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The MIT Libraries run various workshops to help you gain new skills in research data management. Following are some workshops that have been run in the past with associated materials.

  • Research Data Management: 101: Do you manage research data here at MIT?  This workshop provides you with basic strategies for: best practices for retention and archiving; effective directory structures and naming conventions; good file formats for long-term access; data security and backup options; and metadata, tagging, and citation options. Slides from latest RDM 101 workshop.
  • Research Data Management: File Organization: Do you struggle with organizing your research data? Wonder if there’s a better way to arrange and name your data files to optimize your work? This workshop will teaches practical techniques for organizing your data files. Topics include: file and folder organizational structures and file naming. Includes hands-on exercises to apply the concepts to your particular data project. Download: Slides from latest RDM: File Organization workshop plus file organization exercise.
  • Research Data Management: Version Control: Is your research group having trouble tracking versions of your datasets?  Are you an individual having difficulty tracking the versions of your own work?  This workshop covers techniques and software to help you manage your versions.  Includes hands-on time for experimentation. Slides from latest RDM: Version Control workshop plus version control handout.


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