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10th annual Prokopoff violin music concert 5/4/2012
Composer forum: Evan Ziporyn 5/3/2012
Composer fourm: Paul Chihara 4/20/2012
Jazz in MIT oral history interviews 3/2/2012
Composer forum: Erin Gee 2/21/2012
Book discussion with author: Dr. Frederick Harris 2/13/2012
Composer forum: Terry Riley 12/12/2011
Sonorous currents: live electronic music by students 12/6/2011
Composer forum: John Harbison 11/21/2011
Composer forum: Julia Wolfe 11/10/2011
It's Alive! Staged play reading: Elfriede Jelinek's Illness or Modern Women 11/8/2011
Composer forum: Tod Machover 10/20/2011
It's Alive! Staged play reading: Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 10/13/2011
Into the Sky with Diamonds: book discussion with author 9/29/2011
It's Alive! Staged play reading: Medea’s Nurse by Alan Brody 9/22/2011
Sonorous currents: live electronic music by students 5/4/2011
9th annual Prokopoff violin music concert 4/8/2011
Harpsichord lecture/recital: Musical Paintings 1/25/2011
Harpsichord lecture/recital: They Danced to This? 1/28/2011
Early music lecture: Dr. Jane Alden 11/15/2010
8th Annual Prokopoff violin music concert 4/23/10
Music in the Enlightenment 4/14/10
Oori and KIOKU Asian music concert 3/5/10
IMSLP talk by Edward Guo 1/22/2010
7th Annual Prokopoff violin music concert 4/17/09
enChanting Musical Artifacts in Unlikely Places 3/3/09
   (lecture filmed and posted on MIT World)
Fiddle-de-de during IAP 1/29/09
6th Annual Prokopoff violin music concert 4/18/08
Fiddle-de-de during IAP! 1/16/08
     Guide to Finding Fiddle Music (pdf)
Library Music: Silence Into Sound, 1/16-1/19/07
     Guide to Electronic & Computer Music (pdf)
10th anniversary celebration, 11/15/06
     TopTen most-circulated CDs (pdf)
     TopTen most-circulated scores (pdf)
An evening with Chris Abani (Sept. 2006)
4th annual Prokopoff violin music concert (April 2006)
Valentine's Day Theremin concert (Feb. 2006)
     Selected titles: Theremin (pdf)


Music in the Enlightenment (February 2010-
More Music Boxes (May 2007- February 2010)
Jazz Legends Visit MIT (May 2007)
Lewis Music Library Turns 10! (November 2006)
Music Boxes (November 2004-November 2006)
Music Around the World (September-November 2004)
Music Boxes (November 2003-April 2004)
Ideas Take Flight (August-November 2003)
Prokopoff Violin Music (April-August, 2003)
Roger Reynolds (April-May, 2001)
From Aardvark [Jazz Orchestra] to [Opus Number] Zoo (Dec 12, 2000-Mar 30, 2001)


Peggy Seeger Visits MIT (September 2003)

Composer Roger Reynolds Visits Lewis Music Library (April 2001)

Composer Libby Larsen Visits Lewis Music Library (March 2000)

Prokopoff Violin Music Concerts

In 2001 approximately 2,500 pieces of violin music were donated by Lois Craig, former Associate Dean of MIT's School of Architecture. This music was collected from all over the world by her husband, the late Stephen Prokopoff, a museum director and a fine violinist. Annual concerts of this music played by MIT students have been held in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

"Inventions of Note" Concerts

The Musician Look-Alike Contest was replaced by the "Inventions of Note" Concert which was presented annually in the library during IAP in 1998, 1999, and 2000. Much of the music in these concerts is taken from the library's Inventions of Note Sheet Music Collection. Performers of the concerts have been MIT faculty members including Charles Shadle, Ellen Harris, Margaret O'Keefe, Pamela Wood, Bill Cutter, Michael Ouelette, and Kyle Hoepner. Recordings of the 1998 and 1999 concerts are available for listening in the library.

Musician Look-Alike Contests

The Musician Look-Alike Contests took place in the library during MIT's IAP (Independent Activities Period) from 1995-1997. Photos were taken of the 1995 and 1996 festivities.


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