Newsletter of the MIT Lewis Music Library
Spring 2000

Lewis Music Library, 14E-109
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
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New Acquisitions


This past year, our library participated in a cooperative collecting project of the Boston Library Consortium (BLC). The BLC music libraries agreed to purchase the scores of significant contemporary composers. Each library selected composers whose music will be collected on a comprehensive level and made available to other BLC members. Needless to say, choosing just a few composers was not an easy decision. After much consideration, our library selected Osvaldo Golijov, Libby Larsen, and Roger Reynolds as our three composers to collect for this project. Under this formal agreement, we will obtain all of their printed music as it is published. We feel that this music will fit in well with our collection and the needs of our users. We received enthusiastic responses from all three of the composers. Libby Larsen's publisher even sent us a carton containing her latest music. We plan to invite each composer to visit our library in the future.

The first such visit occurred on March 1, when Libby Larsen toured the Lewis Music Library and met with faculty, students, and library staff. She also critiqued student compositions. The visit ended with a performance in the library of Larsen's Fanfare for the Women by Rahul Sarathy '03 (trumpet), two movements from Dancing Solo with Evan Ziporyn (clarinet), Cowboy Songs performed by Margaret O'Keefe (soprano) and Charles Shadle (piano), and William Cutter conducting 22/33rds of the MIT Chamber Chorus in I Find My Feet Have Further Goals. This visit was a wonderful way for us to become better acquainted with Libby Larsen's music and her philosophy about composing. We look forward to collecting her music and to future visits by this dynamic composer.

"Inventions of Note" 3RD CONCERT

Another successful performance of the Inventions of Note concert took place in the library on January 28th. This third annual IAP concert consisted of songs about new inventions of the day such as telephones, airplanes, trains, and streetcars. This rarely heard and entertaining music was performed with customary zeal and enthusiasm by Music and Theater Arts faculty vocalists Kyle Hoepner, Margaret O'Keefe, Michael Ouellette, Pamela Wood, and pianist Charles Shadle. Thanks to Charles Shadle who also helped to organize this event.

Recordings of the first and second Inventions of Note concerts are available in the Lewis Music Library (see Compact Discs section below). This third concert will be available later in the semester. If anyone has suggestions of repertoire for next year's concert, please contact the library staff or Charles Shadle.


The library received a major manuscript and recording collection this past January from the family of the late MIT professor Paul Earls. Prof. Earls had been a Fellow at the MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS) from 1970 until his death in 1998. He was a composer known mostly for theatrical and multi-media works that included his laser art such as The Death of King Phillip, Icarus: a Sky Opera (with Otto Piene, Ian Strasfogel and Guenther Schneider-Siemssen), and Mozart and Cosmology (with Beth Soll). He also wrote symphonic, choral, chamber and electronic music. Examples include Brevis Mass, And On the Seventh Day for full orchestra, Nun Danket Fantasy for organ, and Five Notables for solo violin. Recordings of his music currently available in the library include Electronic music of Paul Earls, 1968-1993 (call no. PhonCD Ea73 elemu) and Instrumental and Vocal Music (call no. PhonCD Ea73 sel). In addition to these impressive credentials, Paul was a great friend and supporter of our library.

The Earls Collection contains a large number of music manuscripts and recordings of his compositions. The Lewis Music Library will work with the Institute Archives in preserving this important collection and making it accessible for study and research purposes.

Paul Austerlitz donated a CD; the Centro Studi Musicali "L. Marenzio" sent a CD of Marenzio's Il Nono Libro de Magridali, 1599; Selim and Zeren Earls donated 20 boxes of tapes and manuscripts by the late Paul Earls which will become an archival collection; Cherry Emerson '41 donated a CD; John Harbison gave us the piano-vocal score of his recent opera The Great Gatsby, along with a copy of the playbill from the New York Metropolitan Opera performance; Suellen Hershman-Tcherepnin donated 8 scores by the late Ivan Tcherepnin; Tom Hill donated a CD; John Holland sent us his latest CD; Libby Larsen arranged for the donation of 29 scores of her music from Oxford University Press; Lowell Lindgren donated a book and a CD; James Makubuya donated his revised CD, Watik, Watik: Music from Uganda; Martin Marks gave a CD; MITHAS (MIT's Heritage of the Arts of South Asia) donated 12 CDs and 3 cassettes, including CD recordings of fall semester concerts at MIT Wong Auditorium; the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts sent Korean Music: a Listening Guide; Pam Nicholas gave us a CD of her band, Shiva Speedway; Carlos Prieto sent his book, Senderos e imágenes de la Música and 6 compact discs of himself performing; George Ruckert brought in 7 CDs, including 3 of Asian music; Craig Smith gave us the CD of the premiere at Emmanuel Church of John Harbison's canon Veni Creator Spiritus which was written for the Lewis Music Library and is engraved on the glass panels enclosing our balcony; Evan Ziporyn donated 3 CDs.

Generous monetary donations were received from Dr. Richard J. Breed, Dr. Libby Cone, Ms. Amy Davidson Plummer, Dr. Robert Grill, Mrs. Janet Grosser, Dr. Morton Grosser, Ms. Allegra D. Hakim, Dr. Douglass S. Kalika, Dr. Christopher Y. Kim, Mr. Peter D. Matthews, Mr. Jonathan D. Miller, Ms. Cynthia Hale Nicholson, Mr. Gerald Nykolak, Mr. Paul C. Paternoster, Mrs. John N. Pierce, Maj. Peter T. Rogers, Dr. Barbara A. Swanson, and Dr. Glenn E. Taylor.



Q. What did the alien researching German music say to the music librarian?
A. Take me to your Lieder!

Q. What has 100 legs and 4 teeth?
A. The front row of a really good Bluegrass festival.

From the Boston Globe Travel section: A foreign visitor was detained by the authorities after customs inspectors at a US airport thought he told them one of his cases contained a "neutron bomb." Turns out he had told them, in his accented English, that he had a "new trombone".

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