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Reset Your Touchstone Defaults

Access via Touchstone requires you to move through several screens where you can make choices about whether you want to use Kerberos, MIT certificates or a Touchstone Collaboration Account.

To simplify this process there are 2 places where you can select defaults to bypass these screens so that access via Touchstone can seem almost invisible, but it can be tricky to figure out how to reset these defaults. Reset both defaults here:

1. Reset whether you will use a Collaboration Account or Kerberos/MIT certificates

Click on the reset button (screenshot below). After you click the reset button, you will be brought to a screen that lets you set a different default. If you don't want to choose a permanent default, simply navigate away from that page and try logging in via Touchstone again. You may need to close and restart your browser.

Touchsteon reset screen

2. Reset whether you will use Kerberos or MIT Certificates

If you would like to be presented with all options every time, choose "Always ask for username/password" (see screenshot below - yes, this is unintuitive!).

Touchstone defaults: Kerberos or certificates

Occasionally these reset pages will not properly work. You may also reset your defaults by deleting any cookies in your browser from the site: "".

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