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Project Showcase

Conservator Position: Preserving MIT's Past

The MIT Libraries contain over 2.7 million print volumes as well as 13 million items in archival collections, including 50,000 rare books that warrant an extra level of stewardship and require the expertise of a qualified book conservator. The Conservator prepares MIT's valuable collection for use by students, faculty, alumni and outside scholars.

In 2005 a $1,500,000 gift from Thomas F. Peterson, Jr. '57 endowed the MIT Libraries' Conservator position, making it a full-time, permanent position and providing funding for a conservation assistant, supplies and equipment in perpetuity.

In the past, the Libraries had to deny requests to use several much-loved works because they had become too fragile to be handled safely. With the help of this funding the Conservator has conserved many of these critical cases while planning treatments for hundreds of other high-priority volumes. Tom Peterson's generous gift ensures that this important work, so vital to the history of MIT and the work of MIT scholars, will continue for many generations.

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Our Supporters - Tom Peterson
E. Martin and Ethel Wunsch Conservation Lab

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