Music Scores

Adams, John. Nixon in China. Vocal score.
          Mu Ad18 nix pv

Beethoven, Ludwig van. Complete music for wind ensembles. Score.
          Mu B393 winmu

Beethoven, Ludwig van. Five great piano sonatas [no. 8, Pathétique; no. 14,
     Moonlight; no. 21, Waldstein; no. 23, Appassionata; no. 26, Les
          Mu pts B393 sop sel

Beethoven, Ludwig van. Missa solemnis. (Werke, VIII/3) Score.
          M3.B416 Abt. 8 Bd. 3

Beethoven, Ludwig van. Sechste Symphonie F-dur opus 68: Sinfonia
     pastorale. (Veroffentlichungen des Beethovenhauses in Bonn, 3/14)
     Facsimile score.
          ML96.5.B415.S96 2000 [Special Collections]

Berio, Luciano. Kol od: Chemins VI: per tromba sola e guoppo strumentale.
          Mu B453.8 kolod

Berio, Luciano. Sequenza IX c: per clarinetto basso in si.
          Mu pts B453.8 seq9c

Berlioz, Hector. L'enfance du Christ. Score.
          Mu B455 en

Bernstein, Leonard. West Side story. Revised ed. Vocal score.
          Mu B458 wes pv a

Blitzstein, Marc. Marc Blitzstein songbook.
          Mu pts B619 vocmu

Bloch, Ernest. Sonata for violin and piano. Score and part.
          Mu pts B62 sovbp1

Bolcom, William. Fourth sonata for violin and piano. Score and part.
          Mu pts B637.5 sovbp4

Bon, Anna. VI Sonate da camera: per il flauto traversiere, violoncello o
     cembalo: Opera prima. (Performers' facsimiles, 191) Score.
          Mu pts B64 soca

Boulanger, Lili. Clairieres dans le ciel: for high voice and piano.
          Mu pts B663 cla

Boulanger, Lili. Vieille priere bouddhique: pour tenor, choeur et orchestre.
     Vocal score.
          Mu B663 viep pv

Brahms, Johannes. Klavierquintett F-moll, Opus 34. (Neue Ausgabe
     sämtlicher Werke, II/4) Score.
          M3.B813 1996 Ser.2 Bd. 4

Bruch, Max. Four pieces for violoncello and piano, op. 70. Score and part.
          Mu pts B83 stuvcp

Carnegie Hall millennium piano book [Andriessen, Babbitt, Carter, Chen,
     Harbison, Peterson,Rihm, Rzewski, Tan, Zwilich].
          M21.C37 2000 [and CD]

Chelleri, Fortunato. Keyboard music: Fughe per l'organo et sonate per il
     cembalo (ca. 1729); Sonate di galanteria per il cembalo (ca. 1732-34).
     (Recent researches in the music of the Baroque era, 101)
          M2.R295 v. 101

A choice collection of ayres for the harpsichord or spinett: John Barrett, John
     Blow, Jeremiah Clarke, William Croft, Francis Pigott. (Performers'
     facsimiles, 201)
          M21.C465 1998

Corigliano, John. Voyage; arr. for flute and string quintet. Score and parts.
          Mu pts C813 voy ar

Cowell, Henry. Dynamic motion; Five encores to "Dynamic motion" for solo
          Mu pts C838 dyn

Delius, Frederick. Concerto for violoncello and piano. Score and part.
          Mu pts D379.5 covc ar

Delius, Frederick. Quartet for 2 violins, viola and violoncello. Parts.
          Mu pts D379.5 quas1916

Diabelli, Anton. Sonatinen für Klavier. (Diletto musicale, 1233, 1278/9)
          Mu pts D54 sop v. 1-3

Dohnanyi, Erno. Konzertstuck; arr. for violoncello and piano, op. 12.
     Score and part. 
          Mu pts D682 ko ar

Donizetti, Gaetano. String quartet no. 7, F minor, "Death of Terzi."
          Score, 2000014036 precat; parts, 10930543 precat

Donizetti, Gaetano. String quartet no. 13, A major.
          Score, 2000014035 precat; parts, 10930488 precat

Donizetti, Gaetano. String quartet no. 18, E minor.
          Score, 2000014034 precat; parts, 10930464 precat

Enesco, Georges. Romanian rhapsodies nos. 1 and 2. Score.
          Mu En27 rh

Farwell, Arthur. American Indian melodies: for solo piano.
          Mu pts F252 amei

Gounod, Charles. Quartet in A minor for two violins, viola and violoncello.
          Mu pts G741 quas3

Griffes, Charles Tomlinson. Two sketches based on Indian themes: for two
     violins, viola and violoncello. Parts.
          Mu pts G874 skei

Handel, George Frideric. Aci, Galatea e Polifemo: serenata a tre, HWV 72.
     (Hallische Händel-Ausgabe, I/5) Score.
          M3.H235 Ser. 1 Bd. 5

Handel, George Frideric. Radamisto, opera seria in tre atti, HWV 12b.
     (Hallische Händel-Ausgabe, II/9.2) Score.
          M3.H235 Ser. 2 Bd. 9.2

Harbison, John. Flashes and illuminations: for baritone and piano.
          Mu pts H213 fla

Harbison, John. Gatsby etudes [for piano].
          Mu pts H213 gatet

Harbison, John. Gatsby songs: from the opera The Great Gatsby: voice and
          Mu pts H213 gre sel pv

Haydn, Joseph. Variations, dances and other shorter works for piano.
          Mu pts H324 piamu

Hosokawa, Toshio. Duo for violin and violoncello. Score.
          Mu pts H7945 duvbvc

Husa, Karel. Concerto for violoncello. Piano reduction and part.
          Mu pts H95 covc ar

Italian madrigals Englished (1590) / Thomas Watson; transcribed and edited
     by Albert Chatterley. (Musica Britannica, 74) Score.
          M2.M9872 v. 74

Ives, Charles. Symphony no. 1. Critical edition, edited by James B. Sinclair.
          Mu Iv3 sy1 a

Jacob, Gordon. Concerto for oboe and piano. Score and part.
          Mu pts J15 coobs ar

Jacquet de la Guerre, Elisabeth-Claude. Semelé; L'Ile de Delos; Le Sommeil
     d'Ulisse: Cantates françoises aûquelles on a joint Le Raccommodement
     Comique. (Performers' facsimiles, 225) Condensed score.
          Mu J16 cafr bk. 3

Josquin, des Prez. Mass movements. (New Josquin edition, 13) Score.
          M3.J67 1987 v. 13

Kirchner, Theodor. Two serenades for piano, violin and violoncello [op. 15].
     Score and parts.
          Mu pts K6335 serpvbvc

Kodaly, Zoltán. Sonata for violoncello and piano, op. 4. Score and part.
          Mu pts K816 sovcp4

Konrad, von Megenberg. Historia Sancti Erhardi. (Wissenschaftliche
     Abhandlungen, LXV/4) Score.
          10931597 precat

Kurtág, György. Einige Sätze aus den Sudelbüchern Georg Christoph
     Lichtenbergs: für Sopran solo (ohne oder mit Instrumenten, op. 37.
          Mu pts K967 eins

Larsen, Libby. Concert piece for tuba and piano. Score and part.
          10947754 precat

Larsen, Libby. Day song, for upper voices (SSA) unaccompanied. Score.
          10927638 precat

Larsen, Libby. I will sing and raise a psalm: for SATB choir and organ.
Mu L3296 iw

Larsen, Libby. Overture - Parachute dancing: for orchestra. Score.
          Mu L3296 ovpa

Larsen, Libby. Perineo: for voice and piano.
          Mu pts L3296 per

Larsen, Libby. Sweet and sour nursery rhymes, for mixed chorus (SATB)
     and horn. Score and part.
          10947611 precat

Larsen, Libby. Today, this spring: for upper voices and piano. Score.
          Mu L3296 tod

Lazarof, Henri. Fifth string quartet, 1997. Score and parts.
          Mu pts L456 quas5

Liebermann, Lowell. Piano sonata no. 1, op. 1.
          Mu pts L621 sop1

Liebermann, Lowell. Trio for violin, cello, and piano. Score and parts.
          Mu pts L621 trps

Ligeti, György. Nonsense madrigals: for six male voices. Score.
          Mu L626 nonma

Linley, Thomas. The song of Moses. (Recent researches in the music of the
     Classical era, 58) Score.
          M2.R296 v. 58

Loeillet, John. [Solos, op. 3. No. 1] Sonata in C for flute and piano.
     Score and part.
          Mu pts L824.3 so3 1

MacMillan, James. A different world: violin and piano. Score and part.
          Mu pts M228 dif

Mason, Daniel Gregory. Variations on "Yankee doodle" in the styles of
     various composers: for solo piano: op. 6.
          Mu pts M380.8 vary

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix. Musik zu ein Sommernachtstraum von
     Shakespeare, op. 61. (Leipziger Ausgabe, V/8)  Score.
          M3.M537 Ser. 5 Bd. 8

Messiaen, Olivier. Chant des deportes: pour choeur et orchestre. Score.
          [LGFRMAT] Mu M563 chad

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Complete songs for medium voice
     (transposition). Score. 
          Mu pts M877 song d

Oliveros, Pauline. The witness: a solo duet with an imaginary partner, a duo
     or an ensemble. Score.
          Mu pts Ol14 wit

Pachelbel, Johann. Complete works for keyboard instruments = Sämtliche
     Werke für Tasteninstrumente: v. 1, Preludes and toccatas (pedaliter).
          Mu pts P115 keymu v.1

Paganini, Niccolò. Four posthumous compositions for violin and piano:
     Movimento perpetuo; Variations on a theme by Joseph Weigl; Cantabile
     e valzer; Cantabile. Score and part.
          Mu pts P14 vbpmu

Perle, George. Adagio for orchestra. Score.
          Mu P421 ad

Perle, George. Chansons cachées: for piano solo.
          Mu pts P421 cha

Perle, George. Musical offerings: for piano left hand alone.
          Mu pts P421 muof

Philips, Peter. Complete keyboard music. (Musica Britannica, 75)
          M2.M9872 v. 75

Pinkham, Daniel. For solace in solitude; arr. by the composer for violoncello
          Mu pts P655 fors ar

Polish piano music: works by Paderewski, Scharwenka, Moszkowski and
          M21.P655 1999

Previn, André. Three Dickinson songs: for soprano and piano.
          Mu pts P929 dic

Previn, André. A streetcar named Desire. Vocal score.
          Mu P929 stre

Prokofiev, Sergey. [Pesni bez slov] Cinq mélodies for voice and piano.
          Mu pts P943 pesb

Prokofiev, Sergey. Sarcasms: for solo piano, op. 17.
          Mu pts P943 sar

Read, Gardner. Five aphorisms: violin and piano. Score and part.
          Mu pts R22 aph

Reynolds, Roger. Transfigured wind, no. 1 and 4: flute solo/flute and tape.
          [LGFRMAT] Mu R336 traw1

Ritchie, Jean. Jean Ritchie's swapping song book.
          M1629.R46.S9 1999

Rossini, Gioacchino. Five great overtures [L'Italiana in Algeri, Il Turco in
     Italia, Il Barbiere di Siviglia, La Cenerentola, Il Viaggio a Riems]. Score.
          Mu R736 ov a

Saint-Saëns, Camille. Havanaise, op. 83; & Introduction and rondo
     capriccioso, op. 28: for violin and piano. Score and part.
          Mu pts Sa83 hav ar

Sammartini, Giovanni Battista. Sechs Sonaten für Flöte und Basso continuo.
     Score and part.
          Mu pts Sa43 eas Bd. 1-2

Schickele, Peter. Eagle rock: sonatina for cello and piano. Score and part.
          Mu pts Sch32 eag

Schickele, Peter. Viola dreams: quodlibet for string quartet. Score and parts.
          Mu pts Sch32 viod

Schubert, Franz. Sinfonien 4-6. (Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke, V/2)
          M3.S384 Ser.5 Bd. 2

Sibelius, Jean. Three pieces for violin (or violoncello) and piano, op. 78.
     Score and parts.
           Mu pts Sib11 kapvbp78

Strauss, Richard. Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche: op. 28: nach alter
     Schelmenweise in Rondoform gesetzet. Facsimile score.
          ML96.5.S913.T55 1999 [Special Collections]

Stravinsky, Soulima. Cadenzas and fermatas to Mozart's violin concertos.
          Mu pts Str82.9 cad

Takemitsu, Toru. Fantasma/Cantos II, for trombone and orchestra. Score.
          2000007919 precat

Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich. The queen of spades, op. 68. Score.
          Mu T782 pik

Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich. Variations on a Rococo theme: and other works
     for cello and orchestra.
          Mu T782 vcorcmu

Telemann, Georg Philipp. [Trio sonatas. Selections] Twelve trios. (Recent
     researches in the music of the Baroque era, 100) Score; parts.
          M2.R295 v. 100, v. 100 pts

Tower, Joan. Ascent: for organ.
          Mu pts T653 asc

Twentieth-century piano classics: Stravinsky, Schoenberg, Hindemith.
          M21.T96 1999

Vaughan Williams, Ralph. Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis and other
     works for orchestra. Score.
          Mu V465 orcmu

Verdi, Giuseppe. Romance sans paroles: per pianoforte.
          Mu pts V584 rom

Vivaldi, Antonio. Sonata per violino e basso continuo F XIII, 62, RV 798.
     Score and parts.
          Mu pts V836 sovbc

Walton, William. Henry V. (William Walton edition, 23) Score.
          M3.W35 1998 v. 23

Warner Bros. 75th anniversary: a tribute in music: from the 20s through the
          M1507.W376 1998 v.1-4

Williams, John. Seven for luck: (a song cycle for soprano and orchestra).
     Vocal score.
          Mu pts W673 sevf pv

Ziporyn, Evan. Bossa nova [for 2 trumpets in Bb, horn in F, trombone,
     tuba]. Score.
          Mu Z697 bos

Ziporyn, Evan. Eel bone: string quartet. Score.
          Mu Z697 eel

Ziporyn, Evan. Kebyar Maya: for solo 'cello and pre-recorded 'celli. Score.
          Mu Z697 kebm

Ziporyn, Evan. Tire fire: for Balinese gamelan and amplified strings. Score.
          Mu Z697 tir

October 19, 2000

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