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"The MIT Libraries should fill the role of the neighborhood coffee shop, book store and local library - creating a lively, welcoming community for students at MIT." - Dong Joo Karen Ha, '85, member of the MIT Libraries' Visiting Committee, Partner, Athena Technology Ventures

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New Spaces

A deep delight of library research is setting your sights on certain information and then stumbling onto treasures you didn't mean to find. At MIT, we want users to come to us for answers—and on the way find a sense of community they've been looking for all along: the community of working with expert librarians, who know their subjects so well that they become partners in research. The community of working together on projects with MIT peers, and meeting with faculty members outside the formal bounds of the classroom. And of course, the exquisite solitary communality of libraries everywhere – of finding a quiet place to study and reflect.

The MIT Libraries are seeking inventive new ways to help community bloom. To address the age and overcrowding of our current locations, we're developing ambitious plans to revitalize our spaces, including more options for group work and social interaction. We're re-imagining the services we offer, adopting promising new information technologies, and dreaming of inspiring new venues.

MIT Libraries' study spaces
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