Compact Discs

Adès, Thomas. Asyla, op.17; Concerto conciso, op.18; These premises are alarmed, op.16; Chamber 
     symphony, op.2; ...but all shall be well, op.10.  [Adès, City of Birmingham Symphony, 
     Birmingham Contemporary Music Group]  EMI CDC 7243 5 56818 2 9  
          PhonCD Ad35 insmu

American clarinet: Carter, Reich, Sandroff, Adams.  [Damiens, Trouttet, Ensemble intercontemporain, 
     Robertson] Virgin Classics 7243 5 45351 2 3  
          PhonCD Am35 cla

Astaire, Fred. Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers at RKO.  [Various orchestras]  (Turner classic movies music) 
     Rhino R2 72957  
          PhonCD As81 rko

Bach, Johann Sebastian. [Lukaspassion] Apocryphal St. Luke Passion [attributed to J.S. Bach].  
     [Soloists, Alsfelder Vokalensemble, Barockorchester Bremen, Helbich]  CPO 999 293-2  
          PhonCD B122 luk

Bass, David Herzl. Space opera.  [North Cambridge All Arts Open Studios Weekend]  
          10914537 precat [CD, booklet]

Beethoven, Ludwig van. The final piano sonatas: opp. 109, 110, 111.  [Ernst Levy]  (Music at M.I.T. 
     Ernst Levy, vol. 1) 
          PhonCD M973 mit beesop

Beethoven, Ludwig van. Symphony no. 9.  [O’Keefe, Fuller, Evans, Honeysucker, MIT Symphony, MIT 
     Concert Chorus, Brookline Chorus, Epstein; recorded live, March 14, 1998]  
          10920684 precat

Bennett, Robert Russell. Abraham Lincoln: a likeness in symphony form; Sights and sounds: an 
     orchestral entertainment.  [Moscow Symphony, Stromberg]  (American classics)  Naxos 8.559004  
          PhonCD B4395 abr

Berlinski, Herman. Return; Sinfonia no. 10 for ‘cello and organ.  [Boothman, Barnet, 
     Berlinski]  CRI CD 839
          PhonCD B45498 ret

Blues routes: Heroes & tricksters, blues & jazz, worksongs & street music.  Smithsonian Folkways 
     SFW CD 40118
          PhonCD F G3701.B5 .B576

Bolcom, William. Knight Hubert: complete rags.  [Murphy]  Albany TROY 325/26  
          PhonCD B6375 ragp

Boston Chamber Music Society. Boston Chamber Music Society: Mozart, Schumann, Stravinsky, Bartok.  
     BCMR 06-CD  
          10919998 precat

Brahms, Johannes. Great pianists play Brahms: Brahms, Grunfeld, Paderewski, Petri, Backhaus, 
     Fischer, Hess, Gieseking, Solomon, Lipatti, Michelangeli.  Cedar PL 284  
          PhonCD B73 piamu a

Cage, John. Sonatas and interludes for prepared piano.  [Berman]  (American classics)  Naxos 8.559042 
          PhonCD C117 sop b

Carousel of American music: the fabled 24 September 1940 San Francisco concerts [featuring George M. 
     Cohan, Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, Sigmund Romberg, Bert Kalmar and other unforgettable songwriters 
     performing their own music].  Music & Arts CD-971  
          PhonCD C222 ame

CEMIsonics: the threshold of sound.  [Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia, University of 
     North Texas] (CDCM computer music series, 27)  Centaur CRC2407  
          PhonCD C738.25 cdcm27-

Chandrasekhar, Mala. NEHTI concert, October 3, 1999.  [Bhaskar, Suresh]  
          PhonCD F G7650.C436 v.1-3

Cherkassky, Shura. The Complete Nimbus Recordings.  Nimbus NI 1748 (7 discs)  
          2000004418 v.1-2 precat

Choose your partners!: contra dance & square dance music of New Hampshire.  [Rodney Miller's 
     New England Dance Band; Old New England; Two Fiddles; Northern Spy; Lester Bradley & Friends; 
     Lamprey River Band]
          PhonCD F G3740.C466

The composer in the computer age. VIII: Larry Austin: SoundPlays, Cityscapes, SoundPortraits, 1993-96.  
     [Various performers and electronics]  (CDCM computer music series, 28)  Centaur CRC 2428  
          PhonCD C738.25 cdcm28

Dello Joio, Norman. Complete works for piano, vol. 1.  [Torok]  Albany TROY 344  
          PhonCD D381 piamu a v.1

Digital rewind: MIT Experimental Music Studio: 25th anniversary, 1974-1999: Child, Luann, Roads, Broody, 
     Dodge, Vercoe, Albright, Dashow, Balaban, Harvey, Risset, Casey, Atkinson, Davidovsky.  
     [Various performers]
          PhonCD M6924 dig

Ellington, Duke. The best of the Duke Ellington centennial edition: the complete RCA Victor recordings, 
     1927-1973.  RCA Victor 09026-63459-2  
          PhonCD El56 sel

The edge of the forest: Romanian music from Transylvania.  [Recorded 1991-1993]  Music of the World CDT-144
          PhonCD F G6880.E344

Farang play Thai music.  [Kent State University Thai Ensemble]  
          PhonCD F G8025.F373

Glass, Philip. Aguas da amazonia.  [Uakti]  Point 289 464 064-2  
          PhonCD G463 agu

Glass, Philip. Dracula.  [Kronos Quartet]  Nonesuch 79542-2  
          PhonCD G463 dra

Imbrie, Andrew. Requiem; Piano concerto no. 3.  [Saffer, Feinberg, New York Virtuoso Singers, Riverside 
     Symphony, Rothman]  Bridge 9091  
          PhonCD Im1 req

Inventions of note: those new-fangled contraptions: a concert of popular American music from 1890-1920.  
     [Cutter, O'Keefe, Ouellette, Wood, Shadle]  (Music at M.I.T.)  
          PhonCD M973 mit inv

Inventions of note II: a concert of popular American songs from 1870 to 1925.  [Harris, Hoepner, O'Keefe, 
     Ouellette, Wood, Shadle]  (Music at M.I.T.)  
          PhonCD M973 mit inv2

Israel Chamber Orchestra. Gala concert, 50th anniversary, Israel-Korea, 1948-1998.  [Rin-Jong Yang] 
          PhonCD Is7 gal

Ives, Charles. Ives plays Ives: the composer at the piano in four recording sessions, 1933-1943.  
     CRI CD 810
          PhonCD Iv3 sel a

Jazz the world forgot: jazz classics of the 1920's: early roots and branches of jazz.  [Various 
     performers]  Yazoo 2024-5  
          PhonCD J J339 wor v.1-2

Kagel, Mauricio. Morceau de concours; Phantasie; Atem; Improvisation Ajoutée.  [Herz]  Koch 
     Schwann 3-1551-2
          2000005675 precat

Korea Sinfonietta. Korea Sinfonietta: Mahler, Gluck, Shostakovich, Mozart.  [Rin-Jong Yang, Monica] 
     Munhwa MHCD-8762  
          PhonCD K841 kor

Kyaw Kyaw Naing. The magic drum circle of Burma.  Shanachie 66005  
          PhonCD F G7720.K936

Larsen, Libby. Dancing solo: music of Libby Larsen: Corker; Blue third pieces; Dancing solo; Black 
     birds, red hills; Three pieces for treble wind and guitar; Song without words.  [Hartig, et al.]  
     Innova 512  
          PhonCD L3296 insmu

Leadbelly. Shout on.  (Lead Belly legacy, 3)  Smithsonian Folkways SF CD 40105 
           PhonCD F G3701.B5 .L4366

Legrenzi, Giovanni. Venice before Vivaldi.  [El Mundo]  Koch 3-7446-2  
          2000004416 precat

Levy, Ernst. Piano sonatas: Beethoven op. 57, 90, 101; Liszt, op. 173.  (Music at M.I.T. Ernst Levy, vol. 2)
          PhonCD M973 mit levp

Living art, sounding spirit: the Bali sessions.  [Various gamelan ensembles, recorded in Bali 1998]  
     Ryko RCD 10449 (3 discs)  
          PhonCD F G8117.B3.L58

MacDowell, Edward. Piano music, vols. 2-4.  [Barbagallo]  (American classics)  Naxos 8.559011, 8.559019, 
          PhonCD M148 piamu a v.2-4

MacDowell, Edward. Complete songs.  [Tharp, Barbagallo]  (American classics)  Naxos 8.559032  
          PhonCD M148 song z

MacMillan, James. The world's ransoming; Cello concerto.  [Pendrill, Wallfisch, BBC Scottish Symphony, 
     Vänskä] BIS CD 989  
          PhonCD M228 tri wor

MacMillan, James. Tryst; Adam's rib; They saw the stone had been rolled away; Í (a meditation on 
     Iona).  [Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Swensen]  BIS CD-1019  
          PhonCD M228 insmu b

Mahadevan, Nityasree. MIT concert: October 5, 1999.  [Venkat, Sivakumar]  
          PhonCD F G7650.M346 v.1-3

Makubuya, James K. Watik, watik: music from Uganda.  [Makubuya, Nakku, Nabakka]  Latitudes LAT 50614
          10921766 precat

Manchado, Marisa. Años después: musica electroacustica.  
          10914708 precat

Martin Best Medieval Ensemble. A mediaeval banquet: music from the age of chivalry.  Nimbus NI 1753 (6 discs)
          PhonCD M364 medb v.1-2

Monk, Thelonious. It's Monk's tune: the music of Thelonious Monk.  [Williams, Baker, Lincoln, Mahogany, 
     Hersch, et al.]  Jazz Fest 3-2203-2  
          PhonCD J M749 its

Marenzio, Luca. Il nono libro de madrigali.  [La Venexiana]  Glossa GCD 920906  
          PhonCD M335 mad

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Der Stein der Weisen, oder, Die Zauberinsel  = The philosopher's stone, or, The 
     enchanted isle.  [Boston Baroque,  Pearlman]  
          PhonCD Ste34 wei, booklet

Music from C.R.E.A.M. [Center for Research in Electro-Acoustic Music, San Jose State]: Strange, Helms, 
     Belet, Frengel, Wyman, Michael, Furman.  [Various performers and electronics]  (CDCM computer music 
     series, 26) Centaur CRC 2404  
          PhonCD C738.25 cdcm26

Music from SEAMUS. Volume 8: Dong, Pounds, Lee, Hamilton, McInturff, Lippe, Wyatt, Mobberley.  [Soloists, 
     live electronics, tape]  EAM 9901  
          PhonCD M973 sea8

The music of Tibetan Buddhism.  (Anthology of world music)  Rounder CD 5129/31 (3 discs) 
          PhonCD F G7820.M885 v.1-2

New England Conservatory Wind Ensemble. New England Conservatory Wind Ensemble: Rands, Harbison, Kraft, 
     Husa.  [Battisti]  Albany TROY 340  
          PhonCD N42 engcon

Ostling, Eric. Home: solo piano.  Gnostic Tin Oracle GTO-111  
          10923548 precat

Otter,  Anne Sofie von. Lamenti: Monteverdi, Bertali, Legrenzi, Vivaldi, Purcell, Piccinini.  [Music 
     Antiqua Köln] Archiv 289 457 617-2  
          PhonCD Ot8 lam

Paine, John Knowles. Organ works: Fantasia and fugue, op.2/1; Andante con variazioni; Double fugue on 
     "God Save the Queen;" etc.  [Somerville]  Raven OAR-460  
          2000006561 precat

Palestine, Charlemagne. Schlingen-Blangen.  [Palestine]  New World 80578-2  
          PhonCD P1745 sch

Partch, Harry. On an ancient Greek theme.  (Enclosure, 5) [Various performers, Partch] Innova 405  
          PhonCD P257 sel c

Pomeroy, Herb. This is always.  [Pomeroy, Novick, Wood, Wheatley, Schmeling, Hunt]  Daring CD 3021  
          2000008027 precat

Ponce, Manuel M. Chamber music: Piano trio; Sonata for guitar & piano; 3 preludes for cello & piano; 
     4 pieces for guitar duo.  [Trio Tulsa]  ASV CD DCA 1053  
          2000004415 precat

Prieto, Carlos. Sonatas & fantasias: Gerhard, Ginastera, Zyman, Cassado, Rodrigo, Piazzolla.  [Prieto, 
     Quintana] Urtext JBCC 017  
          0918629 precat

Prieto, Carlos. Espejos: Falla, Halffter, Marco, Lavista, Heras, Castillo.  [Prieto, Quintana]  Urtext 
     JBCC 015
          PhonCD P933 esp

Rachmaninoff, Sergei. A window in time: Rachmaninoff performs Bach, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Paderewski, 
     Schubert, Tchaikovsky and others / realized by Wayne Stahnke.  Telarc CD-80491  
          PhonCD R114 win

Reich, Steve. Phase patterns; Pendulum music; Piano phase; Four organs.  [Ensemble Avantgarde]  
     Wergo WER 6630-2  
          PhonCD R270.8 sel a

Requiem of reconciliation: Berio, Cerha, Dittrich, Kopelent, Harbison, Nordheim, Rands, Dalbavie, Weir, 
     Penderecki, Rihm, Schnittke/Roschdestwenski, Yuasa, Kurtág.  [Brown, Moffat, Danz, Janzik, Randle, 
     Schmidt, Gächinger Kantorei Stuttgart, Krakauer Kammerchor, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Rilling]  
     Hänssler 98.931
          PhonCD R31 rec

Rorem, Ned. Evidence of things not seen: thirty-six songs for four solo voices and piano.  [New York 
     Festival of Song] New World 80575-2  
          PhonCD R692 evi

Saints' paradise [trombone shout bands from the United House of Prayer].  [Various performers]  (Folk 
     masters CD series)  Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40117  
          PhonCD F G3701.G6 .S357

Schickele, Peter. The Ill-conceived P.D.Q. Bach anthology.  [Okay Chorale, Turtle Mountain Naval Base 
     Tactical Wind Ensemble, Greater Hoople Area Off-Season Philharmonic, et al]  Telarc CD-80520  
          PhonCD Sch32 sel

Schubert, Franz. The Hyperion Schubert edition, 33: the young Schubert 1810-1814.  [McLaughlin, Murray, 
     Wyn-Rogers, Langridge, et al., Johnson]   Hyperion CDJ33033  
          PhonCD Sch78 song v.33

Shifrin, David. Five American clarinet quintets: Corigliano, Zwilich, Tower, Sheng, Adolphe.  [Chamber 
     Music Society of Lincoln Center]  Delos DE 3183  
          PhonCD Sh6085 fiv

Shostakovich, Dmitrii Dmitrievich. Film suites: The Maxim trilogy; Belinsky; Pirogov.  [Belarus RTV 
     Symphony, Belarus State Chorus, Mnatsakanov]  Citadel CTD 88135  
          PhonCD Sh82 mpmu

Siegmeister, Elie. Piano music. Volume 1; Volume 2.  [Boulton]  (American classics)  Naxos 8.559020/21
          PhonCD Sie15 piamu a v.1-2

Siva, Vijay. MIT concert: November 5, 1999.  [Gayatri, Siva]  
          PhonCD F G7650.S586 v.1-3

Sousa, John Philip. [Orchestra music. Selections] John Philip Sousa: Vol. 3, On wings of lightning.  
     [Razumovsky Symphony, Brion]  (American classics)  Naxos 8.559029  
          PhonCD So85 orcmu b

Strauss, Johann. 100 most famous works [waltzes, overtures, polkas and marches].  Naxos 8.554517/26  
          PhonCD Str82.3 orcmu a v.1-3, 5-6 
          v.4 = 10921232 precat 
          v.7 = 10921233 precat 
          v.9 = 10921234 precat 
          v.10 = 10921235 precat

Strauss, Richard. Esels Schatten.  [Ustinov, Berlin Rundfunk, Rickenbacher]  Koch Schwann 3-1792-2 
          2000005693 precat

Szymanowski, Karol. Complete piano music.  [Jones]  Nimbus NI 1750  
          PhonCD Sz93 piamu

Talma, Louise. Music of Louise Talma: Piano sonata no. 1; Six etudes; Three duologues; etc.  [Bogard, 
     et al.] CRI CD 833  
          PhonCD T147 insmu

Tavener, John. Eternity's sunrise.  [Academy of Ancient Music, Goodwin]  Harmonia Mundi 907231  
          PhonCD T197.5 chomu a

Theatre of Voices. Hoquetus: medieval European vocal music.  [Hillier]  Harmonia Mundi 907185  
          PhonCD T34 hoq

Tower, Joan. Fanfares for the Uncommon Woman; Concerto for Orchestra; Duets.  [Colorado Symphony, Alsop] 
     Koch 3-7469-2  
          2000004410 precat

Van de Vate, Nancy. A peacock southeast flew: new music for orchestra and chorus.  [Hong, Antalova, Dyk, 
     Ars Brunensis Chorus, Moravian Philharmonic, Mikula, Shimada]  (Music from six continents. 1998 
     series)  Vienna Modern Masters VMM 3043  
          PhonCD V286 sel

Wallace, Stewart. Harvey Milk.  [San Francisco Opera]  Teldec 0630-15856-2  
          PhonCD W155 har

Waller, Fats. A handful of keys.  [Waller, Autrey, Sedric, Casey, Wallace, Jones]  Buddah 7446599603 2 
          PhonCD J W156 han

The West Coast jazz box.  [Various performers]  Fantasy 4CCD-4425-2  
          PhonCD J W52 coa v.1-4, booklet

White elephants & golden ducks: enchanting musical treasures from Burma.  [Various indigenous performers] 
     Shanachie 64087  
          PhonCD F G7720.W457

White, Josh. Free and equal blues.  Smithsonian Folkways SF CD 40081  
          PhonCD F G3701.B5 .W454

Willson, Meredith. Symphonies nos. 1 & 2.  [Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Stromberg]  (American classics)  
     Naxos 8.559006  
          PhonCD W686 sy1

Yee Nwe, U. The spellbinding piano of Burma.  Shanachie 66007  
          PhonCD F G7720.Y447

Zemlinsky, Alexander. String quartets 3 & 4; Müller-Hermann, String quartet no. 6.  [Artis Quartett 
     Wien]  Nimbus NI 5604  
          PhonCD Z41 quas3

Zolfonun, Jalal. Mystic journey: string music of Iran.  [J. & S. Zolfonun, Murgai]  Music of the World MOW 155
          PhonCD F G7621.Z656

Zorn, John. The string quartets: Cat o'nine tails (1988); Dead man (1990); Memento mori (1992); Kol 
     nidre (1996). [Zorn Quartet]  Tzadik TZ 7047  
          2000006562 precat
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