Music Scores

Adams, John. Road movies: for violin and piano.  Score and part.  
          Mu pts Ad18 road

Adams, John. Violin concerto; arr. for violin and piano.  Score and part.  
          Mu pts  Ad18 covb1993 ar

American essentials: easier compositions for piano: Antheil, Barber, Bernstein, Creston, Dello Joio, 
     Diamond, Glass, Gould, Harris, Kirchner, MacDowell, Menotti, Muczynski, Valenti.  
          M20.A444 1998

Bacewicz, Grazyna. Esquisse: per organo.  
          Mu pts B121 esq

Beach, H.H.A., Mrs. The sea-fairies, op.59.  (Recent researches in American music, 32)  Score.  
          M2.R29 v.32

Beethoven, Ludwig van. Schottische und walisische Lieder.  (Beethoven Werke, XI/1)  
          Score: M3.B416 Abt.11 Bd.1
          Kritische Bericht: M3.B416.K7 1984 Abt.11 Bd.1

Bernstein, Leonard. Leonardo's vision: for clarinet and piano / by Leonard Bernstein, Ron Odrich, 
     Larry Fallon.  Score and part.  
          Mu pts B458 leov

Bernstein, Leonard. Orchestral anthology, volume 1: Three dance episodes from On the town; Symphonic 
     dances from West Side story, rev. ed.  (Boosey & Hawkes masterworks library)  Score.  
          Mu B458 ontow sel

Birtwistle, Harrison. Exody: '23:59:59'  Score.  
          Mu B539 exo

Blavet, Michel. Sonates pour flûte et basse continue, opus 2.  (Le Pupitre, 79)  Scores and parts.  
          M2.P984 no.79 pt.1-2

The blues fake book: 400 songs.  Score.  
          M1630.18.B58 1999

Bolcom, William. First sonata for violin and piano.  Score and part.  
          Mu pts B637.5 sovbp1

Bristow, George Frederick. The oratorio of Daniel: opus 42.  (Recent researches in American 
     music, 34)  Score.
          M2.R29 v.34

Britten, Benjamin. Orchestral anthology, volume 2: Peter Grimes: Four sea interludes and Passacaglia; 
     Sinfonia da requiem; Variations on a theme of Frank Bridge.  (Boosey & Hawkes masterworks library)  
          Mu B777 orcmu a v.2

Caccini, Settimia. Four arias.  Score.  
          Mu C1135 song

Carter, Elliott. String quartet no. 5.  Score.  
          Mu C245 quas5

Chausson, Ernest. [Concert] Concerto in D for piano, violin and string quartet, op. 21.  Score.  
          Mu C395 co

Chopin, Frederic. Chopin masterpieces: for solo piano, 46 works.  
          Mu pts C455 piamu

Delius, Frederick. "American" choral works: Appalachia; Sea drift.  (Boosey & Hawkes masterworks 
     library)  Score. 
          Mu D379.5 ap a

Dohnanyi, Erno. Complete rhapsodies and other works for solo piano.  
          Mu pts D682 piamu a

Easy piano classics: 97 pieces for early and intermediate players / selected and edited by Ronald Herder.  
          M21.E37 1999 

Europa Europa: inni nazionali Europei = The national anthems of Europe.  Score.  
          M1698.E876 1998

Fontanelli, Alfonso. Complete madrigals, part 1: Primo libro di madregali a cinque voci (Ferrara, 1595).  
     (Recent researches in the music of the Renaissance, 119)  Score.  
          10919143 pt.1 precat

Foote, Arthur. [Sonatas, violoncello, piano, op.78; arr.] Sonata for viola and piano, op.78A.  Score 
     and part.
          Mu pts F739 sovcp78 ar

Gorecki, Henryk Mikolaj. Little fantasia = Mala fantazja = Kleine Phantasie: op. 73 (1997) for violin 
     and piano. Score and part.  
          Mu pts G669 malf

Gould, Glenn. String quartet (1953-1955).  Score and parts.  
          Mu pts G7338 quas

Grieg, Edvard. Grieg masterpieces for solo piano: 23 works.  
          Mu pts G871 piamu

Griffes, Charles Tomlinson. The white peacock: and other works for solo piano.  
          Mu pts G874 piamu

Guilmant, Alexandre. [Sonatas, organ. Selections] Organ sonatas.  
          Mu pts G947.2 soor

Guitar classics: works by Albéniz, Bach, Granados, Scarlatti, Sor and other great composers / 
     transcribed, arranged and edited by David Nadal.  
          M125.G853 1999

Handel, George Frideric. Four coronation anthems: composed for the coronation of King George II, 
     Westminster Abbey, 11 October 1727.  
          Mu H191 cor a

Handel, George Frideric. Israel in Egypt.  (Hallische Händel-Ausgabe, I/14.1-2)  Score.  
          M3.H235 Ser.1 Bd.14 T.1-2

Harbison, John. The great Gatsby.  Vocal score.  
          10922384 precat

Holliger, Heinz. Sonate (in)solit(air)e: for flute solo.  
          Mu pts H724 soin

Honegger, Arthur. Sonata for violoncello and piano.  Score and part.  
          Mu pts H756 sovc

Husa, Karel. Postcard from home: for alto saxophone and piano.  Score and part.  
          Mu pts H95 post

Kabalevsky, Dmitry Borisovich. The comedians.  Score.  
          2000005580 precat

Kraft, Leo. Ten tuneful airs: for flute.  
          Mu pts K855 tun

Kurtág, György. Tre pezzi per clarinetto e cimbalom, op.38; Tre altri pezzi, op.38a.  Score.  
          Mu K967 pez38

Landi, Stafano. La morte d’Orfeo.  (Recent researches in the music of the Baroque era, 98)  Score.  
          M2.R295 v.98

Larsen, Libby. Invitation to music: for mixed chorus and piano.  Score.  
          Mu L3296 invm

Larsen, Libby. Margaret songs: three songs from Willa Cather: for soprano solo and piano.  
          Mu pts L3296 mar

Larsen, Libby. Me (Brenda Ueland): a song cycle for soprano and piano.  
          Mu pts L3296 me

Larsen, Libby. Salute to Louis Armstrong, for SATB chorus and piano.  Score.  
          2000004817 precat

Larsen, Libby. Sonnets from the Portuguese.  Vocal score.  
          Mu pts L3296 sonp pv

Lazarof, Henri. Anida: duo concertante for violin & viola.  Score.  
          Mu L456 ani

Lazarof, Henri. In celebration: symphony no. 4.  Score.  
          Mu L456 inc

Lazarof, Henri. Quintet for oboe and string quartet.  Score and parts.  
          Mu pts L456 quiobs

Leadbelly. Lead Belly: no stranger to the blues: the songs of Huddie Ledbetter.  
          M1630.18.L415.L6 1998

Liebermann, Lowell. Fantasy on a fugue of J.S. Bach : for woodwind quintet and piano.  Score and parts.
          Mu pts L621 fafu

Liebermann, Lowell. Picture of Dorian Gray.  Vocal score.  
          Mu pts L621 pic pv

Ligeti, Gyorgy. Études pour piano, deuxième livre (1988-94).  
          Mu pts L626 etp liv2

Martland, Steve. Horses of instruction: for eleven players (1994).  Score.  
          Mu M3665 hor

Massenet, Jules. Songs: for high voice.  
          Mu pts M384 song a v.1-3

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Mozart masterpieces for solo piano: 19 works.  
          Mu pts M877 piamu

Orff, Carl. The Orff collection: 40 piano works.  
          Mu pts Or14 piamu

Paine, John Knowles. Vocal chamber music.  (Recent researches in American music, 35) Vocal score.  
          M2.R29 v.35

Pärt, Arvo. Collected choral works.  Score.  
          Mu P256.8 chomu

Pinto, George Frederick. Three sonatas for pianoforte with violin.  (Recent researches in the music 
     of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, 27)  Score and part.  
          M2.R299 v.27

Porter, Cole. Love songs.  Vocal score.  
          Mu pts P833.8 mus pv

Prokofiev, Sergey. Orchestral anthology: Classical symphony; The Love for three oranges: symphonic 
     suite. (Boosey & Hawkes masterworks library)  Score.  
          Mu P943 sy1 a

Rachmaninoff, Sergei. Symphony no. 2 in E minor, op. 27.  Score.  
          Mu R114 sy2 b

Reich, Steve. City Life: for ensemble.  Score.  
          Mu R270.8 city

Respighi, Ottorino. The fountains of Rome: symphonic poem for orchestra.  Score.  
          Mu R312 fon a

Saint-Saëns, Camille. Danse macabre and other works for solo piano.  
          Mu pts Sa25 insmu

Satie, Erik. Parade and other works for piano four hands.  
          Mu pts Sa83 piamu4h

Savonarolan laude, motets, and anthems / edited by Patrick Macey.  (Recent researches in the music of 
     the Renaissance, 116)  Score.  
          M2.R298 v.116

Schnittke, Alfred. Hommage à Igor Stravinsky, Sergey Prokofiev and Dmitry Shostakovich, for piano 
     six-hands.  (Exempla nova, 118)  
          Mu pts Sch59 pos

Schnittke, Alfred. Kleine Klavierstücke = Little piano pieces.  
          Mu pts Sch58 kle

Schnittke, Alfred. Klaviersonate Nr. 3 = Piano sonata no. 3: 1992.  (Exempla nova, 226)  
          Mu pts Sch59 sop3

Schubert, Franz. Messen-Sätze und Messen-Fragmente.  (Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke, I/5)  Score.  
          M3.S384 Ser.1 Bd.5

Schuller, Gunther. Concerto for flute (piccolo) and orchestra; arr. for flute and piano.  Score and part.  
          Mu pts Sch81 cofl ar

Sheng, Bright. The song of Majnun.  Vocal score.  
          Mu Sh454 sonma pv

Sheng, Bright. The stream flows, for solo violin.  
          Mu pts Sh454 stre

Skilton, Charles Sanford. The sun bride: a Pueblo Indian opera.  (Recent researches in American 
     music, 33)  Vocal score.  
          M2.R29 v.33

Tatum, Art. Art Tatum solo book / transcribed by Brent Edstrom.  
          M21.T377 1998

Tcherepnin, Ivan. Duo fantasia: variations and theme "A rose is a rose is a" for violin and 
     violoncello.  Score and part.  
          Mu pts T219.2 duof

Tcherepnin, Ivan. Solstice: für Kammerorchester.  Score.  
          10923301 precat

Tcherepnin, Ivan. Trio fantasia: für Violine, Violoncello und Klavier.  Score and parts.  
          Mu pts T219.2 trfa

Telemann, Georg Philipp. 50 neue Menuette = 50 new minuets: for treble recorder (flute, violin) 
     and basso continuo. (Originalmusik für Blockflöte, 182)  Score and part.  
          Mu pts T236 min a

Tower, Joan. Turning points: clarinet and string quartet.  Score and parts.  
          Mu pts T653 tur 

Vivaldi, Antonio. [Cimento dell'armonia e dell'inventione. N. 1-4; arr.] Le quattro stagioni = The 
     four seasons; arr. for violin and piano.  Score & part (4 vols.)  
          Mu pts V836 cim1-4 ar a v.1-4

Vivaldi, Antonio. L'Estro armonico: 12 concertos for violins and string orchestra, op. 3.  Score.  
          Mu V836 est

Wagner, Melinda. Concerto for flute, strings and percussion.  Score. 
          Mu W1245 cofl

Waller, Fats. Thomas "Fats" Waller: the great solos, 1929-1941: piano solo.  
          Mu pts W156 piamu a

Ziporyn, Evan. Filling station [for orchestra].  Score.  
          Mu Z679 fil [Special Collections]

Ziporyn, Evan. Serenity now: wind nonet.  Score.  Mu Z679 ser 
          [Special Collections]

Ziporyn, Evan. Waiting by the phone: for solo clarinet in Bb.  Mu pts Z679 wai 
          [Special Collections]

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