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"In D-Space, ideas are forever." - The New York Times

Would you like to save MIT's entire intellectual legacy forever?
Hit "D-Space" now.

DSpace and Digital Innovation

Here's a philosophical puzzle for the digital age: If the wisdom of the ages is captured on a hard drive but no one retains the software to read it, does it really exist?

Nearly everyone knows the despair of losing something precious to digital obsolescence. Imagine the challenge of preserving the work of the world's premier science and technology university. At MIT Libraries we're tackling the problem of long-term, large-scale digital preservation. With support from Hewlett-Packard, we created "DSpace," an online digital repository based on an innovative, open source program. With DSpace we're able to save a huge range of electronic documents, images, data sets and other files; and keep them safe, readable, accessible and searchable, effectively forever.

Today, dozens of MIT faculty and departments have launched their own collections in DSpace, and the software is being used at more than 150 universities and institutions worldwide. And DSpace is just one of many projects we're pioneering on the frontier of information access and management.

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  • Would you like to save MIT's entire intellectual legacy forever?
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