Abana Ba Nasery.  !Nursery boys go ahead!; the guitar and bottle kings
of Kenya.  Green Linnet GLCD 4002 PhonCD F Af83 K422 c

Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio.  Set of five: Cage, Cowell, Hovhaness,
Satoh, Harrison.  New Albion NA 036 CD PhonCD Ab337 set

Adam, de La Halle.  Le Jeu de Robin et Marion.  [Binkley, Schola
Cantorum Basiliensis] Focus 913 precat 95-46

Alfonso X, el Sabio, King of Castile and Leon.  Cantigas de Santa
Mar¡a. Selections.  [Martin Best Ensemble] Nimbus NI 5081
PhonCD Al288 canSM x

Ancient Heart (Musical group).  Mandinka and Fulani music of the
Gambia.  Axiom 314-510 148-2 PhonCD F Af83 G143 c

Anonymous 4 (Musical group).  Love's illusion: music from the
Montpellier Codex, 13th-century.  Harmonia Mundi HMU 907109
PhonCD An785 lov

Austral voices: for telegraph wires, tuning forks, computer-driven
piano, psaltery, whirly, cello, synthesizer and ruined piano.  New
Albion NA028CD PhonCD Au785 voi

Bach, Johann Sebastian.  [Cantatas. Selections] Das Kantatenwerk:
sacred cantatas.  [Concentus Musicus Wien, Harnoncourt,
Leonhardt-Consort, Leonhardt] Teldec 4509-91755-2 to -91764-2
PhonCD B122 ca f*v.1-10 and booklet (60 discs)

Bach, Johann Sebastian.  Motets, BWV 225-230.  [Christophers, The
Sixteen] Hyperion CDA66369 precat 9500000044

Bajourou (Musical group).  Big string theory (Mali).  Green Linet GLCD
4008 PhonCD F Af83 M294 d

Barber, Samuel.  The songs (complete).  [Studer, Hampson, Browning,
Emerson String Quartet] DG 435 867-2 GH2 PhonCD B233 song a

Bartlett, Martin.  Pythagoras' ghost: music for instruments and
electronics.  [Various performers] Western Front Society FRONT 001
precat 9400011859

Bayle, Francois.  Erosphere: Tremblement de terre tres doux; Toupie
dans le ciel.  INA.GRM INA C 3002 PhonCD B343 ero tr

Beaux Arts Trio.  Spring music: works by Baker, Rochberg, Rorem.
Philips 438 866-2 PhonCD B831 spr

Beeson, Jack.  Lizzie Borden: a family portrait in three acts.  [New
York City Opera, Coppola] CRI CD 694 (2 discs).  PhonCD B392 liz

Beethoven, Ludwig van.  [Piano trio music. Selections] Piano trios,
opp.1, 11, 44, 70, 97, 121a; WoO 38, 39; Hess 48.  [Ashkenazy,
Perlman, Harrell] EMI CDS 7 47455 8 PhonCD B393 trp b

Berio, Luciano.  Folk songs; Chamber music.  With Denissow, La vie en
rouge.  [Fassbender, Ensemble für neue Musik Zürich] Jecklin
Disco JD 684-2 PhonCD B453.8 fol

Berio, Luciano.  Passaggio; Visage.  [Ross, et al., Panni; Berberian]
Dischi Ricordi CRMCD 1017 PhonCD B453.8 pas

Beyond plainsong: tropes and polyphony in the Medieval Church.
[Binkley, Pro Arte Singers] Focus 943 precat 95-181

Bosnia: echoes from an endangered world.  Smithsonian Folkways SF
40407 PhonCD F Eu74 B652 a

Boston Camerata.  The American vocalist: spirituals and folk hymns,
1850-1870.  [Cohen] Erato 2292-45818-2 PhonCD B656.5 ame

Bothy Band.  Best of the Bothy Band (Ireland).  Green Linnet GLCD 3001
PhonCD F Eu74 G798.Ir k

Brahms, Johannes.  [Chamber music. Selections] Chamber music for
strings: Sextets opp.18, 36; Quartets opp.51/1-2, 67; Quintets opp.88,
111.  [Bartok Quartet] Hungaroton HCD 11591-93 PhonCD B73 chamu a

Brahms, Johannes.  Sonatas, violoncello, piano, opp.38, 99, 108.  [Ma,
Ax] Sony Classical SK 48 191 PhonCD B73 chamu b

Brazil - Roots - Samba.  [Various performers] Rounder CD 5045
precat 9500000200

Britten, Benjamin.  Quartets, strings, nos.2-3.  [Britten Quartet]
Collins Classics 10252 PhonCD B777 quas2-3

Byrd, William.  [Choral music. Selections] Ave verum corpus: motets
and anthems of William Byrd.  [Rutter, Cambridge Singers] Collegium
COLCD 110 PhonCD B996 chomu a

Cage, John.  [Selections] The 25-year retrospective concert of the
music of John Cage.  Recorded in performance at Town Hall, New York,
May 15, 1958.  [Brown, Cage, Cunningham, Tudor, et al.]  Wergo 6427-2
(3 CDs) PhonCD C117 W

Calloway, Cab.  Cruisin' with Cab.  Topaz Jazz TPZ 101
PhonCD J C135 cru

Calon, Christian.  [Electronic music. Selections] Ligne de vie: recits
electriques.  empreintes DIGITALes IMED-9001-CD PhonCD C1388 elmu

Le carnaval des steel bands: Trinidad.  Playasound PS 65063
PhonCD F Am35 LaT737 c

Carnavals du Brasil = Carnivals of Brazil: Rio, Recife, Bahia.
Playasound PS 65088 precat 9500000198

Central African Republic: Music of the Dendi, Nzakara, Banda-Linda,
Gbaya, Banda-Dakpa, Ngbaka, Aka pygmies.  Auvidis D 8020
PhonCD F Af83 C333 c

Chinese music of the Han and the Uighurs.  Seven Seas KICC 5141
PhonCD F As41 C441 p

Chion, Michel.  La Tentation de Saint-Antoine; La Ronde.  [Schaeffer,
Bokanowski, Bibbs, Rahls-Frisius, Chion] INA.GRM INA C 2002/3
PhonCD C442 ten

Chopin, Frederic.  Sonatas, piano (3).  [Katsaris] Sony Classical SK
48 483 PhonCD C455 sop

Chopin, Frederic.  Waltzes.  [Ashkenazy] London 414 600-2
PhonCD C455 W d

Chou, Lung.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Nature and spirit / Zhou
Long.  [Speculum Musicae, Composers Conference Ensemble, Music From
China] CRI CD 679 PhonCD C4573 insmu

Cilea, Francesco.  Adriana Lecouvreur.  [Scotto, Domingo, Obraztsova,
Milnes, et al.; Levine, Philharmonia Orchestra, Ambrosian Opera
Chorus] CBS M2K 79310 PhonCD C489 adr a

Classical music of Iran: the dastgah systems.  Smithsonian Folkways SF
40039 PhonCD F As41 Ir1 i

The composer in the computer age, III: Lansky, McTee, Dodge, Floyd,
Strange.  (CDCM computer music series, 18) Centaur CRC 2213 
PhonCD C738.25 cdcm18

Concert imaginaire GRM: Parmegiani, Schaeffer-Henry, Chion, Lejeune,
Malec, Schwarz, Zanesi, Dufour, Mion, Bayle.  INA.GRM INA C 1000
PhonCD C743.5 ima

Cooper, Paul.  [Chamber music. Selections] Verses pour violon et alto;
String quartet no.5, no.6; Canons d'amour.  [Shepherd String Quartet,
Duo Patterson] CRI CD 687 PhonCD C787 chamu

Couperin, Francois.  Pieces de clavecin, 4. livre.  [Rousset] Harmonia
Mundi HMC 901445.46 PhonCD C832 piecl 4.liv a

Curran, Alvin.  Animal behavior; Why is this night different than all
other nights?  [Curran, et al.]  Tzadik TZ 7001 PhonCD C936 ani

Darreg, Ivor.  Detwelvulate!  [National Society for the
Decriminalization of Microtones] n.p.  PhonCD D253 det

D.C. Hall's New Concert & Quadrille Band.  Union & liberty! Music
heard on the Northern homefront during the Civil War.  Dorian
DOR-90197 PhonCD F Am35 US329 x coll civ a

Delibes, Leo.  Coppelia.  With Massenet, Le Carillon.  [Suisse
Romande, National Philharmonic, Bonynge] London 425 472-2 LM2 
PhonCD D379 cop b

Dello Joio, Norman.  Homage to Haydn.  With Schickele, Pentangle;
Persichetti, Symphony no.8.  [Louisville Orchestra, Slatkin, Mester]
Albany Records TROY024-2 PhonCD D381 hom

Del Tredici, David.  An Alice symphony.  [Bryn-Julson, Tanglewood
Orchestra, Knussen] CRI CD 688 PhonCD D388 alsy

Dhomont, Francis.  [Electronic music. Selections]
Mouvances-Metaphores.  empreintes DIGITALes IMED-9107/08-CD
PhonCD D5379 elmu*v.1-2 and booklet

Dolden, Paul.  [Computer music. Selections] The threshold of deafening
silence: electroacoustic music 1983-89.  Tronia Disc TRD-0190 
PhonCD D6875 comu

Doucet, Michael.  Michael Doucet, dit BeauSoleil: The Mad Reel.
Arhoolie CD 397 PhonCD F Am35 US329 xcoll caj j

Duo Peylet-Cuniot.  Musique des Klezmorim et de leurs descendants:
traditional Jewish music from eastern Europe.  Buda Records 92567-2
PhonCD F Eu74 zcoll b

Egypt/Egypte: Taqasim & Layali: Cairo tradition.  Auvidis D 8038
PhonCD F Af83 Eg98 c

Electro clips: 25 instantanes electroacoustiques.  empreintes
DIGITALes IMED-9004-CD PhonCD El249 cli

Elgar, Edward.  Symphony no.2.  [Handley, London Philharmonic] EMI
CD-CFP 4544 PhonCD El31 sy2 a

Emerson String Quartet.  String quartets: Debussy, Ravel.  DG 427
320-2 PhonCD Em33 stqDR

Ensemble Alba Musica Kyo.  Machaut and his time: 14th century French
Ars Nova.  Channel Classics CCS 7094 precat 95-217

Faure, Gabriel.  [Vocal music. Selections] Melodies.  [Souzay,
Ameling, Baldwin] EMI Classics ZDMD 7 64079 2 PhonCD F274 vocmu

Folger Consort.  Of kindly lust and love's inspiring: pastoral and
passionate music from Italy to Elizabethan England.  Bard BDCD 1-9308
precat 95-51

Four decades of jazz, 1953-1993.  Verve 314 521 007-2 (4 CDs)
PhonCD J F825 dec*disc1-4, booklet

Francesco Trio.  Contemporary American piano trios by Imbrie, Shifrin,
Harbison & Powell.  Music & Arts CD 756 PhonCD F8448 con

Franco.  Pepe Ndombe (Zaire).  Celluloid CELD 6200 PhonCD F Af83 Z13 f

Frescobaldi, Girolamo. [Keyboard music. Selections] Toccata; Partite;
Canzona; Capriccii.  [Egarr] Globe GLO 5056 PhonCD F891 kybdmu a

Gabrieli, Giovanni.  [Selections] The glory of Venice.  [King's
College Choir, Philips Jones Brass Ensemble, Cleobury] Argo 417 468-2
PhonCD G114 sel

Gothic Voices (Musical group).  Music for the lion-hearted king: music
to commemorate 800th anniversary of the coronation of King Richard I
of England in Westminster Abbey, 3 September 1189.  Hyperion CDA66336
PhonCD G7124 mus

Gottschalk, Louis Moreau.  [Piano music. Selections] Souvenir de Porto
Rico: piano music of Gottschalk.  [Davis] London 436 108-2
PhonCD G716 piamu a

Gounod, Charles.  [Songs. Selections] Melodies.  [Vernet, Martin]
Ligia Divital 0201010-93 PhonCD G741 song

Guillaume, de Machaut.  [Selections] Remede de fortune.  [Ensemble
PAN] New Albion NA068CD PhonCD G947 sel

Handel, George Frideric.  Jephtha.  [Robson, Dawson, von Otter, et
al.; Monteverdi Choir, English Baroque Soloists, Gardiner] Philips 422
351-2 PH3 PhonCD H192 jep b

Hanson, Howard.  [Selections] Mosaics; Piano concerto, G major;
Symphonies 5 and 7.  [Rosenberger, Seattle Symphony & Chorale,
Schwarz] Delos DE 3130 PhonCD H198 sel

Hawaiian steel guitar classics, 1927-1938.  Arhoolie Folklyric CD 7027
PhonCD F Am35 US329 xcoll haw d

Heller, Joan.  To the verge: Joan Heller, soprano, with Thomas Stumpf,
piano: Berio, Fussell, Cogan, Babbitt, Stumpf.  Neuma 450-89
PhonCD H3686 to

Hildegard, Saint.  Ordo virtutum.  [Sequentia] Editio Classica
77051-2-RG PhonCD H554.2 ord

Hines, Earl.  Piano man!  ASV CD AJA 5131 PhonCD J H589 pia

Huayno music of Peru, vol.1 (1949-1989).  Arhoolie CD 320
PhonCD F Am35 LaP435 c*v.1

Icebreaker (Musical group).  Terminal velocity: Gordon, Andriessen,
Bryars, Gassick, Lang.  Argo 443 214-2 PhonCD Ic22 ter

Ives, Charles.  [Orchestral music. Selections] Universe symphony;
Orchestral set no.2; The unanswered question.  [Cincinnati
Philharmonia Orchestra, C.C.M. Percussion Ensemble, C.C.M. Chamber
Choir, Samuel] Centaur CRC 2205 PhonCD Iv3 orcmu b

Jackson, Melvin "Lil' Son."  Blues come to Texas.  Arhoolie CD-409
PhonCD F Am35 US329 N312 blu gg

Janacek, Leos.  Quartet, strings, no.2, "Intimate letters."  With
Martinu, String quartet no.2; Bartok, Duos for 2 violins.  [New
Bochmann Quartet] IMP Classics PCD 985 PhonCD J251 quas2

Janosi Ensemble.  Rhapsody: Liszt and Bartok sources.  Hungaroton HCD
18191 PhonCD F Eu74 H394 e

Jazz in Africa 1, 2.  [Ibrahim, Masekela, Moeketsi, Gwangwa, Mehegan,
Coetzee, Rachabane, Matshikiza] Kaz Records KAZ CD 24, 28
precat 10745092 v.1-2

John Oliver Chorale (Musical group).  Emblems: Elliott Carter, Bright
Sheng, Martin Amlin, William Thomas McKinley.  Koch International
3-7178-2H1 PhonCD J6136 emb

Khan, Sultan.  Ustad Sultan Khan, Zakir Hussain.  Moment! MR 1006
PhonCD F As41 In2 z coll ww

Kecak and Sanghyang of Bali.  [Bona Village] Seven Seas KICC 5128
PhonCD F As41 In2.2 aa

King's College Choir.  Byrd motets in paired settings with Palestrina,
Philips, Gabrieli, Victoria, Lassus.  EMI Classics for Pleasure CD-CFP
4481 PhonCD K611 mot

Klezmer pioneers: European and American recordings, 1905-1952.
Rounder CD 1089 PhonCD F Am35 US329 J49 b

Konte, Bai.  Alhaji Bai Konte: kora melodies from the Republic of the
Gambia, West Africa.  Rounder CD 5001 PhonCD F Af83 G143 a

Lalo, Edouard.  Concerto, violoncello, D minor.  With Tchaikovsky,
Variations on a Rococo theme; Bloch, Schelomo; Faure, Elegie, op.24.
[Rose, Philadelphia Orchestra, Ormandy] Sony Classical SBK 48278
PhonCD L157 covc a

Legendary tenors [Clement, Caruso, Gigli, Bjorling, Schipa, and
others].  Nimbus NI 7856 PhonCD L523 ten

Leonardo Music Journal, 4: Musica electroacoustica de compositores
latinoamericanos.  ISAST 4 PhonCD L5525 v.4

Liszt, Franz.  [Piano music. Selections] Sonata in B minor; Rhapsodie
Espagnole; Grandes Etudes de Paganini.  [Nissman] Newport Classic NPD
85538 PhonCD L699 piamu f

Logarhythms (Musical group).  Songs from the Bagel.  MIT Logarhythms.
PhonCD L8295 son

Lutoslawski, Witold.  [Selections] Symphony no.4; Les Espaces du
sommeil; Symphony no.3.  [Shirley-Quirk, Salonen, Los Angeles
Philharmonic] Sony Classical SK 66280 PhonCD L977 sel

Madagascar, possession et poesie: Vezo, Mahafaly and Masikoro music.
Ocora C 580046 PhonCD F Af83 M2607 c

Mahler, Gustav.  Blumine; Ruckertlieder.  With Brahms, Choralvorspiele
Op.posth.122; Vier ernste Gesange.  [van Nes, Holl, Het Gelders
Orkest, Talmi] Ottavo OTR C98402 PhonCD M278 blu

Martin Luther und die Musik.  [Musica Antiqua Wien, Klebel]
Christophorus CHE 0025-2 precat 95-219

Martinu, Bohuslav.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Partita/SuiteI;
Divertimento/Serenada IV; Concerto da camera.  Amati SRR 9004/1
PhonCD M366 instmu b

Martinu, Bohuslav.  Symphonies 1, 3, 5.  [Ancerl, Czech Philharmonic]
MultiSonic 31 0023-2 precat 9400013135

Melos Quartett Stuttgart.  Streichquartette: Schumann, Brahms.  DG 423
670-2 GH3 PhonCD M4925 str

Messiaen, Olivier.  Olivier Messiaen.  Erato 2292-45505-2 (17 CDs)
        Catalogue d'oiseaux; La Fauvette des jardins.  [Loriod]
		PhonCD M563 cat
        Des canyons aux etoiles...; Sept Haikai.  [Loriod, Constant,
		Ensemble Ars Nova]  PhonCD M563 desca a
        Harawi.  [Yakar, Loriod]  PhonCD M563 har a
        [Instrumental music. Selections] Couleurs de la cite celeste;
		Ex exspecto resurrectionem mortuorum; L'Ascension.
		[Loriod, Boulez, Constant, ORTF, et al.]
		PhonCD M563 instmu b
	[Instrumental music. Selections] Visions de l'amen; Les Offrandes
		oubliees; Hymne.  [Constant, ORTF]  PhonCD M563 instmu c
        [Organ music. Selections] La nativite du Seigneur; Le Banquet
		celeste; Apparition de l'eglise eternelle.  [Alain]
                PhonCD M563 orgmu
        3 Petit liturgies de la presence divine; Meditations sur le
		mystere de la Sainte Trinite.  [Loriod, Couraud, ORTF;
		Messiaen] PhonCD pet a
        [Piano music. Selections] Petites esquisses d'oiseaux; Huit
		preludes; Quatre etudes de rhythme.  [Loriod]
		PhonCD M563 piamu
        Poemes pour mi; Chants de terre et de ciel.  [Orin, Loriod]
		PhonCD M563 poe b
        Quatuor pour la fin de temps; Cinq rechants.  [Fernandez, Deplus,
		Neilz, Petit; Couraud, ORTF soloists] PhonCD M563 qua c
        Vingt regards sur l'enfant Jesus.  [Loriod]  PhonCD M563 vin a
        Olivier Messiaen entretien avec Claude Samuel = The composer
		talks to Claude Samuel.  ML410.M585.A39 1988

Mexican-American border music, volume I-- an introduction: The Pioneer
recording artists.  [Various performers] Arhoolie Folklyric CD 7001
PhonCD F Am35 US329 xcoll mex o

Mingus, Charles.  The complete Debut recordings.  Debut 12DCD-4402-2
(12 CDs) PhonCD J M663 deb*v.1-3, booklet

Monk, Thelonious.  The complete Riverside recordings.  Riverside RCD
022-2 (15 CDs) PhonCD J M749 riv*v.1-4, booklet

Morricone, Ennio.  [Motion picture music. Selections] Film music,
volumes 1-2.  Virgin Movie Music 86027-2, 90901-2
PhonCD M829.5 mpmu a/b

Morton, Jelly Roll.  Sweet & hot.  Topaz Jazz TPZ 1003
PhonCD J M846 swe

Mowitz, Ira J.  [Computer music. Selections] A la memoire d'un ami.
New Albion NA 047 CD PhonCD M8717 cmpmu

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.  Concertos, piano, no.11, K.413; no.12,
K.414.  [Uchida, English Chamber Orchestra, Tate] Philips 422 458-2
PhonCD M877 cop413

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.  Quartets, strings, K.428 and 458.
[Guarneri Quartet] Philips 426 392-2 PhonCD M877 quas428 b

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.  Sonatas, piano, K.281, 282, 284, 545.  [de
Larrocha] RCA Victor 60709-2-RC PhonCD M877 sop c

Music from SEAMUS, volume 2: Wyatt, Hass, Schrader, Lippe, Mason,
Todd, Mobberley.  [Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United
States] EAM-9401 PhonCD M973 sea2

Music of Cambodia: 9 gong gamelan; recorded inside Angkor Wat.
Celestial Harmonies 13074-2 PhonCD F As41 C142 c1

Music of the whirling dervishes (Turkey).  Atlantic 82493-2
PhonCD F As41 T847 j

Muzsikas (Musical group).  Maramaros: the lost Jewish music of
Transylvania.  Hannibal HNCD 1373 PhonCD F Eu74 H394 d

New music of the Americas.  Editions Shelan eSp-9301-CD, -9401-CD
precat 9400008598 v.1-2
        1: Instrumental & electronic music: Steiner, Etkin, Lanza,
		Valcarcel.  [Lanza, et al.]
        2: The extended piano: Paz, Lee, Hambrius, Santoro, Roi,
		Howard, Bunger.  [Lanza]

New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra.  Creole belles.  Arhoolie CD-420
PhonCD J N4207 cre

Nielsen, Carl.  [Chamber music. Selections] The four string quartets;
String quintet; At the bier of a young artist.  [Kontra Quartet] BIS
CD-503/504 PhonCD N554 chamu a

Nono, Luigi.  Canti di vita e d'amore; Per Bastiana; Omaggio a Vedova.
[Various performers] Wergo WER 6229-2 PhonCD N733 canv

Normandeau, Robert.  [Electronic music. Selections] Tangram.
empreintes DIGITALes IMED-9419/20-CD PhonCD N7894 elemu a

Nyhus, Sven.  Traditional Norwegian fiddle music.  Shanachie 21003
PhonCD F Eu74 N83 a

Oliver, King.  King Oliver 1926-1931.  Topaz Jazz TPZ 1009
PhonCD J Ol4 kin

Omoumi, Hollsin.  Persian classical music.  Nimbus NI 5359
PhonCD F As41 Ir1 h

Orquesta Casino de la Playa.  Memories of Cuba: 1937-1944.  Tumbao
Cuban Classics TCD-003 PhonCD F Am35 LaC891 h

Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da.  [Vocal music. Selections] Missa
brevis; Missa "Lauda Sion;" Super flumina Babylonis; Sicus
cervus/Sitivit anima mea.  [Pro Cantione Antiqua] Allegro PCD 1076
PhonCD P175 vocmu a

Pantastic world of steel music: vol.1, Classics in steel; vol.2,
Calypsoes & Socas.  [World Steelband Festival] Tropical Music CD
68.940, 68.941.  PhonCD F Am35 LaT737 d*v.1-2

Penderecki, Krzysztof.  Passio et mors domini nostri Jesu Christi
secundum Lucam (St. Luke's Passion).  [Polish National Radio Symphony,
Warsaw National Philharmonic Chorus, Penderecki] Argo 430 328-2
PhonCD P373 pasl a

Pink Floyd.  Obscured by clouds.  Capitol CDP 7 46385 2
PhonCD P P655 obs

Pinkham, Daniel.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Serenades for solo
trumpet and wind ensemble; Symphonies 3, 4; Sonata no.3 for organ and
strings.  [London Symphony Orchestra, Sedares, Christie] Koch
International 3-7179-2H1 PhonCD P655 insmu

Pfitzner, Hans.  Concertos, violoncello, nos.1-3.  [Geringas, Bamberg
Symphony, Albert] CPO 999 135-2 PhonCD P482 covc

Polansky, Larry.  Simple harmonic motion: works for instruments in
just intonation.  [Reit, Erickson, Black, Bobrowski] Artifact ART 1011
precat 9400011858

Ponselle, Rosa.  The Victor recordings (1926-29).  Romophone 81007-2
PhonCD P7757 vic

Prokofiev, Sergey.  Concertos, piano, no.1, op.10; no.4, op.53 (for
the left hand); no.5, op.55.  [Berman, Jarvi, Royal Concertgebouw]
Chandos CHAN 8791 PhonCD P943 cop sel

Prokofiev, Sergey.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Prokofiev plays
Prokofiev: Piano concerto no.3; Solo works.  [Recorded 1932 and 1935]
Pearl GEMM CD 9470 PhonCD P943 insmu

Purcell, Henry.  Fantasias for viols.  [London Baroque] EMI CDM 7
63066 2 PhonCD P971 fan a

Purcell, Henry.  [Harpsichord music. Selections] Harpsichord suites.
[Gilbert] Harmonia Mundi HMC 901496 PhonCD P971 hpcdmu

Purcell, Henry.  [Sonatas, 3 parts] Complete sonatas of three & four
parts; Complete pavans.  [The Purcell Quartet] Chandos CHAN 0572/3
precat 9400010339

Pygmees du Haut-Zaire: Kango, Efe, Asua.  Fonti musicali fmd 190
PhonCD F Af83 Z13 e

Rakija (Musical group).  Chants & danses de Yougoslavie.  Playasound
PS 65044 PhonCD F Eu74 Y9 e

Rameau, Jean-Philippe.  Castor et Pollux.  [Les Arts Florissants,
Christie] Harmonia Mundi HMC 901435.37 PhonCD R144 cas a

Rameau, Jean-Philippe.  [Harpsichord music. Selections] Pieces de
clavecin.  [Rousset] Oiseau-Lyre 425 886-2 OH2 precat 95-220

Reich, Steve.  Drumming; Six pianos; Music for mallet instruments,
voices and organ.  [Steve Reich and Musicians] DG 427 428-2 GC2
PhonCD R270.8 dru

Riley, Terry.  Chanting the light of foresight.  [Rova Saxophone
Quartet] New Albion NA064CD PhonCD R455 cha

Rochberg, George.  To the dark wood; Trio.  With Harbison, Quintet for
winds.  [Arioso Wind Quintet] Koch International 3-7262-2 H1
PhonCD R583 to

Rouse, Christopher.  Symphony no.1; Phantasmata.  [Zinman, Baltimore
Symphony] Elektra/Nonesuch 79230-2 PhonCD R761.5 sy1

San Antonio's Conjuntos in the 1950s.  [Various performers] Arhoolie
CD 376 PhonCD F Am35 US329 xcoll mex p

Satie, Erik.  [Selections] The music of Satie: Je te veux, Apercus
disagreables, Entr'acte from Relache, Parade, Socrate, etc.  [Glazer,
Ensemble Die Reihe, Cerha, Froment, et al.]  Vox Box CDX 5107
PhonCD Sa83 sel

The Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band.  Live! at the dance.  Arhoolie CD-418
PhonCD F Am35 US329 xcoll caj k

Schaeffer, Pierre.  [Works] L'Oeuvre musicale: Les incunables,
1948-1950; Pierre Schaeffer-Pierre Henry, Les oeuvres communes,
1950-1953, 1988; Les revisions, 1948-1952; Les oeuvres posterieures,
1957-1959, 1975-1979; Documents, 1948-1990.  INA.GRM INA C 1006-1009
PhonCD Sch13 W*v.1-2, v.3-4, booklet

Scheidt, Samuel.  [Tabulatura Nova. Selections] Organ works from
Tabulatura Nova.  [Stockmeier] CPO 999 105-2 PhonCD Sch25 tabnov x a

Schipa, Tito.  New York farewell recital, 1962.  Standing Room Only
SRO-817-1  PhonCD Sch349 new

Schubert, Franz.  [Songs] An 1815 Schubertiad - 2.  [Anderson,
Wyn-Rogers, MacDougall, Keenlyside, et al., Johnson] (Hyperion
Schubert edition, 22) Hyperion CDJ33022 PhonCD Sch78 song v.22

Schuller, Gunther.  [Orchestra music. Selections] Of reminiscences and
reflections.  [Schuller, et al.]  New World 80492-2 PhonCD Sch81 orcmu

Schwarz, Jean.  Quatre saisons.  [Chamine] INA.GRM INA C 1004
PhonCD Sch958 qua

Scotto & Carreras: great operatic scenes [from La Traviata, I
Lombardi, Madama Butterfly].  Legato Classics LCD-150-1
PhonCD Sco877 gre

Silly Wizard (Musical group).  Live Wizardry: the best of Silly Wizard
in concert.  (Recorded live, Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, Mass.) Green
Linnet GLCD 3036/37 PhonCD F Eu74 G798.Sc k

Smalley, Denis.  [Selections] Impacts interieurs.  [Mead, Heaton]
empreintes DIGITALes IMED-9209-CD PhonCD Sm185 sel

The sonorous landscape: chamber music by Boziwick, van Appledorn,
Holmes.  [Oberlin Percussion Group; electronically derived sounds]
Opus One CD 162  PhonCD So592 lan

Spencer, Patricia.  The now and present flute: Perle, Talma, Kreiger,
Carter, Boulez, Korde, Jaffe, Martirano.  [With Linda Hall, piano]
Neuma 450-88  PhonCD Sp343 now

Stacy, Thomas (English horn).  Three concerti: Rorem, Persichetti,
Hodkinson.  New World 80489-2  PhonCD Sta129 thr

Stone, Dorothy.  None but the lonely flute: the music of Babbitt,
Feldman, Mosko, Alexander & Cage.  New World 80456-2 PhonCD Sto717 non

Street music of Panama: Cumbias, tamboritos and mejoranas.  Original
Music OMCD 008  PhonCD F Am35 LaP192 a

Suk, Josef.  [Zrani] Ripening, symphonic poem op.34.  With Martinu,
Concerto grosso for chamber orchestra; Roussel, Bacchus et Ariane,
suite no.1.  [Czech Philharmonic Chorus and Orchestra, Ancerl]
Multisonic 31 0150-2 011  PhonCD Suk45 zra

Swing time! the fabulous big band era, 1925-1955.  Columbia Legacy C3K
52862  PhonCD J Sw64 tim*disc1-3 and booklet

Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich.  [Shchelkunchik] The Nutcracker.  With
Glazunov, The Seasons.  [Ashkenazy, Royal Philharmonic] London 433
000-2 LH2  PhonCD T782 shch a

Tcherepnin, Ivan.  [Selections] Flores musicales; Five songs; Santur
live!  [Tcherepnin, et al.]  CRI CD 684 PhonCD T219.2 sel

Thibault, Alain.  [Selections] Volt.  empreintes DIGITALes
IMED-9003-CD  PhonCD T3455 sel

Thompson, Robert Scott.  Shadow gazing: computer music.  Aucourant
AUREC 9401-1-CMS PhonCD T3778 sha

Thomson, Virgil.  [Selections] Early and as remembered.  [Mikhashoff,
Herr, Boudler, Kuehn] New Albion NA 034 CD  PhonCD T387 sel a

Tippett, Michael.  Quartets, strings, nos.1-4.  [Britten Quartet]
Collins Classics 70062 PhonCD T499 quas1-4

Toscanini at La Scala, Concert to inaugurate the re-built theater, May
11, 1946: Rossini, Verdi, Puccini, Boito.  Standing Room Only
SRO-802-3  PhonCD T638.8 tos

Tower, Joan.  [Instrumental music. Selections] Black topaz.  [Isbin,
Wincenc, Muir String Quartet, et al.]  New World 80470-2
PhonCD T653 instmu b

Turcotte, Roxanne.  Amore.  empreintes DIGITALes IMED-9413-CD
PhonCD T8433 amo

Ukranian village music: historic recordings 1928-1933.  [Various
performers] Arhoolie Folklyric CD 7030  PhonCD F Eu74 R92uk b

University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music Wind Symphony.
Paradigm: Stravinsky, Rands, Hindemith, Harbison, et al.  [Corporon]
Klavier CCM 20120  PhonCD Un36 par

The Verve story, 1944-1994: recordings from the Clef, Norgan, and
Verve catalogs.  Verve 314 521 737-2 (4 CDs).  PhonCD J V619 sto

Viet Nam: tradition of the south.  Auvidis D 8049  PhonCD F As41 V678 b

Vocal music of the Uighurs (China).  Seven Seas KICC 5139
PhonCD F As41 C441 q

Widor, Vierne, Dupre, Messiaen: works for organ.  [Composers
performing] EMI CDC 5 55037 2  PhonCD W6341 dup

Xenakis, Iannis.  [Selections] Ais; Gendy3; Taurhiphanie; Thallein.
[Computers, La Jolla Symphony, USCD SONOR Ensemble] Neuma 450-86
PhonCD X24 sel

Yates, Sophie.  Spanish & Portuguese harpsichord: Cabezon, Ximenez,
Coelho, Carreira, et al.  Chandos CHAN 0560  precat 10746080

Zelinski, Beate.  Clarinet counterpoints: Poulenc, Maderna, Krebs,
Seeger, Koechlin, Hespos, Kroll, Reich.  [With David Smeyers] CPO 999
116-2  PhonCD Z375 cla

Zimbabwe: the Ndebele people.  Jecklin Disco JD 654-2  PhonCD F Af83 Z55 c