian.  Franzosischen Suiten = French
  suites, BWV 812-817.  [Gould]  CBS MK 42267
  PhonCD B122 frasu d

Bartok, Bela.  [Selections] Solo piano music, chamber music
  & songs.  With Dohnanyi, Variations on a nursery song.
  [Bartok, Dohnanyi, et al.]  (Composers in person)
  EMI Classics 5 55031 2  9400003260 (precat)

Bassett, Leslie.  [Instrumental music. Selections]
  Variations for orchestra; Echoes from an invisible world;
  Sextet.  [Various performers]  CRI CD 677
  PhonCD B294 insmu

Bebey, Francis.  Akwaaba: music for senza.  [Bebey]
  Original Music OMCD 005  PhonCD F Af83 C145 a

Blow, John.  [Selections] Awake my lyre.  [Redbyrd, The
  Parley of Instruments]  Hyperion CDA66658  PhonCD B623 sel

Boatwright, Helen.  Songs of Charles Ives, Ernst Bacon.
  [With Kirkpatrick, Bacon]  CRI CD 675  PhonCD B6305 son

Bossa nova Brasil: Costa, Veloso, Gilberto, et al.
  Verve 314 515 762-2  PhonCD F Am35 LaB739 o

Brahms, Johannes.  [Ungarische Tanze; arr.] The Hungarian
  dances, for orchestra.  [Mazur, Gewandhausorchester
  Leipzig] Philips 411 426-2  PhonCD B73 ung ar

Bream, Julian.  The Julian Bream edition.  RCA Victor Gold
  Seal 09026-61584-2 to -61611-2 (28 CDs)
  PhonCD B74 jbe v.1-28

Bulgarian village singing, "Two women started to sing..."
  Rounder CD 1055 PhonCD F Eu74 B871 h

Carissimi, Giacomo.  [Oratorios. Selections] Vanitas
  vanitatum; Ezechia; Jephte.  [Ensemble Currende, Van
  Nevel]  Accent ACC 9059  PhonCD C191 ora a

Catholic Church. Mass, Christmas.  Gregorian chant: First
  mass for Christmas; Third mass for Christmas.
  [Benediktinerabtei Munsterschwarzach, Joppich]
  Archiv 410 658-2 AH  PhonCD C286 mach1 a

Caymmi, Dori.  Brasilian serenata.  Qwest/Warner Bros.
  9 26573-2  PhonCD F Am35 LaB739 q

Centrafrique: anthologie de la musique des pygmies Aka.
  Ocora C559012/3  PhonCD F Af83 C333 b

Choates, Harry.  Fiddle king of Cajun swing.  Arhoolie CD
  380  PhonCD F Am35 US329 xcoll caj h

Classical music of Egypt.  [Husayn, Fudah, Rahman]
  Seven Seas KICC 5170  PhonCD F Af83 E98 a

Clemont, Edmond.  The complete Odeon (1905) and Victor
  (1911-13) recordings.  Romophone 82002-2
  PhonCD C5908 cood

The composer-performer, forty years of discovery 1954-1994:
  Cowell, Partch, Fine, Luening, Helps, Thomson, Albright,
  Sollberger, Rorem, Tower, Dun, et al.  [composers
  performing]  CRI CD 670  PhonCD C73817 cope

Couperin, Louis.  [Keyboard music. Selections] Suites &
  pavane.  [Leonhardt]  Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 77058-2-RG
  PhonCD C832.2 kybdmu a

Cowell, Henry.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Music for
  strings: Ensemble; Fiddler's jig; Air; Variations on
  thirds; Hymn and fuguing tunes nos.2, 5, 8, 10.
  [Northwest Chamber Orchestra Seattle, Francis]
  CPO 999 222-2  PhonCD C838 insmu a

Curran, Alvin.  Electric rags II.  [Rova Saxophone Quartet]
  New Albion NA027 CD  PhonCD C936 ele2

Danielis ludus.  Daniel and the lions = Ludus Danielis.
  [New York Ensemble for Early Music, Renz]
  Fono 88 F 09-29 CD  PhonCD D221 pD c

Davies, Peter Maxwell.  Symphony no.2.  [Davies, BBC
  Philharmonic]  Collins Classics 14032  PhonCD D288 sy2

Diablo al inferno!  (Cuba classics, 3)  [Irakere, Los Van
  Van, Varela, Zeus, et al.]  Luaka Bop 9 45107-2
  PhonCD F Am35 LaC891 d3

Domus (Musical group).  Works for string trio: Dohnanyi,
  Kodaly, Martinu.  Virgin Classics VC5 45015 2
  PhonCD D7147 wor

Dufay, Guillaume.  Missa Se la face ay pale.  [Pro Arte
  Singers, Binkley]  Focus 934  PhonCD D872 mise c

Eaglin, Snooks.  Country boy down in New Orleans.
  Arhoolie CD 348  PhonCD F Am35 US329 N312 blu z

Electro acoustic music III: Saariaho, Karpen, Nelson,
  Dusman, Fuller, Risset.  [various performers]
  Neuma 450-87  PhonCD El248 eam3

Erb, Donald.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Drawing down
  the moon: wind music of Donald Erb.  [Various performers]
  New World 80457-2  PhonCD Er19 instmu a

The Firm: soundtrack / music by Dave Grusin and others.
  MCA/GRP MGD-2007  PhonCD F516 fir

Five collages/Elaine Barkin; An experiment in reading
  (Samuel Beckett's Cascando).  [Boretz, Borner, Stein]
  Open Space 3  PhonCD F586 col

Franck, Cesar.  Quintet, piano & strings, F minor; Sonata,
  piano & viola, A major.  [Ensemble Cesar Franck]  Koch
  Schwann 3-1055-2  PhonCD F847 quip b

Frescobaldi, Girolamo.  [Keyboard music. Selections]
  Toccatas, canzonas, partitas, etc.  [Atticciati,
  harpsichord]  Bongiovanni GB 5527-2  PhonCD F891 kybdmu

Galli-Curci, Amelita.  The complete acoustic recordings:
  vol.1, 1916-20; vol.2, 1920-24.  Romophone 81003-2,
  81004-2  PhonCD G136 coac v.1-2

Gershwin, George.  [Selections] Gershwin plays Gershwin:
  the piano rolls.  Realized by Artis Wodehouse.  Elektra
  Nonesuch 79287-2  PhonCD G323 sel e

Gesualdo, Carlo, principe di Venosa.  [Sacrae cantiones,
  voices (5)] Complete sacred music for five voices.
  [Summerly, Oxford Camerata] Naxos 8.550742
  PhonCD G335 sacca

Gibbons, Orlando.  [Selections] Tudor church music.
  [King's College, Ledger]  ASV CD GAU 123  PhonCD G352 sel

Goldenthal, Elliot.  Interview with the vampire: soundtrack.
  Geffen GEFD-24719  PhonCD G5662 int

Gould, Glenn.  Gould meets Menuhin: Bach, Beethoven,
  Schoenberg.  (The Glenn Gould edition)  Sony Classical
  SMK 52688  PhonCD G733.8 gou

Grierson, Ralph.  For Ralph Grierson: Morton Subotnick,
  Frederick Lesemann, William Kraft, Ralph Grierson.  Town
  Hall THCD-24  PhonCD G8728 for

Hallways: Polansky, Burk, Fuqua, Bischoff, Rosenboom,
  Didkovsky, Scholz, Parson, Marsanyi.  [Eleven musicians
  and HMSL]  Frog Peak Music FP 002  PhonCD H1595 hal

Hindemith, Paul.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Sonata
  for solo viola; Scherzo for viola and cello; Nobilissima
  visione; Symphonia serena; String trio no.2; Clarinet
  concerto; Horn concerto; Concerto music for brass and
  strings.  [Hindemith playing and conducting]
  EMI Classics ZDCB 5 55032 2  PhonCD H584 insmu

Hofmusikkapelle Wien (Austria). Chor.  Gregorian chants for
  all seasons.  [Schabasser]  Vox CDX 5010
  PhonCD H6778 gre

Houdini, Wilmoth.  Poor but ambitious: calypso classics
  from Trinidad.  Arhoolie Folklyric CD 7010
  PhonCD F Am35 LaT737 b

The Hum (computer music group).  Wreckin' ball: Trayle,
  Perkis, Bishoff, Curran, et al.  Artifact Recordings
  ART 1008  PhonCD H861 wre

Hussain, Zakir.  Memorable tabla duet.  [Ustad Alla Rakha]
  Chhanda Dhara SNCD 70891  PhonCD F As41 In2 z coll jj

Intercambio/Exchange: computer music from Buenos Aires and
  California.  [Various performers]  CCRMA LIPM
  PhonCD In76 ex

International Computer Music Conference (1993: Tokyo,
  Japan).  ICMC 1993 Tokyo, Opening a new horizon: Shimazu,
  Hyde, Ciardi, Chan, Alcorn.  [Various performers]
  ICMC LMCD-1375  PhonCD In78 1993

Jamiila: songs from a Somali city.  [Recorded in Baraawe]
  Original Music OMCD 007  PhonCD F Af83 So51 a

Jenkins, Leroy.  [Selections] Themes & improvisations on
  the blues; Panorama 1; Off duty dryad; Monkey on the
  dragon.  [Various performers, Jenkins]  CRI CD 663
  PhonCD J4173 sel

Jugalbandi: duet for violin and guitar: Raga bageswari.
  [Job, Kabra]  Chhanda Dhara SNCD 73388
  PhonCD F As41 In2 z coll ss

Khan, Ali Akbar.  Morning visions.  [Misra, tabla]
  AMMP CD 9406  PhonCD F As41 In2 z coll vv

Khan, Imrat.  Surbahar/sitar: Raga puriya dhanashri.
  [Shafaat Khan, tabla]  India Archive IAM CD 1005
  PhonCD As41 In2 z coll rr

Khan, Rais.  Romantic sound of sitar.  [Zakir Hussain,
  Emam]  Chhanda Dhara SNCD 70990
  PhonCD F As41 In2 z coll mm

Khan, Salamat Ali.  Ragas Gunkali, Saraswati, Durga.
  [Ghulam Abbas Khan, tabla]  Nimbus Records NI 5307
  PhonCD F As41 In2 z coll oo

Korde, Shirish.  Rasa, a chamber opera; Tenderness of
  cranes, for solo flute.  [Tegzes, et al., DeMart]
  Neuma 450-85  PhonCD K8413 ras

Krenek, Ernst.  Quartets, strings, nos.5 and 8.  [Thouvenel
  String Quartet]  CRI CD 678  PhonCD K882 quas5

Kronos Quartet.  Night prayers: Yanov-Yanovsky, Ali-Zadeh,
  Gubaidulina, Tahmizyan, Golijov, Kancheli.
  Elektra Nonesuch 79346-2  PhonCD K925 nig

Lansky, Paul.  Six fantasies on a poem by Thomas Campion;
  Still Time.  [MacKay, reader]  CRI CD 683
  PhonCD L292 fanTC

Late in the 20th century II: Reich, Glass, Parades,
  Stravinsky, Part, Yano, et al.  [various performers]
  Elektra Nonesuch 79221-2  PhonCD L343 twe2

Lefevre, Alain.  Piano music: John Corigliano, Piano
  concerto; Frank Ticheli, Radiant voices; Postcard.
  [St.Clair, Pacific Symphony Orchestra]
  Koch International 3-7250-2H1  PhonCD L5215 pia

Ligeti, Gyorgy.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Concerto,
  cello; Concerto, piano; Chamber concerto for 13
  instrumentalists.  [Peranyi, Wiget, Eotvos, Ensemble
  Modern]  Sony Classical SK 58945  PhonCD L626 instmu a

Locke Consort.  The world of Purcell: John Jenkins, Thomas
  Baltzar, Matthew Locke, Henry Purcell, John Blow.
  Globe GLO 5058  PhonCD L7902 wor

Machover, Tod.  Bounce; Chansons d'amour.  [Shannon]
  Bridge BCD 9040  PhonCD M185 bou

Madrigale & Chansons aus England, Italien, Frankreich.
  [Deller-Consort]  Bayer Records BR 100 028
  PhonCD D38 mach

Mahotella Queens [Musical group].  Women of the world.
  Shanachie 64047  PhonCD F Af83 Z84 e

Martino, Donald.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Notturno;
  Quodlibets II; From the other side.  [Group for
  Contemporary Music]  Koch International 3-7245-2H1
  PhonCD M365.5 insmu

Masters of the banjo: Seleshe Damessae, Kirk Sutphin, Tony
  Ellis, Seamus Egan, Carroll Best, Will Keys, Ralph
  Stanley, et al.  Arhoolie CD 421
  PhonCD F Am35 US329 z coll maba

Mongolian songs of Ottoman Empire.  Seven Seas KICC 5133
  PhonCD F As41 M747 d

Monk, Meredith.  Atlas, an opera in three parts.  [Monk,
  et al.]  ECM 1491/1492  PhonCD M749 atl

Monroe, Bill.  The music of Bill Monroe from 1936 to 1994.
  [With Charlie Monroe, Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs, Vassar
  Clements, Gordon Terry, et al.]  MCAD4-11048.
  PhonCD F Am35 US329 C832 blgr e disc 1-4

Monteverdi, Claudio.  Vespro della Beata Virgine;
  Magnificat a sei voci.  [Gardiner, Monteverdi Choir]
  Archiv 429 565-2 AH2  PhonCD M765 ves f

Moore, Alex.  From North Dallas to the East Side.
  ["Whistling" Alex Moore]  Arhoolie CD 408
  PhonCD F Am35 US329 N312 blu ee

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.  Cosi fan tutte.  [Lott, Handley,
  Mackerras, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Edinburgh Festival
  Chorus]  Telarc CD-80360  PhonCD M877 cos e

Music from the Center for Contemporary Music (CCM) at Mills
  College: Bischoff, Brown, Erbe, Payne, Curran.
  (CDCM computer music series, 17)  Centaur CRC 2195
  PhonCD C738.25 cdcm17

Music of Central Asia: Uzbekistan.  Seven Seas KICC 5108
  PhonCD F Eu74 R92uz a

Musica electroacustica en la Argentina, Perspectivas 1:
  Viera, Lezcano, Rapp, Pozzati, Chab, Calzon, Cerana.
  Tarka CD-701  PhonCD M973.1 elac

Musicians of Swanne Alley.  Joyne Hands: music of Thomas
  Morley.  Virgin Classics VC 7 91214-2  PhonCD M97317 joy

My love is in America: the Boston College Irish Fiddle
  Festival.  [Recorded live Sunday, March 25, 1990]  Green
  Linnet GLCD 1110  PhonCD F Am35 US329 Ir4 b

Narayan, Brij.  Raga Lalit; Raga Bairagi Bhairav.  [Zakir
  Hussain, tabla]  Nimbus NI 5263
  PhonCD F As41 In2 z coll qq

New sounds from the Village: Kraft, Gilbert, Ghezzo,
  Sirota, Rosenhaus, Inwood, Mazurek.  [various performers]
  Capstone CPS 8616  PhonCD N42 sovi

Newberry Consort.  Il Solazzo: music for a medieval banquet.
  [Minter, Malafronte, Springfels]
  Harmonia Mundi HMU 907038  PhonCD N423 sol

Noises, sounds & strange airs: new American music by Ewazen,
  Heinick, Marshall, and Snow.  [Composers, et al.]
  Clique Track CT 0576  PhonCD N6981 sou

Now make we merthe: Medieval English lyrics, rounds and
  carols.  [Purcell Consort of Voices, et al.]  Boston
  Skyline BSD 121  PhonCD N86 mak

Oberlin, Russell.  Troubadour and Trouvere songs.  [Barab]
  Lyrichord Early Music Series LEMS 8001  PhonCD Ob27 tro

Partridge, Ian.  A gardin for delights: English lutesongs
  from the Renaissance.  [Ragossnig, lute]
  Bayer BRCD 100130  PhonCD P2587 gar

Pimenta, Emanuel Dimas de Melo.  Digital music: Rings;
  Rozart; Structures II; Short waves 1985.  Mode 21
  PhonCD P6493 dig

Poulenc, Francis.  [Choral music. Selections] Mass in G
  major; Motets for Christmas and Lent; Quatre petites
  prieres de Saint Francois d'Assise.  Telarc CD-80236
  PhonCD P863 chomu a

Puerto Rico in Polynesia: Jibaro traditional music on
  Hawaiian plantations.  Original Music OMCD020
  PhonCD F Am35 US329 xcoll haw c

Rachmaninoff, Sergey.  Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini,
  op.43.  With Saint-Saens, Piano concerto no.2.
  [Davidovich, Concertgebouw, Jarvi]  Philips 410 052-2
  PhonCD R114 ra d

Read, Wallace.  Cajun house party.  [Wallace "Cheese" Read,
  et al.]  Arhoolie CD 415  PhonCD F Am35 US329 xcoll caj i

Rochberg, George.  Caprice variations; arr. for guitar.
  [Fisk]  MusicMasters 67133-2  PhonCD R583 capva ar

Rore, Cipriano de.  [Madrigals, voices (5), book 5] Il
  quinto libro di madrigali, 1568.  [Rooley, Consort of
  Musicke]  Musica Oscura 070991  PhonCD R6919 mad5

Saint John's College (University of Cambridge). Choir.
  Missa Pange Lingua: Desprez, Allegri, Titelouze.  [Guest]
  Meridian CDE 84218  PhonCD Sa238 misP

Saint-Saens, Camille.  [Instrumental music. Selections]
  Quintet op.14; L'Assassinat du duc de Guise; Carnaval des
  animaux.  [Ensemble Musique Oblique]
  Harmonia Mundi HMC 901472  PhonCD Sa25 insmu

Samite.  Dance my children, dance.  [Samite]
  Shanachie SH 65003  PhonCD F Af83 Ug1 b

Satie, Erik.  [Piano music. Selections] Piano works, vol.2:
  Musiques intimes et secretes, Caresse, 12 petits chorals,
  Pieces froides, etc.  Naxos 8.550697  PhonCD Sa83 piamu d

Satie, Erik.  Socrate; Le piege de Meduse; Relache; Musique
  d'ameublement.  [Fouchecourt, Ensemble Erwartung,
  Desgraupes]  Aria 592292  9400003301 (precat)

Satoh, Somei.  [Selections] Toward the night.  [Kanda,
  Sato, String Ensemble Endless, Uzuka]  New Albion NA056CD
  PhonCD Sa83.3 sel

Scarlatti, Domenico.  [Harpsichord music. Selections]
  Unpublished sonatas.  [Sone]  Erato 4509-94806-2
  PhonCD Sca74.2 hpscdmu a

Scheidt, Samuel.  [Organ music. Selections] Organ works
  from Tabulatura Nova (1624).  [Stockmeier]  CPO 999 105-2
  9400003111 (precat)

Schubert, Franz.  [Songs. Selections] The Hyperion Schubert
  edition, v.19.  [Lott, Johnson]  Hyperion CDJ33019
  PhonCD Sch78 song v.19

Schubert, Franz.  Trios, piano and strings.  [Beaux Arts
  Trio]  Philips 412 620-2  PhonCD Sch78 trp a

Schumann, Robert.  Sonatas, violin, piano, no.1, op.105;
  no.2, op.121.  [Kremer, Argerich]  DG 419 235-2 GH
  PhonCD Sch86 sovb1 b

Sessions, Roger.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Duo for
  violin and violoncello; Six pieces for violoncello; Duo
  for violin and piano; Sonata for violin.  [Macomber,
  Krosnick, Salwen]  Koch International 3-7153-2H1
  PhonCD Se72 insmu a

Shostakovich, Dmitrii.  Symphonies, no.8.  [Jarvi, Scottish
  National Orchestra]  Chandos CHAN 8757  PhonCD Sh82 sy8 a

The Sixteen (Musical group).  A Renaissance anthology:
  Lotti, Palestrina, Allegri, Caldara, Gabrieli,
  Frescobaldi, Cavalli, Monteverdi, Lassus.  [Christophers]
  Collins Classics 50092, 13602.  PhonCD Si974 ren Disc 1-2

Society of Composers, Inc.  Songfest: Robert Newell, William
  Penn, Susan Hurley, Elizabeth Scheidel-Austin, Alan
  Schmitz, Mary Jeanne van Appledorn.  Capstone CPS-8618
  PhonCD Sci1 no.5

Sound speculations, in celebration of the 35th anniversary
  of the Experimental Music Studios at the University of
  Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Walker, Mitchell, Miles,
  Fitz, Cohen, Danby, Franey, Weise, Sczerba.  EMS 9300
  PhonCD Sou84 spe

Street music of Java.  [Various performers]
  Original Music OMCD 006  PhonCD F As41 J328 e

Sullivan, Arthur, Sir.  Gondoliers.  [Glyndebourne Festival,
  Sargent]  EMI CMS 7 64394 2  PhonCD Sul53 gon b

Sullivan, Arthur, Sir.  The Mikado.  [Glyndebourne Festival,
  Sargent]  EMI CMS 7 64403 2  PhonCD Sul53 mik a

Susato, Tielman.  Dansereye 1551.  [Pickett, New London
  Consort]  Oiseau-Lyre 436 131-2  PhonCD Sus81 dan

Tallis Scholars.  Sarum chant: Missa in gallicantu.
  Gimell CDGIM 017  PhonCD T146.5 sar

Tanyel, Seta.  Russian music for two pianos: Shostakovich,
  Khachaturian, et al.  [Seta Tanyel, Jeremy Brown]
  Chandos CHAN 8466  PhonCD T1595 rus

Tartini, Giuseppe.  [Sonatas, violin. Selections] 8 piccole
  sonate per violino solo.  [Cappelletti]
  Koch Schwann 3-1126-2  PhonCD T179 sovb sel

Telemann, Georg Philipp.  [Quartets, flute, violin, viola,
  continuo (1752)] Fourth book of quartets.  [American
  Baroque]  Koch International 3-7031-2 H1
  PhonCD T236 quafsc 1752

Tubuai Choir.  From the Polynesian odyssey.
  Shanachie 64049  PhonCD F As41 P769 a

Upshaw, Dawn.  I wish it so: Blitzstein, Sondheim, Weill,
  Bernstein.  [Eric Stern, conducting]
  Elektra Nonesuch 79345-2  PhonCD Up7 iwi

Verdi, Giuseppe.  Trovatore.  [Domingo, Plowright,
  Fassbaender, et al., Giulini]  DG 423 858-2 GH2
  PhonCD V584 tro c

Villa-Lobos, Heitor.  [Songs. Selections] Typical Brazilian
  folk songs and those of the Carioca Carnival; Bachianas
  Brasileiras no.5; 3 indigenous poems; 4 songs from Forest
  of the Amazon.  [Alexander, Heller, Chaplin]
  Etcetera KTC 1165  9400003300 (precat)

Vintage music from India: early twentieth-century classical
  & light-classical music.  [various performers]
  Rounder CD 1083  PhonCD F As41 In2 z coll jj

Virtuoso in the computer age, V: Music for the Mathews/Boie
  Radio Drum and Radio Baton (Appleton, Austin, Jaffe,
  Radunskaya, Schloss).  (CDCM computer music series, 15)
  Centaur CRC 2190  PhonCD C738.25 cdcm15

Vocal music of Egypt.  [National Arab Music Ensemble, Sahab]
  Seven Seas KICC 5169  PhonCD F Af83 E98 b

Waxman, Franz.  Rebecca. Selections.  [Adriano, Czecho-
  Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra]  Marco Polo 8.223399
  PhonCD W363 reb x

Weisgall, Hugo.  Six characters in search of an author.
  [soloists, Lyric Opera Center for American Artists,
  Schaenen]  New World 80454-2  PhonCD W435 six

Williams, Robert Pete.  I'm as blue as a man can be.
  Arhoolie CD 394  PhonCD F Am35 US329 N312 blu dd1

Zanesi, Christian.  [Electronic music. Selections] Stop!
  l'horizon; Profil-Desir; Courir.  INA/GRM INA C 2001
  PhonCD Z162 elemu