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(Performers facsimiles, 128) Score.  Mu D755 song2

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songs or ayres.  [London, 1603] (Performers facsimiles, 129) Score.
Mu D755 song3

English song, 1600-1675: facsimiles of twenty-six manuscripts and an
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symphonic poem for grand orchestra; combining Griffes' original
version with Frederick Stock's 1920 revisions.  Score.
Mu G874 plKK ar

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Mu M365.5 cosa

Martinu, Bohuslav.  Concertino for piano trio and string orchestra.
Score.  Mu M366 cnpt

Martinu, Bohuslav.  Double concerto for two string orchestras, piano
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Music of Southslavic epics from the Bihac region of Bosnia /
[transcribed] by Stephen Erdely.  (Milman Parry studies in oral
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A new hymnal for colleges and schools / edited by Jeffery Rowthorn and
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theatre, and upon other occasions.  Parts.  Mu pts P971 sel

Rak phra jao rao pen Thai = The love of God sets us free: a collection
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tape.  Score.  Mu R336 syve oversize

Rodgers, Richard.  The Rodgers & Hammerstein collection.  Vocal selections.
        Carousel.  Mu pts R616 car sel
        Cinderella.  Mu pts R616 cin sel
        Flower drum song.  Mu pts R616 flo sel
        The King and I.  Mu pts R616 kin sel
        Oklahoma!  Mu pts R616 okl sel
        [Songs. Selections] Rodgers & Hammerstein rediscovered.
		Mu pts R616 song sel
        The Sound of music.  Mu pts R616 soun sel
        South Pacific.  Mu pts R616 sout sel
        State fair.  Mu pts R616 sta sel

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Rouse, Christopher.  Symphony no.1.  Score.  Mu R761.5 sy1

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Top 50 motion picture songs & themes.  Score.  M1507.T67 1994

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cello and piano.  Score and part.  Mu pts V235 sovcc8.10 ar

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basso continuo, RV 659.  Score and part.  Mu pts V836 inda

Vivaldi, Antonio.  Salve Regina, RV 618.  Score.  Mu V836 salv618

Vivaldi, Antonio.  Si levi dal pensier, cantata per soprano e basso
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(Recent researches in the music of the Renaissance, 99-101) Scores.
M2.R298 v.99-101

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music.  Score and parts.  Mu pts W213 vlmu5

World's greatest fakebook: C edition.  M1.W67 1994

Zelenka, Jan Dismas.  [Sonatas (1723). No.3] Sonata III, B-dur
für Violine, Oboe, Fagott und Basso continuo.  (Hortus musicus,
273) Score and parts.  M2.H823 no.273

Zelenka, Jan Dismas.  [Sonatas (1723). No.4] Sonata IV, g-moll
für zwei Oboen, Fagott und Basso continuo.  (Hortus musicus, 274)
Score and parts.  M2.H823 no.274

Zemlinsky, Alexander.  Quartets, strings, no.2, op.15.  Parts.
Mu pts Z41 quas2

Zwilich, Ellen Taafe.  Concerto, bassoon, orchestra; arr. for bassoon
and piano.  Score and part.  Mu pts Z97 cob ar